Release: PrxEncrypter by bbtgp


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137 Responses

  1. AbroMaN says:

    Sounds great, just need kernel applications to run and we’ve won the battle xD

  2. Kawashiro says:

    Actually, for all but extreme purposes, this is all we really need. 99% of legit homebrew runs in user-mode (as proven by HBL).

    I’ll be back once I’ve run NesterJ and a few others through this~

    • Villain says:

      Actually, for plug-in support it would be fun to have kernel access. One of the funnest things to do on a hacked PSP is play with CXMB themes.

  3. gemz says:

    how to use it?

    • I am a noob says:

      a tutorial is on my youtube channel. Since it is an illegal process (sony wll f*ck me up if they find me) it is a private video. Just subscribe to me, and i’ll send you the video!! 😉

  4. fishy says:

    Directions would be nice. A readme, perhaps?

    • wololo says:

      If you’re a dev and don’t understand how to use this, you need to increase your skills :)
      If you’re not a dev, wait for your favorite homebrew to be signed with this by the dev of the homebrew.

      • CapnCrunch says:

        It would be nice though to know how, even if we aren’t PSP Devs, right? At least we wouldn’t be bothering people who know how to to do it for us. I just want to run HomersRin without having to launch Patapon 2 anymore 😛

        • wololo says:

          Based on the source and discussions in the thread:
          1) extract the prx from the Eboot (you can use PBP unpacker to get the data.psp, and I believe data.psp is the prx you need, not entirely sure anymore, there might be an additional header to remove?)
          2) run prxEncrypter.exe on the prx
          3) re-pack the Eboot with pack-pbp

          • CapnCrunch says:

            Thanks for the little walkthrough wololo :) Unfortunately (for me), you were mostly correct. I tried what I thought was right (after following your directions) and got nowhere. I’ll wait for a proper guide or something I guess :\

          • Caio says:

            Will emulators signed with this have perfect syscalls estimations?

          • Maurino JR says:

            i tried, but i did not understanding yet. i think it`s easier to explain by post videos.

  5. yellow says:

    yea i got picodrive to work it can play normal seg genesis games but sega cd does not work and im not a dev i only learn some few skills.

  6. LOL says:

    How are you repacking your file? and to sign it are you simply dragging and dropping it over the prxencrypter?

  7. akai1987 says:

    If only there’s a possibility to sign custom firmwares without relying on HEN, GEN, etc. then it’s good.

  8. akai1987 says:

    I must try this later on a PSP 3000 TA-092v2 ofw v5.03. Thank you for your updates @Wololo

  9. Mobai says:

    Where is the Linux version?

  10. ndogxj says:

    So is it possible to make a buggy user mode homebrew which is easy to exploit to HBL?
    Or make a signed HBL/HEN with current known exploit method on OFW?

  11. akai1987 says:

    I have a question to anybody. Please answer this: Can I sign God of War : Chains of Olympus.iso using this PrxEncrypter? This sounds dumb but I do not know something that’s why I tried asking.

    • call me anything says:

      I have a question too…
      Do you have a legal copy of GOW:COO ???
      If you don’t, the please support the game developer by buying the game, piracy sucks.
      If You do have the game, this is to sign the application (eboot.pbp), not for .iso

      • akai1987 says:

        I don’t have the UMD of GOW. It’s just an ISO image of GOW. The contents of the .iso file do not have eboot.pbp in it. I wonder how to convert an ISO image into an eboot.pbp, as one single file only.

  12. Jorge says:

    Why bother to resign every homebrew and star all over again train to make them work when the TN HEN for 6.20 is working good.?
    Even the exploit from wololo work fine for every homebrew out there on every OFW.

    • akai1987 says:

      Maybe, because other newer PSP versions do not support TN HEN at this time, so this signing process will be helpful to them at least.

  13. LOL says:

    Successfully signed Prometheus Iso Loader, launches and i can see games, but games exit to XMB when launched :O!!!

  14. punker69 says:


    Please make a Little tutorial how to sign hombrew by yourself

  15. Syd filmore says:

    Is it possible to sign the TN HEN to run this HEN without having to load the patapon demo?

    If I’ve got no answer, I’ll try myself and I’ll be fixed

  16. toBsucht says:

    omg omg omg
    I could understand why people ask things which´re already answered in the topic or in 1 of the few reply´s (@akai and sp. the punk).
    Now some1(a lot of) has to update his site(where is the topic in the forum :lol:).

    O yeah the dev´s getting really bussy now. Wow i tryed yesterday this signed homebrew(TOcean) and to edit it ..i´m not t0talYn00bY but i couldn´t understand how to use kirk key´s .. und much more.. but for now this looks like an easy way to sign user mode hb´s. I´m sure in the following days we will find a lot of them(youtube:mrgreen:). I don´t wanna ask if it´s possibel to sign a SEplugin(music.-or mp3.prx:mrgreen:):lol: couse im not sure user/kernel. It would be easyer to wait a hours(getting shocked what happend) or may try it. However, this littel breaks was so helpful oh yeah!

    Wololo thank´s 4 give us the hottest news fast, with download´s and your wisdom.

  17. john says:

    I don’t understand this. I need some help on how to install this thing

  18. pietro025 says:

    If I use Open Idea Eboot Builder by dridri can i sign a converted ISO?????

  19. PSP says:

    Thank you! Good job;)

  20. john says:

    can we use it to unbrick psp 3000??

  21. I am a noob says:

    I have posted a tutorial on youtube on how to convert prometheuos ISO loader on youtube. But, to run games, you need to make them into eboot.pbp using iopenidea unpacker. More detailed instructions are on the video. Sorry, but since this is not a legal process, you need to subscribe to me, send me a message asking for the video link, and I’ll sned it to you. I’m really sorry, but I don’t wanna get busted for hacking issues:)

  22. I am a noob says:

    ^^^^^ Sorry 😉
    I forgot to give the link!
    Subscribe to the channel, send me a message, and you’ll be on your way to success!

  23. minhjirachi says:

    How to extract the prx? I want to sign a CWCheat. So what I have to do?

  24. Matt says:

    I can’t find pack-pbp anywhere online. Durrr…

  25. Matt says:

    Nevermind, I tried with some ps1 eboots and couldn’t get anything to play. Oh well.

  26. th3pwnsh0p says:


    6.35PRO signed and works

  27. Okey says:

    Is there any possibility to sign the HBL with that?

  28. TN HEN :) says:


    1. Start PBP Unpacker & Unpack your EBOOT
    -Copy your Eboot into the “Release” folder!
    2. Start CMD exe and go with “cd” in the directory of your eboot & the exe :)
    3. Now write in cmd : prxEncryper eboot.pbp
    4. you should get a data.psp
    5. build a eboot.pbp with data.psp & param.sfo etc

  29. Joseph says:

    Is there any possibility to sign the HBL with that?


  30. Kabir94 says:

    Tried this, every game i try (DOOM, picodrive, swarm, mobile assault) exit whit error 80020148.
    The only one that work to me is the hello world included 😀
    I’ve extract data.psp from eboot, then use prxencripter on it (linux build) and then recreate the eboot.pbp. Anybody know’s why?
    Later i’m going to test whit compiled .prx (and not data.psp from eboot).

  31. Ortega says:

    OMG OMG OMG! i succesfully signed Doom using this utilite!!!!
    YES YES YES! It WORKS on OFW 6.2 COOL!!!!!!

  32. areilly111 says:

    i have to try when i get home from school

  33. akai1987 says:

    Please sign every homebrews that you know and share it to us.

  34. NewbieNoob says:

    If you guyz get a working signed homebrew – preferably emulators – plz share it. Thankz. LOL

  35. woIolo says:

    this is worthless

  36. toBsucht says:

    damn this seamss like a big explosive realese pls share your “patched homebrews” in the offical wololo forum.

  37. Ortega says:

    Just signed DOOM and Heretic.
    Works OK on OFW 6.2

  38. NeoDracoV8 says:

    once we unpack the eboot.pbp, what do we do to actually sign the data.psp? i open it through the signer thingy, but it just has black screen for few seconds and thats it

  39. akai1987 says:

    where to get the data.psar file?

  40. liquidzigong

    503kxploit signed too :)
    half a minute ago via TwiTalke

  41. a says:

    it will run under linux using wine, and a few modifications to build.mak

    • Kabir94 says:

      codestation made a patch for building on linux.
      I’ve tried prxencrypter trought wine and my building, and the output is the same (md5 hash).

  42. akai1987 says:

    I tried signing the psp filer or file manager but it did not open. It just said that the game could not be started. The gPSP Kai also didn’t work.

  43. Ortega says:

    signed Doom, Doom II, Heretic on wololo forum here:

  44. MOhamM says:

    Can someone please send me a link with the signed tn-b my email adress is please no spams

  45. kain says:

    how do i use this?

  46. Basti says:

    Can I convert PSX games and sign them?

  47. Platini says:

    people…..5.03 Hen has just been signed by developer of Prometeus


    @Platini ??? were did you see this?

    • Platini says:

      Hi; i saw this on german site…but a don`t know how to use the encruter …do you?

      • ReaperX says:

        You first need to download it. Then download the “PBP Unpacker”. Open the Command Prompt and CD into the folder that the “prxEncrypter” is in. Open the Eboot.pbp in the PBP Unpacker and click extract and extract the files to the same place you put the “prxEncrypter”. Rename the “data.psp” file to “GameName.prx”. Go back to the Command Prompt you opened and type in:
        prxEncrypter GameName.prx. Hit ENTER and when its done you will have a brand new data.psp file in the prxEncrypter Folder. Open PBP Unpacker and click “new”. You should know what files were extracted so basically you just add those same files back from your prxEncrypter Folder. But this time add the NEW “data.psp” file no the “GameName.prx”. After you add the files click SAVE and you can replace the Original Homebrew EBOOT.PBP or Whatever. Just use the new EBOOT. (If it works.)

        • toBsucht says:

          search the latest encrypter releas and thier would be no need to use the unpacker anymore also the chance to signed them is better!

  49. yellow says:

    @STRANGEBUTTRUE he saw it at pspking

  50. TN HEN :) says:

    My Tutorial Tutorial!

    Download My prxEncrypter Pack here

    1.) install PBP Unpacker(included in pack)
    2.) in PBP Unpacker, click open and choose your eboot
    3.) press extract and choose a folder to extract it to(remember folder as it will be used in the future)
    4.) put your eboot in the same folder as prxEncrypter.exe
    5.) right click on the prxencrypter.cmd
    6.) press edit
    7.) change it to the directory of the eboot and the exe(ie. i used “cd /d D:\PSP\Copy of PRX\”. if your directory was “C:\PSP\Encrypter” replace the first line with “cd /c C:\PSP\Encrypter\”)
    8.) run Encrypter.cmd
    9.) you should now have a data.psp file in the same folder as the eboot.
    10.) overwrite the old data.psp in the folder that you extracted the eboot
    11.) open PBP Unpacker
    12.) click “new”
    13.) in the folder which you extracted your eboot and overwrote data.psp, select each file
    14.) press “save”
    15.) choose a location to save your eboot.
    16.) now copy it over to your psp
    17.) run it
    18.) congratulations!!! you encrypted an eboot!!!

    note-a lot of homebrew do not work an will give you error 80020148
    note2-if it got past gameboot, you know it worked!

    hope that this tutorial will be detailed enough for all of you

  51. NeoDracoV8 says:

    i have no file called prxencrypter.cmd, only prxencrypter.exe

  52. LUISDooMER says:

    i just tried to sign a psx eboot…
    the game boots and i see the psx disclaimer screen…
    but finally i get a message error that says:
    “the game cannot be started (80010016)” :(

  53. james1552 says:

    @Wololo, so much news is happening in the scene today!

    6.35 has been signed and will be released soon!!! (source

    and more has been added to the change log of TN-C we will have access to the 50 mb of ram.

  54. TN HEN :) says:

    for those of you who downgraded to 5.03

    5.03 Hack Pack for PSP 3000

    5.03 Hack Pack for PSP 2000 TA 88v3

  55. aceofspace says:

    I hope I can sign the 620 HEN to work without Patapon. 5 seconds to get back into the homebrew community!!! 😀

  56. john says:

    hey can someone make a youtube video on this

  57. Lovy says:

    GUYS!!!! I just downgraded my psp 1001 phat from 6.35 to 5.00 m33-6 by using the hellcats pandora installer and making a mms :)

  58. Lovy says:

    why did my comment get deleted?

  59. spider-monkey says:

    I’m very stupid to understand this so I’m just gonna leave it to the expert 😀

  60. dronite says:

    How do I dunk on the TN HEN?

  61. sev says:

    Hi guys I tried it but in the prxencrypt.cmd it says there is syntax error but it appears the data.psp so i copied that in the extracted folder and when i run it loads but it exit and says game couldnt be started…..

  62. sev says:

    this site rocks….

  63. Platini says:

    CFW for 6.35 and with prometeus iso loader!!! should we upgrade sou psp to 6.35????????????

  64. PSPtutorials says:

    Hello everyone! Gosh, psp scene is awesome now!! Guess what! I made video tutorial on how to sign your own homebrews and play ISO’s without the hen running on youtube, so you can watch the video and learn. Since this is not a legal proccess, the video on youtube is private, so you neeed to have a youtube account. Once you sign in on youtube, click this link:
    Click on the blue button around the middle of the page. I don’t know what the button says, but after you click it, the video on how to sign the homebrews will begin playing. I used a translator to convert this to english. I cannot read the english, that is why i don’t know what blue button says. If you cannot understand me, i’m sorry. But, trust me. It works.

  65. pspzac3004 says:

    Hello PSPtutorial, I’m subscribed

  66. JOME says:

    dont believe psptutorials i subbed but nothing

  67. reapersmist says:

    got guitartuner,multidice and VirtualGlobe(havent tried online with it) signed. been using the psp version of prxencrypter works well and if u use common sense u can use it correctly like renaming the EBOOT_signed.PBP back to EBOOT 😉 thanx again Wololo site rocks

  68. ReaperX says:

    @Wololo: I Encrypted “Netfront Beta 4” for PSP and when i loaded it, it said that i had the “5.03 Hen” and said that the “MOD” will restart. Well it did, but now i cant connect to the internet through netfront. It says connection error like it did before i updated the 6.35 HEN. It conects fine on the 6.35 hen. The signed eboot wont let me though…

  69. pspzac3004 says:

    Hello, why I can’t sign the 6.20TN-B ??

  70. Dark_Alex says:

    For all of you having some problems installing 6.35 PRO HEN simply download this files:

    PSP Model 1000,2000,3000 6.35 PRO HEN *Signed*:

    PSPGO With 6.35 Firmware:


    -Light VHS MENU fix 2
    -CXMB w/ 3rd Birthday CTF
    -Prometheus ISO Loader
    -6.35 Updater(If You Haven’t Updated Yet)


    – Click the .exe
    – Select language
    – Click next
    – Agree to the license agreement
    – Click browse and select your psp driver

    Now enjoy your cso/iso’s on your pspGO as well for all other models.


    Video Tutorial:


    Cheers!! :DD

  71. 失明的預言者 says:

    Mr.wololo,thank for your hard work

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