Exclusive! Sony opens the PS3 to independent developers


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27 Responses

  1. JOME says:

    so what does this mean>?

    • Amarinth says:

      What this basically means is that Sony has sc*** themselves. Hard. Court documents are public record as are anything related to said documents, including the screen shot of the jailbreak code they’re trying to get hushed up. They didn’t post the whole thing, but any idiot with even a modicum of hacker know-how can fill in the missing pieces. So in essence Sony has done themselves in. They can’t get said jailbreak code off the internet without suing the California court system and every site that hosts those legal documents. Way to show your massive brains, Sony. I’ve been giggling for hours over this. xD

  2. spider-monkey says:

    Wow, why Sony?

  3. georgeka says:

    Sony asked the court for a TRO to take down all info related to the PS3 hack.

    Now, Sony’s legal team included in the court documents a screenshot of a website where GeoHot posted the root keys. These documents are now hosted by several servers including the California court.

    Sony should now sue the California court.

    What an epic fail Sony is.. :p

  4. MitMakis says:

    Sony did it huh? Hopefully the PS3 doesn’t die, if it does… Then ***.

  5. brinsa23 says:

    hmmm…i smell something fishy going on…..(that ..or its my pet fish that has been floating in the water for three days….which its odd…)

    but yeah…i hope this isnt a trick….

  6. brinsa23 says:

    teh!!!….seems they cant do a thing at all…oh well…

  7. Enzeru says:

    So this is not intentional?

  8. Shinny says:

    sony cant just go whithout a fight….

  9. NoobSauce says:

    I think I see what happened here.
    So, as part of the court order to shut geohot up, sony included a screenshot that had the offending keys on it, and since court orders are public domain, this means everyone does and will have access to the keys for generations to come?

  10. Enigma says:

    LOL, What a failure.

  11. equis says:

    I was asking myself a few hours ago about this fact 😀 but you got me @wololo my shame… I thought it was true 😀
    However, that could be a good idea to Sony from the beginning: to have PS3 open and give independent developers a certain keys, but use another keys for commercial games. Just an idea.

  12. Enigma says:

    Lol, Geo has nothing to be afraid of. His jailbreak doesn’t allow piracy, which is the pinnacle of Sony’s argument. I saw him on Attack of The Show last night, and he said he’d lawyered up, meaning that that he’s ready for whatever bull Sony throws at him. Not to mention, by posting some of the PS3 Keys they just left themselves wide open to being enabled by piracy. Keep Up the Good Work, Sony!

  13. DizzyLikesWhiteGirls says:

    I’m kinda looking forward to the non-piracy related homebrew that’ll result of this sudden opening to indie developers… granted that this is free – maybe we’ll see a reasonable facsimile to VLC on PS3 so we can stop molding our lives around restrictive MP4 formats? Or see some free homebrew games?

    …hopefully, this would expand to PSP too! Since Sony doesn’t seem concerned with giving us Youtube or a proper MP3 player that sorts by ID3 tags, a homebrew developer would.

    • stOne says:

      i am looking forward to it too. although it has been possible to make software for custom firmware or for running on linux/wine.. the way it looks now with the potential for all playstations to run anything.. it may create the incentive for budding programmers (good and bad). this is going to be an interesting journey. i’m sure there will be a lot of bricks along the way. all we can (and must) do is take our time as we take our steps..

  14. Beanfuck says:

    sony ftl

  15. Beanlick says:


  16. FrankFang says:

    man *** is wrong with you two…

  17. sloshedtrain says:

    game over sony