Release: Hen for 6.31/6.35 by Virtuous Flame & Coldbird


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551 Responses

  1. VSC says:

    many thanks bros!

  2. backstabbd88 says:

    wow!!! so many releases since Dec. 24

    from tn hen a , prometheus loader, openidea loader, tnhen b, and now a hen for 6.35!

    wow. psp homebrew scene is alive!

  3. Mark Ryder says:

    are you f-ING kidding me?

  4. PSP FREAK says:

    WTH ?? so fast…hooray!

  5. Bruno says:

    heck yeah!!!!

  6. VSC says:

    I DON’T BELIVE IT! it works!!!!!

  7. billybellfoot says:

    @ wololo i am on 6.30 and very new to this.
    could you please tell me wich method would i benefit most from
    downgrade to 6.20 for tn_hen
    or upgrade to 6.31 for this hen? or
    with the revelation from mathieulh should i stay where i am on 6.30 ofw?

    thanks in advance for any help

  8. bryansosa says:

    Thanks to all people who made this posible….. 😀

    Bryan Sosa
    From Guatemala!

  9. backstabbd88 says:

    ill stick with 6.30 tn-b for now…

    but good news for people w/ 6.35 ofw…


  10. ?? says:

    Excellent work???????we really appreciate it?
    And many thx go to wololo?mosikito and other devs?there wont be THIS fast a release of HEN635 without your work on HBL?

  11. Gustavo says:

    :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO , is possible downgrade?


  12. Xavi says:


  13. backstabbd88 says:

    quote from

    “Advice: 5.03 and 6.20 users, there is no need to upgrade. This HEN are still many problems.”

  14. tks says:

    THANKS all hackers who made this possible…lol

  15. equis says:

    I’m here!!!! Finally!!! Thank you wololo and TN!!! I’ll go directly to donate! I tested TN HEn B previously in a PSP 2010, 6.20 FW and works great!

    • equis says:

      Sorry, I misunderstood this post. So excited, I guess 😉
      Anyway, thx to wololo, TN, VirtousFlame and Coldbird, and all other guys who contributed the scene.

  16. PSP FREAK says:

    help help!
    it says memory leak, and it shut off..
    im on 6.31..

  17. Alex says:

    thank GOD I invent a 6:31 could not wait I was going crazy
    Thanks to everyone who helped for this wonderful done

  18. Caio says:

    SONY should be crumbling in tears right now.

  19. EvilGrin says:

    I love you man! Thank you for the good news. Downloading to test right now!

  20. MuffinHeadicus says:

    PSPfreak it works PERFECT!

    Im on 6.31 too and all you have to do is do what wololo says in the instructions. After it says memory leak, just ignore it. Now, when you are dumped back to the xmb, just pick prometheous iso loader and run what u want.

    So awesome all of this!
    Thank You!

  21. arkidas says:

    Can this be used to play backup ISOs on PSP 3000?

  22. WarlikeOfChaos says:

    Man, you devs are great!!!1

    i cant believe!!1

    fist the 6.20 and now the 6.31 and 6.35!!1

  23. tks says:

    i confirm its working on psp go 6.35 as well as iso loader is working i tested god of war and wowwww…. its WORKING!! :):):)

  24. onemal says:

    Thank you! Thank you 1000 times!
    We waiting this so long, and here is …
    This is awesome news!
    Come home and testing testing testing …
    If you have some time, please update FAQ for HEN.
    Thanks to all, who had hard working to come true this.

  25. skullguy12 says:

    omg! thanks for this. worked perfectly on my psp 3004 with 6.31 fw. also the iso loaderworks perfectly. thanks again!

  26. ffdgh says:


  27. Pablo says:

    may I upgrato from 6.20 to 6.35?????????

  28. Pablo says:

    may I upgrade to from 6.20 to 6.35?????????

  29. WarlikeOfChaos says:


    Post in Bold and uppercase letters “Don’t upgrade to the next firmware punks”.

    otherwise probably someone will complain later “but you didn’t adviced me…”.

  30. Pihas says:

    6.31 works without problems on PSP GO. Thats’s the man, realeses everythink in silence :) Thanks Nice wokr, and Prometheus iso loader works!

  31. xmb says:

    its working on my psp go 6.31 …. tnx a lot wololo and to the developer …

  32. Pihas says:

    6.31 works without problems on PSP GO. Those are the mans, realeses everythink in silence :) Thanks Nice wokr, and Prometheus iso loader works!

  33. Ken-chan! says:

    Wololo, where i can thank to this guys???

  34. Henry says:

    Confirmed to work (beautifully) on N1001 v6.30! Thank you!

  35. xmb says:

    anyone tested to downgrade their psp go 6.31 with success can you please teach us…. tnx

  36. Alexander says:

    how can i install the OpenIdea ISO Loader v0.2 on this ???


  37. NEHAshu says:

    worked with my psp go 6.31… love u…love u…love u….love u…m damn crazy….
    thankz wololo…tn..all the davee..liquidzigong…Virtuous Flame & Coldbird…thanks a lot

  38. iy12l says:

    it says memory leak and im on 6.35???? help!!!

  39. xmb says:

    @iy12l just wait … sit back and release it will take you to your XMB then check system version … tnx

  40. Dallox says:

    I hope it has a VSH menu o.o XD

  41. TheD3X says:

    Hey, how do i use plugins with this version?

  42. foojinx says:

    im on 6.31 on a psp go and the prometheus loader says its not compatible with my FW. which loader(version) should i be using?

  43. Alfredo says:

    ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really works on psp 3001 with 6.35 thanks to hackers that do this great job i and playing initial-D on my psp 3001 with OFW 6.35 Thaks!!!!!!

  44. kevspogi says:

    any chance of brick???

  45. Ark says:

    wow thx 😀 picodrive works perfect 100%

  46. ppp says:

    where do i put the iso loader???

  47. kevspogi says:

    should this happen: sukkiri
    2.Black screen with “Memory leak”
    3. firmware shows 6.31 PRO


  48. Abdullah says:

    A full CFW should now be possible for all consoles, as I believe a custom IPL can be signed, which is what has prevented permanent CFW on recent PSPs until now. Meaning plugins and recovery menu should be possible on all PSPs. Depending on who develops it, possibly ISO loading too. This also means Magic Memory Sticks are possible for PSP 2000s with the ta88v3 motherboard, so they can be unbricked now. (Pandora batteries already work on them).

    Seeing as these keys can also decrypt content, it may be possible to decrypt parts of the PSP boot process and access service mode on newer PSPs, although I am not 100% sure about that. You may need to dump pre-IPL for that, which I believe is a problem.

    This is not my words. Credit goes to SifJar from GBAtemp.

  49. Alfredo says:

    @ppp the iso loader you have to put in PSP/GAME folder bur first you have to load the hbl and goingo to say warning memory leak, but that doesn´t matter
    and youll goingo to be in the XMB now go to game and memory stick and load the iso loader and you will loade the iso loader from the XMB menu and select the game and thats all 😀

  50. hello says:

    There is no menu plugins?

  51. Duu1 says:

    WORKING!!!!! PSP 3000 6.35!!!!!LOVE UUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. evilpiratejim says:

    does anyone know how to activate the VSH Menu? I tried select like it is on 6.20 and it has not worked. any ideas?

  53. spider-monkey says:

    It works…but Wagic crashes :(

  54. PspGoBrew93 says:

    does this work for 6.35 pspgo

  55. pablos199 says:

    what about plugin support/downgrade on 6.31?

  56. Aqacow says:

    It says Warning Memory Leak when it loads
    Anything to worry about ?

  57. omfg says:

    it just focking crashes first time , returns to XMB second time , crashes again third time >_<

  58. ffdgh says:

    cool some homebrew that didn’t work on hbl work now
    btw do plugins work for this?

  59. tks says:

    i have a problem iso loader is runing games but there is no save data being created….can any body help???

  60. nickkxNekro says:

    I’ll be home in little over an hour, if no one reports back about PSPGo info, I’ll let you guys know.

    Logically, it should be patching the same parts of the FW, so I don’t see why it wouldnt.

    @ the downgrade on 6.31 comment, it *was* going to release sometime today, so hopefully this will hold you guys off until that gets finished. Seems like 6.20 HEN is farther along (though it has been out for a few weeks). I love seeing a vsh menu :]

  61. Twc88 says:

    so guys…..can someone tell me…i am on 6.30 firmware……so wat should i do??upgrade to 6.35 or wat???or i just install the hen6.31 and automatically it will become hen??so wat i should do now guys??

  62. Rafael says:

    I have the same question as Twc88. I’m on 6.30, should I update do 6.35?

  63. Hidir says:

    Thanks to all of you. I have tried the HEN 6.35 and Prometheus ISO Loader on my PSP 3006 ofw 6.35 and they are worked fine

  64. sruon says:

    Same question as Rafael and Twc88, on 6.30, should I upgrade to 6.31 or 6.35 first?

  65. JASen says:

    Ty from Argentina, Psp 3001 firm 6.35, works perfect.

  66. Magical3 says:

    Mine crashes everytime, my psp crashes as soon as hen starts to load. I don;t even get a memory leak error.

  67. Alexander says:

    memory leak its mean’s that all going right

  68. Spardacr says:

    OMG!!! It’s working perfect. Thanks a lot.

  69. VPAZOS says:


  70. O.o says:

    Anyone been able to get plugins working? here’s what it says on the site:

    Support plug-ins (on the plugins and not seplugins)
    (translated with google chrome)

  71. ChrisHighwind says:

    Thank you very much Virtuous Flame, Coldbird, and Wololo, out of all the homebrew I’ve tested using this, only SNES9x Euphoria has given me problems and causing me to re-install the HEN, and I’ve already got SNES9xTYL for SNES emulation. I must say it is a good thing that everyone is able to have homebrew now.

  72. Shubham says:

    Working on my PSPGo 6.35…. Awesome !!! YAHAAAA…. WOOOHHOOOO…. 😀

  73. Fernando Alcalá says:

    OMG!!, I can’t wait to go home my PSPGo, come with the ofw 6.31 Thx for this relase, remember do not update greetings from México

  74. cardoso says:

    don’t work…memory leak and black screen…

    • ivan says:

      thats ok, it happened to me too.. but then i used google..

      if you go to system/system information you’ll notice it says 6.35 PRO
      so you run the iso loader (or any homebrew) in the xmb

      also, you put the iso files in the root of your memory stick or system storage in a folder named “ISO”

  75. omnitrix152 says:

    jeez i got it to work the first time does anyone know if its safe to downgrade to 6.20 with this?

  76. Loyz says:

    I’m on a 6.31 psp go and i can launch iso no problem but every homebrew i tried so far don’t work for me .

    The thing i tried so far :

    UO Gpsp Kai 3.4 … dont work
    UO Gpsp Kai 3.3 …dont work
    Snes9x Euphoria R4 …dont work

    God of War ghost of sparta …working
    Puzzle Quest …working

    anyone else have problem with these hombrews ?

    Thx for the devs btw ! Great Work ! We appreciate what your doing for the scene

  77. TheDarknessArrives says:

    What else can you do with HEN on a PSP?

  78. dark assassin says:

    which is better 6.20 TN-B or 6.35 Pro please tell me if you find 6.35 better than 6.20 TN-B tell me so i can upgrade
    P.S Does 6.35 has the same compitability of 6.20 as i hear it has twice the ram so it should be faster
    plz reply

  79. dark assassin says:

    which is better 6.20 TN-B or 6.35 Pro please tell me if you find 6.35 better than 6.20 TN-B tell me so i can upgrade
    P.S Does 6.35 has the same compitability of 6.20 as i hear it has twice the ram so it should be faster

  80. Craighq says:

    says memory leak then shuts down..psp 2003 ofw 6.35.can someone help??

  81. sruon says:

    This might help some people, I couldn’t get the HEN to load with the AC adapter plugged in, without it worked fine.

  82. Richard212121 says:

    Sorry, I can’t charge the prometeus iso loader in a psp 6.35 2003, i need help

  83. clay says:

    OMG this is amazinggggggg. now i wont have to downgrade to 5.03 with 6.20 TN-B

  84. Pspgoer says:

    wow, this is great, since i bought my psp go I waited until i culd get hen, then I upgrated from 6.20 – 6.30 and found out the hen of 6.20, fml. And now i have hen ;D

  85. Kadu says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you
    won, won, won
    not believe

  86. kirby1997 says:

    I will post this on the forums but they wont load at the moment.

    I would love to use this hen but when ever I load my PSP and connect it to the computer (Linux/Ubuntu) it wont let me edit any of the files on my psp. I know what the problem is but it wont let me change my PSP from readable to read and writable.


  87. chris says:


  88. chris says:

    i guess some third party producers are gonna abandon the PSP console…

  89. bigicedog says:

    ive tested and confirmed it is working on 6.35 psp go!!

  90. JuNyA8971 says:

    Works flawlessly on the PSPgo. Nice work to the devs! Hopefully CXMB and other plugins will be made compatible with 6.35 PRO.

  91. ivan says:

    works on psp go 6.35!!

  92. eduardo says:

    i have psp 2004 date code 8c i have 6.31 and i do everything like wololo says but always crash with hen 6.31 then i try hen 6.35 it go to menu but dont do anithing so i updated my psp to 6.35 but now hen 6.35 also only crash hbl work fine could anyone help me

  93. nicko300 says:

    thanks wololo

  94. PSP Go 6.35: Didn’t work, after a long dark screen it says memory leak and goes back to the OFW. When trying a second time it just switched off.

    Too bad, I hope Davee still drops that downgrader.

    • Shubham says:

      Why do you open it the second time…
      Follow these steps..
      1. Open once…
      You will come back to xmb…
      2. Open Iso Loader..
      Choose ISO…
      Its done…

      Don’t open the hack twice… Crash is normal in that case… When it says memory leak and comes back to xmb.. After that you open your homebrews and iso’s..


  95. Blue King says:

    I have pspgo 6.20 should i upgrade to 6.35

  96. Blue King says:

    I guess with all these complains i probably shouldn’t upgrade

  97. GUILHERME says:

    TY for Brasil !!!

  98. Aconcit says:

    This is great, I’ve been playing for awhile and booted up Mega Man Powered Up which works great. I can’t get SNES9xTYL 0.4.2 ME and as soon as the beginning message is complete the emulator gives me a prompt to close. I have no choice but to press O (for yes) because X just restarts the prompt.

    Either way I can’t complain, the PSP scene has had a huge break through looking at all the news lately.

  99. ragin raiden says:

    made custom eboot for promethus iso loader

  100. B42iso says:

    The 6.31 version of HEN works on 6.30 OFW too i tested it personally :)

  101. bhijm says:

    iso loader donnot work in this hen :S

  102. am33r says:

    This is it :) All PSPs today of any model and any firmware can run anything that is runnable hahah Happy new year PSP

    BTW wololo, why there is no table that has all the hackers and their work like this one:

    6.35 Hacker X Found the Exploit, Hacker Y Made the HBL for it, Hacker Z made the HEN, and Hacker A Made the ISO Loader.

    Hackers BCD… Make the Emulators..


  103. Wet250 says:

    I havent tested it yet but i will. Im on ofw 6.31 hope it works 😀

  104. Aconcit says:

    Are you using the Prometheus loader? Dridri’s loader doesn’t work on this HEN but the Prometheus loader is working (at least on 6.31).

  105. cv- says:

    so does 6.20 tn hen not free up the extra 32mb?

  106. NsAnE says:

    How come I have the feeling that a few days from now people will be asking for a 6.4 HEN?

  107. uchijaitachi says:

    hi got a question, i have a psp go 6.30 running minna no sukkiri hbl perfectly, as i have read the 6.31 hen works on 6.30 too and can use the iso loader, ans the steps are these: installing hen change eboot, the run hbl then black or white screen then psp crashes and turns on again, then go to system and check teh version and must say 630 pro or 6.30 pro etc, theb on the xmb (that the normal menu on my psp!?) go to memory stick and run prometheus or the iso? And the final question after my system is pro can i keep playing the games i’ve bought in the PSN store? I will appreciate this if any one can help mer

  108. eduardo says:

    i think its not working on psp 2000 it gets to warning low memory, always crash firmware 6.31 and 6.35 as anyone put a 2000 model run this hen??

  109. Platini says:


    • wololo says:

      @Platini: I love pspgen, but quoting them for a tool that is being actively developed on our forums is a bit far fetched…

      If you want the latest version of dridri’s loader, you can see his work in progress directly on our forums :)

      • uchijaitachi says:

        @ wololo: I am a bit ignorant about hen so i hope u can answer this question to me please: hen can be deactivated as hbl (i mean with hbl you can exit hbl and go to the psp and play psn games, yep i have psp go) or the 6.31 pro etc stuff is permanent?’if not how can i exit hen and use it again later, thanks in advance, oh BTW while using hen can i play my psn games normally?

        • wololo says:

          @uchijaitachi, to deactivate the Hen, just hard reboot your psp (hold the power button for 10 seconds).
          I suggest you don’t use the Hen while playing online.

        • piesia says:

          Hi, Uchijaitachi!

          You would exit the 6.3x hen by turning off your psp (as opposed to simply putting it to sleep where the HEN would remain active).

          If you are still having problems running the 6.3x HEN then make sure you are following the directions exactly: I first tried to run the 6.3x HEN from the GAME section of the XMB (I put it in a folder in /PSP/GAME, which is how I run the TN 6.20 HEN). When I did so, prometheus would crash much like you described in an earlier post. As soon as I realized my mistake and followed Wololo’s directions to the letter — putting the 6.3x HEN eboot in the /hbl/menu folder of the sukiri 6.35 HBL — the prometheus iso loader worked again after starting the HEN with sukkiri and starting prometheus from the XMB with 6.3x HEN loaded..

        • XXbluenavyXX says:

          Yes you can :)

  110. drukoz says:


  111. Marco Antônio says:

    Hen perfect 100% on firmware 6.31! Running games like God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars and Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX with prometheus!
    Thank you! 2011 started very well!

  112. Marco Antônio says:

    Lowering Pro Evolution Soccer 2011! When I try I post here!
    Note: I am Brazilian, so my crappy english medium … use google translator! hehehehehe

  113. eduardo says:

    well it´s confirmed i try all ways like changing hens running hbl first updated to 6.35 because i have same problems on 6.31 i really think this hen dont work on psp 2004 date code 8c

  114. Richard212121 says:

    It works in my psp now, thanks Mr wololo, you are a master, the iso of need for speed moost wanted didnt work :(

  115. James says:

    Well the Hen ran fine on 6.31 until I tried to launch gpsp … it tried to load it then gave a blue screen …. then shut off ….. after that I couldn’t get the hen to load anymore …. would just shut off my psp. So I replaced the hen eboot … same thing … I then reinstalled hbl and hen … it started working again …. until I let my 5 yr old daughter play super mario toy homebrew …. it was working fine when I gave it to her …. 10 mins later she brought the psp back to me … it was stuck on a blue screen then turned off …. after that hen refused to load…. I tried everything to get it going again and still …. not working …

    psp 3000 running 6.31.

    • James says:

      Going to back up all my *** then format the memorystick duo …. it might be cause I’m using an 8gig sony one …..

  116. Guuh says:

    Does’t work here :( psp 3000 6.35 :/

  117. Will says:

    Anybody tested PSPgo 6.35?

  118. Enigma says:

    Great Way to Start of 2011. This Works Great on PSP Go, 6.31. I’m testing Prometheus’s ISO Loader as I speak. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

  119. King000David says:

    much luv kingdom hearts looks amazing

  120. R-Man says:

    Works perfectly alright in my psp 3003 6.31(just updated from 6.30),,even the prometheus iso loader,,,, :) gr8 works ,, thnx Virtuous Flame & Coldbird and last but not least wololo & TN… u guys r gr8

  121. Misha says:

    Dissapointing. I mean, its fantastic we have it yeah?
    But Homer’s Rin doesn’t work, homebrews crash often.
    Prometheus… yeah it works.
    I feel bad for Total_Noob though. he was going to release 6.35 but now what?

    • James says:

      I wouldn’t mind a tn hen right about now … this hen just isn’t working for me … even after I formatted my memorystick and reinstalled hen.

      • Hiro says:

        well he’s on the record for saying that he’s going to release it, and I’m sure there’d be a huge outcry if he decides otherwise just because another team decided to launch their HEN.

  122. Igor K. says:

    Prometheus ISO Loader works on this, and it works perfectly on the PSP-Go

  123. Igor K. says:

    total_noob said his will be a Flashed Version, if i remember right…

  124. Igor K. says:

    do SEPlugins, like CWCheats, work, or PSX Games?

    • piesia says:

      Hi, Igor!

      SEPlugins doesn’t work with this HEN, so unfortunately CWCheat probably doesn’t. I got the Prometheus ISO loader to work on my GO with 6.31 running this HEN. It successfully loaded one .ISO but I didn’t test it thoroughly as I got pulled off onto other things. 8-(

  125. miku!!! says:

    Just got this for my miku psp 3000 on 6.31 and looks like its working fine. I haven’t tried the iso loader but I ran a couple homebrews I had on the stick(from like a year ago, I haven’t been using my psp) and they worked fine. Like wololo said though, I’m sure its a little buggy now but with the next release i’m sure it will only get better. Either way atleast we have hen now for us 6.31/6.35 users

  126. Crazyflakes says:

    i cant get the prom is0 loader to work! after i get my iso “Socom fireteam bravo 3″ put in the the psp0:/iso and run the 6.31 HeN it works but then when i start the iso it shows a loading symbol in the right hand corner for a few secounds and then freezes. then i tried usig openidea but that didnt work either. can any1 help me” is it the iso or the loader that has a bug?”

  127. Cofn says:

    Just got this working on 6.35 on a PSP Go, could not get the ISoloader to run Kingdom Hearts on 6.31.

    it would try to load and pop back out to the main Prometheus menu.

    Upgraded to OFW 6.35 and installed the package and now it loads fine.

  128. paKO JONES says:


    I know it’s a shame but there’s a website called MERCADO LIBRE in which a “virtual chip” is offered for all psps from 5.03 to 6.20 to help user play NEO GEO, snes, nes, etc., games and it turns out to be a package containing your hbl, the patapon exploit and TN’s HEN. So be very careful because people in some parts of central and south America (America in not the USA only!) are buying this and as wololo said these programs are for free. You don’t have to pay for anything and don’t trust everything you read on the internet, especially on these sites, they want to get money selling things which are for free

    • wololo says:

      @paKO JONES, thanks for the heads up, I’ll see what we can do… most likely we can’t do much except warn people about these issues…

  129. Steve says:

    I have a PSP 1000 with 6.31 and i am trying to downgrade to 5.00.

    I tried to run Hellcat Recovery 1.6 or DC8 with this version of Hen but didn’t work.

    Anybody have any luck on this?

  130. Matt says:

    Is there any way to run ps1 games yet? I want to play King’s Field and Tomba!

  131. Sloms says:

    Hey, this is fantastic work!

    Just had a question… People are saying that an “out of memory” (or something along those lines) is normal when first running the HEN. I do not get this message. I know the HEN still works fine though, since I’ve been using ‘ISO Loader’ without issue. My firmware version also verifies it works (6.35 PRO). Is it ok that I’m not getting the “out of memory error”? Or am I just lucky? haha

    If it matters, I’m using a PSP 3000 that I got in the recent Black Friday bundle. It was running OFW 6.35 before I got into the homebrew scene.

  132. James says:

    I wish I knew what you guys are doing to get it to work … mine still just goes black then turns off …. both in 6.31 and now in 6.35 :( … I replaced the hbl eboot and hbl starts fine …. I’m at a loss

    • James says:

      the funny thing is …. if I use the 6.31 hen it gives me the memory leak message then reboots like it’s loading hen … but it doesn’t ofcorse … just goes back to 6.31 ofw …… but it’s still closer than the 6.35 hen that just crashes the psp when trying to load.

      • ross says:

        it just like my 6.36,when i run the 6.35hen, it just showed memory leak and turned off,and when i run 6.31hen,it restarted to the XMB,but still stay in OFW6.36 :<

  133. Crazyflakes says:

    yes i got it to work im now playing wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 iso yaaa

  134. game007 says:

    @James pretty sure you may have a psp 4g just stop what your doing now! before you end up with a brick..Currently the 4g 3000 psps cannot be downgraded due to a security measure.I have a psp 4g with the same issues
    your describing, read a little about the 4g 3000 downgrade to be a little more informed about what your trying to do.Sorry in advance if its a 3g then i have no clue whats the problem

    • James says:

      it’s a psp 30001 … I got the hen to run when I had 6.31 …. my daughter wanted to play mario toy homebrew … it booted up fine .. gave it to her … she brought it back to me locked up on a blue screen …. then it just shut off … never get the hen to boot again lol ….. I’ve since upgraded the thing to 6.35 … still not working …. meh … just my luck anyway

  135. Sidhi0n says:

    huge thank you to wololo for your blog, your HBL, and being the first place to tell me about the 6.3x hens. Keep up the good work.

    Oh and thnks to TN and Virtuous flame and coolbird for all your hard work.

  136. cameraguy256 says:


  137. Igor K. says:

    is there an XMB ISO Loader yet, like the OpenIdea for 6.20 tn-a/b HEN?

  138. James says:

    ok I got it to work … it was odd … as hem started to load I just ticked the power button .. you know to get it to goto standby mode … then presto … it booted up hen :)

  139. Gus says:

    Just got Hen to work I think on my Monster Hunter 3rd Portable PSP3000…I went to System settings and checked version 6.30 to start and then I ran HEN and looked again at my system settings and got 6.31 PRO.

    When I did Sukkiri Exploit for HEN I get a message saying Memory Leak Copying File then it goes to main screen and check my system Setting and it is 6.31 PRO.

    I ran Prometheus ISO Loader I get the menu selection for ISO’s and then I select Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ISO and then I get a black screen and nothing happens so I do a HARD System shutdown and then I restart PSP and it goes back to normal..

    Any other people having this issue? I have OFW 6.30 should I update my OFW to Latest or no?

  140. vallesasecas says:

    Deeply in my heart I say…….THANKSSSSSS!!!

  141. andrew says:

    im on 6.20. hehe now im happy for the people who have 6.31 and 35


  142. el.Roy says:

    prometheus iso loader run so… f***ing perfec on my PSP GO OFW 6.35 !!!
    THANKS a lot !!!

  143. Fear013 says:

    It works on my psp 2001 ofw 6.35 but i don’t have iso game yet. so still testing but it was able to load. I feel like “GOD” has descended.

  144. PICOLÉ says:

    AI SIMMMM…….

  145. w7y7a7t7t says:

    if i use this on hot shots golf will it work? i know it probably will i just wanna make sure

    ps i wanna use it HSG so it will load faster

  146. Gus says:

    Any help please for me?

    How can I find out what version of PSP3000 I have?

    It is the Limited Edition Hunters PSP for monster hunter 3rd Portable.

  147. Dante says:

    I have a PSP-1000 (because I like to rock it oldschool), and this exploit/HEN works just fine. However, I’ve encountered two major problems:

    1) Whenever I try to load up an ISO in Prometheus, I get a black screen…and then my PSP just shuts right off without warning.

    2) gPSP goes to a bluescreen, and the only way to exit it is a hard reset.

    Anyone have any solutions for this problem, or should I just wait for Total_Noob to finish his HEN?

  148. Mitch says:

    OK can some one tell me EXACTLY what should be happening after I load the HBL with HSG:OP I get a black screen and then it shuts off. I did however turn it to StandBy mode and back on and it was in 6.31 PRO.

    Do I have to do that everytime i want to use it?

  149. Landou says:

    Thanks man ! You are the best !

    Obrigado !! Valeu !! lol

  150. So CAn i Just Download The Sukkiri Exploit and run Tn Hen-B
    instead of patapon or No???

  151. shortyblue238 says:

    when i go to system information it says 6.35 pro

  152. PsYchoTikDose says:

    OfW 6.20 on my -Go

  153. PsYchoTikDose says:

    @shortyblue238 It suppose TO say that

  154. Charlie says:

    ANY NEWS on a PS One loader??? I get copyright notice when I try to play my backups on my PSP Go

  155. katsumots9 says:

    oyeah! oyeah! oyeah! atlast! party people!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :)

  156. diego says:


  157. tabootang says:

    “Has some bug better than have no Hen” As writer’s words
    This is just a test version

  158. Dreamer says:

    Hello, I’m new to PSP thingy..all I want to know is..after using this HEN for my psp 3004 6.31 & loading prometheus iso loader will I be able to run ISO where info is written “Tested for GEN 5.03 D” or something like that..or whr can I get iso’s for 6.31 henned psp 3004? would highly appreciate if any1 gives me at least some idea :(

  159. Crazyflakes says:

    does the promiso loader load both iso and cso or just iso cuz when i load a cso it dont work but iso’s do< do i need to convert cso to iso to get it to work?

  160. katsumots9 says:

    guys where should i put my iso games to run it? currently im putting it in psp/game folder. but when i run the prometheus iso loader my iso games wont appear. so where should i put my iso games? to load it.? thanks in advance. :)

    • Mitch says:

      put the iso folder in the root of your psp’s memory stick…where all the other folders are(PSP, VIDEO, MUSIC, etc.)

      • katsumots9 says:

        oh. thanks. the last time i did is name it “iso directory” and it doesnt work and when i changed it to “iso” only. it works! wooohh!! thanks a lot! :)

  161. ejay says:

    how about 6.30 is it applicable to 6.30 version????????????????? plsss

  162. James says:

    to everyone having issues getting hen to load …. I found it loads if I take out my battery … just having it plugged into the ac plug thing. I’m not exactly sure why but booting up hen like that seems to work on my psp 3001 6.35.

  163. James says:

    @ Katsumots ….. dude you gotta make a folder on your memorystick called iso … make sure the folder is in the top main directory … same one the psp folder is in.

  164. heyman says:

    um, how do i add isos to prometheus?

    • Mitch says:

      put the iso folder in the root of your psp’s memory stick…where all the other folders are(PSP, VIDEO, MUSIC, etc.)

  165. rath_iruzer says:

    This is good starting for 6.3x HEN.
    For who still care with homebrew and stable, stay @ 6.20.

  166. Zen says:

    I’ve tested my god of war: gos (i do have a copy btw and dun like the noise of umd drive =/).. and it seems laggy on cutscenes.. it maybe because it’s compressed? I’ll try to DL the untouched/uncompressed one.

  167. andrew says:

    hehe happy for u 6.31 and 6.35 people :)

  168. jonhy says:

    daedalusX64 v631 no run on hen 6.35 T-T

  169. Enzeru says:

    Does someone know if this Hen supports plugins? i’ve tried to use both CWCheat and CoderPR and they don’t appear pressing select/double pressing home button while playing a game with Prometheus loader. I’m using a PSP 3010 in 6.31

  170. Chris says:

    YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! THANKS. Like most comments, I cannot believe how happy I am. PSP 3000 4g CORE Systems we’re on sale in Canada during holidays for $129.95 CDN when I bought mine last week. Mine had 6.30 OFW. I upgraded to 6.31, then followed all the instruction given and everything worked perfect. My Prometheus ISO loader has loaded everything I’ve tried so far ( lord of the rings, michael jackson, prince of persia, tom clancy ghost recon).

    Question: Now that my collection is soon to grow in size :) , can I use any memory stick I want?? Does it need to be $ony brand? Will 16GB sandisk magic gate work? Would this work?

    • Chris says:

      I forgot to mention, if anything, $ony should be paying YOU guys. I’m sure their sale of PSP will increase because of your work.

  171. EvilGrin says:

    Yey! I’m Playing Monster Hunter Portable 3 on my 3000 6.31! thx again wololo

    • jingo386 says:

      Could you tell me what kind of homebrews you are using for MHP3?
      My PSP is at 6.31pro with Prometheus ISO loader included isofs_500.prx
      but i can’t get my MHP3 backup to be loaded either in NP9660 or M33.
      It just went black screen and only way to solve is turning off power(and you can hear the umd reader’s sound…yike!)
      Also, are you using the iso decrypted or just the oringinal backup?

  172. jonhy says:

    el daedalus x64 rev 631 se me cuelga cuando tardo en el menu o cuando quito el game para seleccionar otro T-T

  173. Thanx for Total_Noob, and ??????(Virtuous Flame) & Coldbird.You did excellent job,and you guys are awesome!Happy new year to you guys!

  174. garrei says:

    This HEN is ***… it loads only half of my homebrews and doesnt have a VSH menu or plugin support. i think we need a downgrader made for this hen to 6.20 so we can use 6.20 TN-B…. 6.35 PRO SUCKS!!!

  175. mr-crazy says:

    works very fast on 3004 6.31. tested bowling 3d iso.great work

  176. ragin raiden says:

    not bad at all,but it really needs plugin support and vhs menu.i really want a cool cxmb theme on my psp go

  177. ROB says:

    got the iso loader working on 6.35 ILOVEEITTTSOOMUCHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. eduardo says:

    the hen dont work on psp 2000.

  179. dude says:

    when will it be released davee’s work

  180. Kirino says:

    Here is the page,report isos work on 6.31and6.35pro.

  181. slackerforlife says:

    first off i would like to thank you all for the hard work i have been testing all this on a PSP_2001 with ofw 6.20->6.31 and PSP_GO with ofw 6.31 i found that Madden NFL 11.cso does not load will this be the case for newer games
    and is there a patch.

    PS, i did try to use a old PSP-fat Pandora battery on the psp-go and it just start up normal if any have a code or a new bride point let me know and i will try it.

  182. :D says:

    Well, i’m using 6.20 but really happy for people using 6.35.

    Enjoy it!

  183. lal says:

    Can someone tell me where do I put the 6.31 OFW update file? Sorry I’m a noob at this kind of stuff. Please help!! Thanks

  184. Twc88 says:

    when i load the iso….the psp just show black screen and there is no changement….any solution fren??i load the persona 3 portable….

  185. baby milo says:

    @twc88 yo u have to find a better iso for some reason only certain iso is real while other are fake, because i had to download 3 kingdom hearts birth by sleep to find one that really works, and also CSO file works great

    sidenote:this works super perfect with my psp :^)…hope wolo u can make a better version and get them psx games working thanx and bye

  186. Happy says:

    Ok first of all, I really thank you for this relesase, I was waiting for it around one month (I know, that is nothing).

    I just was thinking, here there is something strange. When the psp go appears in store, a lot of people in way or another got one. Then, sales for the same console decreased. I am pretty sure that sales on psn store decreased as well.

    Not a long time ago, I red an article about the money losses in Sony Company because nobody wanted the psp go, even on standar psp with OFW above 6.00.

    Then appears Wololo and all the great guys with a new hope for the scene. I just wonder, is it possible that all these people is part of Sony? Because to be honest, I am sure that at this moment people who knows about this release now already has a new psp or they have plans to get one.

    Probably I am wrong, who cares now I can play my favorite games like god o war and others.

    Just I want say, thanks guys for this amazing release.


  187. shailendra says:

    every things works like magic while using “Hen for 6.31/6.35 by Virtuous Flame & Coldbird” i m using “Prometheus ISO loader” for loading an iso or cso file and it isnt working in my psp 3004 so i think a alot more work is still to be done when it comes to use iso loader.
    plz email me the link of the iso loader or even a name of iso loader i would search it at “”(without inverted commas) to help me out.

    thank you :)

  188. tks says:

    i’m with psp go 6.35….iso loader is working good ….i’ve tried god of war,gta liberity ,final fantasy vii ,metal gear solid peace walker,us navy seal fire team ….all of them are working good…so i conclude its good start for BETA HEN …well STOP CURSING people ITS JUST A BETA VERSION….and u get that on NEW YEAR…at least u could show some respect…and as it is we will get TN HEN 6.35 in a month….:)

  189. balkz says:

    lol i was gonna make a PSPgo smash youtube video for new yrs….untill this came out LOL

  190. NEHAshu says:

    those who dont know to install

  191. ffdgh says:

    hmm do any cheat devices work with the iso loader? i wanna hack my kh:bbs lolz
    oh and does go tube work?

  192. PS1Lover says:

    WOOHOO Ican finally play my old backups!! that is if they work

  193. mavman42 says:

    you can use PSP TOOL on the TN HEN and downgrade to 5.00 m33!!!
    THAT”S WHAT I DID!!!!!!!!!

  194. jon says:

    THANKS psptool worked!!!!!!!!

  195. AMARTHYA says:

    i can’t downlad the file because it says blocked url
    because i m in saudi arabia
    could someone download and send the file to my email address

  196. Filipe says:

    how to install, the best tutorial here

  197. sony can kiss my ass says:

    works on my psp 3004 with 6.31. the only problem i found is a loading bug i have sometimes. the screen just stays black after loading the safe game…

    but other than that, it is awesome news for me :) :) :) :)

  198. R-Man says:

    For those who r saying their psp shows black screen when they load a game with prometheus loader they should change to ”ISO MODE Sony NP9660”……………………at least mine one works (PSP 3003 ofw 6.31)

  199. greek says:

    Working perfectly on psp 3004 6.35 with prometheus iso loader!!!Thanks from Greece!

  200. tabootang says:

    EBOOT_635.RAR (63.72 KB, ????: 4)
    22:37 2011-1-4 ???03g??,???wifi??????????????

  201. tabootang says:
    Little update……03g Support & wifi

  202. red9350 says:

    will it work with OFW 6.30 or i MUST update to 6.31????? help!

  203. Ark says:

    lol the battery light don’t work 😛 very well ( hen bug lol)

  204. jjjjjj says:

    hello and thank you for this.

    mine 6.35 works fine, but when i turn it off and back on i must go again to Minna no sukkiri so it can be hacked again.

    Is it possible to run and save homebrew from/on psp go internal memory?

  205. StarMars says:

    doesn’t work on my PSP 3000, 6.30 (MGS: Peacewalker edition upgraded to 6.30). It doesn’t even load the HEN. It either shuts down or goes back to the XMB after pressing the circle button. retried many times, didn’t work. I’ll try updating to 6.31.

    • StarMars says:

      I take that back. It seems that HEN for 6.31 works on 6.30 OFW too. Just use that instead of HEN 6.35. Thank God that I tried it before upgrading to 6.31.

      I think it’s better to call it 6.30-31/6.35 for clarity.

      • Twc88 says:

        hei mars….so can u load the iso using the prometheus???i have try 2 iso games but all is not workable….i am able to make it to 6.31 pro and then when i load the iso it only give me a black screen….so what should i do???the game i try is KIngdom Heart and the Persona 3 portable…..

      • billybellfoot says:

        thanks been waiting to get that cleared up also am on 6.30 and didnt want to update already updated to 6.30 and regreted it didnt want to do it again so i just use 6.31 hen on 6.30 nice one

        • Twc88 says:

          so billy….can u load and play iso on ur firmware 6.30 which when hen will be 6.31 pro??does ur iso work???

          • billybellfoot says:

            no non working for me

          • StarMars says:

            It’s working for me but I’ve tried only 1 game so far and that’s Patapon 2.

          • billybellfoot says:

            it seems its still a bit buggy at the mo will wait till some of the glitches are iron out still its heading in the right direction though cant wait to play my games with out noisy umd and extra battery life
            any updates from people on 6.30 using 6.31 HEn would be greatly appreciated by me and many more im sure

  206. Magical3 says:

    I have to replace the HEN eboot everytime I want to load the HEN again. Very Annoying, but I know that this will be fixed. I can run it one time, then when my PSP is rebooted and I try to run it again without replacing the eboot, it freezes then shuts down my PSP, I don’t even get a memory leak error. I hope TN releases his HEN for 6.3x soon.

    • miku!!! says:

      That might be your memory stick or something because I have rebooted my psp several times already and I didn’t have to replace any of the eboots on my 3000.

  207. Lilo says:

    Does this work on the old Fat PSP with a IC1003 (TA-082) motherboard?

  208. tabootang says:

    what about TN’S 635Hen?

  209. andrew says:

    if i load an iso in prometheus iso loader i get black screen?
    someone can help please?
    my psp is 3004 6.35

    • miku!!! says:

      Try switching the drivers by pressing the select button on your psp prior to loading the iso. By the way, in case you downloaded an iso, make sure its an “unpatched” iso. Newer games are patched to run on the older hen and I guess this screws things up. I downloaded a Project Diva 2nd iso that was patched to run on older firmware and it would give me a black screen aswell, I then ripped my own copy(umd) and it worked fine with the iso loader. Hope you get it sorted out.

    • Hacker fff says:

      Not all isos work in prometheus iso loader

  210. martin says:

    Ohhhh, what a nice new year’s surprise!

    I visited yesterday, by habit actually, and didn’t expect anything new…


    Thank you Wololo!

    Thank you Total_Noob!

    Thank you Virtuous Flame and Coldbird!

  211. Brian says:

    if you insatll hen with the hbl.os there a was to get rid of it.i mean so i can reinstall it. plz answer wololo

  212. andrew says:

    looks like same probs how with hen-tn a….bugs in 300x models :(

    • miku!!! says:

      I don’t know if people are having problems with this on certain 3000’s but it runs fine on my 3000 and it’s relatively new(this particular model is a Japanese limited editon psp that came out late July). Sorry to hear you are having problems but don’t worry, I’m sure there will be a revision in a few days or so.

      By the way, in case people want to dump their umd’s for use with the prometheus iso loader, ISOTool 1.95 is working fine on my 3000(6.31), playing Project Diva 2nd.

    • Brian says:

      no what i mean is.say if i download it.and run it with the hbl and it there a way to make the psp return to normal then i can load up hen again when everi want???

  213. XXbluenavyXX says:

    Works on PSP 3001 OFW 6.35 😀

  214. Ron says:

    Has anyone successfully run PSPIdent with this? I just get crash after some info displayed.

  215. Sceptic says:

    Can anyone hold L during the launch of the ISO loader and let me know what happened?

  216. evil iori says:

    it works fine at my psp 3000 v 6.31
    all homebrew are working smooth even the n64 emu working now
    thanks to wololo
    TN and all the dev and hackers
    psp rocks!!!

  217. Sceptic says:

    Well…on my Psp 3001 v 6.35 ,I Imediately ran Prometheus ISO loader.that was the first homebrew i used…It started and i loaded bleach heat the soul 7 successfully .It even saved properly ,but every time after that,i tried to run a backup but it would freeze as soon as the loader started up!!!IT STILL DOES!!! ,My L trigger is stuck so i was wandering if holding down the L during start would affect the loader….If not Can anyone help?..

  218. WarlikeOfChaos says:

    today i bought a black Go, it cames with the fw 5.70 and….

    the patapon 2 demo pre instaled O.o

  219. jmag says:

    i had to restore my default settings for it to work for me. psp white starwars with 6.31.

  220. Filipe says:

    How to install, best tutorial here

  221. Gus says:

    I tried Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Untouched ISO both on M33 Driver and NP with Prometheus ISO Loader. I keep getting black screen.

    I am on PSP3000 Monster Hunter PSP Hunter Edition (3rd Limited Edition PSP).

    6.30 OFW is able to use HEN to make 6.30 into 6.31 PROM and it plays Wagic No Problems…But I keep getting BLACK SCREEN which a lot of us are getting trying to load up Monster Hunter 3rd Portable Game ISO untouched but not working..

    Any Ideas??

    • w7y7a7t7t says:

      try upgrading to 6.31, thats pretty much the only advice i can give, im on 6.31 and it loads fine for me.

    • miku!!! says:

      I read a couple pages back about someone who coldnt run it either and then updated to 6.35 hen and that made it work. I wouldnt update though, im sure a update or revision to the hen is on the way.

  222. blizako says:

    what firmware should i downgrade to for my pspgo…
    or should i do a “custom” firmware.. where i put the best prx and stuff into a eboot and load it….. or should i wait for the kirk firmware.

  223. miku!!! says:

    Sorry or better yet 6.31 like w7 said

  224. Crazyflakes says:

    6.31 firmware + iso loader= RAPE!! 8==D (l)

  225. huesos_96 says:

    i have a question my psp is now on ofw 6.31 and i se that the Pro Hen 6.35 have more updates an this is my cuestion if i upgrade my psp or stay in 6.31 ofw
    PD: i canot downgrade my psp to 6.20 because when i bought it it has ofw 6.30 or that not imports
    sorry for my poor english

    • ivan says:

      imports xD

      amigo, la regla #1 para hackear es NUNCA actualizar asique nunca lo hagas si no quieres esperar mas de lo normal para que saquen los homebrews para tu version actualizada

      • guykild says:

        segun lei en el foro original donde lo postearon dice ke no van a sacar mas actualizaciones para el 6.31 y sera solo para el 6.35 para tratar de arreglar los bugs ke hay en ese solamente.

  226. huesos_96 says:

    i forget some information my psp is 3010 4g

  227. andre says:

    nice it went well in my psp go just cant play buzz world quiz rest works fine thanks alot from portugal

  228. martip07 says:


    hey there dude dont worry about it, just keep on PROHEN 6.31and dont do anything else because there is a incoming downgrade in the next days …….. so just wait with your firmware 6.31, play isos and don upgrade ok ………

  229. huesos_96 says:

    ok i understand i keep my ofw 6.31 :)

  230. CyberM says:

    glad to tell that is working in my pspGO black
    thanks for the release

  231. Spider-Monkey says:

    Every game I tried works!! Well maybe in the next PRO hen there will be a downgrade feature too or at least a VSH menu 😀

    I notice that PSN didn’t update today which they usually do but I guest they’re crying because of that sign thing that they found and this Hen 😀 Or the PSN just didn’t update 😉

      • guykild says:

        yes there will be a downgrader but with your own risk as always

        • Spider-Monkey says:

          Well, now that we know that its possible to downgrade a psp 3000(3g) down to 5.03 and didn’t hear anyone brick their psp 3000(3g)…yet, I’m pretty confident about downgrading my psp 3000(3g) down to 6.20 if the downgrade for 6.35 comes(which it will 😀 ). After that I might downgrade to 5.03 just for awhile 😀 And yes there will be a risk but without taking that risk doesn’t really get you anywhere right? 😀

          Did somebody tried Monster Hunter 3rd with the iso loader yet?(Sorry if someone already mentioned it or asked it, I’m to lazy to scroll down through comments 😉 )

          BTW the PSN finally update with some crappy new games as usual. I was really hoping for a firmware update :( I guest I was right, Sony is really crying now about this 😀

          Games I tried and works:
          2)Way of the Samurai
          3)Armored Core: Last Raven
          4)Gladiator Begins
          5)Adventure to Go

          I’m gonna try to download Monster Hunter 3rd tomorrow 😀

  232. bmg1001 says:

    Hey, Im trying to run CXMB on 6.31 PRO Hen, but I don’t know how, can anyone please help me?

  233. SKeze12 says:

    i cant run it on psp 3010 OFW 6.30!!!! i need to update to 6.31??? plz reply meee!

    • Enzeru says:

      Well, it worked perfect for me and I have the 3010 too, however it has the OFW 6.31, I thought there was not difference between those OFW, but you won’t loose anything if you update to 6.31, it’s almost nothing, just a .01 lol >_> xD

  234. dustin09999 says:

    iso games works now with my go trough prometheus but when i play Kingdom Hearts: BBS i got stuck loading after cutscene in radiant garden then it shutsdown…and in tenchu: Time of the assasin there is horrible sound….maybe ill use OpenIdea ISO loader instead of this prob coz i cant continue my play in Kingdom Hearts then after that cutscene ill back at prometheus…

  235. Ton_Werty says:

    @SKeze12 is bro 1st u up to ofw 6.31

  236. DBZo07 says:

    Requesting people to share worinh iso for 6.31/35 PRO
    Discussed here!

  237. DBZo07 says:


    Requesting people to share working iso for 6.31/35 PRO
    Discussed here!

  238. blizako says:

    can anyone show me how to change the version of 6.35PRO
    how to put a vsh menu into 6.35PRO

  239. hello says:

    works on my psp 2000 6.31

  240. katsumots9 says:

    guys just wanna ask. is this HEN only beta test with bugs or official? :)

  241. dustin09999 says:

    its bug mostly some homebrews dont work…and some ISO gaming having bug or crashes

  242. joejoejoe says:

    They should just release a downgrader for it, TN hen is much much much much better

  243. chris says:

    thank you!

  244. eerf says:

    is this included with ISO loader?

    • Noth says:

      Nope, but you can run prometheus loader for the 6.20, it works OK. Issues with a lot of ISO’s but CSO’s seem to run better for some reason. Finding the right ISO is the biggest issue, but I now have P3P ISO running flawless on a psp-go OFW6.31 with this HEN and prometheus.
      I do not think OpenIdea will run as it relies on Vsh and I guess works as a plugin which is not supported on this HEN yet afaik.

  245. nom says:

    Is it possible to run OpenIdea ISO loader on this?

    • Shinny says:

      yes read the post from wololo… im useing it and btw it has no crash works just super… i mean who cares run it from xmb or loader….. for me i prefer loader…

  246. Shinny says:

    i played dbz budokai shin iso and it works fine…

  247. Aztecdude1 says:

    Hey all a new update has been released fixing a wifi issue. check the blog for downloads and information

  248. Kaelodia says:

    why cant i play prometheus loader? and i can run the exploit but the system info is still 6.31? pls help me.

  249. Venaien111111 says:

    works this on psp 3004?

  250. for now its good but i think if tn release a 6.3X tn its better than this but anyway im 6.20 tn b user

  251. Sparkz says:

    the HEN work fine for all the people who are curious.
    also the Prometheus ISO loader works fine, if the iso/cso isn’t working try changing the ISO mode to NP9660

  252. Ericsun says:

    How about Hen for 6.36(monster hunter 3rd users)??

    it will take long time??

    plz notes us!

    • equis says:

      6.36 means you updated. All the time everybody were saying NOT to update; that was at your own risk. So, you must wait a loooong time. After all, why do you need the HEn? You have MH3rd.

  253. Mario says:

    What about PS1 games???Someone tried??

    • Noth says:

      I tried and it does NOT work.
      You’d need popsloader prx’es or something like this, I dunno exactly, but it definitely does NOT work.
      I found Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable runs perfect as ISO, also a CSO of God of War worked fine.

  254. joeblow says:

    i got tekken 6 iso to work, tron works too but u can’t move the character, street alpha max .cso works, cannot get darkstalkers:chaos tower, wipeout pure, guilty gear cso NOT working

  255. uchijaitachi says:

    Hi, so far I’ve tested my psp go 6.30 using the minna no sukiri hbl together with the 6.31 hen i have played isos (GOD ghost of sparta, GTA, Medal of Honor) and it works perfectly, i can also play my psn games as if i were in ofw and i can play Gpspkai, snextyl, fcunes (cannot save states with this emulator) sega psicodrive, racer and deadalus (it is pretty slow but mario kart works perfectly without sound), wolfE3D and other homebrew applications, this hen works perfect for me and i haven’t had any problem since the release (no black screen and my psp go didn’t turn itself off), here is a page of the isos working for this version:
    Thaks to WOLOLO, you’re a master, TN, Virtous flame and coldbird you are awesome if it weren’t for you i would keep spending money in the pSN while having UMD discs, thanks

  256. tkidd6794 says:

    I installed the 6.31 HEN and it was working fine at first. But when I started up the HEN for the 10th time it went to a black screen and crashed. After that i tried to start the HEN about 5 or 6 times and crashed everytime. When I try to start the Hen the last time I got a message : kernal memory will be dumped to ms0:/KMEM.bin and then crashed. Help?

  257. bob says:


    I jst bought PSP 3001 with version 6.03. Can someone guide me how upgrade?


    • kallel says:

      Hi Bob.

      You just need to upgrade from your PSP upgrade option, if you want to upgrade with 6.31 you need to download it from the web and paste the EBOOT you downloaded into a folder like this: PSP/GAME/UPDATE then go to settings in your psp and press system update it will use your 6.31 update you just download.
      Hope this helps


    • equis says:

      1.- Download the file in this link
      2.- Extract the contents in your memory stick at the /PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder
      3.- Go to to XMB, Games, Memory stick, and there you will find your update file, just run it.
      4.- Be sure your PSP has complete charge, so you don’t run out and wipe out your PSP.
      5.- The process take a while, but you must have 6.20 FW after that. You can go to and download the complete package for 6.20 TN HEN B; you’ll need the patapon 2 demo too, available at Extract all these archives in the corresponing folders and run the HEN thru the patapon 2 demo!

  258. ugauga1530 says:

    i follow all the things to be done but when i load the sukkiri saved data it freezes “MEMORY LEAK” and then eventually my psp shut off.. i have a psp slim 2000 cfw 6.35…. the hen 6.35 in the link wont work on my psp.. pls pls pls need help. and ohh yes i do tryed all the youtube tuitorials, and the results on my psp are all the same… it wont go any further…

    • equis says:

      HEn almost every time writes to the screen “memory leak” (maybe is the firmware) so you must not to be afraid of this. Check your FW version in the settings menu. If you see 6.3x PRO, then you are running the HEN.

  259. Basch says:

    I have just one question: how can I make psx games work on this hen? I’ve tried to simply run eboots, but they do not start, then I’ve tried to use a homebrew (or it was an emulator, I don’t know) named Ps1P_OwNed, but nothing of these things seem to work. Please, help me ç_ç

  260. kallel says:

    Hi, thanks to everyone involved!!!
    Wololo you rock men!!!!
    I need some help on how to burn UMD´s to iso, im using firmware 6.35 with the new hen, I just bought the psp so I wasnt able to get an older firmware

    Thanks to all of you in advance!!!


  261. ivan says:

    is there any way to pause the game (ps
    button) on a 6.35 pro psp go running prometheus iso loader?

  262. ivan says:

    is there any way to pause the game (ps
    button) on a 6.35 pro psp go running prometheus iso loader?.

    • equis says:

      I have not fully tried, @ivan, but yes, you can pause your game using Prometheus ISO Loader. Just press the PS button in your Go, and choose Pause. A savedata file will be stored in the PSP and you can resume your game. That’s what i did, but after that, I deleted the file (so I cannot say it works resuming). But you can test yourself.

      There is a great tip in the readme file in TN HEN: You can pause any homebrew using your PS button. If for any reason your PSP shuts down at XMB (or any other game), you only need to resume your homebrew using the savedata created previously to be in “TN HEN” mode again :) (PSP Go only)

  263. ugauga1530 says:

    I’ve tried 10 times already but its still the same it crashes when it reaches to this phrase” WARNING: MEMORY LEAK”…. And just a matter of seconds my psp shut down… so i have to turn it on again to see if it works but nothing happens still VERSION 6.35… How i wish that T-N will release the REAL hen for 6.35…. i hope sooner… tnx… peace out….

    • equis says:

      READ (your) previous post(s)!

    • uchijaitachi says:

      don’t know why does not work in ur psp, i just followed the instructions, download demo, donwload hbl, donwload exploit copied the hbl and h.bin on the root, then exploit in savedata folder, then downloaded hen copied eboot to the menu folder in hbl folder and replaced the hbl eboot with the hen (version 6.31 coz i have 6.30), then lauched demo, then hbl appeared and after a few seconds black screen then 3 or 4 more secods it appears message memory leak or sth like that then wait for a moment and the xmb appeared check the system and says uchijaitachi 6.31 pro and now i am playing GTA liberty city stories with pormetheus (i had bought the vice city one on th psn lol ) got a psp go son i don¿t get why in you r psp this hen does not work ,

  264. eduardo says:

    i also confirm thge same happens to me it freeze on memory leak then crash

  265. jjjjjj says:

    daxter freezes

  266. jjjjjj says:

    every time i turn off psp, i have to install hen again.

    • Manolis says:

      It’s not a permanent HEN,only Phats and Slims with hackable motherboards can install permanent CFW.
      PSP 3000 and Go! install what wololo calls “Lite Custom firmware”.
      Even the 5.03 chickHEN and the 5.03 GEN-C have to be reinstalled after a hard reset.

  267. eduardo says:

    yes but if you read the coments in the other pages you will see that this hen doesn`t work on many psp 2000, for me didn´t work on 6.31 or 6.35 because i updated when i have 6.31, the hen always crash psp on memory leak and doesn´t do the pro mode because it crash and i have to resart psp again,so i try 6.35 hen with 6.31 ofw and it does what they say it have to do, like memory leak then goes back to xmb but wont change to pro mode so i think maybe i should upgrade to 6.35 ofw and try hen6.35 since it goes to xmb with 6.31ofw, but after the update the hen for 6.35 stay in memory leak and crash psp and if i put hen 6.31 with ofw 6.35 it does the memory leak and it goes to xmb but still no pro mode i´m shure i made the proceders all right but for psp 2004 date code 8c it doesn´t work,hope this explain the problem i have i will keep waiting lool.

    sorry for my english im portuguese.

    continue with the great work you all are doing realising all psp from sony to us….

    • toBsucht says:

      last one — if u come back to xmb after loading hbl-tn you are in hen mod to check it by pressing the selct buttom, now the vsh menü start. The psp system show in hen mod ofw ver. till u change it with vsh menu ( spoof ver).

  268. jjjjjj says:

    thanx didn’t know that

  269. john says:

    Well I guess i made good choice and stayed on 6.20 TN-B. Hearing not good things about 6.31 and 6.35 PRO

  270. MasterVamp says:

    Working in a psp 3010 camuflage (metal gear peace walker), im playing now silent hill charters memories and Kingdom Hearts. Sorry for bad english.

    Lo probe ya en mi psp 3010 edicion latinoamericada de metal gear solid (camuflaje) funciona bien y estoy corriendo las isos de Silent Hill charters memories y Kingdom Hearts bastante bien, sin ningun problema hasta ahora.

  271. MasterVamp says:

    Working in a psp 3010 camuflage whit 6.35 OF metal gear peace walker), im playing now silent hill charters memories and Kingdom Hearts. Sorry for bad english.

    Lo probe ya en mi psp 3010 edicion latinoamericada de metal gear solid (camuflaje) con firmware 6.35 funciona bien y estoy corriendo las isos de Silent Hill charters memories y Kingdom Hearts bastante bien, sin ningun problema hasta ahora.

  272. uchijaitachi says:

    for me (psp go 6.30) is awesome in fact i was playing my like 15 or 20 PSN games and with hbl i used to play snes gba nes sega and wolf 3d doom and with hen those emulator work perfectly but now i can play isos without problem, but i got a question: in order to keep going the hen u cant turn the psp off (i have luanched the hen like 20 times lol) but u can leave it in a stand by mode my question is : if i put the psp in stand by mode lets say for 2 hours will this consume more battery (at least in percenttage) than simply turn it off? BTW in isos stuff when you press the pause option (quit or pause mode to go to the xmb) the game keeps running so u better pause it in the game then press the option and pause the game to go to the xmb and resume it whenever u want, i think it it is the only difference with PSN games in the go as with these u can pause the game and it stops completely even while running videos lol. Thanks wololo TN and Virtousflame and coldbird

  273. redwood tree says:

    I just bought a NEW psp3000 ghost sparta limited edition and it came with 6.30. any news for tn-hen C for 6.30+ firmware.

    thanks for this blog wololo. its the real place to go for good up2date info on the psp scene

    • uchijaitachi says:

      @ redwood , i have psp go 6.30 and u just need to use the link with hen for 631, if u read my posts u can see u can play isos and emulators

  274. pspguy says:

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood works on 6.31 PRO with the Prometheus loader.

    Thanks so much Wololo, Virtuous Flame, Coldbird and TN!

  275. umd626 says:

    sorry man didn`t work in my psp 2010 piano black with 6.35 OFW … sticks to want to load that file (eboot.pbp 6.35), I put the hbl without pro hen and grabs it without problems, then I put the hen pro 6.31y grabs too easily as it is not just that your version because I do not change anything, not if I can help with this problem :) thank you wololo you are great man … im from venezuela …sorry my bad english 😛

  276. Net says:

    Hey i downloaded all the things you said and prometheus iso loader 6.20 TN-B but i dont know how to install everything on my psp go im so lost can you please help me or give me a video that shows how to. Also i have firmware 6.31 and i downloaded the hen for my firmware.

    I just want to play iso psp games on my psp go but i have no idea how to start everything like set it up and stuff i didnt do anything yet upset for downloading the files needed >__< plz help!!!

    • uchijaitachi says:

      @ net
      donwload the demo and put it on the game folder, then copy the savedata explot to the savedata folder, copy the hbl folder and h. Bin file in the root of ur memory, then copy the eboot of hen in the menu folder (inside the hbl folder) so that u replace the hbl eboot. On the other hand unzip the prometehus and put it in the game folder of the memory, after that create a folder named ISO in the root of the memory and copy the isos inside this folder. Finally turn on ur psp and run the minna no sukiry demo and select the option to load game (the secoond one) hbl will pop up then blac screen and a message indicating a memroy leak wait for a moment and u will be again on the xmb, go to the system stuff and check ur version shows 631 pro, go to the games section and run directly prometheus select the iso and enjoy

  277. CyberM says:

    is this hen a real hack(dunno if it’s called a hack or explorit or w/e) or the psp system remains intact after shutdown?

  278. FAMM says:

    How.. im can play on line.. i have firware vercion 6.35 pro..
    ° im use prometeus iso loder… ando my iso work 100%

  279. Net says:

    the demo is everybodys_sukkiri folder right when i downloaded and unziped it this is the folder that was made so i put this demo inside the game folder < as in go to MEDIA GO application and put the demo inside the game section?

    What is the savedata exploit and where is the savedata folder? Where do i put the savedata folder stuff and the hbl folder in the psp go?

    Sorry this is my first time doing this on a psp and i want to understand each step so i dont screw up my system D:

  280. billybellfoot says:

    anyone had any success with this for psp 2003 on 6.30 ofw ?
    any help much appreciated

  281. Platini says:

    HI everyone………. good news for psp 6.20.
    Zer01ne and Dridri85 Announce First Custom Firmware 6.20 for NF-B…se it on pspgen(french web site)…NOTE, USE GOOGLE CHROME FOR THE TRANSLATION

  282. darkninja says:

    when will a good iso loader come out for psp 3001.

  283. urahara72 says:

    should i update to 6.35 if im already on .31 or no?

  284. thewitchslayer says:

    could somebody send me the download. i am on a psp and cant get on the computer. and megaupload isn’t working on my psp. i either need the whole thing or the eboot. or if u could put it on sendspace

  285. john says:

    make sure you at least have psp filer 6.6

  286. urahara72 says:

    it keeps freezing at the hbl menu…

  287. urahara72 says:

    it freezes when i get to the hbl menu

  288. italo says:

    i need help please!!,everything works fine I have the firmware 6.31 and prometheus iso loader ,but don’t now how to install kingdom hearts BBS
    if anyone knows please help!!!!!!!

  289. w7y7a7t7t says:

    mathieulh just posted this on twitter
    ” all the known ps3 keys are now on the spreadsheet. Spread the word !


  290. Viper5827 says:

    Said WARNING:Memory leak!

    • uchijaitachi says:

      that’s the trick it it says memory leak just wait some seconds and u will be on the xmb and u will be able to run homebrews and iso loader directly

  291. yellow says:

    6.20cfw yeaa.

  292. urahara72 says:

    @viper5827 im having the same problem. can anyone help?

  293. tkidd6794 says:

    For all people who keeps worrying about the Warning: Memory Leak, stop being lazy and look back at the previous comments. The question was answered several times already and doesn’t need to anymore.

  294. Matt says:

    Sorry guys, if it says “memory leak” it means you just permanently disabled the option to ever have a HEN installed.
    You’ll never be able to use any future HEN or scene release… ever.

    • wololo says:

      @Matt: irony doesn’t convey really well on the internet, so I’m gonna have to contradict you here: the “Memory leak” warning you get when running the Hen is an error message from HBL, and has NO IMPACT on the Hen. It is just a warning, and that doesn’t matter because the PSP cleans up the memory when it returns to the XMB.

  295. haitechan says:

    Sorry for the semi-unreleated topic but CFW for TN-B 6.20 was announced. Note that I said ANNOUNCED not released. There isn’t much more said but it’s great news that Zer01ne and Dridri85 are working on CFW already. Right now they say it has the same options as Openidea Iso loader (running backups from XMB) and the fact you can dump an UMD, and the VSH menu.


    • cookie says:

      Good news for the 6.20 ppl. I guess it was to be expected with the keys now out there. I hope a 6.35 CFW follows soon after but I can’t complain now since the HEN although buggy, works well enough for me.

  296. blizako says:

    i found a better hen for only 6.35
    it has a source too
    try it and see if it works
    it worked for me
    you can put it in psp/game…. or…. in hbl/menu
    when i mean better because it takes less space on memory.

  297. spider-monkey says:

    Memory Leak = 6.35 PRO Ok 😀

  298. HelpingHand says:

    just trying to be helpful coz it worked for me:
    1.) download all the files above and follow the instructions
    2.) download Prometheus ISO Loader for 6.20 TN-A and put in /PSP/GAME folder
    3.) download the ISO games, put the ISO games in /ISO folder
    4.) Run the the sukkiri demo, second link (O), keep pressing (X) til HBL loads
    5.) You will probably notice the words “MEMORY LEAK” and thought you did something wrong
    6.) You’re back at XMB
    7.) Load Prometheus ISO Loader
    8.) Choose the PSP game you want to play (though not all ISOs might work)
    9.) Be amazed that your PSP 3000 is finally hacked!

  299. Sparkz says:

    will they make a dumper for this HEN?
    plz reply

  300. crisis core says:

    this hen sometimes crashes the psp but hen still works tho,and also i think that for psp 1000-3000 ,u need a umd to hav a higher chance of not crashing ur psp.

    Note:crashing ur psp ,cant brake it,so its ok

  301. ILLUTIONEYE says:

    Not all games can be played in Prometheus Iso Loader, Why is that so!?

  302. chris says:

    can you downgrade ???

  303. italo says:

    i need help please!!,everything works fine I have the firmware 6.31 and prometheus iso loader ,but don’t now how to install kingdom hearts BBS
    if anyone knows please help!!!!!!!

  304. Spider-Monkey says:

    This is just a guess but I think there will be something good for 6.3x owner tomorrow or the next day 😀

  305. eiii says:

    how to upgrade my psp 3000 5.50 to 6.20??? anyone??

    • toBsucht says:

      eii u r joking don t update use the psp gen exploit for ofw5.50. What have u done to googel or bling, they don t help u?! sry but this q is so…

    • equis says:

      You can read previous post pages as I posted this answer several times, but once again:
      Download the file in this link:
      Extract content of that file in your memory stick at /PSP/GAME/UPDATE
      Go to XMB, Games, Memory Stick, and there you will find your update file.
      Run it.
      After several minutes, you will be updated to 6.20 FW.
      Only be sure to have your PSP fully charged.

      After this process, you can continue to download TN HEN B (there is a complete package including savedata exploit, HBL and TN HEN) and patapon 2 demo (

  306. eduardo says:

    well i m one that the hen dont work on psp 2004 date code8c do you wololo now when is release a new hen for 6.35

    • toBsucht says:

      Sorry, i couldn t believe u eduardo. Does hbl run, are u on ofw6.20 or up? I got some problems with sandisk pd ms but it´s already fix on ofw6.20 with the tn-b.

      • eduardo says:

        why dont you belieme and i dont care if you dont in my psp dont work hen 6.31 or 6.35 i already explain what happen it freeze in memory leak and then crashes read my other post you will understand.

        • equis says:

          It’s hard to find help with that attitude, @eduardo. Maybe a bit rude from @toBsucht, but was only trying to help. You cannot expect everybody read your previous post (specially those that help) and come with an answer with such a poor explanation from you. Sorry, but you must give all possible details to get a solution, OR do all the copy process again in your PSP (assuring to get all stuff in correct places) OR wait quietly.

    • toBsucht says:

      ok i see u r old post (ofw6.31?!) ed.. i m real sorry 4 u but 4 some people it isn´t possibel 2 use a hen or whatever until u could use of your 100% brain.exe :).
      Good luck to you!

  307. spiders says:

    the HEN worked!!!! right now i am playing GOW God of Sparta,at least!!!!!

  308. skyline12 says:

    is there will be a ps1 loader pls reply

  309. hammer city says:

    i tried umd dumper on itt nd it dumped gta liberty city nd it worked on tha prometheus iso loader

  310. Jam says:

    Wololo pls help me…. is this ok for new psp games like the ufc undisputed??
    i have my PSP3000 wid succesfully installed tn-a and i was already playing tekken. when i try to play ufc. it crashes after 2-3 mins.

  311. Abdullah says:

    PSP 1000 – Confirmed Working
    PSP 2000 (including Ta88v3) – Confirmed Working
    PSP 3000 (including 4G Models) – Confirmed Working
    PSP Go – Confirmed Working

  312. toBsucht says:

    all easy installer 4 u r psp
    ofw6.20 @:
    ofw6.31 and ? @:

    recovery menu :)
    or . Has some1 tryed this
    in my case i changed the files: 1. pspbtcnf.bin – pspbtjnf_02g.bin
    2. pspbtcnf_02g.bin – pspbtknf_02g.bin
    3. pspbtcnf_03g.bin – pspbtlnf_02g.bin
    so i able to change the prx file loading at psp start or in game etc. but i m a bit shy :)

  313. evil_iori says:

    no problem had been encountering my psp
    only that it crashes when i switch to m33 fron the select button
    then some of the N64games i have doesnt load,hehehehe
    but all in all i like my psp now!!!

  314. Matt says:

    Hey, I’ve been using this hen and it’s really great!
    I want to ask here cuz I couldn’t find anything about it. Can I load .prx files (I want to play Monster Hunter with Xlink Kai). I saw some programs, but those doesn’t work.

    Thanks again for reviving my psp wololo

    • equis says:

      Latest release of this HEN can use plugins (I did’nt tested yet). Only difference is that your plugins must go to a /PLUGINS directoy, not /SEPLUGINS. Same applies to your version.txt and games.txt files.

    • equis says:

      By the way, you can not play MH3rd: it requieres 6.36 OFW.

  315. eduardo says:

    for who dont believe me when i get home from work i will make a video and upload on you tube just for you see i m not a lyer.. I go continue work now se u later who and hbl always work for me even now and i have a psp 1000 complety hacked by so i use my brain 100 por cent dont worry with that

    • toBsucht says:

      try another MEMORY STICK – try to load latest hbl without hen again then u could replace the old hbl eboot with tn´s / patched ver. Delete seplugin floder/ if u got it on root of your ms. Don t waist time with a video! If i can make u a bit lucky i say i believe u could run a program which is working well..for everybody / but not 4 u. I hope noone laught if he could see this vid .. select button 4 vsh 😉 easyinstaller?! heck i m sure u r not total noob and u don t use the Go hen!

  316. skullos says:

    Found a good working umd dumper for 6.35 hen! It’s a homebrew app called UMDumper. Very easy to use. Link below

  317. Raine says:

    I don’t have that one…so I guess I will just have to wait.

  318. xXOYAMAXx says:


    I have a psp 3000 firmware 6.30 , is there a version of hen for me?, I dont want to update the psp because i use the hbl with hot shots

    THANKS for help and the best for 2011

    • billybellfoot says:

      i to am on 6.30 ofw psp slim 2004 and dont want to update have made that mistake before (UPDATING)
      so would also like to know if there is an option for us (6.30) that is tested working? thanks

      • uchijaitachi says:

        pff *** is wrong with u guys can’t u read previous posts???? At least mine, don’t be so lazy i’ve posted that i have psp go 6:30 and the 6;31 hen works forme i can play isos and emulators suck snextyl deadlus gpspkai y fceunes

  319. artem says:

    Thank you very much for your firmware

  320. artem mov says:

    Thank you very much for your firmware.

  321. A-2 says:

    PSP 6.31PRO (HEN by Virtuous Flame & Coldbird) with (Prometheus ISO Loader 0.1 by Liquidzigong) on a PSP 2001 PB & 2006 PB.(PB=Piano Black)

    Already Confirm
    Working Fine with ISO MODE: NP9660 (Recommended)

    Assassin Creed Bloodlines
    Blazblue Calamity Trigger
    Fat Princess Fistful of Cakes
    Gladiator Begins
    Gran Turismo Portable
    Half Minute Hero
    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
    Phantasy Star Portable 2
    Prinny Can I Really Be The Hero
    Shinobido Tales of Ninja
    Soul Calibur Broken Destiny
    Space Invader Extreme
    Spectral vs Generation
    Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2
    Tekken 6
    Tenchu Time of The Assassins
    Twinbee Portable
    Umihara Kawase Portable
    Undead Knight
    Valkyria Chronicle 2

    [PSP MINI]:
    Crystal Defenders
    Creature Defense
    Field Runners
    Pixel Junk Monster

    Already Confirm
    Not Working are:

    DJ Max Portable International
    Knight in the Nightmare

    Put ur ”PSP POWER” in (Sleep MODE) when ur taking rest, & (Don’t Ever) ”Hold PSP POWER to (Off MODE)” that ur need to activated ”PRO HEN” again by -Everybody’s Sukkiri-

    And Many Thanks to ”Wololo, Liquidzigong, Virtuous Flame & Coldbird” for ur PRO HEN =)

  322. bubby says:

    Help, I was running 6.31 HEN fine until now. My PSP crashed and when I try to launch the HEN all I get is a black screen for like 4 seconds and then it shuts off. It doesn’t even say memory leak anymore.

  323. eduardo says:

    for those who don´t believe me i will show and hope this could hope HEN developers in any way..

    the first video as hen 6.35 on ofw 6.35(some times also show memory leak and then crash in the video it dont show)

    the second video as hen 6.31 on ofw 6.35(the hen does the job but no pro mode)

    i only update to 6.35 because the same happens on ofw 6.31 it was the firmware i have until this release…

    my psp is model 2004 date code 8c…
    hbl work and always work just fine
    honestely i dont care for playng isos i have a psp 1000 hacked with cfw,
    but i like to know and do this kinds of hacks in mobiles psp ps2 ps3 call me crazy lol
    but that hen dont work on my psp why i dont now i also formated ms and is always the same but maybe this help the developers some how..


    • toBsucht says:

      @ i never ever try a tip
      i didn t call u a LYAR – only i couldn t believe.
      This vid´s are helpful as nothing that s why i pleased u to didn´t waist y/our time. U only show the “crash” in the vid @ 2.nd video u run the hen but in the xmb u didn´t press the select button to show if the vsh menu working. It seems like it is a bit to difficult 4 u to use such profi program as the hen is. I wouldn t answer u anymore because i think such a big hack as u r don t realy need/want help. Easyinstaller?! Patched ver?!! Ask u r big brother or u r mom to get help. btw the 2. video is realy good to make me smile if u wanna see how stupid a user could be few it/ try this most of the time i run me brain.exe with less then 100%(other hbl user to) and i tn works soooo well. Sry beeing a rude boy ..but there is this guy eduardo!!!

  324. Gus says:

    Has anyone got

    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to work on PSP3000 with 6,31 HEN and OFW 6.30? I have tried it several times with an unpatched ISO and no go.

    I got it to work with YS Seven ISO but not go on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd…


    Should I upgrade my 6.30 OFW to 6.31 or 6.35 OFW and use the HEN again or should I just stay on 6.30 OFW?? I really want to use the Monster Hunter ISO with TeamHGG English Patch.

    Any help would be awsome I am so New to this.

    • equis says:

      Monster Hunter needs 6.36 FW, so you can not play this game. There is a workaround to 6.20 TN HEN B, but I don’t know if works with this HEN. So, the only thing you can do is wait.

    • miku!!! says:

      A few people a couple pages back reported problems running it on 6.30 and a couple people said it worked fine on 6.31. You can either update to 6.31 or wait.

  325. brinsa23 says:

    i need help…
    im trying to run crazy taxi fare wars….but it seems its not working…
    well it does start and all…up to the point where you get to select the original crazy taxi or the second one…
    i select the first one and then it goes to a message about saving automatically….then a warning about not taking umd off while playing shows up…and it gets stuck in there :S
    anyone has a full list of working games for prometheus iso loader?…
    i know someone posted one but its not even complete XD but it sure helped me with a few that i wanted 😀

    • equis says:

      There are some major points in posts like this one: Why are people so concerned in playing a special game? They have a PSP (expensive), got HBL, a HEN (complicated) and a ISO Loader (?) running, but if a single ISO (anyway they got it) doesn’t run, they seem to die!
      After all these observations, that people could easily buy the game and play it legally!!!
      Well, after this tiny outburst, I heard that game doesn’t run with ISO Loader. There is another probability: you must deactivate automatic saving.

  326. brian says:

    works fine on psp go N1001. I updated FW from 3.70 to 6.31 and then followed the info below….

    3. Download:
    Minna no Sukkiri Demo (includes PSP SAVEDATA Exploit)
    AND HBL R112 for Minna no Sukkiri
    AND HEN for 6.31 OR HEN for 6.35
    4. Extract all 3 zips to separate folders
    5. Extract the Savegame (\demo-minna-no-sukkiri_1292757978\
    6. Connect your PSP and copy these files (X:\ is ur PSP):
    6.1 Folder “NPJG90047? FROM “demo-minna-no-sukkiri_1292757978\PSP\GAME\” TO “X:\PSP\GAME\”
    6.2 Folder (not ZIP) “UCJS10094? FROM “\demo-minna-no-sukkiri_1292757978? to “X:\PSP\SAVEDATA”
    6.3 Everything in the folder “hbl-r112-sukkiri-wololo” TO “X:\” (hbl + h.bin + readme.txt)
    6.4 “Eboot.pbp” from “\HEN6_31\” OR “\HEN6_35? to X:\hbl\menu\” replacing the Eboot which is in there.
    7. Unplug ur PSP and go to “Games–>Memory Stick”
    8. Start the sukkirri demo (japanese) and when ur in the menu, press O NOT X!!(bottom one is load game)
    9. once you get returned to main menu you can check system info and you will see your FW now says 6.31PRO (if 6.31)


    1.) download Prometheus ISO Loader for 6.20 TN-A and put in /PSP/GAME folder
    2.) download the ISO games, put the ISO games in /ISO folder

    Remember that you have to run the sukkirri demo ehenever you boot your psp go from cold, and verify the fw at 6.31PRO. Do not run it twice or you will need to cold boot again

  327. geli-la says:

    what different between HEN 6.31 and 6.35, have any new feature on it?

    which version is no bug ,stuck or frozen ? Im in OFW 6.31 with minna no sukkiri hbl and still on hbl not HEN

    anyone here what your opinion about ur’s new HEN 6.31 & 6.35 ?

  328. billybellfoot says:

    6.31 pro working on 6.30 ofw psp 2003 slim many thanks to all that helped

  329. eduardo says:

    well i did t it works on my psp but only with hbl 109 debug version

    • toBsucht says:

      stop this it isn t true – he is the only one who couldn t use tn. View his video´s to get a bit fun. hbl 109 debug nice info haha still smile about your vid :p

      • eduardo says:

        and it was not tn_hen but hen for 6.35 i have a good solution i bet my psp against yours toBsucht like with hbl 112 it dont work on my psp

  330. Enigma says:

    Any word on how to get CXMB on here? Sorry if it’s already out, I’m a noob. Lol.

  331. gemz says:

    6.36hen released by virtuous flame,but it doesnt work on my psp3006,needs more test.

  332. CD 19h says:

    If anyone’s still having issues with 6.35 HEN I just used Coldbird’s nightly build of 6.35 PRO and it contains everything you need for 6.35 HEN setup (HBL, ISO loader, and even the demo and exploitable save file).

    The only thing I swapped out was the Prometheus ISO loader under PSP/GAME/PLoader. It was showing version 0.0 whereas the one I already had displayed 0.1.

    So far everything is working fine on my PSP Go. If I need PSN access I just reboot out of HEN temporarily.

  333. uchijaitachi says:

    6.31 hen works perfectly but i’ve just got a question: mow much does in average my psp go battery? And while using this hen and playing isos is it possible to say my battery rans out faster than playing other games? Can u help me?

    • Noth says:

      Umm… I would think you use less power running a game off ISO than off UMD since the UMD drive is a mechanical device.
      So No. I don’t think it’s possible.
      That said there are games which use a lot more power than others, regardless of being run from ISO or UMD.

      • uchijaitachi says:

        @ Noth
        Thanks, in fact i have a psp go and it was just a sensation that when running isos my battery seemed to run out faster than playing normal games somehow i think the battery wasn’t full charged and I left the psp in stand by mode like for 18 hours neverthekless i could play tenchu and gta for almos 5 hours lol, thanks

  334. hoolshazzam says:

    6.36 HEN is now released!!!!!!!!!!

    Coder: Coldbird and Virtuos Flame

  335. Mobai says:

    Is a new revision already out?
    Maybe with Plugin Support?

  336. val says:

    Can anyone tell me how to hack psp 3004 5.50 firmware..Please

  337. paul_kaiser says:

    sometimes when i play my iso games it freezes then turns my psp off, can someone please help me? appreciate all your help guys, thanks

    • miku!!! says:

      If you mean that it freezes when you put it into sleep mode, then it’s just a bug because it happens to me too. It would freeze when I take it out of sleep mode and I have to power it off.

    • billybellfoot says:

      having same problem NEED HELP ALSO PLEASE
      6.31 pro installed
      prometheus iso loader in /game
      iso folder with iso’s in @ root of mem stick
      prometheus loads but iso crash and turn psp off ??
      any help much apreciated

      • Matt says:

        I think not all isos are compatible, for me some work and others don’t.
        Be sure to see if any incompatible plugin is turned on too, I tried some and crashed all games.

      • Toru says:

        Some iso that has been patched cant work with iso loader. Try get iso that not patched yet.

  338. Paul says:

    I was getting the memory leak warning, downloaded 650pro swapped files on memory stick now works a treat!!!

  339. eduardo says:

    wololo could you please watch my videos and explain that man that with hbl 112 i never get the hen working i only did because i use hbl 109 debug version….

    • hllo says:

      i don’t know what wrong if u load hen with hbl r109?i thinks it same. but if you want load hen with r112 i have teach you

  340. billybellfoot says:

    have 6.31pro installed and prometheus iso loader installed iso to root of mem stick but promethus crashed any way to fix this ? help anyone pleasse? thanks in advance for any help given

    • Matt says:

      Try other games (homebrews and emulators). If they run ok, maybe the iso loader is corrupted. If all games crash, that’s probably you have some plugin installed in “game.txt” that’s not compatible with the HEN.
      Hope this helps

  341. Matt says:

    Just to warn you guys that AdHocToUsb.prx (needed to play with Xlink Kai directly on usb) doesn’t work.
    If any of you found a way to get it working I’d like to know.

  342. Enigma says:

    6.36 Out? Damn, that’s fast. I’m crashing with the ISO Loader trying to run Dead or Alive: Paradise…Anyone Help Please?

  343. paul_kaiser says:

    and with regards to iso compatibility, i have tried all of my legal iso back ups (gow ghost of sparta, naruto akatsuki rising, tekken 6, tekken dark resurrection etc,)

    • noth says:

      Paul, I’m running OFW 6.31/HEN and the prome loader, and I have some ISO’s that work perfectly, also some CSO’s. However most of the ISO’s I have do NOT work.
      It seems very picky about the ISO/CSO and the driver. I have yet to see anything work with M33 driver, all the working ones I found worked with np9660.
      I know the working ones work perfectly as I have played them for hours on end without glitches.
      Oh an I’m on a PSP-GO N1004.
      So my guess is that you need to rip the ISO’s differently, would not know how though as I did not make the ISO’s I have that work.

  344. noth says:

    Does anyone have a MVSPSP version that does not crash on this HEN? I’m almost considering going back to HBL because of MVSPSP not working…
    I’ve tried both user and kernel mode ones, versions fromm 2.0.6-2.2.1-2.2.2-2.3.1 all crash but 2.3.1 crash loading mvspsp itself, and 2.3.1 crashes loading a game…
    If someone has a working one, please post a link :)

  345. slackerforlife says:

    I am running PSP_GO 6.31 hbl-r112 Sukkiri_exploit with HEN631

    ISO_loader -> Prometheus_Iso_loader

    I have the same problem with ISO/CSO’s they are saying that the ones that don’t work were patch with Takka’s PSP ISO Tool, so i was wondering
    will Takka update the ISO Tool with a patch undo function for HEN user.

  346. Gus says:

    I got it to work

    PSP3000 Monster Hunter Limited Edition PSP (Hunter Edition for MH3rdPort)

    English Patched ISO on 6.31 OFW into 6.31 PRO

    AWSOME it works…

    Now we just need CW Cheat/Recovery Menu/and Clockspeed

  347. Linkster says:

    Hi all! is it dangerus for me to upgrade my psp to 6.35?

  348. assault says:

    @Linkster no its not dangerous

  349. Linkster says:

    i’m asking this ti know if it is better to stay in the 6.20 or to go to the 6.35!
    dont know what to do… ^^’

    • paul_kaiser says:

      no dude, stick to 6.20 for now as TN’s hen is much stable and will have a new release (TN-HEN C). i envy you guys with 6.20 ofw. cause mine has already has 6.31 when i bought it.

      • noth says:

        *nodding* absolutely, both my psp’s unfortunately were 6.31, I checked every unit they had in the store looking for a 6.20.. even tho TN-A was not released yet, but I knew it was coming.
        Afaik the TN-HEN is much better than the HEN6.31 – you have plugins, vsh menu, and better homebrew compatibility, plus you can fake the FW version..
        imho the HEN6.31 has very low homebrew compatibility, most emulators do not run on it… ISO’s do however with the prommie loader.

  350. Enigma says:

    Any Word on CXMB?

  351. billybellfoot says:

    does anyone know of a compatible umd dumper for 6.31 pro?
    “tested working”

    • Mitch says:

      Google Pspfiler 6.6 it includes a very good psp umd ripper which turns it into an iso( I used it for Kingddom Hearts Birth By Ssleep, Crisis Core, and Battlefront Elite Squadron.)

  352. Parma says:

    Is it recommended to upgrade from 6.31 to 6.35 ?
    Does it work better ?

    • equis says:

      In my point of view, is not recommended that you update, @Parma. Despite the fact that 6.35 PRO HEN has more compatibility and being able to run plugins, there is probably coming a downgrader to these systems (rumors), but some guys say downgrading from 6.35 is not possible. My advice: wait some time.

  353. andy says:

    WOLOLO can u plz make a tn hen for ofw 6.31 (for psp go )

  354. OK, i had an idea, somewhat in the spirit of TN-B (HEN) for 6.20. So, would it be possible, in 6.31 PRO, to use a program like PSPFiler to edit flash0:/vsh/etc/version.txt and replace the 6.31 information with the 4.05 or 5.00 information, and then run the PSP 5.03 Update so that you can use ChickHEN R2 to install some GEN Firmware? I know that in 6.35 it isnt possible to run an update lower than your version, but i havent heard anything about 6.31 being blocked. The only issue i have run into so far, is that PSPFiler can access, and edit, version.txt, but it can not save the file correctly. Once i save it, when i go back into it, the 6.31 version.txt information is there again.

    Maybe someone can point me in the direction of some sort of homebrew that can actually SAVE version.txt, so that I can try this (i will sacrifice one of my 3000s because i have two of em) because i am gung ho about this possibility. This would be quite the breakthrough in the PSP scene.

    So if anyone out there knows of a homebrew, or a method, to save to flash0:/vsh/etc/version.txt so i can get cracking on trying to “DownDate” (the opposite of Update) i call it. Anyone who has any ideas, drop a line to and lets get it going 😀

  355. chronabis says:

    replace hbl/menu/EBOOT.PBP with the EBOOT.PBP from the Hen

    *** does that even mean?

  356. DJ says:

    Hello everyone, I need some advice. I have a PSP with OFW 6.35, what is the best way for me to get MAME on my psp? By getting HEN on my PSP does it allow me to run other Emulators easily or is it more for PSP games only? I would love to be able to play Killer instinct on my PSP if its possible and maybe add a SNES emu for a slice of Mario and DK action to! Sorry for the dumb sounding questions but Iam knew to this kind of stuff on the PSP. If this is all possible please tell me the best/latest versions of the emulators for my PSP.

  357. Demoncard says:

    chronabis on January 13, 2011 at 11:24 am
    “replace hbl/menu/EBOOT.PBP with the EBOOT.PBP from the Hen

    *** does that even mean?”

    Copy the hen’s EBOOT and overwrite the HBL one.

  358. aksharif says:

    can some one tell me how to download game for psp hen pro

  359. kongzaw says:

    can anyone help me?my psp got 3001 v6.31. i installed hbl-r112-sukkiri to the root of mem: stick and i run it. but system software’s name doesn’t change to 6.31PRO. what should i do? and i also want to know how to install Prometheus ISO loader ?

  360. zane says:

    first thing i want to say is THANKS FOR EVERYTHING i mean thanks to them i finally hack my psp 3001 version 6.31 but i have a problem right now and is that i cant have seplugins(cheats) on it and i really please want to know if there are a posibility to have seplugins on it. HELP PLEASE!!

  361. arkbird says:

    6.35 pro on PSP GO .. make pause & resume game feature not active .. when i resume game , game will be crash ..

    i hope coldbird can fix this problem ..

    im very sad for this problem … T_T T_T T_T ..

  362. Spiro Mansour says:

    Im a little confused see im using a PSP 1000 6.20 firmware and I use HEN but Im not sure if I should update my psp because I did that once before and I did not use my PSP till I found HEN (one year later) so should I update or stick with 6.20.

  363. wat u ma call it says:

    dude when i press x on the pro a thing it says its corrpt or cant play

  364. manutd4life says:

    does this thing work on psp 1000 series?

  365. samby says:

    my psp3000 6.35,i upgrade 6.60 but now i cant play game on this version please help me, where i can have firmware for 6.60 comfort with psp3000…

    • JUNAID says:

      your problem same like me. its solution is wait for the 6.60 downgrader releasing.plz reply me if u know any thing about it or its releasing date etc. plz

  366. sam says:

    hello i m very thankful to who release CFW Pro B9, u done a good job i can play all game in 3001,5star to u

  367. Hi there to all, the contents present at this web site are in fact amazing
    for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows.

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