Release: Hen for 6.31/6.35 by Virtuous Flame & Coldbird


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. Paul says:

    I was getting the memory leak warning, downloaded 650pro swapped files on memory stick now works a treat!!!

  2. eduardo says:

    wololo could you please watch my videos and explain that man that with hbl 112 i never get the hen working i only did because i use hbl 109 debug version….

    • hllo says:

      i don’t know what wrong if u load hen with hbl r109?i thinks it same. but if you want load hen with r112 i have teach you

  3. billybellfoot says:

    have 6.31pro installed and prometheus iso loader installed iso to root of mem stick but promethus crashed any way to fix this ? help anyone pleasse? thanks in advance for any help given

    • Matt says:

      Try other games (homebrews and emulators). If they run ok, maybe the iso loader is corrupted. If all games crash, that’s probably you have some plugin installed in “game.txt” that’s not compatible with the HEN.
      Hope this helps

  4. Matt says:

    Just to warn you guys that AdHocToUsb.prx (needed to play with Xlink Kai directly on usb) doesn’t work.
    If any of you found a way to get it working I’d like to know.

  5. Enigma says:

    6.36 Out? Damn, that’s fast. I’m crashing with the ISO Loader trying to run Dead or Alive: Paradise…Anyone Help Please?

  6. paul_kaiser says:

    i am able to play some iso games but sometimes at any time when im playing the game it freezes then turns my psp off, is it the hen or the prom iso loader? im using psp 3001 6.31 and prom iso loader, i also tried the reset to default settings it still doesn’t work for me, btw im playing all my legal iso games just so you know lol. i have 20 them and its a real pain in the ass to bring all of them with me everytime i travel. need help guys thanks a lot.

  7. paul_kaiser says:

    and with regards to iso compatibility, i have tried all of my legal iso back ups (gow ghost of sparta, naruto akatsuki rising, tekken 6, tekken dark resurrection etc,)

    • noth says:

      Paul, I’m running OFW 6.31/HEN and the prome loader, and I have some ISO’s that work perfectly, also some CSO’s. However most of the ISO’s I have do NOT work.
      It seems very picky about the ISO/CSO and the driver. I have yet to see anything work with M33 driver, all the working ones I found worked with np9660.
      I know the working ones work perfectly as I have played them for hours on end without glitches.
      Oh an I’m on a PSP-GO N1004.
      So my guess is that you need to rip the ISO’s differently, would not know how though as I did not make the ISO’s I have that work.

  8. noth says:

    Does anyone have a MVSPSP version that does not crash on this HEN? I’m almost considering going back to HBL because of MVSPSP not working…
    I’ve tried both user and kernel mode ones, versions fromm 2.0.6-2.2.1-2.2.2-2.3.1 all crash but 2.3.1 crash loading mvspsp itself, and 2.3.1 crashes loading a game…
    If someone has a working one, please post a link :)

  9. slackerforlife says:

    I am running PSP_GO 6.31 hbl-r112 Sukkiri_exploit with HEN631

    ISO_loader -> Prometheus_Iso_loader

    I have the same problem with ISO/CSO’s they are saying that the ones that don’t work were patch with Takka’s PSP ISO Tool, so i was wondering
    will Takka update the ISO Tool with a patch undo function for HEN user.

  10. Gus says:

    I got it to work

    PSP3000 Monster Hunter Limited Edition PSP (Hunter Edition for MH3rdPort)

    English Patched ISO on 6.31 OFW into 6.31 PRO

    AWSOME it works…

    Now we just need CW Cheat/Recovery Menu/and Clockspeed

  11. Linkster says:

    Hi all! is it dangerus for me to upgrade my psp to 6.35?

  12. assault says:

    @Linkster no its not dangerous

  13. Linkster says:

    i’m asking this ti know if it is better to stay in the 6.20 or to go to the 6.35!
    dont know what to do… ^^’

    • paul_kaiser says:

      no dude, stick to 6.20 for now as TN’s hen is much stable and will have a new release (TN-HEN C). i envy you guys with 6.20 ofw. cause mine has already has 6.31 when i bought it.

      • noth says:

        *nodding* absolutely, both my psp’s unfortunately were 6.31, I checked every unit they had in the store looking for a 6.20.. even tho TN-A was not released yet, but I knew it was coming.
        Afaik the TN-HEN is much better than the HEN6.31 – you have plugins, vsh menu, and better homebrew compatibility, plus you can fake the FW version..
        imho the HEN6.31 has very low homebrew compatibility, most emulators do not run on it… ISO’s do however with the prommie loader.

  14. Enigma says:

    Any Word on CXMB?

  15. billybellfoot says:

    does anyone know of a compatible umd dumper for 6.31 pro?
    “tested working”

    • Mitch says:

      Google Pspfiler 6.6 it includes a very good psp umd ripper which turns it into an iso( I used it for Kingddom Hearts Birth By Ssleep, Crisis Core, and Battlefront Elite Squadron.)

  16. Parma says:

    Is it recommended to upgrade from 6.31 to 6.35 ?
    Does it work better ?

    • equis says:

      In my point of view, is not recommended that you update, @Parma. Despite the fact that 6.35 PRO HEN has more compatibility and being able to run plugins, there is probably coming a downgrader to these systems (rumors), but some guys say downgrading from 6.35 is not possible. My advice: wait some time.

  17. andy says:

    WOLOLO can u plz make a tn hen for ofw 6.31 (for psp go )

  18. OK, i had an idea, somewhat in the spirit of TN-B (HEN) for 6.20. So, would it be possible, in 6.31 PRO, to use a program like PSPFiler to edit flash0:/vsh/etc/version.txt and replace the 6.31 information with the 4.05 or 5.00 information, and then run the PSP 5.03 Update so that you can use ChickHEN R2 to install some GEN Firmware? I know that in 6.35 it isnt possible to run an update lower than your version, but i havent heard anything about 6.31 being blocked. The only issue i have run into so far, is that PSPFiler can access, and edit, version.txt, but it can not save the file correctly. Once i save it, when i go back into it, the 6.31 version.txt information is there again.

    Maybe someone can point me in the direction of some sort of homebrew that can actually SAVE version.txt, so that I can try this (i will sacrifice one of my 3000s because i have two of em) because i am gung ho about this possibility. This would be quite the breakthrough in the PSP scene.

    So if anyone out there knows of a homebrew, or a method, to save to flash0:/vsh/etc/version.txt so i can get cracking on trying to “DownDate” (the opposite of Update) i call it. Anyone who has any ideas, drop a line to and lets get it going :D

  19. chronabis says:

    replace hbl/menu/EBOOT.PBP with the EBOOT.PBP from the Hen

    wtf does that even mean?

  20. DJ says:

    Hello everyone, I need some advice. I have a PSP with OFW 6.35, what is the best way for me to get MAME on my psp? By getting HEN on my PSP does it allow me to run other Emulators easily or is it more for PSP games only? I would love to be able to play Killer instinct on my PSP if its possible and maybe add a SNES emu for a slice of Mario and DK action to! Sorry for the dumb sounding questions but Iam knew to this kind of stuff on the PSP. If this is all possible please tell me the best/latest versions of the emulators for my PSP.

  21. Demoncard says:

    chronabis on January 13, 2011 at 11:24 am
    “replace hbl/menu/EBOOT.PBP with the EBOOT.PBP from the Hen

    wtf does that even mean?”

    Copy the hen’s EBOOT and overwrite the HBL one.

  22. aksharif says:

    can some one tell me how to download game for psp hen pro

  23. kongzaw says:

    can anyone help me?my psp got 3001 v6.31. i installed hbl-r112-sukkiri to the root of mem: stick and i run it. but system software’s name doesn’t change to 6.31PRO. what should i do? and i also want to know how to install Prometheus ISO loader ?

  24. zane says:

    first thing i want to say is THANKS FOR EVERYTHING i mean thanks to them i finally hack my psp 3001 version 6.31 but i have a problem right now and is that i cant have seplugins(cheats) on it and i really please want to know if there are a posibility to have seplugins on it. HELP PLEASE!!

  25. arkbird says:

    6.35 pro on PSP GO .. make pause & resume game feature not active .. when i resume game , game will be crash ..

    i hope coldbird can fix this problem ..

    im very sad for this problem … T_T T_T T_T ..

  26. Spiro Mansour says:

    Im a little confused see im using a PSP 1000 6.20 firmware and I use HEN but Im not sure if I should update my psp because I did that once before and I did not use my PSP till I found HEN (one year later) so should I update or stick with 6.20.

  27. wat u ma call it says:

    dude when i press x on the pro a thing it says its corrpt or cant play

  28. manutd4life says:

    does this thing work on psp 1000 series?

  29. samby says:

    my psp3000 6.35,i upgrade 6.60 but now i cant play game on this version please help me, where i can have firmware for 6.60 comfort with psp3000…

    • JUNAID says:

      your problem same like me. its solution is wait for the 6.60 downgrader releasing.plz reply me if u know any thing about it or its releasing date etc. plz

  30. sam says:

    hello i m very thankful to who release CFW Pro B9, u done a good job i can play all game in 3001,5star to u

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