PSP Official Firmware 6.37 incoming


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  1. Aaron says:

    Well guys, it’s your call if you want to upgrade to OFW 6.37, if you do, please DO NOT come here to complain about how you can’t run your ISO’s and asking for a downgrader, that’s annoying. But anyway if you upgrade, you still HBL for 6.37, Wololo already released it and signed it (give it up, the guy’s a mastermind)
    Now you can run HBL from the XMB (even if you are using 6.37 OFW), so you will be able to run homebrews and emulators and stuff compatible with the HBL, so that’s sick! And you can even run signed homebrews from the XMB, but for those interested just in playing ISO’s then DO NOT upgrade, stay at 6.35 (or less) if you still want to run HEN’s.
    Anyway… for those who already did the upgrade you can find signed stuff here:
    There’s quite a big list of cool signed stuff you can easily run from your XMB in OFW 6.37
    And as usual the latest release of HBL for 6.37 can be found in the HBL section.

  2. Rowan says:

    wololo i had to upgrade to get away from that annoying 6.35 custom, do u has hen or downgrader for 6.37 on the way?

  3. red says:

    HEN for 6.37 please

  4. shams says:

    How To Downgrade Psp Slim 2004 6.37 To 5.51?

  5. lloyd says:

    sir i just bought a psp3006 and its firmware is 6.37 can anyone help us?


  6. rodolfo says:

    no se como se hace esto

  7. FritZ says:

    SO…we can’t Downgrade it..but can we Upgrade it somehow?
    so we can downgrade it when our version reaches 6.39 or 6.60
    because they also release a downgrader for 6.60 and 6.39…

  8. wololo says:

    use MediaGo

  9. jlo138 says:

    I use media go and I downloaded all my stuff when I bought them and I knew there would be a time that I couldn’t re-download my purchased content without an update so I backed up all my stuff with the serials to an external hard drive so I wouldn’t need to download them from psn ever again.

  10. frank says:

    im pretty sure coldbird’s hen has that as a feature
    i was using psn with no problems on 6.30
    i think it’s the same for 6.35
    get the signed 6.35 hen and use it!!!

  11. Orohu says:

    Um, you know, you can always load a .txt file from your memory stick in the PSP Internet Browser.
    You just need to type it in this format in the address bar:

    Sony didn’t fail on that part, even though it’s a lesser-known feature. Works with small SWFs and most HTML documents, as well.

  12. DizzyLikesWhiteGirls says:

    That’s not a reasonable facsimile. No bookmarks, no quick and easy navigation or formatting options… and even if you do try to take it seriously (which I have tried to do before out of desperation) it leads you to the obligatory “Out of Memory” issue that PSP’s Web Browser is (in)famous for.

    Sony simply failed on delivery when it comes to the media functionality, there’s not even any room for discussion, debate or objectivity on that subject. Even as a picture viewer, you’re extremely limited in what you can view before it craps out and labeling hi-res files as “corrupt” simply because their software won’t read it.

    It’s not even a hardware limitation because I’ve had crappy nokia phones with worse specs than the PSP that handle my multimedia like a champ… even with 4MB ram.

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  3. December 30, 2011

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