Release: Half Byte Loader R113 for OFW 6.37 (and below)


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119 Responses

  1. Retardation says:

    ooh looks interesting

  2. montu says:

    omg thats good news now who are on 6.37 can play homebrews but i wont upgrade as im using 6.35 pro . good work wololo u rock

  3. NEWS4 says:

    Good job guys. Stand on;)

  4. martin says:

    Exciting times, thanks Wololo!

    One quick question though:

    I’m (still!! no more upgrading ;-D) on OFW 6.31.
    Is it possible to combine your new and shiny XMB-HBL r113 here with the Pro HEN for 6.31?

    That would allow me to start the HEN on my PSP directly from XMB (no more Sukkiri) or am I missing something here?


    • fishy says:

      I’m not Wololo, but I can tell you definitively . . . yes ! !

      • martin says:

        >> Is it possible to combine your new
        >> and shiny XMB-HBL r113 here with
        >> the Pro HEN for 6.31?

        On January 23, 2011 at 5:27 pm fishy wrote:

        > I’m not Wololo, but I can tell you definitively . . . yes ! !

        On January 23, 2011 at 4:51 pm Pspguy wrote:

        > Works great with and without 6.31 PRO HEN!

        That’s great news! X-D

        Thanks fishy, thanks Pspguy, and many more thanks to Wololo! 😀

        *wooooot* 8-D


  5. m1ndtr0n says:

    awesome.. =)) wololo is god.. =))

  6. Dallox says:

    Im gonna delete my HEN now, HBL is much sexyer o.o

    • fishy says:

      I have to admit, I missed that hacky looking text that spills down the screen when HBL starts. HEN is more useful, but it’s not as exciting to watch activate!

      Question: does anybody know how to quit to HBL instead of XMB during a game? Curse my noobiness! Thanx.

      • 0M9H4X says:

        in older versions of HBL (patapon2-era) you could hold SELECT and START and you would exit to HBL instead of XMB. i dont think wololo removed that feature, so give it a try!

        • fishy says:

          Thanks, man! I found out myself yesterday by just mashing buttons, though! xD (why do we forget these simple, but effective techniques when we get older? Hehe.)

  7. Pspguy says:

    Works great with and without 6.31 PRO HEN!

  8. Zepheral says:

    Great job! Why are people upgrading ,I’ll never know. Hope they’ll figure it out to check for hacks before updating someday…..I hope?

  9. andrew says:


    Lol, in the darkest times of our lives, HBL is there to shed its heavenly light upon the unfriendly shadows of sony!

  10. thedicemaster says:

    would it be possible to add HEN support?
    i use HBL for compatibility(GPSPkai 3.4 works with HBL, but not with 6.35 pro)
    and it’s a bit annoying having to restart my psp whenever i want to play a GBA game.

  11. Venom says:

    great job wololo!

  12. kikinacia says:

    Excelent job wololo is fantastic but please realease something like a psx loader for 6.20 please

  13. Jonkus says:

    HBL is now officially the most resilient homebrew loader around.

  14. The Situation says:

    I was wondering if Prometheus ISO loader is working in this release.

    • fishy says:

      No, only HEN allows that for 6.xx. And HEN isn’t possible on 6.37 yet. However, there are recent reports of iso’s being signed if that kind of thing interests you.

  15. Pspguy says:


    Would it be possible to make a dual-boot HBL that lets the user choose to boot into a HEN or the WMenu?

    • toBsucht says:

      a dual boot hbl is build by PUNKER69.

    • toBsucht says:

      replace the savegame exploit with wololo´s new exploit and the hbl-, punker69-, folder-, with your version. btw p..@blogspot or www search i hope u get it.

      • toBsucht says:

        sorry i told u u have to relpace the savegame but we don´t need it anymore :) may if u like to use an old hbl-rev.
        U also have 2 replace the eboot.pbp in :\hbl\menu\ eboot.pbp!
        If u use punkers mod (dualboot ofw6.20&6.3x) hbl with sukkiri-demo
        :\p69\menu\eboot.pbp .. i try to updated and upload punker´s mod. But im on fw6.2 and i don´t update to test a high fw.
        Link is @ this side …i upload a punk mod soon …
        btw 100 signed homebrew´s.

      • toBsucht says:

        damn where are all the savegame exploit´s and hbl rev.´s :(

  16. yaboyq says:

    nice job!

  17. Apo81 says:

    Not working on psp 6.35 model 3004. Isos dont start

  18. Apo81 says:

    what options do i have for iso loaders with 6.35 Pro? Please help, Is there a better loader than Prometheus?

  19. Apo81 says:

    Sorry my mistake. I wanted to ask if there is another iso loader better than Prometheus for 6.35PRO psp 3004 because Metal gear Acid crashes and I want to play that game, please reply, thank you

  20. noone says:

    ahahah take care, Wololo, we could almost see you this time through the psp reflex!
    Sony agents will bust ya!
    oh, greetings again for the great work in HBL.
    Kinda it was what really allowed psp to get where it is today IMO.

  21. Shinny says:

    hbl 4ever … cool but useless…. hen kirk keys r all here… any way graet work guys….

  22. javier_ecf says:

    Awesome, thanks to everyone involved in this!.

    from Mexico.

  23. Enzeru says:

    WOW thank you so much Wololó, now I can delete that annoying Minna no Sukkiri demo and start the HEN with this new version on 6.31 😛

  24. frank says:

    wait…did you guys have to find an exploit for this???
    or once hbl is signed can it just…run homebrew?
    if a homebrew is signed it can easily load other signed homebrew?
    so i can sign a homebrew organizer and it’ll work?
    lol i asked 4 questions cuz i dont know how to word it without sounding like a noob

    • Lukian says:

      You sounded like a noob anyways

      • frank says:

        ok watever
        i just dont know all the right technical terms
        it took me 2 years to learn all this stuff on my own

        • frank says:

          oops sorry wololo keep getting my email wrong
          this message has the right one lol
          im guessing that you see our emails right??
          anyways this is the right one

    • wololo says:

      1) No, no exploit, we just signed it
      2) Yes, once it’s signed, it can run homebrews. It’s pretty cool actually, we created a signed “homebrew”, and hbl “exploits it” the way it would “exploit” a regular game
      3) “If a homebrew is signed, it can easily run other homebrews”: yes and no. HBL required lots of work to load homebrews, it’s not in a snap of a finger. also, HBL can only run unsigned homebrews for now, not signed ones. Signed homebrews can be run from the XMB anyways, so that shouldn’t be a big issue
      4) you can sign a homebrew organizer, and it’ll work, yes. But then it’ll work directly from the XMB, you won’t need HBL (and again, rightnow HBL can’t run signed homebrews anyways).

  25. jammy says:

    Packers going to the Superbowl

  26. Trysten says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I LOVE YOU WOLOLO. My dumb lil brother updated my psp yesterday and I was hoping to god you would make another hbl for 6.37 but you went beyond that. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH

  27. GBS says:

    Half way to find an explit !!!
    Did someone updated ???
    I don’t!!!

  28. yellow says:

    update: 6.31 and 6.37 signed hen has been release check it on psp king

  29. FallenDawn says:

    We are waiting for a HEN on 6.37 hehe

  30. equis says:

    My PSP doesn’t even notice a new upgrade to 6.37… all of you guys, are great!!!

  31. jmag says:

    good looking out yellow it works great on my darth psp white with 6.31.

  32. javier_ecf says:

    @Wololo: PRO HEN 6.31 signed and working.

    • wololo says:

      Ah-Chai: excellent article. There’s still concern that 5 copies is not so much and will kill the second-hand market, but if this means that Sony will give up DRMs in favor of an online authentication system for games, I’m all for it. Homebrews + official games without piracy is what most of us have been waiting for.

  33. NEHAshu says:

    wer can i get the whole lot of signed homebrews????

  34. Bluddy says:

    Hey no fair picking on ScummVM! Getting our plugin system to use PRX would take a LOT of work, so if HBL can do it and most homebrew players have CFW or HEN, that’s a lot of work I don’t have to waste time on.

    • wololo says:

      @Bluddy: I truly expect my comment on scummVM wasn’t seen as an insult. ScummVM is easily in my top 5 homebrews (I’m sure you can find comments from me that date back to 2006 on the scummVM forums).

      So my comment was more: “damn, we can sign homebrews, but my favorite one is missing the fun”

  35. kinishiro says:

    what if i use this brand new HBL with my 6.31 OFW
    and start the allmighty Prometheus Iso Loader ? would this work ?

  36. jammy says:

    Can I change my psp gamboot on a 3001 runninp 6.20 TN-C or will it brick since it has something to do with flash 0

    • Ioan says:

      Use the MyRandomGameboot plugin. I tested it in my psp go 6.20 and works well.

    • LUISDooMER says:

      i use mybootlogo plugin and works great in my psp 3001, yesterday i´ve made the ps1 and ps2 boot logo screen (because i was searching a lot of time on google and i just find broken links) and the plugin works great.

  37. TDK says:

    Great!!! Now we just have to wait until Sony releases the new OFW 6.38 wait a few days and have a new 6.38 HBL. This is a great notice for those who update his PSP

  38. Felip says:

    I didnt run iso???

  39. Skykrost says:

    Great work..

  40. LOSTAROT says:

    I want to have HBL.. I have the psp 2000 fully hacked. Can I use this? I love the PSP scene and not just the homebrews but the history of homebrews. I want to use this.

    • Spider Monkey says:

      I have a bad feeling with the Davee’s downgrader since it was about two hours ago after Davee announce it via Twitter but nor Wololo announced it. I have to say that its fake. Davee probably is messing with us. I’m gonna take what I wrote if this is really real 😀

  41. ivanxx says:

    has anyone managed to run the 6.35 downgrader?

  42. Zen says:

    I think Davee just released his downgrader 635/6.31 -> 6.20. Can someone confirm this?

    that’s the link!!

  43. jammy says:

    Dave’s downgrader has been released

  44. Balta says:

    ive tried out the hbl in my psp go 6.37 and tried some emulators so far the picodrive and the gpsp emulators are working. the gpsp after i put the bios file.

  45. aldwin says:

    I’ve tried davee’s downgrader on my psp 3000, and now i’m on 6.20. gonna install tn-c.

  46. jmag says:

    it work on my white psp it had 6.31 but now i’m on 6.20 .

  47. spider-monkey says:

    Damn downgrade my psp30003g from 6.35 to 6.20 😀 now im gonna try to downgrade to 5.03 😀

  48. NEHAshu says:

    i got conformed from other links and i downgraded my psp go 6.31 to 6.20…yeah…yeppie
    nw m gona put sum cxmb themes 😉

  49. universalconsole says:

    Customize your hen or iso loader

    Open eboot.pbp with pbp unpacker and add these files

    -back up your eboot first-

  50. mr-crazy says:

    have 6.5 on 3004 but g=downgrader says please wait and shuts of

  51. Alexander says:

    Downgraded forom 6.35 to 6.20 XD thanks Davee

  52. toBsucht says:

    2 all on a ofw 6.37
    Fake_NP: put your HomeBrew into NPdemo (or iso up to 120mb)
    it isn´t easy but looks like possible. btw more than 100 signed HB´s.
    Thanks for rt

  53. OMightyBuggy says:

    Any news on a 6.37 HEN? I really want a loader to play my backups and not carry 40 UMDs.

    • toBsucht says:

      OMighty times play 4 u XD have u take a look to the fake np if u manage to sign your backup u can may play some. If the backup is a littel more than 120 doesn´t matter becouse u can shrink images 4example patapon2 by cobaltex & splash down from ~100 to 50 MB. Good luck 2 u and the other 6.37 user.^have look and see the big signed hb list it tooks a long time 2 run all the hb with the hbl.

  54. Meelis says:

    Any ideas is it that stuff works on Nintendo Wii? Here was mentioned that its for Wii as well and other consoles. I would like to test it to run homebrew on wii. Is it possibe that i can screw up something with that program in console? How i should place the files on wii? In the same way to same location? I am not sure is it the wii has the same names folders. Probabli not the same folders… Do i need to rename some folders then?

    Any suggestions will be a aprishiated.

  55. trish says:

    can some plz download the *video to installing hbl r113* my internet jus came off it u cud plz upload it to or w.e just leave the link here tyvm

  56. trish says:

    btw im on my psp u dnt have to convert it ty

  57. trish says:

    btw i dnt understand the read me sorry im dum :(

  58. Zubi says:

    do you think that OpenIdea ISO loader could be used as some sort of stepping stone for the HBL r113, since it lets u work with eboots?

  59. toBsucht says:

    new iso loader rev get it @ and all know homebrews

    report fresh stuff tn hen ofw signed stuff

  60. j3 says:

    get it going wololo, pls work on the psp 3000 6.37 hen.

  61. dan says:

    sorry if this is a stupid question, but if people can port pc games like doom, quake 2 and duke nukem 3d, would it be possible to port a game like vampire the masquerade bloodlines to the psp, (or psp2 when it comes out) that would be awsome ^_^

  62. monja? says:

    what game?

  63. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

    Alsso visit my weblogg … web mua ban

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