6.35/6.31 -> 6.20 Downgrader by Davee

I know, I’m 24hrs late on this one… real life does that to people.

As he announced a while ago, Davee release a downgrader for people who are on OFW 6.35/6.31 and want to go back to 6.20. You already know it works, but I tested it for you on my psp3000 (Davee, I actually trust you so much that I didn’t even try on my phat before that :) )

As you probably already know, we’re currently in a weird situation on the PSP scene, where two systems exist for Homebrew fans. One called TN Hen for 6.20 users, the other one is Hen Pro for 6.31/6.35 users.

Both these Hens (Homebrew Enabler) have pros and cons, support different plugins, have different homebrew compatibility. Let’s be honest, I was expecting one to take over the other, but that never really happened.

So, as a user, you are given a choice between 6.20 and 6.35. Of course, once on 6.35, you can’t go back, so if you don’t like this firmware, you’re kind of screwed…well that was true until this release. Now Davee gives you the possibility to test both 6.20 and 6.35, then choose which one you like…and change again as much as you want if you have lots of free time on your hands.


  1. Download here (or mirror here)
  2. Copy the “PSP/Game/downgrader” folder in the PSP/Game/downgrader folder of your memory stick.
  3. download the 6.20 Firmware update here
  4. Put the 6.20 firmware update in  PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP
  5. Run the “downgrader” from your PSP, and follow the instructions (wich consists in pressing “X” when asked to).

This is a nice utility (and impressive too, considering that Sony blocked the “usual” ways of downgrading in recent firmwares).

Davee’s Downgrader uses works from other devs in the scene, and the Readme gives thanks to bbtgp, coyotebean,  kgsws, Silverspring, and Bubbletune.

The package includes full sources (and a README if the instructions above are not enough), what more do you want? :)

downgrading is a risky procedure, and if you mess up you can end up with a bricked PSP. This downgrader has been confirmed by enough people to work, but don’t downgrade unless you really need to!

source: Davee’s blog, thanks to everyone who sent me messages about this release.

  1. PsP FrEaK’s avatar

    Guys I think This Downgrader Is the KEy For JAilbreaking DA Psp Once

    6.20 – GEt TN – HEN

    THEn DOwnGrade TO 5.50 !!!!

    THEN USE HEN By DArk Alex


    THTS IT !!!



    will this wrk on 6.30 ???


  2. dyosef’s avatar

    i try to upgrade my psp 3007 v 6.20 to 6.35 and try 6.35 pro hen and pro a2 its worked and i decided to downgrade to 6.20 OFW firmware to try some themes that support 6.20 and there is no problem it’s working thanks a lot from the developer…


  3. dyosef’s avatar

    you have to delete the file 6.35PRO-a2 to downgrade…


  4. Himesuki’s avatar

    Dont do like this > PSP/GAME/UPDATE/PSP_620_FW_UPDATE > this will corrupt and wrong.

    Please do like this > PSP/GAME/UPDATE > Work Fine.

    That UPDATE is PSP_620_FW_UPDATE ( Just Rename it to UPDATE) or PSP_620_FW_UPDATE( Rename this file to UPDATE).


  5. Derp’s avatar

    I didnt understand what the crap was meant by “Copy the “PSP/Game/downgrader” folder in the PSP/Game/downgrader folder of your memory stick.” Was i supposed to just stick that PSP folder in the ORIGINAL PSP folder itself? or was something else meant by that -.-


  6. hjil’s avatar

    funziona per 6.37


  7. Ansh’s avatar

    i have PSP 3004 OFW 6.35

    yo dude.. its boots and come on installation screen of OFW 6.20

    but when i try to start to install 6.20 OFW via sony updater

    there is a error to charge my battery 100 % and its starts automatically.


  8. Ansh’s avatar

    Thanks to all of you guys.

    i cant beleive… How can i fulfill my feelings……

    i tried 2nd time

    Now its worked i successfully downgraded

    From OFW 6.35 —> OFW 6.20—> 6.20 PRO B4.


  9. Ally’s avatar

    Hey it says Please Wait … and it turns off :) how do i fix this please email me :( chrisallysonv@ymail.com


  10. brandon’s avatar

    its for 8g not anything eles


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