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Why I won’t buy the NGP


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  1. Chris says:

    Well said. I don’t think I’m going to buy it either, and am pretty well done with Sony. I’ve been loyal to them too many years. It will be same story with NGP, powerful system that no one will ever make full use of. Limited selection of games. And severe rules and restrictions Sony will put on it.

  2. MitMakis says:

    Holy ***, so many walls of text.

  3. OhYeah says:

    I think you guys who stated here that won’t buy the NGP will get yours in later years after its release. I love games I still have the old consoles like atari, NES and 90s stuffs.

  4. akai1987 says:

    I can’t buy NGP because I have no money.

  5. bcdiscman says:

    I have to disagree with most people on this blog (wololo included). First off, I work on a major US railroad and am gone from home alot (on the rails/in hotels/at terminals) and am never with out my PSP. I do not have a DSI (although I did buy one for my four year old) due to the fact that the games seem geared for… well, for four year olds. I love the PSP due to the fact that better (read more adult) games are available for it. I do not have the luxury of playing console games (PS3, Xbox Etc) because I am on the road so often. I own a hacked Phat PSP because I love homebrews like Wagic & I can backup my UMD’s without having to carry them all with me (I have also backed-up old PSX games that I own). I know Sony hates hacked systems and tries to plug the software holes as soon as they know of them… but they have REPEATEDLY lost in the world courts as legally as soon as you buy the system what you do with it (Hack it, don’t hack it, smashing it with a brick) is your business as it is now your property and not leased or loaned to you by Sony. Also in regards to Nintendo’s 3DS – from everything I have read this will be an epic failure as playing it for any period of time seems to cause eye strains and headaches (not to mention if Nintendo does not change from the usual – the games will be severely sub-pare). I do feel that if what i hear is true and the battery is built into the PSP2 ( i refuse to call it the NGP – I guarantee it will not ship with this Horrible name) then that would suck as i carry two spare batteries with me at all times for my PSP so that I can continue to play for extended periods of time. All in all I’m pretty excited about the PSP2 and hope a CFW is available within the first year of its release (I just wish there were a way to CFW without the piracy).

  6. PhoenixV5 says:

    On the day it was posted, I saw the TRO against geohot thought of the odds and decided not to buy the NGP. Then I see Wololo’s analysis and…..
    So I have 3 things to say.

    1) What he said (wololo)
    2) If it doesn’t exist already, someone should create this as a topic (sticky maybe)!
    3) Maybe this is because we were expecting a PSP2 and we get an NGP!!

  7. Alastor says:

    I second you

  8. Macabre says:

    @wololo ok bud, i’m with you, i wont get one either but what will we get?

    i tell you what i bought one of those cheap netbooks with wince on them not too long ago and i would love to see wagic on it “wink wink”, you can buy them from sears outlet for like $50, 300mhz arm, 128mb ram..you could probably have fun messing with it, i know i have. or maybe one of those many cheap android tablets , heck ive seen those everywhere.

    either way thanks for everything you do for us with hbl and wagic, your a good guy and me and my bro look up to you.

    • Lorz says:

      Wololo is giving us his own opinion on why he won’t be getting one, you should form your own opinion, if it interests you you should get one by all means, dont just not get one just because wololo isn’t, this isn’t a lets boycott the NGP article i don’t think.

      I wont be getting one because it really just doesnt pique my interest, nor does the 3DS or any of apples offerings, so I probably will not be getting any of these….. but not because Wololo says i shouldn’t, it’s because they dont interest me and i still see alot of potential in the PSP.

      I don’t think Wololo wants anyone to blindly follow him, form your own opinion.

      • macabre says:

        no no, im sorry I didnt mean I will not get one simpoly beacause he isnt, but rather because his points seem valid and i agree with him.
        In my opinion I wish we could all group together and make our own
        system, not like that gamepark handheld made from usr comments
        but rather we take something like the wm8505 arm netbook wich is dirt cheap and work on porting games and programs to it. with no security we would have no trouble XD. look around and you find alot of people dissing the little wm8505 saying itis useless. but I ave loaded mine with flash games, emulators. heck i even got dosbox working
        and can slowly play warcraft 1. more and more everyday you see these
        cheap electronics coming out and i’m sure its got apple going nuts.
        several sites allow you to install your own os on these things and take complete control, heck thats the gaming rig we need.

        so lets all sit down and start reading up on asm, XD
        sorry for rambling

  9. nego says:

    it dont fix on the pocket and call this portable ? my gameboy color fix in my pocket and it have 12 years

  10. 0M9H4X says:

    the NGP is aid to be released in europe end of 2k12 -.-
    and as usual, its going to be at least 60$ more expensive than in the US, just like everything from Sony (guitar hero, ps3, psp…).
    yeah great, i really DONT look forward to my purchase.

  11. Ricardo Gros says:

    my toughs


    Psp vs ds:

    Nintendo clearly won the fight on this one for 1 Major reason!

    The Ds system had a tech breakthrough that made the system unique. (touch screen) and their unique interactive games. The psp with all the power could not have that.. therefore one very simple thing happens

    the buyers are parents for kids and people from 18 to 40 that have their own money.

    Parents will always prefer to buy the NDS for their more Kid focused animated games.
    And from the others if there are 20 buyers 10 would probably buy BOTH systems…

    for example i did that.. i own both systems…

    the NGP and the 3ds are going the same way.. breakthrough..
    People will want to see the 3d effects and the ones that want NGP will buy it also…

    Same thing happened on Wii…

  12. kirby1997 says:

    Wow people say the 3DS hurts your eyes, try reading all the comments on a PSP just before you go to sleep.

    Night guys.

    • flayer says:

      haha thats what im doing right now on my psp brite, but its still pretty bad even though the brightness is turned all the way down.

  13. iam nice says:

    no “random play all my files” support,
    try shuffle

    • wololo says:

      Shuffle doesn’t work how I want it to work. It only shuffles files within one directory, not my entire library

      • cabbrick1243 says:

        Make a playlist of all your files then,
        any media palyer should be able to do this, but Sony’s Media Go is the best for it (duh)

        • wololo says:

          True, it works that way, but I still don’t think it’s very convenient.

          • lol says:

            i read everything and for the most part everything you said is *** the media works perfect, shuffle goes through all the folders… i rate my media experience on my ps3 and pspgo far higher than my pc which i only use to prot media to my ps3 and go. i expect the ngp will be 300$ at most it’s only logical. btw plz don’t argue it will only make you look like an idiot since i know all of my systems inside and out.

  14. cabbrick1243 says:

    “God knows I hate Apple”
    Apple = Big Brother + Brainwash
    heck Yea!!

  15. cabbrick1243 says:

    Lol this reminds me,
    I was looking for an Xbox 1 with the upgraded ram,
    or one of the friendtech DreamX xboxes
    anyone have one?

  16. flayer says:

    wololo made some really good points about this thing, i agree with some of them, but when i found out about its capabilities the only thing i thought about was the new possibilities for homebrews and emulators. the back touch screen could be used for a ds emulator and the front one for an iphone simulator. it could also easily handle psp, ps1, ps2, ps3, gamecube, wii, xbox, and xbox 360 emulators.

    • flayer says:

      and well, im no major homebrew developer(yet) but im going to have some fun sc*** around with the hardware on this thing, so i guess it wont be completely under-used. the only problem is sony, with all their likely improvements in security/stability it’ll be lucky if there’s ever a way to hack this thing. maybe datel or someone can make a modchip.

  17. asmith906 says:

    1. no device i know plays every video format face it sometimes you’re going to have to convert something or get vlc on it.

    2. it would be stupid for sony not to have an updated browser plus with a quad core there’s pretty good chance it might support flash.

    3.we dont know the price but my guess is it will be between $300 -$350 i give you this one it will be expensive.

    4.Why cant we have both casual and hardcore games on the system. Just because you dont like something doesnt mean other people dont like it. I dont really see a need to limit it and plus with the playstation suite i can see android games coming to ngp as well as the phone so you could potentially get your cheap games like angry birds played with a proper touch screen.

    5.sony isnt advertising this as a text reader, no one said you had to get 3g, how do you know what the gps is going to be like, and surprise sony is a business that is not doing that well right now. suddenly as they start to break even on the ps3 it gets hacked open (mostly just for piracy using otheros as an excuse) it wouldn’t be unreasonable for them to do something to protect their system from people who want everything for free. People say pirates wouldnt have bought the game any way but if i spent 3 years of my life working on a project i wouldnt want people who have no intention of buying but rather stealing to be able to play it.

    5. the device is still a long ways off why would they show off all their games now and then when e3 comes around show the same games that doesnt make any sense.

    6. 3ds is just and upgraded ds with 3d effect that can be turned off. meaning it wont have any significant impact on the games. it was to be able to run in a “2d” environment Also the 3ds no glasses 3d screen if newer tech so no you wont be finding this thing for $200 most likely you will see the price jacked up by local stores just like the wii was.

    7. the reason the psp doesn’t have as many games is because it is so easy to pirate that devs don’t see any reason to develop for it. why spend money on developing a game for a platform if your not gonna make any retuns on your investment.

    8. i hear a lot about how sony should open up hardware for everybody. but no one makes a suggestion on how they should do that and be able to prevent rampant piracy and online cheating at the same time.

    9. also you forget this thing is going to have a portable version of call of duty with actual good graphics which sells in america and monster hunter which just sold like 4 million in japan and it has analog sticks. Also devs have been able to port games from ps3 to ngp relatively quick so that should cut down on development time.

    you would have been happier getting an ipod for your media needs and psp for your gaming. I guess i’m less bitter because i have the best of both worlds.

    Also off topic i just beat persona 3 portable anybody know any good rpgs i should try next

    • wololo says:

      In reply to some of your points:

      5. you are making a dangerous confusion between independent devs (sometimes called “hackers”) and people who use their software for illegal things (pirates).
      I agree with you that most people will use such hacks for illegal things, it doesn’t make the builder of these tools responsible for people’s illegal behavior.

      I personally spent the last 3 years of my life developing a free and open source game, which represent thousands of hours of work. I’ve been joined by dozens of professionals who helped for free, just because they liked the concept. Your argument with spending time developing a piece of software and being *** of when it makes no money has, unfortunately, no impact on me.

      If you had worked in the video game industry, you would know that the people actually creating the game (the artists and the devs) are the bottom of the food chain in this industry, getting very low salary compared to their work. The piracy excuse is very convenient, because it allows to increase the price of the games, reduce the salaries, put some guilt on the customers, when the video game industry has been one of the most money-making businesses in the past years…

      Finally, Sony might not be doing so well, agreed, but that’s because their business strategy sucks, not because of piracy. Last time I checked, the Playstation division was one of the only money-making sections at Sony.

      7. How do you explain the success of the DS and the iPhone, as well as the insane sales they do on the software side, when these 2 devices have much more piracy than the PSP?

      8. User mode would have been more than enough for me on the PSP. I wouldn’t even have looked into exploiting it if I had user mode access from the start.
      OtherOS was more than enough for most PS3 devs (remember how the only hack on the PS3 at that time was a hack to activate the GPU acceleration on Linux?)

      • asmith906 says:

        i agree with you on most of your points but you probably have a job but if the devs font make any money they cant afford to give their game away. even though i do agree that wagic is an awesome piece of homebrew. just wish it was a little bit more streamlined.

        games are expensive to make because they take so many resources to make them. whether games should cost $60 is another story. at least we’re not paying n64 prices.

        if the part about the linux part is true than someone at sony should get fired for removing that. talk about a screw up. most people dont wouldnt want to format their hard drive to install linux so sony actually made piracy easier.would love to get xbmc on pc

        also iphone and ds pander to the casual crowd which the majority might not know how to jailbreak their device plus you also have to factor in the impulse buys when people sees apps for a dollar.

        as for the ds it’s sold so many that the piracy kinda counters itself out.

        also since the playstation brand is the only thing making money it only makes sense from a business standpoint that they would try hardest to protect it.

        btw i’m actually looking to get in the game industry i just dont know if i wanna do art or code. trying to figure out which one to go to school for. oh if you dont mind me asking i would love to know how you got into coding

        • wololo says:

          I got into coding through school (engineering school). I am myself not in the Video Game business (not a good place to be for programmers IMO, unless you’re an independent) but lots of my friends are programmers in video game companies.

          By the way, one very important thing, I am not at all against people making money with software (making this precision because I am not especially in favor of “open source and free only”), and I think it is very important that Sony protect their business and have it flourish. I just don’t like the way they are doing it 🙂

    • Icsant3 says:

      I think what will “scare” most casual gamers away s the size, OH MY GOD the size, a casual gamer that just wants to have fun in short tim, won’t buy a giant gaming system tha doesn’t fit in his pocket, while a3ds, iphone or smartphone does.
      On the other side i think the ps suite is really a god innovation, not only for phones but also for tablets(but only if they use google checkout too, because it works for a lot of countries)

  18. Michael says:


    Hi again Wololo, it’s funny that you’r point of view is such as close to mine, except that as you said: You’re a developer i would very much to be that, but my only dev’s are limited to video templates xD (almost good may i say :P) but well im very geeky when to PC’ Hardware reffers to xD i enjoy build riggs and use technology has a hobbie that’s why i hate apple as you said: “evereone buys their product like sheeps” and thats true and the sad thing of this its like if i would go out and buy everything that say’s X or Y on it, the very very bad thing of all this is that a big part of the people that buy “apples” does it only for status its like you’re “out” because you got an 15$ mp3 and i “in” becouse i got my billion Gen. Ipod touch :S, last week i see a couple guys at a store called PCOnline very nice and cheap they only sell ipads and a couple mac’s but more things from HP or Asus, a couple guys like i said where saying that linux it’s for “attemps of hackers that don’t have any knowledge of hacks,software and more” and windows was for “people who give a damn while they have a pc to show off”…damn right and whats whit mac :S just a computer company?, they where sayng about the “faults” of 7 and things like that not that i was on the conversation but i was waiting for an attendent and he was with those guys, then they saw me asking for an Motherboard (im changin of pc xD so yeah im very strict with myself on what to buy.) and they said me, why dont you grab a macbook or an mac AIO in the sotre (dont remember the model) i said to them…well it’s just that
    1: im a windows user most of the thins i do i like to do them on the big W, i have used mac already whit After effrect very nice yeah but…im more like the type of people that like to know what’s inside the pc that know that its a designed pc to “match my requirements” and that not only applys to mac.
    2: im a gamer maybe not the best maybe i suck on some games but i love to play Call of Duty United offensive and black ops on pc i have like 40/50 Games on the pc (of course i got 2 psp 1go and a Fat, a ps2 and a ps3) and i don’t know how is to play (install i know the WASD it’s the Fkin WASD) in mac, neither what game will work.
    3:Some of my fav apps to my work (cyberlink media expresso,vegas 10 and Xilisoft Video converter) use the Ati stream and as far as i know theres no suppor neither from Ati/AMD or Nvidia on mac.
    4: i consider thay buy something from apple it’s like go to buy something and then whn you show it to somebody they will told to you…men…you know…thats very expenssive my pc costed a 1/5 the cost of your’s…and has the triple performance…i would hate if that happens to me…that strange feling of being rape from somebody indirectly.
    and finally 5: i don’t see any advantage on an mac to a pc. Interface..i use windowsblinds and it looks the same as snow leoppard, performance i use an optimizer like tuneup or install an unatended version of windows and so i can continue.

    besides that and as final tought…Pc’s wiith windows may have viruses,errors,BSOD, and other,they are the most used because bla bla and bla…but you can take everything that i said before and the cannot be compare with a sad mac icon…a BSOD it’s a motivational poster compared to a Sad Mac. xD

    well thats just a little opinion once again i said sorry for my very bad english…i will use bing next time…i heard somewhere its a little better than google translate xD…

    greettings Wololo..damn i wrote this on my optimus…DAMN ONSCREEN LITTLE KEYBOARD! xD

    • cabbrick1243 says:

      Hey I agree with your opinion, however I run Linux boxes most of the time due to stability, protection, knowing *** is going on, and speed. I know that its not the best gaming platform, but thats why a Dual boot with Windows and Linux is nice. Mac’s gaming experience is about as crappy as Linux’s, but both have come a long way. I heard that the predecessor to the X server is under development, which is supposed to be able to handle 3d flawlessly.

  19. georgeka says:

    When PSP2 finally comes out, and a big hit, we’ll all gonna droll :p
    But still i’m gonna stick to my psp3000 for a long while.

    I like michael’s post, it’s so meee 😀

  20. Stone Fan says:

    I prefer to buy a 3DS???

  21. crookedmouth says:

    While I agree with much of the article, I’m sure I will still want one, but like every gaming device I’ve bought recently, my purchase will be 4-5 years after it’s release. I’m not paying $399 for a handheld or whatever it will be.

    Also, by then hopefully I will see how the OLED screens are holding up. I want things I buy to last. I still use and enjoy my GBA for instance. A touchscreen OLED no less.

    Why did they have to throw every feature at this thing? For me and the kind of games I like to play, the dual-analogs will be perfect but I think what made the NDS touchscreen work for me is that it is a separate screen. It can be a mouse or a keyboard and so on.

    One of the only gripes I have with the article is the idea that an Atari 2600 doesn’t count as a console! 🙂 The Atari VCS is an elegant machine, yes simplistic but it’s like saying you owned a VW Beetle but that doesn’t count as a car. 🙂

    Not that I would ever do this but another thing I love about the VCS is that we could most likely line up 100 PS3s and 360s and use the VCS to smash each one then plug it in and play a couple of my all-time favorite games. Heck perhaps I could disable those machines with one of the cartridges and 200 or so well placed blows.

    Perhaps I am old fashioned but I just wish that they built consoles to last, so in 30 years we could play PS3 or 360 games on original hardware. I’m dubious that is going to be possible.

    • wololo says:

      Apologies for bashing the 2600, that was just a joke, I loved this console.

      I still have loads of awesome memories playing games on that console when I was a kid. Just very recently did I learn that the games I enjoyed the most on the 2600 were actually homebrews, or rather “unofficial” games that were sold without Atari’s agreement. Oh the irony 🙂

      • cabbrick1243 says:

        Lol I have my dad’s old two 2600 sitting in the closet.
        They need new video adapters.
        Wololo, I’m a novice, and do admire all homebrew work (especially the amazing XBMC for the Xbox 1)
        I wanted to learn a good programming language, such as C, but what would be the best way to go about doing this?

  22. IGOR PSP 3001 TN HEN C 6.20 BRASIL says:

    before a read the post “Why I won’t buy the NGP” by wololo i will buy a 3DS

  23. damn why wololo is so smart!!!! ???

  24. cabbrick1243 says:

    I have another question for you wololo
    Suppose that Sony gets it act together,
    makes this device unhackable (or at least for a long time),
    fixes video and mp3 playback, and is around the same price as the 3DS
    would you consider purchasing this? I believe the device does have a
    large amount of potential.

  25. Drew Martell says:

    The NGP seems like a worth-while upgrade in my opinion. A true touch screen along with a high res display, downloadable content only, and dual analog sticks. Sure you may hate apple but I use my iOS devices on a daily basis. I can’t say that about my PSP. Will the NGP replace the iPod/iPad, probably not. But Sony is definitely going in the right direction. I just hope the thing has decent battery life.

    • cabbrick1243 says:

      Its more OSX that I was talking about. The iOS devices are pretty good, but also pricey. I dislike the format of the music storage on the os or the lock ins to iTunes. Apple can make some decent (properitary) hardware, but their software is next to garbage. Safari? ITunes? All optomized for their Macs, which like Micheal said are mostly status symbols. The iPone was amazing when it was new, but many manufacturers have better options. The Ipod Touch Is still the best, and most expensive mp3 player, but for its sofware ways and price, I will stick to my Sansa Fuze v2 with RockBox.

  26. Ultima says:

    The PSP has a ok Media player as well as the PS3 but who the heck cares about region locked DVDs get yourself a Pal-TV and System otherwise don’t have one at all.

    Sure the internet sucks but since when was the PSP a Laptop or PDA?

    how exactly do you know what the Market is going to be like for a System that hasn’t been released yet?
    now being that this new PSP system is said to have Hardware that matches the Ps3 counterpart it may be able to share more games like Assasin’s Creed Gta series(if there are any new ones in the future). ect…

    the 3DS would be a weaker Portable Wii almost especially since it basicly is the same hardware but with the NVidia Graphic Card and 3D camera(useless just like it was a a feature for the PSP).

    The thing is that these newer system are starting to have more and more features each new one is almost as useless as the last hopefully this new psp will bring something new thats worth the money over the older models.

    However Nintendo has alot of catching up to do mainly the Wii and its hardware limits.

  27. i00i says:

    PSP’s battery life sucks 🙁 (that is the only regret I have for buying a PSP) and NGP will only have 3 hrs battery life, same with 3DS.
    I would rather buy a DSi.

  28. kain says:

    @wololo, I believe you are wrong about a few things you say about the PS3. You said the PS3 does not support divx/xvid/mkv. Which it does support. I personally watch movies in these formats all the time ( which I download straight from the PS3 web browser.) I they don’t play on your PS3 I would have to ask did you activate the divx player on your PS3? Also you can set up your PS3 to stream video and music from your computer. I personally use the PS3 to stream video from a number of sites with the PS3 web browser and have no problems. However I do wish Sony would update the browser and flash player as they are out of date. Also a divx web player would be a great addition. I hope you can update your article to reflect this information. P.S. I am writing this comment using my PS3.

    • MonkeyJacket says:

      mkv´s? MKVtoVOB maybe..?
      avi´s yes
      but yeah your right i use my PS3 almost every day if i´m not gaming i´m watching a movie since the ps3 has great Upscaling so watching avi (or DVD) on a 1080p tv isn´t really that bad.
      I use my PS3 as a mediacenter with great gaming capability

  29. NukemHard says:

    Wow 3 years later, this article is so true…
    sony *** me off like EA games does, creating products so they can ditch them…

  30. CosmicTacoCat says:

    Now it’s 2015 and rejuvenate is happening

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