Sony Announces the PSP2 (NGP)! Sony’s conference live (sortof)


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98 Responses

  1. equis says:

    This is a BEAST. Maybe 400-500 bucks…. 🙁

  2. Nickolas says:

    Just imagine how lucky Sony is! Just when the PS3/P Keys are revealed another device is half-way ready….

  3. sandesh says:

    NGP= Nintendo Got Pawned!

  4. Jorge says:

    The back panel on the NGP…I don’t now man….they better have a god use to this and a god game to use it to.

  5. brdzoman says:

    it is too expensive for me i will wait for its price to go down and see is it worth of buying.

  6. spider-monkey says:

    i think the speakers are in the wrong place. when your playing, your blocking it…good one sony 😛

  7. bcdiscman says:


    Do you still stand by the statement:

    “Several reliable sources have confirmed to me the existence of the PSP2. If what I was told is true regarding its specs, Sony is basically dead on the handled market and will be eaten alive by the 3DS and the next generation of smartphones.”

    • wololo says:

      Yes. I think they’re repeating the same mistake again. A device that will be roughly the same price as highend Android phones, yet doesn’t officially offer a phone, despite the “need” for a 3G system.
      It will be cool, expensive, and targeted at hardcore gamers, just like the PSP was. It has dubious controllers (how many games are going to use the back touchpad?)

      The 3DS will have been on the market for more than 6 months, will be much cheaper, will has a huge collection of games. Your wife and your 10 year-old kids will want a 3DS, not a NGP.

      Both companies are repeating their strategies, I don’t see why the numbers would be different. Except now the NGP is competing not only against the 3DS, but also against smartphones.

      Unless the NGP is way cheaper than a smartphone, why would I get a powerful console, when most of the things I do on 3G are looking at a map or my train schedule?

      The NGP is clearly a gamer’s device. This is why the PSP didn’t sell so well (compared to the NDS) and this is why the NGP won’t sell so well either: powerful RPGs in 3D…awesome, but what people want is angry birds.

      • Rodrigo says:

        Sony is way better she is thinking about the satisfaction of the hardcore gamers, not only in numbers *_*

  8. Rob says:

    Probably going to be way too expensive to even consider getting. Probably going to end up getting the 3DS. Sony may have the more powerful system, but so far nintendo has more games that I give a *** about.

  9. lane says:

    Wait, a PSP2? What went wrong with the PSPhone or whatever?

    • asmith906 says:

      There is no psp phone. There is a phone made a sony ericcson that will have the playstation app which will be available to ALL android phones.The phone you are thinking of wont be unveiled until next month.

  10. sweirdo says:

    Nico Nico Douga and Youtube support?

  11. TheDarknessArrives says:

    I will only get it if hackers say it might be hackable? Otherwise not going to buy it.

  12. masterfu says:

    my reaction to the codename


    the name NGP had been used before, it’s called a NeoGeo Pocket, made by SNK (no Playmore, because back then SNK is still doing ok)

    I hope Sony changes the codename as soon as possible.

  13. Tru Playa says:

    Wait…Does anybody know since the NGP will support PS3 games will it also be compatible with ps3 online like for example: someone is playing black ops on the ps3…can that same person play black ops with someone who is playing it on the NGP???

  14. Rod says:

    I think it’s foolish for anyone to expect to beat Nintendo in the handheld market. Their target customers of little kids and old people who want to play brain games is just too strong. The 3DS will trounce the PSP2, but the PSP2 will still sell well, like the PSP did. I just hope Sony continues to cater for hardcore gamers and doesn’t go all lovey-dovey on us and start releasing primarily kids’ games.

  15. masterfu says:

    I just read everyone’s comment

    this is how a NeoGeo Pocket went dead back then. I read on the net that back in the 90’s SNK released this hand held for hardcore King of Fighter fans, but no one brought it and it was soon taken over by the GBA

    this is unrelated to the PSP2, but relates at the same time, because PSP2’s codename is an old handheld’s name that no modern gamers knows, and it may suffer from the same fate to that hand held, and they are completely different.

  16. Spider Monkey says:

    Wait, if the NGP have 3g does it mean we have to pay for the 3g every month if we have one of those?

  17. akai1987 says:

    I once thought that NGP stands for Neo Geo Pocket considering that it was the first to came out and termed as NGP in the first place.

  18. akai1987 says:

    I once thought that NGP stands for Neo Geo Pocket considering that it was the first to came out and termed as NGP in the first place.

  19. E! says:

    I’m gonna buy a cheap used asus eee pc, load it up with android x86 and dual boot with winxp, wait for playstation suite, again wait for them to crack it. and if all works well i’m gonna have my version of NGP with 7in screen and keyboard.

  20. legendarymidget says:

    “16:33: Porting a game from the PS3 to the NGP took less than one week, and no visual quality loss.”

    If thats true (which I doubt it is), THATS AMAZING!

    • Balls says:

      If thats true, then the coding for PSP2 must be super efficient, to get PS3 quality on the hardware that a PSP2 will have. I wonder if it could Kill the ps3?

  21. Ccorbos says:

    What why did they do that the psp 1000,2000,3000 are perfect but Go sucks 😀

  22. allion says:

    i want it so much

  23. Shinny says:

    grrr must have… damn its gonna cost 800 bucks… i think

  24. Wolfdawg says:

    *** off at you sony! >:c

  25. akai1987 says:

    PSP2’s speakers are blocked by the players’ thumbs. This is unavoidable. Great job SONY.

  26. Alexander says:

    i wanna see GTA IV on it O_O

  27. aceofspace says:

    I hope this doesn’t be hacked. Sony already had problems with their old PSP models and especially the PS3. Be satisfied with the TN HEN or whatever PSP you have that’s been hacked and let Sony have THEIR turn with the fun. If you disagree with this post you are reading, well there are some unsatisfied *** out there as in YOU.

  28. aceofspace says:

    Oh and another thing. Do you know each person that volunteered to test the new PSP2 out gets it free. Sony brings extra copies of the system to pass it on to the people that volunteered.

  29. Asmith906 says:

    this argument confuses because people complain that they dont want high end gaming on the go. why does everyone assume their opinion equals the entire worlds opinion. me personally i cant wait to get this because i have an iphone 4 so if i want to do any of the media stuff you listed i can just use that. also i love the idea of cloud computing.
    another thing why are people excited that mgs3 is coming to the 3ds but not that they were able to get mgs4 running on the ngp in like 2 weeks. we cant know how large of a support the thing will get until it comes out and from what i”ve seen most of 3ds launch seems to be remakes. sometimes i just dont get the sony hate. and my last point the ngp will most likely cost $300 so i dont see what all the whining is about.
    P.s. oled screen are freaking beautiful to look at. and considering i just put 70hrs into persona 3 portable i think there is a base for hardcore gaming.

    Also i have 3 jobs so i can afford LUXURY items that’s right folks despite what people may think gaming is not something you are just entitled to.
    and another thing about the library is the ngp will have all of the psp games on psn and ps1 classics, also if sony is smart psn games and downloadable ps2 classics.

    /end rant

    that’s weird this comment was meant for the story on why wololo wont getting a psp. but now it’s gone

  30. bluesora98 says:

    NGP=Next Generation Portable
    NGP=Nintendo Got Pwned

  31. Rolly Crabbe says:

    Useful discussion . Speaking of which , others are requiring a NARA NA 14129 , my wife filled out and faxed a blank version here

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