6.35/6.31 -> 6.20 Downgrader by Davee


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  1. Derp

    I didnt understand what the *** was meant by “Copy the “PSP/Game/downgrader" folder in the PSP/Game/downgrader folder of your memory stick.” Was i supposed to just stick that PSP folder in the ORIGINAL PSP folder itself? or was something else meant by that -.-

  2. hjil

    funziona per 6.37

  3. Ansh

    i have PSP 3004 OFW 6.35

    yo dude.. its boots and come on installation screen of OFW 6.20

    but when i try to start to install 6.20 OFW via sony updater

    there is a error to charge my battery 100 % and its starts automatically.

  4. Ansh

    Thanks to all of you guys.

    i cant beleive… How can i fulfill my feelings……

    i tried 2nd time

    Now its worked i successfully downgraded

    From OFW 6.35 —> OFW 6.20—> 6.20 PRO B4.

  5. Ally

    Hey it says Please Wait … and it turns off 🙂 how do i fix this please email me 🙁 chrisallysonv@ymail.com

  6. brandon

    its for 8g not anything eles

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