6.35 Hen Pro signed: Run the Hen directly from the XMB

Since we started signing homebrews, we’ve been seeing a continuous flow of releases (by the way, check this thread in which you’ll find a bunch of signed homebrews, thanks to toBsucht)

As reported by many sites already, liquidzigong released a signed version of 6.35Pro, the Homebrew enabler made by developers Virtuous flame and coldbird. In simple words, if you’re on 6.35, you don’t need to run the Hen through the sukkiri Demo, you can run it directly from the XMB, which, let’s admit it, is extremely convenient.

Now, I see questions coming. Yesterday, I did say that homebrew signing was only for user mode applications. But the Hen gives you kernel access… Did I lie yesterday? Not at all. The Hen is a user mode application that uses a Kernel exploit in order to gain Kernel access (if the Hen was a Kernel application in the first place, we couldn’t run it from HBL…). So, the signature allows devs to run a Usermode application which triggers the Kernel exploit, and returns directly to the XMB in Kernel mode.

Another question is: why would we use the Hen now that we can sign homebrews? Well, here the answer is the same as “why would we use a Hen rather than HBL”? Some homebrews require Kernel access and won’t run even if we sign them. Some people want plugins. Some people want isos…

Also for those who wonder, although the “signing” bit will be tricky to patch for Sony, the Kernel exploit used in the Hen (it’s the same exploit in TN Hen and 6.35Pro, of course) is extremely easy to patch, and if Sony take the time to release a new firmware update, the Hen will not work on it anymore, signed or not.

I tested it on my PSP 3000 in 6.35, and it works fine, although some PSP2000 owners have reported some failures running this version of the Hen.

source and download: liquidzigong’s twitter

  1. Kobe’s avatar

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

    That’s what I think about people who senselessly brick their psps then complain bout it


  2. munib’s avatar

    nice kobe


  3. munib’s avatar

    well do any of you think sony will announce psp2 on january 27? i heard they will:)


    1. KenAkuma’s avatar

      Probably, it would make sense imo.

      I personally am loving the GO I just got a week ago, especially with all the great support from the home-brew scene!

      I really would like to get a few years out of it before having to upgrade to the PSP2, don’t crack it to fast guys that would make me very tempted :) but I would love a GC/PS2 emulator and with the tech specs that have been rumored I wouldn’t be surprised if the talented folks behind the PSP’s home-brew made it happen!


  4. Puterolo’s avatar

    I tried it on my PSP 2000 and it crashed… I updated from 6.20 to 6.35 because i have a memory stick of 1Gb and i needed more space (TNhen+Patapon2demo=100MB!) and 6.35 hen is only 5mb. Can someone help me to make this work?? Greetings from Venezuela ;)


    1. aldwin’s avatar

      turn “UMD Cache” to off. from the system settings.


      1. Puterolo’s avatar

        Worked! Thanks man :)


    2. toBsucht’s avatar

      if some like to stay a few day with his hbl-hen6.2 he should search the crafted patapon(splash-cobaltex/~50mb) if the org. is 2 big :p.


  5. Laloncho’s avatar

    Works great for me! PSP 3010 :D


  6. NEHAshu’s avatar

    can i get signed hen for 6.31 which will run directly on xmb menu???? i don’t know the procedure to sign :(


  7. crackers’s avatar

    nope u cant cuz code needs to be modded to be able to run by itself srry


  8. darinel’s avatar

    works with psp slim 3010—-3.65


  9. toto’s avatar


    is it possible to compile an eboot for running hen 6.35pro and iso-loader at the same time?

    any idea..


  10. tiny templar’s avatar

    Prometheus ISO Loader works, but it doesn’t load the ISO……………………………………………………… :(
    any ways around this?


  11. tiny templar’s avatar

    nvm my post above, lol
    must have pressed select for vsh, and switched to m33 :p


  12. crackers’s avatar

    no cuz it requries kernal mode


  13. Cheeze’s avatar

    I’ve made two installers to help people get everything in the right directories. They include:

    The official update 6.35
    Signed 6.35HEN
    TempAR Cheat Plugin
    The latest Light VSH MENU
    CXMB w/3rd Birthday CTF
    Prome. ISO Loader

    Everything listed above works and has been tested on a 3001 psp.

    pspGO Version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9NJEUURL
    1000,2000,3000 Version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WPZ1WX70

    I hope this helps people get the 6.35PRO HEN running on their psp’s because as a personal note, I love the 6.35HEN. It’s almost like CFW. I see no need to downgrade from it even when a downgrade is possible.

    I hope you don’t mind Wololo for me posting these. I’m sorry if I wasn’t supposed to. Just trying to give a helping hand.

    Of course I take no responsibility for how you use the above programs or for bricked psp’s. Use at your own risk and all credits go to the DEVs that made all this possible.

    Thank you guys. Lets keep the scene alive!


    1. Cheeze’s avatar

      Forgot to mention all you do is run my program, accept the agreement, browse for your psp drive, and then click install. Afterwards…. Run the 6.35OFW Updater and then the signed HEN. Enjoy!

      Most iso/cso’s I’ve tried worked plus the psn store and online gaming are still access able for the moment.


      1. Platini’s avatar

        @Cheeze, where can i download your program?


        1. Cheeze’s avatar

          The links should be in my 1st post. One installer for the pspGO and one for the other model psp’s. Megaupload links. Enjoy!


          1. 6.31guy’s avatar

            your megaupload link is not working any more….plz post a new link,,,,thnx

  14. humanumd’s avatar

    It Works! wololo about open idea ISO Loader for 6.35, is gonna be a realease of this soon?


  15. Platini’s avatar

    Guys, i have ofw 6.20….should i update to ofw6.35????


  16. Cheeze’s avatar

    @Platni: I did a 3000 from 5.03gen-c and one from 6.20TN-B. I’m enjoying the 6.35PRO HEN. It can access the psn store and play games online for the moment.


  17. Platini’s avatar

    @Cheeze, thanks for your answer. In a while i’ll be updating my psp with your program. Greeting from Caracas, VENEZUELA


    1. Cheeze’s avatar

      @Platini: Not a problem. Make sure to use the right installer for your psp. There’s one for 1K,2K,3K models and one for pspGO’s ONLY!!! Enjoy!


  18. Cheeze’s avatar

    If some one would like to post a video on youtube of my installer in action, It would be gratly appreciated. Just please use my megaupload links in your youtube description. I was going to do it but just don’t have the time.


  19. Ioan’s avatar

    I think that people who upgraded to 6.35 are being more rewarded than us who followed the advise to not upgrade. I’m in 6.20 running TN-HEN B and all the latest releases are being for 6.31/6.35… Makes me wanna upgrade, but I won’t.


  20. frank’s avatar

    anybody got pspident workin?


  21. crackers’s avatar

    pspident doesnt work for soem reason when u try to sign it even on pscrypter it says its a fake prx tht means it cant be signed in lamen terms besides im preaty sure even if we could it wouldnt run yet


    1. brick_master’s avatar

      pspident needs kernel access……….so no signing……………yet


  22. Cheeze’s avatar

    Here’s a video of my newest installer running. Hope you like. 6.35PRO HEN is awesome and now more DEVs are concentrating on it’s development and hinting around the idea of a PRO-A CFW… Could this be like a CFWEnabler or Prome.-4 for 6.35OFW? I guess we wait and see. I’m very happy with the 6.35PRO HEN. Enjoy the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1ygoTKhhv8


  23. hilbert00’s avatar

    Hi guys…. I’ve read all the 161 preceeding comments but I couldn’t find the ultimate answer.

    I’ve a PSP 3004 with 6.20 TN-HEN B with Prome Isoloader, but it looks like that this project got to a dead end, while everybody is now working on 6.35PRO HEN. Is this impression true?

    Should I update to 6.35 and install the new signed HEN? Is it offering a better and larger compatibility with backup isos? (on 6.20 HEN-B I’ve a couple of ISO not working…)

    thanks for your advices…


  24. crackers’s avatar

    no stay 6.35 is stoped project they r makin a cfw for all models atleats thts what i heard tn is realsing a tn-c soon id stay at lowest firmware tilltht cfw comes out


    1. hilbert00’s avatar

      not sure I got what you mean… but I think I’ll keep my 6.20TN for the moment



      1. sleep’s avatar

        The developers of 6.35 PRO HEN have said that they’ve moved on to making a CFW, so development of the HEN is currently stopped. Meanwhile, I haven’t seen anything from TN in a while; he’s supposed to be working on TN-C HEN, but there’s no official date on that.

        I only have 6.35, so I don’t know for sure, but here’s my impression of the current situation: 6.20 TN HEN seems to have better compatibility with homebrew software and plugins, while 6.35 PRO HEN seems to have better compatibility running game backups (ISOs). You can upgrade from 6.20 to 6.35, but downgrading from 6.35 is currently not (and might never be) possible. Also, there are two ISO loaders for 6.20 (Prometheus and OpenIdea), so it’s very possible that it could catch up to 6.35 in the future in terms of backup compatibility. Oh yeah, and there are two PSX-capable HENs announced in development for 6.20; I don’t think there’s been any for 6.35.

        So, my analysis: if the ONLY thing you want from a HEN is to play game backups , then consider upgrading. If you want the other benefits of a fully-featured HEN, then you should probably stay at 6.20.


  25. crackers’s avatar

    * a 6.35 cfw


  26. Cheeze’s avatar

    They are working on a 6.35PRO-A CFW or something like that…. So 6.35PRO HEN is the way to go. It has network access as well for online gaming and psn store. Still no psx support and of course so iso/cso’s may not play but I’m happy with it. Check a few posts above for my installers if you decide to upgrade. I had a blast playing Resistance online again for the 1st time in a long time. Plus with my installer you get tempAR. So go own noobs with a little hack action. :D Why not? LOLz


  27. sleep’s avatar

    It’s uncertain whether the supposed 6.35 CFW will work for “unhackable” PSPs i.e. 3000s, Gos, certain models of 2000s. Some people say that if it’s not like traditional CFW and doesn’t overwrite anything in flash0 (which you should NOT DO on unhackable PSPs), then it’ll be fine for everyone. However, I haven’t heard any official word on whether this is the case. So, if you’ve got a 1000 or hackable 2000, then new CFW is definitely good news. If you don’t, then don’t get too excited.


  28. crackers’s avatar

    actually ur wrong the cfw they r purposing is like the 5.03 gen for hen remember the glory fay :) thts why i think its gonna be all models cuz its some what like gen for hen 5.03 which was for all models


  29. Platini’s avatar

    People…..TN-HEN C is out……www.pspgen.com


  30. toBsucht’s avatar

    tn-c 6.20 :o) oh yeah http://www.psp-hacks.com/download.php?id=2046
    http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2054 have a nice weekend and please take the links up to the next page. bb


    1. toBsucht’s avatar

      @all I think u should know this:
      It goes by the simple name of HomebrewStore(afrothunder) and can be installed by navigating the PSP browser to http://bit.ly/hbstore and clicking download.[youtube.com/watch?v=Ke_DFzO27kc] 4 all without wifi: http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1879 i try 2 keep it up 2 date
      so thanks 2 all dev.´s and those people how signed a lot hb´s this week.

      Ortega, DarXPloit_$a1, Stevebenz, ismaro3, SoftHacker, Enzeru, DaNS, dayfid, fatcat1413, Dorsz914, richdotward, memnoch, vision2040, reapersmist, scarecr0w, JuNyA8971, konggeshang, wasii2009, flofrucht, clockdryve, Ichigo, mark.ryder1, hackerz, dx12389, TOcean, carlosgs & JJS.


  31. Adrian from Poland’s avatar

    Hello if you got PSP 2000-2004!!!

    Turn off the umd cache :)


  32. psp_lover’s avatar

    Is there any possibility of playing ISO game files on PSP OFW 6.30.
    I own psp 1000 & accidently upgraded to OFW 6.30.

    Thanks you your suggestions & help


  33. Jim Arbig’s avatar

    I have 6.35 HEN installed on my psp but when i restart it becomes uncracled. anyone know why?


  34. dep’s avatar

    is 6.35 PRO HEN is the same as 6.35 PRO-A?


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