Release: 6.20 TN-B


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  1. OhYeah says:

    6.20 TN-C will support online play wooooooo

  2. Erza says:

    hi im using 6.20 TN-B but i cant run midnight club DUB edition and tekken 6 both games are CSO files.. what could be the problem??

  3. Boris5190 says:

    succsefully downgraded to 5.03 and flashed to gen-c,
    thank you so much, TN!!

  4. joe says:

    i have downgraded to 5.03 only to know that the cfw is not permanent……
    i have to load tiff exploit so many times to enter hen mode then only install cfw enabler 3.6 then everything works fine…….can anyone help me here?

  5. toBsucht says:

    joe do u have a pandora accu 2 start the recovery menü. Psp fat or slim?
    Why do u do this! Do u need a psp-brick. Omg how many people do a semi or full brick. Back up your F0 with todo and other tool from

  6. toBsucht says:

    ok 4 all which have problems with the dridri iso or prometheus a littel eng and a big german tut a download link[ofw update6.20,inclusive hb´s+apps and dual boot(patapon2 and sukiri) and a lot of plugins the file size is 472.43 MB copy past and 🙂 this is not build 4 psp go!!!No iso´s inside :p tested with ofw6.20 pls post if it works with a higher fw.

    ok für alle die noch Schwierigkeiten haben dridri oder prom iso´s zu nutzen hier ein link mit download zu meinem tut auf deutsch einfach runterladen entpacken und auf dem ms abspeichern ist aber nicht für die pspGo gemacht. Natürlich das tut lesen oder den so geht es text im down viel Spaß und ein schönes Wochenende! Inhalt des download homebrews+apps, 2-isoloader, ofw update6.20, plugins und dualboot(patapon2 und sukiri) größe 472.43mb getestet mit ofw6.20

  7. stuff6.20 says:

    i downgrade my psp using 6.20 tn b and start the update of 5.03 but when my psp finish updating it restart but only on start up and on xmb is a pure white screen. pls help

  8. wicko says:

    6.20 TN-c is out !!!!!
    its signed no need to use HBL and patapon

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