Coldbird: Downgrading is not possible with 6.35


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62 Responses

  1. yellow says:

    @wololo i have read on pspkingde that tootal noob is working on a downgrader for 6.35 to 6 .20 and its suppose to be release today.

  2. cv- says:

    what was the lowest fw compatible w/ the v3 motherboards? if its not one of the cfw addible ofw then i really do see no point

  3. fredoz says:

    Ok But if the downgrader does not work for version 6.35. Why not go out for version 6.31, that is. 3.furthermore, the version 6.35 hen seems more advanced than version 6.31. Everything is continuing to improve the version 6.35. You just solve a problem and you keep your hen.

  4. Guest says:

    Hey Wololo, I am very interested in this psp scene. Everything is going so well. My psp GO is 6.35. Yeah I am a little down when I read that 6.35 cannot be downgraded. But what I am wondering about is that since some programmers had found the “Master Keys” for the psp. Does it mean that you can do whatever you want with the psp without even hacking the device at all? That means that I can downgrade my psp go and have the hacked firmware as if it were made by Sony?

  5. cv- says:

    above it say 6.35 removes a module used for down grading, so unless they add a cfw to add that module back i dnt think downgrading is possible also if we get the keys why downgrade when you’ll probably get a cfw at 6.35,

  6. xXSEEKERXx says:

    6.31 downgrader??? were trying to decide wether to update to 6.35 or wait 4 a downgrader cause there will no longer be updates for 6.31 PRO

  7. Guest says:

    @cv- Yes I know that it says 6.35 removes a module used for downgrading. I kinda knew what was happening but I just asked a question to make it clear just in case I expect too much for a solution. I am really excited to see what would happen soon. I hope that there will be a cfw for 6.35. This is amazing I thought this scene was dying after 5.50 GEN was released.

  8. spider-monkey says:

    He’s no TN to tell us this bunch of ***!! TN just said he’ll release a downgrader for 6.35 if davee didn’t release his…Sorry its just hit me right in my heart after reading this :(

  9. Willz says:

    They should make a downgrader for 6.31, and Total Noob would work on 6.35 HEN like he promissed, but if he makes a downgrader and continue his work on 6.20 It should get the HEN even better! Anyway, I’m using 6.31 PRO using HBL rev109 with the Golf Exploit and it works fine for me *-*.

  10. Enzeru says:

    LOL i was in the question: update to 6.35 to get a updates for the HEN, or stay and hope a downgrader for 6.31, phew fortunately i’m still in 6.31 😛

  11. P-bro says:

    So will this work witk ofw 6.31 to downgrade to 6.20TN a psp phat with no pandora battery

  12. chris says:

    oi was able to downgrade to 5.00 ofw using a pandora battery and a magic memory stick on psp 1000 does that count?

  13. NEHAshu says:

    so might be 6.31 will be downgraded

  14. triek says:

    Total_Noob has a downgrader ready ,mabey he will release it TODAY
    search on the forum of pspking than you can read what he was saying

  15. Abdullah says:


    Can This Work?

    hey i found this on the net just wanted to know if it works
    you may have to create the:
    /seplugins folder on the root of the psp. and the
    /PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder.

    How to Downgrade a PSP HEN_PRO from 6.35 to 6.20 or 5.03

    1. Start your PSP into HEN_PRO 6.xx

    2. Download the following 4 files:

    128632_psardumper635.rar / / and a copy of the OFW EBOOT.PBP you want to downgrade too. (eg: 6.20 or 5.03).
    (A) “128632_psardumper635.rar”
    Extract both folders form 128632_psardumper635.rar into “PSP/GAME” so you will end up with two folders:
    “PSP/GAME/new_psardumper” and “PSP/GAME/src”. (on your psp system)

    (B) “”
    unzip you will see a release_folder inside that you will see a GAME_folder
    inside that you will see a FILER folder. copy the FILER folder into your “PSP/GAME folder”
    so you will end up with: “PSP/GAME/FILER” (on your psp system)

    (C) “”
    just unzip and copy the vshrestart folder to into your “PSP/GAME folder”
    so you will end up with: “PSP/GAME/ vshrestart” (on your psp system)

    3. copy the OFW EBOOT.PBP (eg:6.20) to the root of your memory stick. or
    3A.””copy the OFW EBOOT.PBP (eg:6.35) you are running to the root of your memory stick.””

    4. Start PSARDumper and when it loads press square. then x to exit when finish.

    5. After the program finishes,start “PSP filer” and go to F0:/vsh/etc/version.txt
    and open it then press the right button at the first line and replace:
    release:6.35: with release:6.20: (eg: 6.20 or 5.03) then save and quit game.

    6. then connect the USB cable to your PSP and navigate to
    the folder F0, which should now be at the root of your memory stick.

    7. Copy the version.txt from: /F0/vsh/etc/version.txt to your /seplugins folder so you will end up with: /seplugins/version.txt

    8. Copy the OFW EBOOT.PBP from the root of your memory stick to “PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP”
    or if you did (3A.) do (8A.).
    8A. Copy the OFW EBOOT.PBP you want to Downgrade too (eg: 6.20 or 5.03) to “PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP”

    9. Go back to your PSP and run “Restart VSH” this will bring you back to the XMB menu.

    10. On your PSP start the OFW installation as you would any other firmware update

    11. After it finishes, the PSP will restart and a blue screen will appear saying that the PSP settings are invalid. Press circle and the PSP will restore default settings and restart. You now have OFW installed.

    I have not tested it because my PSP 1000 doesn’t read memory cards anymore (which is very weird).

    • Yoti says:

      >> {ms0:}/seplugins/version.txt
      May be “ms0:/version.txt”?

      • Abdullah says:

        This is very weird because when i try to edit and then save the version.txt in PSPfiler, an error comes up (the instructions are not mine. i found them at Coldbird’s blog written by someone as a comment and just to tell you that my PSP 2000 is a TA088-V3).

    • Marius says:

      Where did you get the psardumper635 and vshrestart? Can you give me the links or the website where you found the guide?

    • heCtor says:

      @at all 6.35 users(including me)editing version text in flash0/etc…. using filer 6.6 wont work cuz its a read only file(cant be edited).I JUST HOPE THE NEXT PSPFILER UPDATE CAN EVEN EDIT READ ONLY FILES,MOVE THEM,REPLACE THEM OR EVEN DELETE THEM………hopefully pspfiler contains these updates in their next update

  16. Abdullah says:

    I will test this on my PSP 2000.

  17. Abdullah says:


    On Total Noob said: “I have it already, but maybe will Davee releasing it when he is healthy again. I will release it later than Sunday, when Dave’s is not out yet. He was set easily and it will be Open Source. But please do not start running immediately and tell everyone.”

    This is about the PSP Go 6.35 to 6.20 Downgrader.


  18. ffdgh says:

    6.31 hen already does more than enough for my needs so i see no reason to go to 6.35 pro XD

  19. ffdgh says:

    meh 6.31 hen already does more than enough for my needs so i see no reason to go to 6.35 pro XD

  20. slalix says:

    and for 6.31 pro dowgroader be? I am a Russian on this I have a bad english

  21. TerryCee says:

    I dont think there will be a downgrader for any 6.3x firmwares.
    I have heard if you are on firmware 6.36 you can downgrade to 6.31.
    So maybe if a downgrader is released for 6.31 we can update to 6.36 and then downgrade to 6.31.
    Anyway why downgrade? Just dont upgrade. I have a feeling 6.3x has more promising stuff than 6.20 will have.

  22. Libre says:

    Maybe Coldbird is wrong, or it should be possible to add the missing support directly in the HEN.

    Anyway we’ll soon know if it’s possible or not, as TN or Davee will probably confirm it if it’s true.

    In the mean time be carefull with people telling you to edit files in the flash0 with PSP Filer, as it may very well result in a good old brick.

  23. TerryCee says:

    If you have a PSP 2000v2 or above overwriting flash0 will give you a brick.

  24. Darkness134 says:

    @wololo Hey wololo you can downgrade if you have 6.20 TN-B, here is a tutorial i found at psphacks: I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS IF YOU HAVE A PSP GO! (unless you just have money to burn)

  25. Libre says:

    I made some tests, and this problem causing crashes when you try to downgrade with 6.35PRO may very well be a bug in the HEN itself.

    If you don’t use the HEN and edit 6.20 OFW EBOOT by replacing its SFO header by the 6.36 OFW’s one, the update will run (no message about the version allready up to date) and won’t crash after the sony screen like when the HEN is activated, but you’ll have a message from the updater itself (with the true 6.20 version in the title bar), telling you that the data are somehow corrupted.

    My understanding is that it should do the same thing with the HEN activated (with no version spoofing at least) but it doesn’t.

  26. Ron says:

    This is interesting. So 6.35 is essentially Sonys final build? No more updates?

    Can you go from 6.35 to 6.36 with the Monster hunter UMD?

  27. Enigma says:

    I’m still at a cross roads……I’m on 6.31 Hen PRO, but I don’t know if I should upgrade to 6.35 Hen PRO, seeing as how there will most likely not be anymore updates for 6.31. Anyone help?

  28. blizako says:

    this is all part of sony plan
    ending OS in ps3 to removing update for PSP
    “accidentally” putting PSP keys in PS3.
    sony is limiting the uses of the playstation.
    when they say there gonna fix the problem about the hack, they are gonna fix it by security. it was actually limiting things in the PSP and PS3.

    but this is just my idea.

  29. nitpr!!! says:

    why doesnt nitpr work on this hen ? cant some thing like this support nitpr ?

  30. Matt says:

    New info from Davee: “coldbird is right, a downgrader “isn’t” possible. He is talking natively, mine hooks into the decryption routines to allow it”


    Looks like Total_Noob won’t be releasing his downgrader today after all, it’s like 10 pm over there.

  31. Spider-Monkey says:

    Wait if hackers could sign things now would it be possible that they could create a new “ofw” of their own that has a weaker security? Just a thought 😛

    • Matt says:

      From what I understand about the signing, we won’t need any firmware changes at all. You could go buy a brand new PSP, visit any random psp iso site and play the game.
      Exactly like something you download off PSN, except you won’t pay for it of course.

      I’m not so sure Davee is going to release his downgrader at all. He said it was coming out like a week ago or something, but he didn’t release it because he got sick. I don’t know how being sick can stop you from programming, or from uploading something that he said was pretty much finished.

      I don’t know the story, but wasn’t he going to release a new version of chickhen a while back, but then refused to do it?

  32. Spider-Monkey says:

    …and can anybody explain what does Davee mean “He is talking natively, mine hooks into the decryption routines to allow it” Does it mean it is possible to downgrade somehow?? Please explain nicely because I don’t speak sarcasm and *** 😛

  33. jsngrimm says:

    actually, “downgrading” is technically possible. i found out the pandora battery softmod tool can on on the 6.35 HEN so from what know “downgrading” is possible

    • jsngrimm says:

      sorry for the double post but also i m going to attempt installing cfw using this method tomorrow after school and i will let you know how it goes :)

  34. Abdullah says:

    Isn’t it possible to add the Updater Kernel Module Support on 6.35 again? Can’t we just look at the differences in 6.31 and 6.35. This is very weird because 6.36 got downgraded. It’s very confusing.

  35. jsngrimm says:

    well instaling 3.08cfw worked and i upgraded to 5.50GEN D3 so you shoulbe able to downgrade also

  36. Enzeru says:

    Hmmmm you should check this video

    I’ve tried to do this on 6.31 to downgrade to 6.20 but it didn’t work, but at least it’s something safe.

    The steps are these, aparently only on 6.36:

    After install the last version of HEN 6.36
    Download an OWF lower than the one desired (6.20), put in on the root
    Download the OFW you want to install (6.31), put it on PSP/GAME/UPDATE
    Download/start PSAR Dumper
    Extract all… Close it
    Run the update

    That’s all

  37. Joe says:

    So are you still able to downgrade from 6.35 to 5.00m33-6 using a Pandora battery and a Magic Memory Stick?

  38. GÜNEY says: hir is the contact link for the vsh-and-recovery-menu-flasher beautiful WORKING ON ALL FILLMRARS XD

  39. GÜNEY says: hir is the contact link for the vsh-and-recovery-menu-flasher beautiful WORKING ON CFW ,OFW , GEN

  40. RaiseTheHell says:


  1. January 10, 2011

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by izxcvbnm. izxcvbnm said: RT @therealhellcat: Readup onthe 6.35 and "no downgrade" stuff ( ).And then I successfully installed 5.00m33 over/from … […]

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