What will the PSP2 be like?


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  1. toBsucht says:

    i hope the psp2 support usb3 :) ^^dreaming^^ and in the news they say it will have / umts – don´t know how it´s called in english … mobil “highspeed internet.”

  2. miku!!! says:

    lol I understand the UMD part but the PSP 3000 isn’t the brick you claim it to be xD I just ripped my UMD’s to the memory card to solve the UMD problem cause they were kind of noisy :S. But I guess everyone has their own opinion. The part about the PSP2 not fitting in the pocket is unlikely though. In this era of “slim is in” I doubt that Sony would commit such a grave mistake as to make the PSP2 so huge that it couldn’t fit in your pocket xD. From the supposed leaked pictures though, it does seem quite big. I guess we’ll know soon enough though.

  3. brick_master says:

    wololo was joking 300TB ram does not exist ( physically)

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