What will the PSP2 be like?


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  1. DizzyLikesWhiteGirls says:

    “Won’t fit in a pocket”

    WHAT? The whole reason that the PSP Go sold what little it did is because older audiences got tired of lugging around all those slow-*** UMDs and the megaton brick of a device that the PSP-X000 was.

    If this is true, 50% of my interest just went down the drain. I don’t even believe Sony would do something that stupid.

    • miku!!! says:

      lol I understand the UMD part but the PSP 3000 isn’t the brick you claim it to be xD I just ripped my UMD’s to the memory card to solve the UMD problem cause they were kind of noisy :S. But I guess everyone has their own opinion. The part about the PSP2 not fitting in the pocket is unlikely though. In this era of “slim is in” I doubt that Sony would commit such a grave mistake as to make the PSP2 so huge that it couldn’t fit in your pocket xD. From the supposed leaked pictures though, it does seem quite big. I guess we’ll know soon enough though.

  2. miku!!! says:

    I’m more of a casual gamer than a hardcore fan so I’ll be getting a 3DS for now[Since it’s out sooner] and if the PSP2 isn’t outrageously priced, I’ll probably get that later. Although, I’m worried about the 3DS’ posible region-lock. Nintendo confirmed that software developed for a region’s hardware MAY not work properly due possible specific features based in that region[like internet connectivity or something?]. Hopefully it can play games from another region though. If not, I’ll spring for a Japanese console.

  3. oxenh says:

    i not very interested in this “monstrous” psp2
    because is just the repetitive way of think of sony (more grafic, more money)
    i preffer the 3ds
    it is cheap, it has 3d and i can play resident evil games on it
    don´t tag me with the “nintendo fan”, i own a psp, a ds, a wii, a ps2 and a nintendo XD

  4. Roxas6662 says:

    I want the 3DS for Kingdom Hearts 3D but this PSP2 will be ***! I really hope it’s as badass as they’re making it out to be. I’ll get one if it’s that crazy, but if it comes out in the end of the year, I’ll get both the 3DS and the PSP2. I have a DS Lite, a DSi XL, a PSP 2000, and PSP Go, so adding those both to the list won’t be suprising for me lol.

  5. nego says:

    you forget exploid suport and decent ps2 emulator

  6. apple pi says:

    Lets all donate to a fund and first person to get HBL on the PSP2 wins the whole pot.

  7. E! says:

    they just released psx loader for TN-HEN 6.20

    [note from wololo: link removed, please no link to that awful website. Other links to “real” websites are fine]

    • wololo says:

      it’s the PS1P emulator, not really interesting. Low framerate and not so great compatibility. It was a promising port before popsloader was introduced, but dev has been discontinued, so nothing worth checking, really…

  8. Yo Momma says:

    Holy shi-…300TB…that’s like 5x the RAM of my computer

  9. Dex says:

    Looks like it will have the smae amount of power as a 90’s laptop. WHich isnt a bad thing considering its size.

  10. Spider Monkey says:

    I saw a different picture from pspking.de which looks much better 😀

  11. E! says:

    @wololo sorry dude.. just got excited.. you’re right. aint’t worth the time
    … it’s really slow… why would those guys even post something like that… i really wanted to play the orig silent hill… guess i really have to wait for the popsloader for tn-hen 6.20… sorry again for that… *embarassed*

  12. KenAkuma says:

    I just recently got a GO and have to say I am LOVING the design!

    I really don’t want to pick the PSP2 up for at least a couple more years, but I can see myself getting tempted pretty bad if it has a GO design and gets unlocked for home-brew 🙂

    I should be fine though, my guess is it won’t come out for maybe another 6 months or so and it might take a little while after that to be “opened up” for HB.

  13. KenAkuma says:

    Anyone know what time in the east cost of the US we should be expecting the good news?

    Ill be up till around 4 most likely.

  14. tks says:

    oh…i got a psp go a month back…why did i not wait for psp 2 …guess u cannot have everything 🙂

  15. KenAkuma says:


    Same happened to me.

    People always say late adopters are stupid (for instance buying a DS right now) but when you really think about it chances are if they waited a few years to pick up the console than chances are they’ll do the same with the next!

    In other words someone buying a ds now wont rush out and get a 3ds at release, they’ll wait for it just like they did with the ds, thats the way I see it….

  16. bluesora98 says:

    Do you think PSP(1000,2000,3000, and GO) games can be played in the PSP2?

  17. toBsucht says:

    i hope the psp2 support usb3 🙂 ^^dreaming^^ and in the news they say it will have / umts – don´t know how it´s called in english … mobil “highspeed internet.”