Release: Wagic for OFW (yes, signed homebrews are a reality on the PSP)


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  1. emy

    Or should i update from 6.31 to 6.35

  2. Alexander

    i just updated my psp 3000 6.31 to 6.35 🙂

  3. toBsucht

    all the HomeBrew´s are signed and can downloaded in the forums @hb´s section
    DaedalusX64 Alpha 630M …PicoDrive…
    Doom1/2… Heretic..Rubik …MercRoid v0.3.5..Thing-Thing… BattleGrounds 3 ..Mario Bros… CSPortbale0.8B2 (nice hb pic.) …Light Cycle 3D… Mobile Assault v1.6.. JellyCars..Pong
    PSPlorer / 1. file manger-flash support wifi file-transfer
    thx:Ortega, DarXPloit_$a1, Stevebenz, ismaro3, SoftHacker, DaNS…
    dayfid posted pspdisp let´s check it out 🙂

  4. emy

    i just updated my psp 3004 OF 6.31 to 6.35
    and work fine the signed HEN PRO 6.35

  5. w7y7a7t7t

    wagic is great and all but, has anyone successfully signed cavestory?

  6. Sparkz

    ive signed the Prometheus Iso loader

    its very easy

  7. brown_child

    i signed mobile assault 1.6 works fine

  8. scarecr0w

    wow i sucesfully signed pspcomic….

  9. lighthalzen

    is there any program i can use to convert ISO file to PBP file?

    • scarecr0w

      there is one called open idea iso loader but im telling u this ur gona fail.. ive done it and got no where well it loads up but its just gona be a black screen

  10. Dee

    Tested on 6.36 OFW, the Signed Wagic works.
    Thanks Wololo for the work. now need not to bring both PSP and the GO when I suddenly want to get a game of Wagic.

  11. psphacks

    I made a video on how to sign any homebrew:

  12. lane

    Yes, we’re superheroes. You know you love us.

  13. kukelekuuk00

    this is not signing
    this is just placing homebrew in a already signed package
    thats why no iso loaders work

  14. ness151

    unable to get Wagic to run on 6.37ME-6. Bluescreens after starting from xmb using the modified/signed Eboot listed in the directions.

    Dump is here:

  15. ak

    I’m having trouble extracting the new Eboot file. Is this file still available? WinRAR indicates that it is corrupted. please help…


  16. toBsucht

    @ak the best thing is if you use easypbprx to sign (and shrink) the eboot. It supports up to 8mb eboot other tools only 4mb. With this tool you have a higher chance to run the homebrew. Download it @ check out the signed homebrew list ~200 signed hb´s @ page 1 😉