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  1. Azhael says:

    Actually if you ppl dont know, sony already lost a case against some guy in spain regarding jailbreaking.
    The state said that sony shouldnt have taken away the otherOS feature if they were going to announce so much those features.
    off this topic my mother language is spanish and I have never been in a english speaking country nor studied in english and I still got the joke, I guess since skynet is really destroying those kid’s minds.

  2. Azhael says:

    LOL the guy before me he is such a ***.
    He insults wololo and thank him in the same post.
    BTW what I said about getting the joke is wrong, is not a joke is a metaphore and therefore all of the ones laughing failed. LOL

  3. JJS says:


  4. goldfinguer says:

    it makes us think that it as more close the future then ever. And the way the things go hackers cold realy make diferençe in a future nearby. Greetss from portugal 🙂

  5. Norml says:

    Don’t fear the reaper

  6. Princess Leia says:

    To quote myself:

    “the more galaxies you squeeze the more will slip through your fingers”

    Sony, by squeezing and squeezing what you can do on the PS3 for legitimate owners have now left it open inadvertently for a mass attack to open up the system.

    A cleverer person would have included in their business plan that there would be some who would misuse Linux!! The majority just want to maximise the preformance of their PS3.


  7. sweetsauce says:

    this is like geohot and fail0verflow vs sony now

  8. Le gremlins says:

    “Shortly after this event we removed Linux support, just in case.”

    LOL My T-1000 is under Debian 😛 very good news XD

  9. Abra says:

    OMG, the joke is “similarity to actual events would be unintentional” (seems like people commenting here don’t read it the way they should )

    What suprise me (in the”actual events”) is the way they use twitter, forums and internet in general in their legal argumentation… beware of what you write… Big brother is watching you…

  10. aumedh says:

    cool story but history repeat itself and rebale will never die until there people like jhon .c

  11. joker says:

    I think the real story here is that Geohot has been hacking ATMs since he was 12. HAHA jk

  12. Reapersmist says:

    Rofl, I love U wololo!!! Love ur site………. question! does this throw a wrench in the gears of psp/ps3 homebrew development? just seems to me since Cybernet’s recent attack, the posts went down on most of the site’s….

  13. w7y7a7t7t says:

    hahahahahaha “shortly after this event we removed linux support, just in case”

  14. Matt says:

    It’s funny, but why is Sony evil all of a sudden? Do you understand how lucky Geohot and the gang are to still be alive?
    What, you’ve never heard of people coming up missing after millions in revenue are compromised?
    Think about that.

    • wololo says:

      Not sure if it’s a joke or a threat here…

      Sony is not evil per se.

      Using a virus (marketing people call it TPM) to prevent users from using their hardware, and on top of that managing to make that legal (the DMCA), now THAT is evil. the DMCA was not entirely driven by Sony, but they contribute a lot to such locking systems (and making sure these system become legal…)

      • Matt says:

        It’s not a threat! I wasn’t speaking personally at all, I’m just saying that a lot of profits will likely be forfeited because of this, and I’ve seen the Godfather movies.
        I’m sure nothing like that would actually happen with a company like Sony, they’re a big company with a lot to lose. But it could have been within the realm of possibility under certain circumstances.

        I’m a bit shocked that my post sounded like a threat!

  15. expltr says:

    i’m not really clear on this but geohot should use the DCMA that allowed jailbreaking on mobile phones. since the newer psp’s are voip enabled they are also categorised under the same section… i believe wololo posted something about this sometime last year

    i cant find the article anymore

    but then again i am not well versed with the DCMA so it could be useless

  16. aceofspace says:

    Shut the heck up

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