/Talk Banner. And the winner is…

We had a banner contest a month ago for our forums. The winner has been decided a few weeks ago, but my laziness postponed the actual release of the new banner. But it’s now ready and you can see our new shiny forums here!

Congrats and thanks a lot to kafa1942 for his awesome banner and his help with updating our forum’s css, it’s definitely a great change compared to the previous default phpBB banner :)

Also many thanks to everyone who participated to the contest!

  1. Krozoa’s avatar

    Congrats to all for me it was hard to pick there was to many cool banners


  2. GOOD WORK!’s avatar

    Congratulations kafa1942.
    Well done!


  3. NsAnE’s avatar

    Congratulations! Nice to see a banner on the forums. Makes us more legit. :D


  4. Spider-Monkey’s avatar

    Heck Yeah!! That’s legit right there :D


  5. By_Fantasy’s avatar

    :P The forum looks nice now…


  6. King000David’s avatar

    i luv grafix design i won an animations contest at school and thats how i got my psp i wonder what the runner ups look like n i probably would have won this one too if i had known lol


  7. Lune’s avatar

    Well People I Think There Will Be No More Use For CFW Thx To http://twitter.com/#!/Mathieulh This Guy He Has Some Kind Of Master Key So He Can Encrypt Anything as if sony made it thereselfs
    Ex: You Have A Iso Just Encrypt And There You Go You Can Play It On ANY FW Even New Ones There Is No Fixing This Shit http://www.psp-hacks.com/2011/01/02/encryptsign-anything-psp-homebrew-plugins-custom-firmwares/#more-17676


  8. mummy28’s avatar

    im having trouble login in?need help



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