What will the PSP2 be like?

More and more rumors grow on the internet, as Sony invited journalists to a press conference (the “playstation meeting”) that will be held in a few hours in Tokyo, apparently to announce the PSP2.

Two analog nubs, awesome OLED touch screen,  300TB of Ram, insane graphics and screen resolution, CPU equivalent to that of the PS3, dual cameras, and apparently, it flies, makes coffee, ships with a Nintendo 3DS emulator, and could be providing 3G support with a subscription to the major operator Docomo (for the lucky ones among us who live in Japan…nah, don’t cry, I’ll upload pictures once I get one :P)…

Well, we’ll probably know which of all that is true in a few hours… As far as I’m concerned, I can’t wait for the PSP2 announcement, to see if the next gaming device I’m getting is a 3DS, a PSP2, or a Nokia NGage (wait, I probably meant an iPhone 5 here…)

The real characteristics?

Joke aside, it seems we have a clearer idea of what the PSP2 will look like.  French website 01net announces the following, based on feedback from “trusted sources” (most likely devs who’ve had a debug unit to work on). Some of the features below have been confirmed by trusted game developers, or the Nikkei, Japan’s most known economy newspaper.

  • Won’t fit in a pocket
  • Will have a touch surface on the back, and a touchscreen on the front
  • 2 analog nubs
  • OLED screen, “comfortable” (slightly bigger than on the PSP?)
  • display resolution: 960×544 (4 times the number of pixels we have on the PSP)
  • CPU: 4-cores ARM Cortex 9
  • GPU:PowerVR SGX 543 MP4+ (that’s a 4 core with 128MB VRam to be confirmed)
  • Ram:512MB
  • Wifi, 3G, bluetooth (which could allow to connect the PSP to a Playstation phone according to some sources)
  • GPS, accelerometer, microphone, front and back cameras

Err… wow… Seems Sony is (again) not targeting the casual gamers here… What do you think?

What would be your Portable device of choice if you had to buy one this year?

  1. Spider Monkey’s avatar

    I saw a different picture from pspking.de which looks much better :D


  2. E!’s avatar

    @wololo sorry dude.. just got excited.. you’re right. aint’t worth the time
    … it’s really slow… why would those guys even post something like that… i really wanted to play the orig silent hill… guess i really have to wait for the popsloader for tn-hen 6.20… sorry again for that… *embarassed*


  3. KenAkuma’s avatar

    I just recently got a GO and have to say I am LOVING the design!

    I really don’t want to pick the PSP2 up for at least a couple more years, but I can see myself getting tempted pretty bad if it has a GO design and gets unlocked for home-brew :)

    I should be fine though, my guess is it won’t come out for maybe another 6 months or so and it might take a little while after that to be “opened up” for HB.


  4. KenAkuma’s avatar

    Anyone know what time in the east cost of the US we should be expecting the good news?

    Ill be up till around 4 most likely.


  5. tks’s avatar

    oh…i got a psp go a month back…why did i not wait for psp 2 …guess u cannot have everything :)


  6. KenAkuma’s avatar


    Same happened to me.

    People always say late adopters are stupid (for instance buying a DS right now) but when you really think about it chances are if they waited a few years to pick up the console than chances are they’ll do the same with the next!

    In other words someone buying a ds now wont rush out and get a 3ds at release, they’ll wait for it just like they did with the ds, thats the way I see it….


  7. bluesora98’s avatar

    Do you think PSP(1000,2000,3000, and GO) games can be played in the PSP2?


  8. toBsucht’s avatar

    i hope the psp2 support usb3 :) ^^dreaming^^ and in the news they say it will have / umts – don´t know how it´s called in english … mobil “highspeed internet.”


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