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Mathieulh announces he can sign PSP homebrews


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114 Responses

  1. well how about isos can u sign that on 6.20 hen version? no right so its just homebrews for unhacked psp, so for me its no big deal [KEEP TO THINK OF IT I THINK IF THIS FIGHT CONTINUES BETWEEN HACKERS AND SONY.. THEY MAY STOP PRODUCING PSP’S AND THEYRE COMPANY WILL CLOSE (i just think…)]

  2. Sahil says:

    I just can’t believe how Sony is getting owned everyday! This will make CFW permanent on PSP ones this is released. But I guess the homebrews which are already existing will have to be signed which is a tiresome process? or am I wrong?

  3. Dex says:



    …I wonder how people use these though? I want Daedalus more than anything to be able to do this!

  4. brick_master says:

    the end of sony’s anti underground era……….

  5. Player97 says:

    man are those keys really the ones he was talkin about??????
    if yes then its great!!!!!!!!!!1
    they should release it as soon as possible

  6. Kirino says:

    Good News. ?????? said the 6.35HEN will be coming
    Here is his blog:http://virtuousflame.blog.163.com/blog/static/17717717220110363629155/

  7. Alexander says:

    what about DaveeFTW Downgrader ??? some news??

  8. Tomyuu says:

    so this is even greater than HEN?? Full HACK for PSP??

  9. Desire says:


    Did you read the article?
    This is far greater than a HEN. They can run homebrew and games on official firmware, no need for “custom firmware” any more. The whole point with the custom firmware and HENs is to tell the PSP that the unsigned homebrew is “signed by Sony”.

    If Math decides not to release the KIRK keys, someone else will. The PS3 is wide open, so anybody with the knowledge can extract those keys if they want to. I bet Math will quickly release the keys once someone else comes close to finding them to get the credits for it.

    • joejoejoe says:

      You can’t just “find” the keys for it, it took i think about 7 years to find the keys for the psp

      • VllnHalf says:

        No, it took that long to find the PS3 keys. It took about a day to find the PSP Keys once we had the PS3 Keys. The PS3 Keys have already been released to the public so anyone with knowledge of decrypting can go in and search for the PSP keys now

    • RobZ says:

      > They can run homebrew and games on official firmware
      … and malware of any kind that looks like originally from sony …
      (The PSP OS can be flashed fully electronically, no jumper or password necessary and it has sometimes online-access via WLan.)

  10. Kaelodia says:

    The Rise of Hackers (the Hacker era is at present :D) GO for the GOLD hackers 😀

  11. equis says:

    I think it’s even bigger than the pandora. As a developer, you can sign your programs, games, etc, and run in all OFWs. If Sony tries to wake up from this KO, should do it from zero and redesign the PSP.

  12. Lorz says:

    To all who think Sony is effed up the caboose because of a few leaked keys, exploits, hens, cfws, iso loaders…… are you kidding me? Sony loves this stuff, Hackers have probably pursuaded far more people to buy PS3s and PSPs than Sony could have ever done on thier own, and the way things are exploding right at the end of the life cycle of both of those consoles, sony has to be pleased as bunch that the two consoles they’re about to kill off in favor of next gens models are now selling like hotcakes…..

    IMHO Sony should cut the hackers in on thier sales profits! Yeah so a game or two gets “pirated” big whoop, I still think most of us are not so much interested in piracy but more so a free and open system that allows you to run what you want, not just what sony chooses to “allow”, and that i think is the main goal of all of our console hacking gurus

    • VelvetNoise says:

      There’s more money in software than in console sales alone. Piracy is Sony’s worst nightmare.

      • Lorz says:

        yeah yeah…. so says the entire media industry…… didn’t stop lars ulrich from buying a 10 million dollar home, a garage fuill of fancy cars and 10 swimming pools though did it?

        What we call “piracy” in the media world used to only apply to those selling illegal copies and proffiting from them(at times even trying to charge full price and lead thier customers to believe it is an original copy).
        What we call “piracy” today was simply known as “sharing” a few years ago, the media industry had to make it sound more evil in trying to gain public sympathy.

        What they have time and again failed to prove is that they are actually losing any money at all…. people will buy good and popular products and wont buy the opposite…. therefore “piracy” often gets used as a scape goat for thier failure to release a product that people actually want to buy.

        What the media industry has also failed to prove is that people who download the product for free would have ever paid for it in the first place if not for the option of downloading.

        Sharing has been around forever and it always will be, the media industry knows this, they’re simply in denial…… if you’ll choose to recall, going so far as trying to pass a law that made it legal for them to hack peoples computers to check for any “illegal” wares.

  13. dan says:

    so with this would i be able to put emulators and games and apps and stuff on my ps3 and just transfer them over to my psp to play when i go somwhere?

  14. meep says:

    Nope, with this you will be able to run your own code regardless of what firmware you are on. This will eventually render CFW useless.

    Still You would only be able to run ISOs, PSX eboots, VSH menu and recovery menu through the aid of .prx right? Also every piece of unofficial code that came out before this would have to be signed so that it would be compatible with OFW. CFW does all this “automaticaly” That’s why I’m more “fond” of it.

    Still being able to sign your own code is a fricking HUGE advance!! I expected service mode on unhackable boards before this… And (Noob question) how does the ability to sign code affects the pre-IPL issue? PSP isn’t completely open until it’s security mesures are rendered useless.
    If I’m correct this is the only thing standing on the way of the PSP 3000+GO and “full” CFW

    • z says:

      i bought my psp for two things.

      1) monster hunter. which is not applicable anymore because i bought a wii and monster hunter tri

      2) psx eboots.

      i’m excited.

  15. dan says:

    after i “sign” them i mean

  16. meep says:

    When someone figures out how to make the PS3 read PSP code you will, I think.

    • ipadboy says:

      Im not sure if you mean be able to play psp games/homebrew on the PS3, but if you are, that was already proven to be a reality, but im not sure if it was released (Basically because i dont own a ps3 to care).

      But the point is, this hacker ran Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars on his PS3 and some other psp homebrew. You could tell it was real because it was the real ps3 menu/ he launched it on camera.

  17. Nick says:

    DAMM! This is awesome, i want to get a PS3 now knowing that i will be able to do anything with it.

  18. dan says:

    dodedo (again, sorry for the usless dodedo)

  19. Rodin says:

    This is the end. Sony’s little game with the homebrew community is over. If Sony stays put, those pirates will run over the PSP and PS3. If they redesign the two systems with new motherboards and keys, old games that required the old keys won’t work, and the millions of current Playstation customers will go ballistic.

    We’ve won.

    • meep says:

      It’s not about winning or loosing, it’s about unlocking the full portential of the piece of hardware that you buy. I think we’re entitled to that…

  20. dan says:

    whats up with your page? i cant see new comments unless i post somthing

    • wololo says:

      @dan: I had to put some aggressive caching on my website. The page updates every hour or so…

    • MitMakis says:

      I find that clearing your cache and revisiting the page allows you to see new articles/posts.

      • toBsucht says:

        or simply push the refresh button of u r browser if u couldn´t see u r post.
        I hope sony open psp as they did it with ps1 a few years ago maybe if the psp2 is released.

  21. dan says:

    any news from dridri?

  22. jorge says:

    How this going to work……..I have to put the key’s in my USB and my ps3 is going to do every thing that i want…or what.

    or we have to wait till some body make some kind of program that run inside the USB memory…….and make the ps3 run everything.

  23. Lorz says:

    Anyway until anyone does anything with this, this is still just a buncha talk and speculation…… they havent said if they will release it or not have they?

    CFW in some form or another would still be usefull for running plugins and such…. atleast i would think.

  24. Rodin says:

    The key is not a physical key or some sort of USB devic. It is an access code. And yes, it has been released.

  25. onyxx says:

    great news for homebrew on the psp. bad news for the psp in general. official games, if they weren’t already heading there, will be non existent. on a brighter note look forward to psp2 this year for sure. and if the same fate befalls the psp2… sega dreamcast anyone?

    “‘That to love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be the one destroyed”

    People love the product so much they end up destroying it.

    • Pause says:

      Destroying it? Homebrew is the reason the PSP even survives. Other systems like the DS were hacked a long time ago and still remain extremely easy to hack. Yet it is still going strong. On the other hand, Sony and the other developers have sc*** PSP owners so hard that the possibility of doing more with your PSP than what those greedy bastards currently allow you is the only reason any gamer would buy this system. If anything, this should boost PSP sales. With the release of TN-HEN, PSP sales have gone through the roof. This new discovery will have the same effect.

      • toBsucht says:

        i think the same. Sony´s old psp /not only the fat once with a littel dust on/ 3000 or go are now well sold till the psp2 is released/hacked :)

    • Lorz says:

      If people don’t want that to happen, then they should show a little responsibility and not download official games that they have not paid for

      Homebrew does not = piracy…. With TN Hen we all have accessi to isos now… and whaddaya know i have not downloaded a single official game that i have not paid for… the only ISOs i have on my system are those that i dumped directly from my own UMDS.

      so NO Homebrew does not equal piracy, so we are not destroying anything, those who choose to break the law and download games they have not paid for are the ones supposedly “destroying” things….. but i even bring that into question….. just how much money do they really lose on filesharing, tbh i think they just want something to blame when they make lousy games that wont sell, so of course they point the finger at the easiest targets….. file sharers

  26. AlienM says:

    Mathieulh: Want kirk keys?
    1. Go to /dev_flash/pspemu/release/emulator_drm.sprx, decrypt it
    2. get spu_handler.isoself, decrypt, grab keys.
    3. Profit

    Source: http://twitter.com/Mathieulh/statuses/22462057307701249

  27. Ah-Chai says:

    Wooow, this is brilliant. Haha o-o”
    Sony must be pretty good if it took us this long just to be able to sign software.
    Either that or the idea just never even passed through our minds.

  28. Patric says:

    Where keys for psp?

  29. Vandurol says:

    Perfect. More piracy…… *sarcasm*

    Please don’t argue with me. Sony is FIGHTING Piracy. They don’t give a damn about homebrews. Its the piracy…

  30. w7y7a7t7t says:

    mathieulh just posted this on twitter
    ” all the known ps3 keys are now on the spreadsheet. Spread the word ! http://goo.gl/adXCh
    2 minutes ago via web “

  31. Rodin says:

    Homebrew sustains the PSP. The day Sony manages to destroy the homebrew community (which will never come, at least not when the PSP and PS3 are the current-gen consoles) is the day the PSP is really finished.

  32. Asjad says:

    ok so i was reading on some forum that sony unbricks psp 3000’s and 2000’s with the new motherboard using the serial port and a special cable.so it was logical to ask whether we could create these cables and unbrick them ourselves.he replied that we dont have the encryption keys or software.But after reading this i have to ask, does this mean we now have these ‘encryption keys’ and by creating this special serial cable, can we potentially create a non-sony unbricking method/software?or are these some other type of keys?

  33. sev says:

    can someone give a little demo on how to decrypt or how to make this work…thank you

  34. brown_child says:

    mathieulh released kirk keys and algorihtm


  35. Lorz says:

    Sony hasnt been fighting “piracy”, they’ve been trying to deny paying customers the right to run whatever they choose on thier game console, be it legal or not.

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