Release: Hen PRO 6.35 nightly builds & Hen PRO 6.36

It seems the scene is now going too fast for me, as I post this piece of news quite a while after the release…

Developers Coldbird and Virtuous Flame started releasing daily updates for their Hen for 6.35. The latest release apparently adds some compatibility with PS1 Classic sharing support (a way to share PS1 games you bought on the PSN with a limited number of friends, if my understanding is correct)

Additionally, a work in progress of 6.36 support, named Hen PRO 6.36 alpha, has been made available. Firmware 6.36 is a special firmware available only for people who bought Monster Hunter Portable 3. And since apparently there’s more than 4 millions of you, no doubt that this alpha Hen will be useful.

Unfortunately, Wagic and some other major homebrews such as Mobile Assault or the Duke3D port don’t work yet on this Hen. (Which is really surprising since most of those work in HBL), so for personal reasons I would recommend people to stick to Total_Noob’s 6.20 TN Hen, at least until these isues are fixed on the 6.35 PRO.  If Coldbird or Virtuous Flame ever read this, support of Wagic on your HEN would be super appreciated guys ;) . I’ll investigate on my side to see what could be the possible causes.

Both the latest versions of 6.35 PRO and 6.36 PRO can be found on our HEN page, as usual :)

source: Coldbird’s blog

  1. Willz’s avatar

    First, and, man, I really want to test TN’s HEN, can they do a downgrade method for this one? Davee didn’t release his downgrader yet :( Anyway, somebody told me that it can run plugins now(6.35 PRO), is it true? :o


  2. el.Roy’s avatar

    i want a TN Hen for 6.3x ! :(


  3. spider-monkey’s avatar

    Wagic is the only homebrew i wanted to play but it still don’t work :(


  4. By_Fantasy’s avatar

    Ya I’m on 6.35 and I want to play Wagic :(


  5. dark assassin’s avatar

    you can run plugins on 6.3x just create a folder on the root of the memory called plugins not seplugins and edit the vsh.txt to suite the new address


  6. yellow’s avatar

    @dark assassin no 6.3x does not support plugins if it did everyone would have known o_O


    1. Covert’s avatar

      @Xavi-It supports some plugins.


  7. Xavi’s avatar

    I’m on PRO 6.31 should i change to 6.35? i mean, is this better?


    1. Sonic’s avatar

      Same question here. Is it advisable to upgrade from 6.31 to 6.35 and use 6.35 PRO HEN? Or is it better to keep the lowest OFW version possible?



  8. dark assassin’s avatar

    @yellow its said on the website when you google translate that it supports plugins not seplugins just try your self i saw that on wololo forum it said it worked


  9. howww~~’s avatar

    wooo!!! ..


  10. Shinny’s avatar

    hmm psx share sounds great


  11. Sioux’s avatar

    theres no limit for the number of people to get these psx share

    u only need to have a eboot.pbp from psn with the KEYS.BIN

    theres a pack of games in isohunt


  12. PSP’s avatar

    Thank you!


  13. ugauga1530’s avatar

    i’ve tried all the instruction they said to copy and paste but when i load the sukkiri 2nd link im stock to this part “WARNING:MEMORY LEAK” and after that it shut off….. what seems to be the problem of my psp 2000 version 6.35??? plaaa help………….


    1. random pspdude’s avatar

      if you have a psp 2000, just make a magic memory stick with psp grader and hard mod your battery into a Pandora’s battery


  14. Shinny’s avatar

    nice update but i need vsh…


  15. assault’s avatar

    @yellow can u give me proper instructions on how to put plugins my PSPGO(6.35 PRO)


  16. PspGoBrew93’s avatar

    Me too plz


  17. Alan’s avatar

    There’s no big difference between the original release and this new one right? Just a bit more homebrew stuff?


  18. Gazaman’s avatar

    Where can i download 6.35 hen ?


  19. andrew’s avatar

    why is 6.35 going to support PSX soon!?!!

    and yet TN-HEN still no development with PSX support?!!!!



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