PSP Official Firmware 6.37 incoming


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  1. Shadow9th

    i think sony isnt that stupid and it wasnt a mistake rather a plan when they released part of the secret keys, they probably wanted hackers to use this information, cause they already have a fix for it, i mean thats what i think, i dont know really

  2. Explitr

    Well total_noob still has that vsh exploit!!

  3. OhYeah

    any news for 6.20 TN-C or additionals for 6.20 TN-B???

  4. TDK

    Great!!!!, now Sony will release a new firmware every month, the next would be the 6.38???? arives on the third week of February… (It’s a joke, no has been pased 2 months since the last update and they give us a new one without having anything new).

    This is the real update log, not a real “New Firmware” just the same *** with a bigger number and new exploits:

    New for 6.37: System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

    New for 6.35: System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

    New for 6.31: System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

    New for 6.30: System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

    New for 6.20: System software stability during use of some features has been improved.

    • Ultima

      Sony also adds small useless add-ons to the recent releases I wonder what else they put in.

      Nintendo did the same with Wii System Menu 4.3 but it didn’t include anything new I call it Trick Firmware because it deletes all signs of Homebrew which can actually brick your Wii luckily i’m still on 4.2

  5. brick_master

    Anybody who is wondering “System software stability during use of some features has been improved” is sony’s way of saying we patched your exploits

  6. sony can kiss my ass

    i they improve their translation it should be a real improvement.

  7. Thuganomics

    TN C Signed at pspgen

  8. m3rcury25

    tn-c is now out on gen

  9. yellow

    6.20tn-c release
    – Added 50 MB large memory support for every PSP models except PSP classic.
    – Added online gaming support.
    – Added server for TN NETWORK UPDATE.
    – Fixed bug in VSHMenu where CPU speed hasn’t changed when set it to default.
    – Fixed bug in Digital Comics that caused a crash.
    – Fixed server redirection.
    – Removed FAKE INDEX.DAT from VSHMenu, but feature is still effective (move version.txt to X:/seplugins/).
    – Signed HEN with prxEncrypter (thanks to Mathieulh, bbtgp, coyotebean, kgsws and everyone who involved to this project).
    – Used Davee’s $v1 trick to find power_buf_addr. also in the next revision that is 6.20tn-D he will have compatability of pops loaders playstation 1.

  10. toBsucht

    hehe news news news and i a few hours ago feels like early x-mas this year. ^^btw:
    tn-c 6.20 😮 ) oh yeah

    or without any hbl-hen close to 100 hb´s with all psp and fw´s few this:

    have a nice weekend and please take the links up to the next page. bb

  11. joseph


  12. joseph

    i know can somebody help

  13. joseph

    does anybody knows how to downgrade i will give money for a reply on downgrading 6.37

  14. juan321

    to all the people who had actualized to the OFW6.37 please don´t come to this site saying (i update my psp to OFW6.37 can anyone help to downgrade) because you have been advertised to not upgrade youre psp anymore if you want to keep playing homebrews o isos, so if you had actualizated please wait patiently for a new exploit or another way to hack your psp 🙂 but still some homebrews you can play with your OFW

  15. Aaron

    Well guys, it’s your call if you want to upgrade to OFW 6.37, if you do, please DO NOT come here to complain about how you can’t run your ISO’s and asking for a downgrader, that’s annoying. But anyway if you upgrade, you still HBL for 6.37, Wololo already released it and signed it (give it up, the guy’s a mastermind)
    Now you can run HBL from the XMB (even if you are using 6.37 OFW), so you will be able to run homebrews and emulators and stuff compatible with the HBL, so that’s sick! And you can even run signed homebrews from the XMB, but for those interested just in playing ISO’s then DO NOT upgrade, stay at 6.35 (or less) if you still want to run HEN’s.
    Anyway… for those who already did the upgrade you can find signed stuff here:
    There’s quite a big list of cool signed stuff you can easily run from your XMB in OFW 6.37
    And as usual the latest release of HBL for 6.37 can be found in the HBL section.

  16. Rowan

    wololo i had to upgrade to get away from that annoying 6.35 custom, do u has hen or downgrader for 6.37 on the way?

  17. red

    HEN for 6.37 please

  18. shams

    How To Downgrade Psp Slim 2004 6.37 To 5.51?

  19. lloyd

    sir i just bought a psp3006 and its firmware is 6.37 can anyone help us?


  20. rodolfo

    no se como se hace esto

  21. FritZ

    SO…we can’t Downgrade it..but can we Upgrade it somehow?
    so we can downgrade it when our version reaches 6.39 or 6.60
    because they also release a downgrader for 6.60 and 6.39…