First signed homebrew on the PSP


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  1. Mlo

    Wow I hope this leads to something really good! Thanks for The post

  2. Cheeze6661

    Truly amazing! I have to agree if such a tool gets released to sign homebrew applications to run on official firmware that it indeed will be as ground-breaking to the psp scene as the pandora battery was years ago.

    I give thanks to all the devs that have thus emerged to bring the psp scene back into its glory. We all thank you! I’ll be watching this closely to see just whats to come.

  3. Th3G2x

    he should have signed hen!!

  4. Marcer

    Does it work in PSP 3000 ?

  5. hugo

    I hope a homebrew signer will be released quick 😀

  6. Mud

    I hate to say it but I’m starting to feel sorry for Sony, GeoHot riped a huge hole in the PS3’s @$$.
    Then all the PSP stuff they found, OMG thats another one in the face!!

    Good news for us tho.., I guess.?.?.

  7. Sasadara

    its work on mine too PSP3000 OFW 6.20… 🙂 Great work Keep it UP!!!

  8. Enigma

    This is the future!

    One Noobish Question….If I install this, will it mess up Prom?

  9. Sasadara

    Hi, it works on mine too PSP3000 OFW 6.20… 🙂 Great work Keep it UP!!!

  10. stOne

    this isn’t really signed. it’s using the header of a demo and replacing the body with software that is the same size as the demo to trick the psp that you’re running the demo. it’s cool but it isn’t really signed like you might think.

  11. zin0099

    i was wondering if actually we would get a firmware that could run on the newer models since the keys are out so we don’t have to sign all the homebrew and plugins etc cuss that would be a hassle

    it worked on my
    psp-2000 v3 @ ofw 6.35
    pspgo-n1000 @ ofw 6.20

  12. zin0099

    @st0ne if so screw my last post

  13. Taizoken777

    Um…If this was Implicated properly,Wouldn’t this mean that HEN is no longer necessary?I mean…yeah it would take a while to null out The Hen…but, If im correct anything can be signed,right? Or do homebrew need to be done individually? because although hackers are good some suck…and this may be too complicated to adapt to to create and sign thier homerews….

  14. w7y7a7t7t

    yessssss finally, someone else who likes the song glorious morning!

  15. Jorge

    We are pretty far from a god game…don’t we.

  16. bocco

    oh my lord psp is going “opensource” 😀

  17. killer7

    yea man i wait to much for any kind of opportunity for the psp to go xtreme with this

  18. ChrisHighwind

    Confirmed working on PSP2000 TA088v3 6.35. This is amazing, finally we’re almost to the point where we don’t even need any kind of CFW or HEN to run homebrew. Of course, we would need a program to sign existing homebrew.

  19. DBZo07

    Signing Prom. ISO? Loader will be best!!

  20. Like stOne said this is not signing the normal way the signing everyone thanks it is with keys this is not signing with keys its tricking the PSP to thanking a homebrew app is a PSN demo or game they have to be the same size to, and dummy data may not work. the how is on psp-hacks

  21. aceofspace

    Wow. Sony lost the battle. Just like having a war and we go into their territory and take all their stuff. Including the “KEYS” to the city.

  22. Michal

    What is that song’s name, in 0;50 😀 Plz, it’s necessary for me ;D

  23. yellow

    @wololo new features in 6.20tn-c
    Total_Noob had already announced some time ago that the 6.20 TN-C would have a option that would allow users to connect to the PlayStation Network. Today, the author advances a bit more by giving us the changelog :
    The PSP 2000, 3000 and GO have more RAM than the PSP 1000 (50MB). But it was “blocked”. It is now available.
    Opportunity to enjoy the online games on a game mode offering infrastructure.
    Fixed a bug with Digital Comics .
    Fixed a bug with the VSH menu . Now when CPU Speed is set to default , the change will be effective.

  24. yellow

    i got this information from

  25. miguelll

    seria mejor pue esto lleve a poner un cfw en un psp permanentemente por medio de una actualizacion modificada asi un cfw en cualquier placa base eso significa ya que muchos homebrews no se pudieran ejecutar

  26. reapersmist


  27. Ioan

    At the guy above me: Why?? why would anyone want to post so many of the same letter??? You messed the page…

  28. Charles

    Its only, marvelous!!! Sony is dissapointed, really lost and alone in the world right now…

  29. toBsucht is the forum site where u can share your links of your uploaded signed hOMEbREW 4 now-Doom1+2
    Heretic and Pong. Keep it rocking!!!

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