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Release (Beta!): 6.35 Custom, a 6.35 custom firmware by neur0n


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109 Responses

  1. Ioan says:

    @Infinity Your psp is forever gone… I’m sorry for your loss

  2. Enigma says:

    ”hello, i use that and my psp is brick, anyone canhelp me for unbrick… i love my psp and i wan to revive my psp… thanks”

    Do you not know how to read? You’ve doomed yourself.

  3. Ultima says:

    @Infinity You sir are stupid it says in RED not to try this on PSP 1000 and 3000 and N-1000(Go).

    2000s Only any don’t try this if your MB isn’t hackable.

  4. Kobe says:

    @wololo: yo did u hear bout hellcat’s 6.35 downgrader , u shud check it out man

  5. Infinity says:

    my psp is 2000!

  6. suckix says:

    Downgraded my psp 2000 with this finally thnx guys

  7. Infinity says:

    hey guys, my psp is a 2000 and its brick…

  8. Infinity says:

    but, anyone have no idea for unbrick my psp (2000)

    • james1552 says:

      everyone here is just as stupid for saying ur psp is gone forever… -.-

      if you have an old 2000 just stick a pandora battery in there. It will fix it :) you can buy one for like 10 bucks nowadays/ .

  9. Ultima says:

    there is no way to unbrick non hackable Motherboards get a new psp.

  10. Lovy says:

    @infinity ur psp is gone forever im not sorry tho cause wololo told you clearly not to do it

  11. suckix says:

    infinity wich type of psp 2000 do u have

  12. yellow says:

    @Infinity send to sony to fixed it if you still have your warranty they will install newest ofw which is ammmmm 6.36 thats the best way to unbrick your psp i guess (O_O)

  13. yellow says:

    @suckix AHHHH good question he may can use the pandora battery to fix it if it has the right motherboard +_+

  14. joejoejoe says:


  15. yellow says:

    @joejoejoe thanks for the info

  16. PowerLiner says:

    confirmed working on 6.35 PSP n1004 (go) without the use of hbl , hen or cfw.
    THIS is a major breakthrough on PSP hacking.
    and I think this has something to do with the PSP root key that was found in a PS3 mini. used for en / de crypting (or coding) the files.
    btw. made a vid. of homebrew working on 6.35 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7wt5lKDv8w

  17. LUISDooMER says:

    thank for the info, it works nice on my psp 3001/GO! ofw 6.20, now i can´t wait for a signed TN HEN-B eboot to short the patapon 2 loading time, and save space on my MS (it tooks 100 mb)!

  18. Infinity says:

    2001 i dont know how to look my motherboard..

  19. cyran0 says:

    Sorry 4 posting it in the incorrect section, lol, now i think here its fine

  20. africannoob says:

    I swear by my one and only soul ..and by the love of my one creator.
    (((((It worked))))) your words touched me wololo… and i figured it out.
    I am really sorry i couldn’t vid it ’cause there are no cams supporting youtube here in my developing country.
    thanks a ton .
    but i couldn’t figure out loadin ISOs and CSOs
    thanks again

  21. tks says:

    ok guys here is the new version beta 3 …n it works on 2000 only

  22. tks says:

    •Added recovery menu
    •Updated nid resolver; CXMB now works
    •Fixed config save function

  23. Ultima says:

    1:Does ISOs work on this?
    2:Does Prometheus work on this?
    3:do plugins work? (if so any usefull one Remote Joy CWcheats ect…)
    4:Can I go back to normal 6.35 if I don’t like this?

    I’m not acting until I know its worth installing since I like playing Isos.

  24. yellow says:

    @Ultima no iso yet

  25. slackerforlife says:

    i just tested CFW6.35 v3 it’s the same as v2 nothing works

    NO vsh menu
    NO Prometheus
    NO CXMB plugins

    Not to dis anyone, but if v4 does not have all the above working
    keep working on it we will wait.

    good job good job

  26. tks says:

    @yoti this vsh light menu works on 6.35 hen pro also…but it is very limited as we know…i hope neur0n updates this light version :)

  27. Karin21 says:

    Beta 3already out someone posted it

  28. slackerforlife says:

    well, can you explain y is does not work for me, i set it up just like 6.20 but with plugins.

    write me an English how too. my Japanese is week.

  29. slackerforlife says:


    1. Unpack “vshmenu.zip”
    2. Create folder “plugins” on your psp
    3. Copy “vshmenu.prx”, “game.txt” and “vsh.txt” from “vshmenu” folder to “plugins” folder on your psp
    4. Reboot PSP
    5. Load Sukkiri exploit to activate 6.3X PRO HEN
    6. Push “SELECT” and you see “VSH MENU LIGHT”

    comment by onemal — January 18, 2011 @ 2:12 am

    Thanks Playa, that’s how i know how to use it,
    it works on my PSP-Go 6.31 pro HEN but my PSP-2001 running neur0n_635_CFW v3 it does not work.
    any comment on that?

    comment by slackerforlife — January 18, 2011 @ 2:35 am

  30. dumb dude says:

    I ran that on my psp 1000 and nothing happend after reading this i wont test things without knowing if it is ok for my psp 1000

  31. slackerforlife says:

    @dumb dude
    i just redid my PSP-1001 to 6.35 signed HEN and it work.

    “VSH MENU LIGHT” for 6.3X PRO HEN”

  32. Suplayer says:

    tasted it and it works 100%
    thank u so much neur0n. and wololo i think u should have more posts
    ’cause the hole world is in the cause now.

    some games like khbbs dont work.
    i think patched games dont work on it.
    need some help.
    because this cfw is the new generation.
    —-sighned apps are limited in the psp—-
    most likely homebrows only no (isos).

  33. Ultima says:

    Thats what you get for not checking with others about its features like I did now you’re stuck until it has ISO and Plugin support thats why people should act so quickly but atleast I can still use TempAR and Prometheus Iso Loader.

  34. africannoob says:

    where is the remotejoy for the 6.35 custom???????
    or does it use 5.xx plug-ins?

  35. equis says:

    So go with it and shut up

  36. lane says:

    1. You really need some grammar help

    2. If you want custom firmware, and you have a hackable motherboard, then you use this. If you think it’s that easy, then you try making a successful hack for PSP.

  1. January 14, 2011

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  2. January 15, 2011

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