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Will Sony be able to patch the fail0verfl0w hack?


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  1. Enzeru says:

    LOL Sony seems to be intimidated

  2. spider-monkey says:

    As I suspected from Sony. Well, good luck to you Sony 😀

  3. yellow says:

    sony is in trouble i dont think they can fix this just by a updater also off topic
    A previously unknown Coderteam, “zero ware” have announced that they release it by the end of the month will be a HEN. With this it should be possible to start ISO’s from the XMB and PSX emulation.
    How far they are, you can see in this text.
    6:20 A zero-ware is a Work in Progress (WIP) of team zero
    I have been reversing Total_Noob’s HEN (systemctrl, vshctrl, etc)
    for 6:20 So that we, team zero, could make an updated / better version of it
    that the users will enjoy (More than now).

    Here’s how the work goes so far:

    systemctrl 90% reversed-fixing up USB patches and other patches
    vshctrl 100% reversed-Adding Virtual PBP patches (ISO and CSO purposes)
    rebootex not started – Will use TN’s if we do not have time for the first release
    satellite (vsh menu) not started – I plan on using our own vsh menu (I might reverse some of TN’s functions, with other functions as well)

    Installer 10% done – planning on adding a graphical GUI (for the users Wink)

    6:20 A zero-ware so will try to fix the bugs of Homebrew crashing on loading, playing, or exiting
    on most of the 3k models (and other bugs we have not discovered yet)
    A zero-ware will therefore have a full version of systemctrl functions (TN did not add the ones for UMD and isofs)
    It also will have ISO / CSO support (you will be able to lauch them via XMB) as well as support PSX dont know if its real thought i think they should not mess around with the nids tn put alot of work in it.

    • well zero ware! congrats!

    • Lorz says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that other people are trying to make TN Hen better, but do you guys think he would be ok with this? I mean TN HEN isn’t exactly open source as far as i know….. and alot of people are getting credit for TNs work, which might discourage him from making future updates? Am i right? Am I wrong? It just kinda seems to me that TN is getting steamrolled.

  4. Matt says:

    Personally I hope they can patch it. PSP is one thing, (and I really want an app that let’s me sign my own ps1 eboots), but the PS3 just came into it’s own not that long ago.
    It’s finally selling well, almost all games are getting nice ports (as opposed to those sloppily ported games with massive screen tearing… Assassins Creed, I’m looking at you).

    I don’t want the PS3 to die young. Anyone who is actually idiotic to say that Sony will sell more consoles and thus make more money because of this, I don’t have anything to say to you.

    • universalconsole says:

      I’ve never had a ps3 but I agree with you
      handheld’s are easier to design and manipulate but home consoles are a whole different story.
      poor ps3.

      • joejoejoe says:

        The PC has had piracy from day one, and it’s still doing fine, companies think everybody is gonna pirate their games, so they don’t make them, they need to get over it not everyone is a pirate

        • james1552 says:

          They haven’t been doing that great… why do you think Live and Steam exist? They make it harder to pirate games. This is something BIG. Something that cannot be fixed with a software update, this is something to legit be worried about…

          All I can say is, we are going to be expecting a new type of PS soon…

          • Norml says:

            Actually, you can pirate games even easier with Steam, no torrents or links to scramble to obtain just a simple crack and you can download all the games you want through Steam. As for Sony, it’s their fault, they took out the OS that people bought claiming it was for security reasons and now their system is completely hacked to the core. Sony’s gaming unit needs a revamp because it’s filled with braindead idiots, the PSP2 as badass as it could be, does not need to come out until then.

        • JOHN says:

          Well, that’s where the problems come in.. the people who know how to manipulate them can do more than 10000 people could .

  5. Enigma says:

    I’d rather hack a portable device, because you can take the fun wherever you want…but a console? I can’t/don’t really agree with that.

  6. Waratte says:

    I hope to cluster up my old ps3 together one day!

  7. Zen says:

    So i’ll take the question as a no, they can’t patch it without hardware modification. But to be honest, a hacked console doesn’t mean the end for Sony. Like most people said, not everyone pirate games and if they do, they’re not that many to greatly affect the sales as a whole. I think ps3 homebrews are cool since you can push the console to it’s limit not just games. I still believe that Sony should have supported the homebrew community in the first place. And also, the famous ps3 motto “It Only Does Everything” would make more sense as homebrews starts appearing.

  8. jj says:

    time for the ps4 with even better security

  9. Enigma says:

    I think it’ll be very interesting to see how Sony produces the PSP2 now that this entire incident happened.

  10. Kirino says:

    Sony ! game over?

  11. williand says:

    tn VS sony= sony’s EPIC FAIL

    lol the hen is so nice to have btw yellow if a zero or what ever is true and they do release it after fixes what do you think tn and wololo are gunna do i mean wouldnt that put this a zero thingy in 1st

    (btw if u didnt already know im loyal to wololo and tn only and the things they post saying are good i belive them so if new lcfw gets released and its not from them i dont think imma gunna get it!!!!)

  12. DBZo07 says:

    Sony will soon patent a way to upgrade your PS3 Hardware through network!

    Painful words to Sony by wololo!

    • joejoejoe says:

      If it DOES require a hardware patch it’s impossible, they couldn’t do it for the IPL issue for PSP 1K’s and 2K (non ta-88v3), so if it is hardware, be expecting a PS4 a lot sooner 😀 (or a redone PS3)

      • DBZo07 says:

        yeah its impossible but thats painful words for sony!!

      • james1552 says:

        Why would you be happy over a PS4 being released sooner???

        Because of this, a new Sony console will be rushed, meaning lot’s of bugs and failures, and no big games being released for it. Do you know how long it takes to make games? Games that are being made right now are being made for this generation of consoles. This really actually sucks for us and Sony.

        Sure homebrew and pirating will be great for the first few months, then once we stop seeing games coming in, there won’t even be anything to pirate…

  13. Ah-Chai says:

    Go Sony!!! Ganbatte!
    Make this a good fight with the worldwide hackers! =]

    Good luck to all~ ^^/

  14. th3pwnsh0p says:

    Soooo, as usual… don’t update?

  15. svenn says:

    The can’t fix it, as it is not a “bug”. They where flaws in the security… They however can change keys and methods. However once the total break of you’re console has been done, its hard to close all the gates again.

    Beside, sony doesn’t make financial gain on PS3 consoles. They do cover there losses by selling games. Thats why this is a big issue.

  16. brdzoman says:

    merry crsmas to all orthodox people

  17. highfy says:

    hahaha sony ne peu rien faire ! il faut changer les carte mére hahahahaha

  18. Flo says:

    They can’t patch it. And a “hardware upgrade” means a PS4 or a PSP. And why are Sony so uptight about homebrew anyway? Is it because the fear piracy? Piracy has affected every console but the PS3 up till now, and those consoles are still going strong. If piracy is a small problem on other consoles, yet is enough to send Sony into a fit of paranoia and rage, then Sony must be doing something wrong. They must not be treating their customers right.

    • Matt says:

      Every other console but the dreamcast had a deterrent. Cartridge based systems were hard to pirate for. Gamecube made you either install a chip or use the PSO hack through network. XBOX required you to plug your console into your PC, opened up, while it was on (I ended up killing one and softmodding another). PS2 was a mod chip or a memory card exploit which didn’t come out until later.

      Dreamcast was symbolic for me because right before the end, I was in Target looking at games and overheard an employee telling a customer “you should buy a dreamcast because you can download games and play them without modding the console!” Pretty soon after that, SEGA called it quits.
      I think there’s still a good market for Sony in all this, but I don’t doubt that once people can simply put games right on the hard drive with no modding or inconvenience, things are probably going to get bad.

      • Lorz says:

        Actually it was Sega and the PS2 that killed the dreamcast, not piracy….. everyone wanted to wait to see if the PS2 was better and Sony played on this by purposely delaying the PS2 as long as they could, also the 32X/Saturn fiasco was still fresh in everyones mind, people stupidly thought sega might not support the dreamcast well.

        It was mostly the PS2 though, had sega simply waited a bit longer to release, the dreamcast might have been a success

        • james1552 says:

          It’s slightly different this time around. Pirating is MUCH MUCH easier than it was before, more people know about. Yes Dreamcast had much more fault from its fall thanks to Sony, thats because pirating wasn’t as big back then. Sony is already losing the present gen sales, if it wasn’t for Playstation 2 (the most sold console to date(which still has more games being released for it)) they would already be down the hole.

          I really hope Sony recovers from this :S I can’t seem to think of buying a God awful Xbox >.<

          • Lorz says:

            And here we go again “pirating” is the root of all evil and all the is unholy and bad in the world? Again though it all comes down to this

            Release games that people WANT to buy and they will buy them, yes some will also download them for free, but you will have enough buyers to offset that.

            Keep releasing *** and no one will buy it, the only peopl who will end up with it are the people looking for free downloads.

            so no it’s not “piracy” hurting the video game industry, it’s lack of originality, and the fact that they keep redecorating the same old worn out shoe and trying to pass it off to us as new that is killing the video game industry.

            I dont even own a console besides the PSP, most of my gaming is done on PC with FREE TO PLAY MMORPGs MMOFPS, MMO Racing, etc, and guess what i dont miss consoles at all infact i refuse to buy another, when i did play consoles i got tired of playing the same old relabled garbage all the time.
            With PC at least i dont have to pay for the same old relabeled garbage, and every now and then actually find something original

          • Lorz says:

            By the way, I’m not
            PRO Piracy”, but i am “Anti Overused Hype”………. Piracy is so bad, piracy is so evil, piracy will cause the world to come to an end, Open your eyes people, you are being manipulated by the media industry into believing any hogwash they choose to shove down your throat.

            NONE of you even know what piracy really is, I’ve known “pirates”, In fact i used to buy bootleg movies off one, he would rent movies from blockbuster copy them and sell the copies for about 1 tenth the price of buying the movie from walmart or whatever…. HE WAS A PIRATE

            There were even guys who tried duplicating the labels and printing them on thier PC in an attempt to fool people into thinkging they were buying an original copy, and charging FULL PRICE…………THEY WERE PIRATES.

            A guy who downloads or shares a file and no money is changing hands? LOL This has been happening since the invention of the cassette tape recorder……. late 60s early 70s maybe who knows, and it ALWAYS will happen……. THEY ARE NOT PIRATES, they are SHARERS.

  19. ivan says:

    will i need a hacked ps3 in order to sign/ecrypt psp stuff?

    • Lorz says:

      No… the signing will probably be done using PC software…. or possibly even directly on your PSP….. so at the most you would need a PC and a usb cable.

  20. ivan says:

    will i need a hacked ps3 in order to sign/ecrypt psp stuff??

  21. iSWORD says:

    So, Will there be a pandora battery for the 3k ?!

  22. Enigma says:

    No Need for a Pandora, I guess.

  23. dark assassin says:

    tn hen-c coming soon to support online game play he announced that on psp king.dk
    and he said that he will release a 6.35 downgrader on sunday
    sorry i cant paste the link as i am using my mobile n86 which has browser bug
    also didri released iso loader0.2 beta3 which loads fast in xmb and can switch drives
    you can check all of that on wololos forum

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