Release: Wagic for OFW (yes, signed homebrews are a reality on the PSP)


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89 Responses

  1. gillu4040 says:

    ^ Holy Cow !!! :)

  2. gillu4040 says:

    Things are falling apart for PSP…. its like flood just after release of TN HEN.

    Things that were unimaginable are happing on daily basis … whats next ?? :)

    No one thought that PS3 holds the keys for PSP lock :p

    Congrats !! Keep up the good work wololo and thanks to all devs.


  3. Jean says:

    Now if someone could just do this to 5.03 Prometheus and I would be set for life :)

  4. PSP says:


  5. john says:

    Is there a tool that like makes 6.20 TN-B a perminate hack.

  6. toBsucht says: is the place to share your working signed (legal)HomeBrew´s thanks 2 all 4 make this possibel first(3yeah) playabel game by Ortega and the the last by stevebenz(picodrive)!!!
    So come to the forum or post it here and i try to pick it up.

    • toBsucht says:

      i did a mistake Picodrive(signed) is uploaded by DarXPloit_$a1 !!!sorry!!!
      Stevebenz has uploaded Jelly cars and a few min. ago, Mario bros.!

  7. 0M9H4X says:

    someone to sign HBL!

  8. tiagoql says:

    very good. congratulations to Wololo, Mathieulh, bbtgp ,JJS, all devs.
    are the guys,,

    brasil thanks.

  9. skilgannon says:

    i used wagic to get back into my hen for my pspgo using the pause feature so i could also always have wagic one click away but if i do this because its only user mode will that not let me back in the hen from the pause anymore ?

    • wololo says:

      @skilgannon: correct, if you use the Hen, this version of Wagic doesn’t bring much to you. I believe though that if you run the Hen, then this version of Wagic, then “pause” on your pspgo, you are still in the Hen. Signing the homebrews doesn’t magically remove the Hen from the Kernel Ram. The question though is: “will signed homebrews run on the Hen?” I admit I haven’t tried that.

  10. nikos0067 says:

    ” These signing techniques still rely on some external data, and Sony could probably fix this in further firmwares by creating a whitelist of allowed Eboots. ”
    what does this mean?? They can patch it?? no homebrews??

    • PowerLiner says:

      They will let the psp check a list of allowed eboots. If the eboot does not show on the list it won’t run.
      But if they take the time to patch this it’ll probably be “hacked” in 24 hours after release. 😀

  11. andrew says:


  12. gillu4040 says:


    Can you explain where is the use of PSP keys found on PS3? I mean in this whole signing process on which step keys are used ?

  13. ptpspDev says:

    The PSP keys were needed because the PS3 firmware has a PSP emulator, which is used to run minis.

  14. evil pressley says:

    this is the COOLEST thing that will happen this year! Last year was the hen!

  15. WDCL says:

    Good, wagic is the only homebrew that I keep on the psp along with NetFront

  16. ptpspDev says:

    @ wololo: does netcode work in “signed” homebrews too? When can we expect a network (or even in the same PSP) two-player mode for Wagic? :)

  17. tks says:

    VirtuousFlame chickhen has now signed and R2 released!


  18. pololo00 says:


    can you tell us how were you able to make this???

  19. Marcer says:

    Hi,wololo what is pack-pbp ?

  20. brinsa23 says:

    nice!!! too bad you cant do this on games… i wish psobb could be played on a psp 😛

    i always wanted phantasy star online to be portable…not talking about the ones that play like psu….nor ps zero…

  21. Duu1 says:

    6.35 PRO is now signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!go to

  22. PSPtutorials says:

    Hello everyone! Gosh, psp scene is awesome now!! Guess what! I made video tutorial on how to sign your own homebrews and play ISO’s without the hen running on youtube, so you can watch the video and learn. Since this is not a legal proccess, the video on youtube is private, so you neeed to have a youtube account. Once you sign in on youtube, click this link:
    Click on the blue button around the middle of the page. I don’t know what the button says, but after you click it, the video on how to sign the homebrews will begin playing. I used a translator to convert this to english. I cannot read the english, that is why i don’t know what blue button says. If you cannot understand me, i’m sorry. But, trust me. It works.

  23. Enzeru says:

    I am getting this error using cmd to fix the DATA.PSP with fix-relocations
    Error: not a PRX

    I even tried to change the file extension to prx, and it keeps saying the same, i’m trying to patch snes9x

    help D:

  24. reapersmist says:

    @Wololo I bet U are Glad to have Wagic signed on ofw…. Seems like wagic is your baby! Grats!

  25. Ss4gogeta0 says:

    brings me back to the Dreamcast hacking scene… Good times… Good times

  26. ivanxx says:

    Wololo!! 6.35 PRO was signed and can be run directly from the XMB!


  27. reapersmist says:

    btw just used PRXEncryper …… just tested it on MultiDice it worked very well, ty so much!!! going to try to do more just moving my way up :P….. ty wololo for the links.

  28. ptpspDev says:

    I am happy to say that once patched, PicoDrive performs a lot better running directly under OFW than it ever did under HBL.

  29. WarlikeOfChaos says:


    sign HBL please.

  30. shien says:

    can i sign an eboot made with popstation?
    i really want to play my psx games on the psp

  31. Platini says:

    I have he ofw 6.20….should i update to 6.35 to take advantage of 6.5 PRO signed HEN????

  32. reapersmist says:

    lol tried to sign aircrack but the mediamanager.prx wont work, is this cuz or kernal sht or what? been searching exstensively for an answer would i hafto edit mediamanager.prx?

    • wololo says:

      yes, mediamanager.prx sounds like it is a kernel prx.
      Most of the time, if a homebrew makes a reference to an external prx, this prx is Kernel. The usual bad sign is if in additiona to the EBOOT.PBP, there are additional .prx files in the folder…
      (Note that Wagic has a kernel prx too, but it is not necessary for the game to run, just used for debugging)

    • reapersmist says:

      ok was wondering cuz i sighned guitar tuner and it has guitartuner.prx…. TY

  33. emy says:

    6.31 pro please!!!!

  34. emy says:

    Or should i update from 6.31 to 6.35

  35. Alexander says:

    i just updated my psp 3000 6.31 to 6.35 :)

  36. toBsucht says:

    all the HomeBrew´s are signed and can downloaded in the forums @hb´s section
    DaedalusX64 Alpha 630M …PicoDrive…
    Doom1/2… Heretic..Rubik …MercRoid v0.3.5..Thing-Thing… BattleGrounds 3 ..Mario Bros… CSPortbale0.8B2 (nice hb pic.) …Light Cycle 3D… Mobile Assault v1.6.. JellyCars..Pong
    PSPlorer / 1. file manger-flash support wifi file-transfer
    thx:Ortega, DarXPloit_$a1, Stevebenz, ismaro3, SoftHacker, DaNS…
    dayfid posted pspdisp let´s check it out :)

  37. emy says:

    i just updated my psp 3004 OF 6.31 to 6.35
    and work fine the signed HEN PRO 6.35

  38. w7y7a7t7t says:

    wagic is great and all but, has anyone successfully signed cavestory?

  39. Sparkz says:

    ive signed the Prometheus Iso loader

    its very easy

  40. brown_child says:

    i signed mobile assault 1.6 works fine

  41. scarecr0w says:

    wow i sucesfully signed pspcomic….

  42. lighthalzen says:

    is there any program i can use to convert ISO file to PBP file?

    • scarecr0w says:

      there is one called open idea iso loader but im telling u this ur gona fail.. ive done it and got no where well it loads up but its just gona be a black screen

  43. Dee says:

    Tested on 6.36 OFW, the Signed Wagic works.
    Thanks Wololo for the work. now need not to bring both PSP and the GO when I suddenly want to get a game of Wagic.

  44. lane says:

    Yes, we’re superheroes. You know you love us.

  45. kukelekuuk00 says:

    this is not signing
    this is just placing homebrew in a already signed package
    thats why no iso loaders work

  46. ness151 says:

    unable to get Wagic to run on 6.37ME-6. Bluescreens after starting from xmb using the modified/signed Eboot listed in the directions.

    Dump is here:

  47. ak says:

    I’m having trouble extracting the new Eboot file. Is this file still available? WinRAR indicates that it is corrupted. please help…


  48. toBsucht says:

    @ak the best thing is if you use easypbprx to sign (and shrink) the eboot. It supports up to 8mb eboot other tools only 4mb. With this tool you have a higher chance to run the homebrew. Download it @ check out the signed homebrew list ~200 signed hb´s @ page 1 😉

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    Signing your own homebrew….

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