What will the PSP2 be like?


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86 Responses

  1. Luca says:

    Sono il primo!!! Grazie Wololo per tutto quello che fai, io consulto quotidianamente il tuo blog!

  2. Luca says:

    I’m the first! Thanks Wololo for all the things that you do, I see day by day your blog!

    • Thankyou says:

      no you’re not :)

      • shien says:

        actually he is, if you look at the username his message was the first and second (the second is an english translated version of the first)
        anyway… i think i’ll stick with my psp if dissidia duodecim doesnt come out for psp2

  3. xcanox says:

    The PSP2 was confirmed to NOT have a touch screen, due to overheating.

  4. boo257 says:

    if it does have all those features, its some kind of perfect console putting together all the features someone could dream about o.0 (except 3D xD)

  5. iSWORD says:

    WOW !! That’s awesome..

  6. iSWORD says:

    I would buy the PSP2 to brick it the way I did with my 3k 😉

  7. Cercata says:

    My portable device ? It depends on battery life …

  8. AbroMaN says:

    As long as it comes with 300TB of RAM (yes, ***), can fly and make coffee I’m fine with this beast O_o

  9. MNX says:

    As long as it makes ham and cheese sandwiches than I’m happy.

  10. mclove says:

    “wont fit in pocket” In what sense ? money wise or over size? :)

  11. MitMakis says:


    If Im reading this correctly, that would be 300 Terabytes of RAM which (probably) no computer has ever had?

  12. Roxxas says:

    one thing ***!? 300tb ram !?!?!?!?!

    “…what is he power level over 9000!!!…”

  13. bmg1001 says:

    Like Wololo said, no care for Casual Gamers, eh… I have a Mac, and no Wifi, and a PSPgo, and Im like why theres no Media Go for Mac already, I can only play on my PSP-1000. Come on Sony!! Im using ISOS due to you! Sorry, got mad, of topic :-)

  14. Kockainside says:

    PSP is the best EVER and PSP is unbeatable so PSP2 will be fault as the PSPGO because PSP2 will be very very very expensive….
    PSP 1000 – 3004 is the BEST EVER. 😀

  15. Jorge says:

    It look awesome…
    I Bet wololo is going to hack this in no time…too.



    • xxx says:

      screen res are measured diagonally so 960×544 means you have 4 squares of 480×272 hence 4 times resolution

    • ptpspDev says:

      Errr… if you double the amount of pixels for both the width and the height, you get the quadruple resolution. The article is correct.

    • wololo says:

      @Jorge: calculating the surface of a rectangle is something you’re supposed to learn in first year of Junior High, by the way. 😛

  16. Indian Guru (0rochi) says:

    port of ps3 games a large disk space like 320 gb or some similar and very cheap game as it prevent piracy so and feedback option so that hacker can ask what feature the want on psp2 so they don’t screw around and start hacking it

  17. Kah says:

    “Not for casual”
    Sounds perfect ^^

    Will get one because buying initial release versions of PSP and PS3 has worked out well for me. :)

  18. ThePietn1 says:

    The 300TB of RAM will probably be a mistake, that is more thand every PC!

    • LOSTAROT says:

      Yes.. and the flying part and the coffee and the 3DS and ………. lol

    • paKO JONES says:

      @ ThePietn1
      jajaja, you should improve your English to understand what is true info and FALSE info. Jajajaja, of course it’s more than a PC, jajajaja. Actually answering wololo I guess I’ll buy a psp 2 just because it flies!!!! jajajajaja and I won’t need planes anymore LOL

  19. DjEAGLE says:

    lmao ps2 in your hands :) hmm maybe this thing will play ps2 games ? just think about it :)

    • Zen says:

      There is a high probability that it can in fact emulate ps2 games 😀

      I am thinking it would be look like a psp3000-ish.. can’t wait to see the real deal!!

  20. SquallDNA says:

    3G? whats that for? is that the 3G signal thing same as with the mobile phones are using? so does that mean we can put a SIM card on it?

    • wololo says:

      I don’t know about the SIM card part, but that would mean something that can connect to the internet on Mobile Networks, yes. Probably to allow you to play online or connect to the PSStore when you don’t have wifi access (which, for a portable device, happens a lot)

  21. Caio says:

    Yeah! Casual gamers should stick with their toys…

    But I didn’t like the screen resolution, though. Too small.

  22. ffdgh says:

    im sorry but are they making a hand held or a computer XD
    annd too bad it can’t fit in ma pocket anymore <_<

  23. dev0 says:

    lets make bid to see how much it will cost….. starting from $500 anyone? $499.99 maybe

  24. brdzoman says:

    I hate psp2 because it will destroy psp so sad

  25. Kenrou says:

    Maybe Sony is tired of PSP too and wants to kill the brand. Sony is trowing PSP into a heck worse than of PS3.

  26. paKO JONES says:

    @ wololo

    well it depends because as a friend of mine said once Nintendo consoles and games are more for any kind of public, either girls, boys, adults. But PSP games are more for men and they’re more violent or targeted to a male public. Anyway, I’ll buy a PSP2 because the graphics will be more impressive than those of the 3DS

  27. cv- says:

    eh i want 3ds n psp2 no matter what :O

  28. Sidhi0n says:

    Thanks for your blog Wololo, you’re a legend, always my first port of call for the latest on the PSP scene.

    Just had to have a laugh at the people who swallowed the 300TB gag. As if the sarcasm wasn’t obvious enough, the bit about the flying, coffee making and 3DS emulation should have tipped them that you were making a funny.

  29. Jurian says:

    i’d get a psp2 if those hardware “confirms” are correct. if not, i’d probrably wait and just not get a new handheld and stick with my 3k

  30. Norml says:

    I heard you can teleport and time travel…SOLD!

  31. Kawashiro says:

    I dunno, I’m hesitant. The one device I owned with an OLED display (GP2X Wiz) suffered from serious burn-in almost the day after I got it.

  32. yellow says:

    when this comes out i am going to buy one if its as good as the people say it is 😆

  33. Konu says:

    There’s only one thing we do know: HBL will most likely run on it. LOL.

  34. Do says:

    I’m staying clear off this gen of handheld gaming. The 3DS is a step back in portable gaming. It’s only slightly more powerful than a PSP with a 3D and touch screens. And Sony pretty much killed the PSP2 with exclusive DLC. The good news is, now I can have a clear conscience to pirate old PSP games now that they’re cutting support for it.

  35. tom says:

    Will this site turn into a psp2 hacking site?

  36. bluesora98 says:

    Guys, I have something to ask you:
    Okay, I heard about the security of the ps3 and then about the signed homebrews. Do you think that Sony will be able to do something about the in the PSP2?

  37. Enigma says:

    Is it even possible to fit 512 MB of RAM into a portable device?

    If so, then Sony has scored, whether this console gets hacked, or not.

  38. miku!!! says:

    I’m more of a casual gamer than a hardcore fan so I’ll be getting a 3DS for now[Since it’s out sooner] and if the PSP2 isn’t outrageously priced, I’ll probably get that later. Although, I’m worried about the 3DS’ posible region-lock. Nintendo confirmed that software developed for a region’s hardware MAY not work properly due possible specific features based in that region[like internet connectivity or something?]. Hopefully it can play games from another region though. If not, I’ll spring for a Japanese console.

  39. oxenh says:

    i not very interested in this “monstrous” psp2
    because is just the repetitive way of think of sony (more grafic, more money)
    i preffer the 3ds
    it is cheap, it has 3d and i can play resident evil games on it
    don´t tag me with the “nintendo fan”, i own a psp, a ds, a wii, a ps2 and a nintendo XD

  40. nego says:

    you forget exploid suport and decent ps2 emulator

  41. apple pi says:

    Lets all donate to a fund and first person to get HBL on the PSP2 wins the whole pot.

  42. E! says:

    they just released psx loader for TN-HEN 6.20

    [note from wololo: link removed, please no link to that awful website. Other links to “real” websites are fine]

    • wololo says:

      it’s the PS1P emulator, not really interesting. Low framerate and not so great compatibility. It was a promising port before popsloader was introduced, but dev has been discontinued, so nothing worth checking, really…

  43. Dex says:

    Looks like it will have the smae amount of power as a 90’s laptop. WHich isnt a bad thing considering its size.

  44. Spider Monkey says:

    I saw a different picture from pspking.de which looks much better 😀

  45. E! says:

    @wololo sorry dude.. just got excited.. you’re right. aint’t worth the time
    … it’s really slow… why would those guys even post something like that… i really wanted to play the orig silent hill… guess i really have to wait for the popsloader for tn-hen 6.20… sorry again for that… *embarassed*

  46. KenAkuma says:

    I just recently got a GO and have to say I am LOVING the design!

    I really don’t want to pick the PSP2 up for at least a couple more years, but I can see myself getting tempted pretty bad if it has a GO design and gets unlocked for home-brew :)

    I should be fine though, my guess is it won’t come out for maybe another 6 months or so and it might take a little while after that to be “opened up” for HB.

  47. KenAkuma says:

    Anyone know what time in the east cost of the US we should be expecting the good news?

    Ill be up till around 4 most likely.

  48. tks says:

    oh…i got a psp go a month back…why did i not wait for psp 2 …guess u cannot have everything :)

  49. KenAkuma says:


    Same happened to me.

    People always say late adopters are stupid (for instance buying a DS right now) but when you really think about it chances are if they waited a few years to pick up the console than chances are they’ll do the same with the next!

    In other words someone buying a ds now wont rush out and get a 3ds at release, they’ll wait for it just like they did with the ds, thats the way I see it….

  50. bluesora98 says:

    Do you think PSP(1000,2000,3000, and GO) games can be played in the PSP2?

  51. toBsucht says:

    i hope the psp2 support usb3 :) ^^dreaming^^ and in the news they say it will have / umts – don´t know how it´s called in english … mobil “highspeed internet.”

  52. miku!!! says:

    lol I understand the UMD part but the PSP 3000 isn’t the brick you claim it to be xD I just ripped my UMD’s to the memory card to solve the UMD problem cause they were kind of noisy :S. But I guess everyone has their own opinion. The part about the PSP2 not fitting in the pocket is unlikely though. In this era of “slim is in” I doubt that Sony would commit such a grave mistake as to make the PSP2 so huge that it couldn’t fit in your pocket xD. From the supposed leaked pictures though, it does seem quite big. I guess we’ll know soon enough though.

  53. brick_master says:

    wololo was joking 300TB ram does not exist ( physically)

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