Release: 6.20 TN-B


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353 Responses

  1. Syd Filmore says:

    Already in my psp. A huge job is done once again :). Stability improved, and that’s very impressive.

    Thanks to the devs.

  2. garrei says:

    bout time you put this up…. its been released for a while now…. first comment?

    • wololo says:

      @garrei seriously? When I left my place it wasn’t here. I took the train, reached work to see it had been released. I think I published my article less than 1h after the release… By comparison sites like or pspgen usually publish their news days after the initial release (unless they are the source of the information, obviously…)

      • onemal says:

        You not always copy/paste information from other psp sites quickly, this is normal. And I dont see any problem with this. I come here to read you, I dont need news from pspgen or qj. If peoples want keep on touch in psp info, need use rss from three – five sites in this theme.

  3. garrei says:

    DAMN YOU Syd Filmore!!!!!

  4. matthew says:

    downgrade to 5.03? cmon

    • Spider-Monkey says:

      Try it 😉

    • IDOWNGRADEDMYPSP3000 says:

      Yea i did it. it worked perfectly 😀 i am now running 5.03 prome-4

      • Spider-Monkey says:

        Its a psp 3000 with a TA-090 motherboard(does it even matter)?? If yes I’m gonna jump so high that I might break the world record for the highest jump 😀 apparently I’m on 6.35 hoping to downgrade to 5.03 also, just waiting patiently for good news for us 6.35 people 😀

  5. Loso64 says:

    Is it possible to downgrade psp 2000 TA-088 v3 to chickenhen or gen? thx for answer. btw great job TN :)

  6. shortboy says:

    I’m a bit confused. How are you even supposed to access flash0?

    And Loso64. I honestly wouldn’t risk it.

  7. kite says:

    Can now confirm that this revision (for 3000 models anyways) fixed the need to remove and re-insert memory stick to launch homebrews.

    A nice, stable revision indeed.

  8. ramiro says:

    it is confirmed you can downgrade all model but i think you cant use chickhen r2 cuz you are alredy in another hen.
    but 3000 models only till 4.20
    psp go till 5.70

  9. onemal says:

    Awesome news. It’s brilliant )
    Total_Noob can do it, again.
    Now waiting 6.3X TN-B or 6.3X TN-C.
    But may be his has found some new way. If downgrading with 6.20 TN-B will be without problem, he need just release “preview hen” for 6.3X, with one automatic downgrater to 6.20 TN-B, and this will be awesome. Will see. Total_Noob working on his HEN not 1 or 2 years. He do it so fast, but we waiting this more than one year. I keep waiting.
    Thank you guys. You are awesome.

  10. jim says:

    what is the best cfw out right now? and i have a psp 1000 with tn hen b, which firmware should i downgrade to? please answer?

  11. xyntfosrllas says:

    this is awesome!! really good news and now i wanna see who is the first brave that downgrade succesfully to 5.03 at risk to brick his psp
    if anyone does plz confirm it here!!

  12. onemal says:

    Why you dont use Pandora, if you have psp 1000?

    This is info from pspden:
    Remember that all the firmwares are not supported by all models of PSP!
    So do not try to install:
    Below the 3.60 firmware on a PSP Slim (2000)
    A firmware below 4.20 for the PSP 3000
    Below the 5.70 firmware on a PSP GO
    Transgress this warning and your console will brickée, perhaps permanently.

  13. Platini says:

    Hope DRIDRI85 will improve his ISO LOADER (for HEN 6.20-B). Honestly; people with newer psp 3000 models should not downgrade (what`s the ponit in that????) stay with 6.20.
    downgrading is a dangerous procedure. There is a huge risk of brick on newer PSP models

  14. jim says:

    i have a question, what is the best cfw out right now? and also i have a psp 1000 6.20 with tn hen b, to which firmware should i downgrade to?

    • akabull says:

      just use “hellcat’s recovery flasher” and go directly to CFW you want.
      you can go directly to either 5.00 m33-6 or 5.50 gen-D3(with firmware pack) and upgrade to prometheus

  15. Leonardo says:

    Can anyone try to downgrade a PSP 3000? Thanks

  16. G3kk0 says:

    I succefully downgraded my psp3010 6.20 to 5.03 and now Im running chikenR2. I still dont recomed the procedure if you dont know what you are doing.

  17. Leonardo says:

    G3kk0, can you please proof?

  18. xyntfosrllas says:

    G3kk0 can you write a little tutorial to downgrade to 5.03 plz

  19. [ThibaulT] says:

    I have downgraded my 3000 with 6.20TN-B to 5.03, and I can say that the method used by T_N to downgrade is very safe, only PSP Go users should not try to downgrade (btw it is useless because the minimum possible firmware is 5.70). 5.03GEN-C for HEN brings more CTFs themes and plugins compatibility, and it brings also a native support for all PSP / PS1 ISOs, even if you will need a patch for recent games (>Prometheus).

  20. Rodin says:

    There is really no need to downgrade. The bugs in the HEn have been fixed, plugins are supported and Liquidzigong’s ISO loader is better than what comes with the lower firmwares people are talking about downgrading to.

  21. Leonardo says:

    I need proofs… Else I won’t downgrade.

  22. Norml says:

    Downgrading a 3k would lose the Wide color range i’d assume…Which is a no no.

  23. [ThibaulT] says:

    To the sceptics : If you hesitate to downgrade you can see the comments on PSP Gen : we are many members who successfully downgraded, no one bricked his PSP. Some simply cannot downgrade, that is maybe due to 4 g models.

  24. Leonardo says:

    Where I can find the link of the PSPGEN users?

  25. jim says:

    the download only gave me the patapon exploit and hbl. there is no tn hen in the pack

  26. G3kk0 says:

    No it would not lose the wide range color feture.

  27. Spider-Monkey says:

    This excite me very much since I’m reading all the downgrade on psp 3000(3g) are successful and also seen a video of it in youtube. You know what this means? Less people will use TN’s Hen because they’re gonna downgrade to 5.03 and use chickHen and CFW enabler :(

  28. wellopcn says:

    ?????comment??????WOLOO???Total_Noob?thank u all

  29. Leonardo says:


    Need more proofs?

  30. [ThibaulT] says:

    Yes here is the problem… but TN HEN will improve more and more and then people will not see why downgrading enough. But *at the moment* 5.03GEN-C brings is better.

  31. andrew says:

    lol Total Noob’s name is already in Wikipedia,

    your name is already written in history man. lol

  32. [ThibaulT] says:

    Sorry I was answering to SpiderMonkey

  33. john says:

    For the people running on 6.20 TN-A HEN should they update 6.20 TN-B or just stay

  34. jake says:

    will someone please tell me step by step on how i can get my psp 1000 tn hen b to cfw? it would be really halpful thanks!

  35. xyntfosrllas says:

    i think is obvious to update 6.20 tn-B

  36. Joel says:

    wow andrews right i googled Total Noob, and all I get is his 6.20 exploit thingy.. lol congrats TN

  37. jake says:

    can someone please tell me step by step on how i can get cfw 5.50 gen-d on my psp 1000 tn hen b? it would be really helpful thanks!

  38. shortboy says:

    Alright so I tried the downgrade on my 1000 because I can. Was able to get back down to 5.03.

    With PSARDUMPER, you have to dump the firmware that you’re faking to. In my case, I wanted to fake to 5.00 so I had to get that firmware and place it in the root as “EBOOT.PBP”. Get the version.txt from the newly created F0\VSH\ETC folder and placed it in the ms0:\seplugins folder.

    I was then able to get to 5.03.

    I still don’t trust getting this to work on 3000 and late 2k models though.

  39. xyntfosrllas says:

    jake ur psp is fully hackabe u dont need any tn hen u only need pandora

  40. IDOWNGRADEDMYPSP3000 says:

    shortboy i did it on my psp 3000 and downgraded it from 6.20 to 5.03. it ran perfectly and im now the proud owner of a psp 3000 running 5.03 prome-4

  41. josh says:


  42. david says:

    can 6.20 PSP 3006 4g model downgrade??

  43. Leonardo says:

    How to downgrade:

    Download firmware 5.00. Google it.
    Download NEW PSAR DUMPER, that runs on 6.20
    Download firmware 5.03. Google again.
    Rename firmware 5.00’s .pbp to EBOOT.PBP and place it at ms0:/ root (NOT MP_ROOT)
    Run PSARDUMPER and press Square when asked to.
    Exit. Now in the PC, go to MS0:/f0/vsh/etc and copy the file version.txt to ms0:/seplugins.
    Now run the HEN and load it’s VSH MENU. Enable fake index.dat and then RESTART VSH.
    Now put the 5.03 firmware in the folder PSP/GAME/UPDATE. Rename it as EBOOT.PBP.
    Run it from the XMB
    Install the FW.
    It will reset the console after it. When powering up again, you will see the PSP’s BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Just press Circle. It will reboot the PSP. Now be happy with 5.03 again!

  44. )--[FX-Geo]--( says:

    My English is not so good so sorry, I have a question for you I hope you can help me, I have a PSP 3000 from a year ago and I have the 6.20 TN-A (HEN) with Prometheus Iso Loader, if I came wrong with FW 5.00 less than what I had to chip for me to read backups and after a month I went on a cruise where I went to a Dutch island and saw the game GTA Chinatown Wars and do not hold and buy it, when I probe asked me to upgrade to 6.00 and I did, a few days ago when I went to download the HEN with the Prometheus Iso Loader and so far I am enjoying it, my question is, my PSP because it is the old 3000 model 3G believe, I could downgrade my psp without any kind of problem?

  45. Leonardo says:


  46. )--[FX-Geo]--( says:


  47. )--[FX-Geo]--( says:


  48. josh says:

    download link for NEW PSAR DUMPER that runs on 6.20 please?

  49. )--[FX-Geo]--( says:

    If my psp had to chipping before playing backups means that it is a 3G model!

  50. LUISDooMER says:

    I don´t know why they want to downgrade…

    TN HEN now has:

    Homebrews From XMB (OBVIOUSLY… :P)
    some PLUGINS work

    TN HEN Will have
    PSX support
    Full PLUGIN compatibility
    ISOS From The XMB
    and who knows…

    So people why don´t you just wait for these things happen after taking a useless now (because WE HAVE the HEN right NOW) and risky decission that you will regret (if you accidentally BRICK) that is downgrading?
    But well, is a decission of every psp owner take these risks…
    If the thing goes wrong don´t come here criying and saying:
    “wololo/tn thanks 4 F%&ING brick my psp, go to heck” and etc…
    I´ll wait for PSX and a lot of cool stuff coming enjoying the hen… 😉

    PD: Thanks wololo, Total_Noob , and the other people involved in the HBL proyect for make all 6.20 users (and 6.3x soon 😉 ) very happy and free from the chains of the evil SONY!!! \(^o^)/
    Greeting From Argentina!!!
    Sorry my bad english… 😛

  51. ROB says:

    i hope the downgradefor 6.35 is 6.20 no lower then thta

  52. Rodin says:

    Anyone confirmed downgrading on 4g models yet?

  53. Leonardo says:


    For now, it’s better to downgrade. It’s a very safe way, unless an idiot removes the battery while the updater is flashing the firmware. Theres 99% of chance of downgrading successfully and 1% of bricking. Just follow the tutorial corectly. When TN HEN have all of these features, then we should go to 6.20, knowing that if any problem occurred, we could go back to 5.03 and be happy again.

    • LUISDooMER says:

      thanks, but as i said i´m very happy with THIS hen (maybe because it´s my first hen), i can play isos, run my favourite homebrews at full speed and discovering other cool homebrews, so i´ll stick to this hen…
      Thanks again and i hope you enjoy chickHen :) !!

  54. shooter4hire says:

    After installing TN HEN B my psp won’t turn off or suspend via the power switch or vsh menu. Any1 else got this problem. I got a psp3001

  55. Linske says:

    Is this even true? Decide for your self, keep in mind that wololo already warned you in downgrading your PSP, also downgrading is pointless knowing we are already able to load ISO and play it in firmware 6.20 though you may say that a customfirmware is more stable and offers more compatibility, still dridri is on his march in developing his ISO loader it would be better to wait than to loss your PSP forever right? Anyways any moment now, stated that they would be releasing a downgrading tutorial in their website so heads up and hope for the best ^- ^

  56. fghjhytre says:

    guys the download has no eboot.pbp of the hen….??just the HBL…

  57. Slapstickskeptic says:

    Now no one will release a PSX loader for the HEn. Sad.

  58. Leonardo says:

    I think the 5.03 version for now is an “placeholder”. As TN HEN is being upgraded and such, we stay on 5.03 because it’s more advanced (ChickHEN and CFW). When TN HEN gets upgraded, we upgrade again to 6.20 (or another firmware if TN releases the HEN for it). Then 6.20 will be what 5.03 was 2 years ago. The “best firmware”.

  59. umm says:

    nice, thx again TN

  60. shortboy says:

    Right now the only clear advantage of having 5.03 GEN-C is because of direct access and higher compatibility with newer/patched ISOs. Other than that I see no reason to go back down. Unless you want massive plugins.

    • aceofspace says:

      I know that there are alot of people having a hard time trying to decide to stay on TN A, move to TN-B, and downgrading to 5.03 worrying about a brick. Think about it. What does TN B and 5.03 have that TN A doesn’t? We can use ctf themes and most plugins, and alot more plugins will be updated to work on 6.20. When Wololo or Total_Noob recommends us to move to TN-B, thats our Q. i

  61. brickman says:

    so I guess I should have waited on the downgrade. Who do I send my bricked psp to?
    lol jk

  62. williand says:

    uh hi guys just asking how do i get custom themes to work on the hen plz some one respond and plz dumb down details

  63. xyntfosrllas says:

    i need some help with THIS PART: Rename firmware 5.00’s .pbp to EBOOT.PBP and place it at ms0:/ root (NOT MP_ROOT) what i do here is to put the FW carpet (that came with the psardumper) with the 5.00 eboot inside in ms0:/ ???????

  64. xyntfosrllas says:

    plz reply as soon as possible

  65. irfan says:

    i am happy with 6.20 tn hen.
    i dont want to downgrade to 5.03 gen. slowly 6.20 tn hen will become like 5.03 gen

  66. nicola says:

    thanks to total_noob and to who is involved in hen development.

    I’ve used “version.txt” in order to run an umd that I own that requires 6.31 on 6.20, but it doesn’t start. Some advices? Thanks.

  67. Leonardo says:

    xyntfosrllas, you downloaded FW 5.00 and 5.03 right? extract firmware 5.00. if the name of the .pbp file is EBOOT.PBP, place it in the MS0:/ root, if not, rename it to EBOOT.PBP and then place it there.

  68. xyntfosrllas says:

    oh yeah!! i dit it without any trouble OMG!! now im gonna download the chickhen then 5.03 gen-c!

  69. xyntfosrllas says:

    oh yeah!! i dit it without any trouble OMG!! now im gonna download the chickhen then 5.03 gen-c FULL!

  70. Leonardo says:

    @xyntfosrllas Congratz ;D

  71. CevaComic says:

    I read on an italian forum that 2 users already went to 5.03 … It seems to work. (Not tested myself)

  72. jose says:

    what is a psx is a a ps one. i read its some ps2.5 from japan that is like a dvr and stuff.

  73. xyntfosrllas says:

    thank you @leonardo now im only have a question how do i RUN the chickhen???

  74. Leonardo says:

    @xyntfosrllas Download it, put the ChickHEN folder located at SLIM folder in MS0:/Picture. Then go to the pictures menu in XMB and access the ChickHEN folder and wait for it to load. If your PSP freezes, reboot it and try again. It might take lots of tries to work. If the PSP crashes, it worked.

    Now I’m going to sleep. Good luck!

  75. BABA says:


  76. flayd says:

    Thanks wololo, total_noob and all people who make possible this, i really apreciate your hard work, you are legends!!! happy 2011!!!

  77. xyntfosrllas says:

    “If the PSP crashes, it worked” it crashes but now what i turn in on and nothing happens

  78. Hey-man says:

    Why do you always puts not working “YET” on 6.35

    that means is soon the Hen for 6.XX ?

  79. joejoejoe says:

    Probably a stupid question but can you downgrade to 5.03 on a PSP Go?

  80. josh says:


  81. beem1 says:

    I’m just gonna wait and hope someone comes out with a way to play PSX games on this 6.2 TN-B. Hope it happens soon….

  82. CevaComic says:

    I tryed … My psp stays for a while then shuts down after a few secconds (after i click on update to 5.03) … Don’t know why but that’s it … i have a psp 3004 data code 9C anybody did it with that data code ?

  83. kardenaz says:

    hello, I do not speak such good English very well or program psp or anything like that but I had settled this page in Spanish that got past reports of 6.20 to 5.03 with Spanish PLATE Damn this is the page with catches so that they are translated google translator to understand and I hope I leave the link in Spanish also hope to be helpful

    [English] 3A% 2F% 2Fscene -psp-71% 2Fdowngradea-psp-tn-hen-20129% 2F



  84. teen says:

    @wololo: pls post a confirmation n tutorial wen u confirm downgrading doesnt brick the console..v believe ur words……….thanks in advance

  85. I Love U Wololo says:

    thx, just downgraded to 5.03 !!

  86. CevaComic says:

    It seems data code 9C supports only superior OFW … I tryed with 6.00 and it let’s me update … I canceled the update … Too bad

  87. hey guys how can i downgrade?? i wanna downgrade to 5.03 plss help me!?

  88. ala says:

    nice ! downgraded to 5.03, it eas easy, theres a tutorial on pspgen

  89. yellow says:

    i was thinking of downgrading but one reason why i dont want to is because i hate loading chicken because sometimes it works fast while the other times it takes even 10 attempts before it works i think i will stick to tn b and wait for cfw enabler for 6.20.

    • joejoejoe says:

      There won”t be a “CFW Enabler” CFW enabler was specific to 5.03, but i know what you’re talking about. And we already have one, it enables TN Hen, CFW Enabler didn’t actually enable “CFW” it enables HEn

  90. eni9ma says:


  91. God says:

    i’m on psp 3001 and my psp just shut down when i click on the update for downgrading to 5.03

  92. ipadboy says:

    Someone downgrade to 5.03 and see if you can launch the other HENs on this (pspgo users)

  93. shortboy says:

    god. You have to make sure that the version.txt file that you’re using is from the actual firmware that you wish to fake to.

    ipadboy. Don’t bother trying to get to 5.03 with the go. The lowest it can actually go to is 5.70

    • God says:

      I am pretty sure it’s the version i wanna fake to which is 5.00 so that after that i can downgrade to 5.03 i dont know what i did wrong??

  94. aceofspace says:

    proof it works on a psp-3000

  95. aceofspace says:

    So should we go from TNB HEN A to TN HEN B? I wonder if we can use the TN Network Update from our XMB now.

  96. james1552 says:

    How is downgrading a good option for new PSP’s and PSP Go’s…

    We won’t be getting custom firmware… Hen ALREADY runs ISOS and Homebrews from XMB, we have many features built in… like Wololo said, it is kinda pointless…

    If you have a PSP 1000 or older Slim with a hackable mother board, then that would be the only reason, because now you could downgrade and get CFW all for free, instead of the use of the pandora battery, though, the pandora battery is still a much safer method since it fixes bricks.

    Either way I can say Hen TN-B Works GREAT 😀

    and I can’t believe I just now discovered Geometry Wars, it is purely amazing, already have wasted plenty of hours haha.

  97. Raziel says:

    WOOW!!! Just tested it on my PSP 3004 and it works without ejecting the memory stick!
    It was annoying to eject the memory stick every time before running a homebrew.
    Now playing God of War: Chains of Olympus with the Prometheus loader! Thankyou TN!!!

    • GOOD WORK! says:

      Yes it is you are correct it was tiring and take the memory chip out every time you were playing a game. (PSP 3004) Now they fixet this problem. Thank you!

  98. ok ive decided im gonna stick w/ this Hen cuz its pointless to downgrade because its pointless…if another cfw will come like (for example) 6.20 Gen
    so im gonna update so wats the point..? ill just wait if thats so………….

  99. brickmaster says:

    Does the downgrade support 4g models??? and to downgrade do i have to turn off protect flash0???? thax in advance……..

  100. aceofspace says:

    I know that there are alot of people having a hard time trying to decide to stay on TN A, move to TN-B, and downgrading to 5.03 worrying about a brick. Think about it. What does TN B and 5.03 have that TN A doesn’t? We can use ctf themes and most plugins, and alot more plugins will be updated to work on 6.20. When Wololo or Total_Noob recommends us to move to TN-B, thats our Q.

  101. toBsucht says:

    i got a psp3004 datacode 9c hbl109 tn-a patched i had problems to run 1 of 2 ms but now everything is fine now i could use both full byte loader patched tn-a & b THANKS!!! I could load 2 different patapon savegames with the nice punker69 mod and 1 sukkiri savegame also.

  102. aceofspace says:

    For those of you that wants to downgrade anyway, well here you go:

    What you’ll need to downgrade to firmware 5.03:

    • A PSP (all models) equipped with firmware 6.20
    ? official firmware 6.20 (PSP GO)
    ? official firmware 6.20 (PSP non-GO)
    • The Half Byte Loader
    • The demo for Patapon 2
    • Saving modified in this same demo
    • The NF-B 6.20
    • Applying New Psar Dumper with firmware 5.00 eboot
    • The firmware 5.03
    We have prepared a comprehensive package RTU that includes all the essential elements (except the update 6.20) if you want to downgrade the firmware 5.03.

    If you want to downgrade to another firmware:

    • A PSP (all models) equipped with firmware 6.20
    ? official firmware 6.20 (PSP GO)
    ? official firmware 6.20 (PSP non-GO)
    • The Half Byte Loader
    • The demo for Patapon 2
    • Saving modified in this same demo
    • The NF-B 6.20
    • Applying New Psar Dumper with a firmware eboot lower than that you want to downgrade (the eboot should be placed at the root of the Memory Stick and must be named EBOOT.PBP)
    • The firmware that you want to downgrade
    Read phonetically
    Dictionary – View detailed dictionary

  103. yellow says:

    yea i dont see no reason in downgrading my psp , I was about to downgrade my psp and then i said what the heck i am doing fk that chicken takes too much attempt to work sometime it work fast the other time it takes a couple of attempts to work i prefer tn hen it loads much faster with one attempt and you will soon see all these users that downgraded to 5.03 will update back to 6.20 tn when a cfw enabler comes out i can bet on that.:D

    • aceofspace says:

      True that. I really thought that ChickHEN loads faster because you start it from the XMB. The only reason people would want to downgrade is to use the 5.03 ctf themes.

  104. dwi5011 says:

    it’s works for me!

  105. toBsucht says:

    Damn! Hen working better now but i got still a problem 2 run psp filer 5.5 kernel3 with 1 of 2 ms hbl109 3004 datacode 9c.

  106. Spider-Monkey says:

    Reporter from TN5: “So yet again, another great release from TN(well, its more like an update). So what’s he’s next plan? 6.20TN-C?6.35 Hen? Or better yet 6.3x downgrader? Downgrade is indeed possible for all psp models but is it possible to downgrade a psp to 6.35 to 6.20? I say yes since Sony wasn’t expecting a downgrader for the psp and concentrate more on patching the exploits and that unlimited music ***(which is still NOT release!!). Time will tell. See you next time. I’m Rich reporting from TN5.”

  107. Spider-Monkey says:

    They don’t like the more stable version or something? 😛

  108. damned and bricked says:

    hey guys…if i downgrade without turning off flash0 protect will my psp brick..??

    • aceofspace says:

      You won’t do anything at all because “protect flash0″ basically means nothing will write to or from your flas0, leaving your PSP untouched and unbricked.

  109. Skyline12 says:

    man cant downgrade

  110. williand says:

    hey guys i cant seem to find any plugins that work besides cw cheat and homebrew filer type thing can anyone help me and gimme a link to ones that work for psp 3000 running tn hen plzzzz


  111. triek says:

    now that the 6.20 users have everything the need (good luck to all), i hope there will be a update for 6.35 users soon
    wololo,Total_Noob and all devs keep up the good work and thanks again

  112. williand says:

    @zack hiro

    just wanted to kick things up with my psp and yes i needed cw cheat and i have over 65 homebrew games so yeah the filer thing helped out alot but it would be nice to have something like a font color changer or something of the such im just wondering wich ones work for hen

  113. williand says:

    and whats the psnlover do and srry for double posting

  114. yellow says:

    @ williand it allows you to enter psn with older ofw.

  115. williand says:

    ah so i have no use for it hmmmm lame i can enter it without it just by setting to debug mode 1 or 2 cant remember

  116. Khairi says:

    Okay, before this I’m using TN HEN-A
    And the iso loader wprks perfect
    Only need to the “stick out the memory stick” method to prevent crashes
    But I try this TN HEN-B and I got a lot of crash~
    So I decide to stay on TN HEN A
    Is I am the only one who experienced this?
    I’m using PSP-3006
    Well, just giving feedback ^_^

    • Noel says:

      I have PSP 3006, my firmware is 6.20 TN-B Hen, and my ISO loader is Prometheus,. I have no problems on my games.

      NO crashing
      NO freezing

      All is perfect.

      • Khairi says:

        Wow, I wonder~
        I feel more stable on TN HEN A
        because everytime I play on TN HEN B
        it will freeze and crash the game
        I use the same iso loader
        Hmmm, maybe will try my luck if TN HEN C release~

    • ZackHiro says:

      try formatting (before you do so, of course backup data) your memorystick and try again…this helps out the most of those with this problem (me for instance)

      • Khairi says:

        Yup! I do that first by formatting the memory stick on computer and also in psp and that leads to missing all of the save data. Lol, I forgot my save data game :(

  117. dirTy jEw says:

    if the 6.20 hen.b can downgrade why doent any1 drop to 3.03 oe dark alex cfw? in stead of going tn chick hen which can even run backup iso

  118. beem1 says:

    Wait, can we play PS1 iso’s on TN Hen B? I thought we couldn’t..

  119. Skyline12 says:


    wat plugins are compatible for TN – B

  120. joejoejoe says:

    This is gonna fire up the PSP scene all over again, i mean like look at there’s like 7 posts in the last week, when usually it’s only 1 post a week, I’m excited to see what this turns into in a couple of weeks/months

  121. Loso64 says:

    PSP 2000 TA-088 v3 downgraded :)

  122. MitMakis says:

    Im sad that theres a downgrader now… Not because I can’t downgrade (PSP 3006 4g), but I feel that TN’s HEN will go waste for the many 300x users, I did not wait for Total_Noob’s HEN to use another person’s HEN.

  123. per says:

    Thank you so much! Very good news.
    Good work PSPGen. stand on guys.

  124. main2man says:

    Is there a way to downgrade 6.35 to 6.20 ????????

  125. Edgar says:

    I was wondering if anyone with a PSP 300X 4G could downgrade without any errors or brick, why am I thinking of doing that is on my 3004, I think it is 4G, and as I know my psp is 3G or 4G? Thanks by Hen-B, and sorry for my bad English

  126. Maddeath says:

    All is perfect. Thx!

  127. ssssst says:

    Should I downgrade my psp? Cause the iso loader doesn’t work on my psp 1004 6.20

  128. WOW WOW WOW says:

    Hello everyone finally the time has come! I have a PSP 3004 Vibrant Blue and I manage and run games directly from the XMB menu, I do not have and going through Patapon 2 for and play ISO and homebrews emu etc. This was when I took this wonderful update from PSPGen. I have version 6.20 and thus run the TN-B. It is so good and run games directly from the XMB menu. I’ve been waiting for this a long time and finally managed PSPGen it. A WARM THANK YOU FOR ALL PSPGEN GOOD WORK YOU HAVE DONE YOU HAVE REALLY been on. This was really a FAST refresh;)

  129. Leonardo says:


    When it crashes, ChickHEN is enabled. Crashing is not freezing. When the crash occurs, the screen will flash two times with lots of garbage and the XMB will change color for a second, then the PSP will auto-reboot to chickhen. Then, you install 5.03 GEN-C.


    Not all firmwares are supported by all PSPs!
    You shouldn’t install lower firmwares :
    An firmware lower than 3.60 (2000)
    An firmware lower than 4.20 (PSP 3000)
    An firmware lower than 5.70 (PSP GO) (Also, PSP Go uses special firmwares, so no 5.03!)

    But if you love a brick, just try to install any FW lower these versions!

    • CAPORD says:

      My wouldnt try to downgrade my psp 3000 because i dont have any crash anymore, i had many crash and i used to use the method of taking out the memory stick and restart the VHS but after i changed and format my memory stick, i dont have those problem anymore with the old TN HEN, so there is no point (at least for me) to upgrade the TN HEN for my psp.

      My psp come with a 3.xx OFW, i dont remember the number exactly.

  130. tips... says:

    i want to give some tips for psp 1000 ofw 6.20 user…i already test this downgrade method:
    – Dump whatever FW with psardumper.
    – Copy /F0/vsh/etc/version.txt to /seplugins/version.txt.
    – Enable the option and restart VSH, now your PSP version is faked.
    -> To downgrade just dump a lower FW.
    ….i not downgrade to any OFW firmware…i use 5.50 gen d3(full) installer..and it works….

    ….now i successfully downgrade to 5.50 gen-d3….

  131. per says:

    Hey it’s me again after I rebooted the PSP so I just 6.20. I must still go through patapon 2 for each time but it does not matter. It’s the 6.20 TN-B kit reboot THANKS

  132. shion15 says:

    I’m from Brazil, Thanks Wololo and Total_Noob…Happy New Year to everyone!!!

  133. Babazor says:

    thanks TN ! now im on 5.03

  134. Sahil says:

    Thank you wololo, Thank you TN, Thank You m0skit0, Thank You Liquidzigong.
    Downgrade according to me on a PSP 3g model is absolutely risk free, everything happens with ease. Hope the devs and the users make awesome progress in the scene. Happy New Year.

  135. sevy_philippines says:

    happy new year!!!
    tnx Wololo for the regular updates for us,
    tnx m0skit0 for the hbl,
    tnx total noob for the highly anticipated 6.20 tn hen
    tnx liquidzigong for your prometheus iso loader,
    and tnx dridri for your open idea iso loader,
    all psp owner have a wonderful christmas and new year because of their works,
    sorry for my grammar,

  136. sandy says:

    Im having trouble updating to 6.20 TN – B so im staying on 6.20 TN-A

  137. slap says:

    great work!! tnx tnx!! have wonderful new year!! :)

  138. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    downgrading my psp 3000 to 5.02 worked fine. i did it with a 03g model ^^

  139. I Love U Wololo says:

    why i cant see new comments until i post one, thats terrible

  140. james1552 says:

    at this point it only sounds like a bunch of whining and people who want to downgrade only because they can.

    Hen TN-B is extremely stable now, runs ISO’s, has a few plug in features already built in like USB charging and psn lover (debug 1 trick), and WON’T BRICK YOUR PSP. Why on earth would you downgrade?! TN Hen already has people developing stuff for it, ChickHEN crashes a lot… and hey newer psps (new 2000, 3000 and gos) don’t think you will be getting custom firmware by downgrading, its impossible, once you try it your PSP will brick and you will come back here crying about it to us…

    The only people that benefit from downgrading are 1000 owners and old 2000 owners. DO NOT DOWNGRADE! Don’t be stupid and risk a brick over a couple features…

    • LUISDooMER says:

      yes, i agree with you!
      They waited too long for tn hen just to downgrade and use ChickHen… lol
      it´s just matter of time to get fully plugin support, psx, and a lot of great things coming. They just don´t know to wait…
      But well, if they enjoy play with fire, i hope they won´t get their ***es burned… 😛

  141. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    I think some People downgrade for developing or experimental things , like me :)

  142. Psychowner says:

    Okay, i post there for the PSP 300x 4G owners , and i have good news for you. I try downgrade my PSP 3008 4G 6.20 TN-B to 5.50 GEN-D3 . It works no brick ,no something ! ALL OWNERS OF PSP 300x 4G with 6.20 TN-B can without risk downgrade to CFW 5.50 GEN-D3 . I’f you don’t believe, that’s your problem. just follow instructions and don’t listen scamers and crying kids like “DO NOT DOWNGRADE! Don’t be stupid and risk a brick over a couple features…
    ” or something . Happy New Year. :)
    P.S i’f anyone downgraded PSP 300x 4G model with 6.20 TN-B post there let me know i’m not one who downgraded psp 3k 4G model .
    Happy New Year. :)

  143. dan says:

    are there any music plugins that work with this so you can listen to your own music ingame??

  144. pietro025 says:

    I have a psp 2000 TA088v1/v2. should I downgrade or i should stay with TN-A and Prometheus Iso Loader?????

  145. jojatekok says:

    I have succesfully downgraded my PSP 3004 (3g, DateCode 8D) from 6.20 TN-B (HEN) to 5.03, then applied ChickHEN R2 on it, then installed 5.03 GEN-C (Final), then installed 5.03 Prometheus-4 :)

  146. Leonardo says:

    This has been already confirmed. The downgrade works on ALL psp’s, but it has the firmware limitations.

  147. Ton_Werty says:

    i have psp 3010 blue datacode 9d downgrade work for me?

  148. Drift_Master_D1 says:

    I have a PSP 3008 date-code 0B. Anybody knows, can I downgrade my console?

  149. jlo138 says:

    I have PSP Go with TN HEN-A. I use Prometheus and so far have had about 99% or more backups run without any issues and without having to even switch drivers. I can’t downgrade but I don’t want to, nor do I need to. I have no reason to either. These guys have done an awesome job!

    What I would like to see for the Go users is ability to use the M2 to run the Prometheus Loader. It works but the backups will not show up. Even switching directories doesn’t work.
    Loader from M2/Backups on M2 = Will not show up
    Loader from M2/Backups on internal = Will not show up
    Loader from internal/Backups on M2 = Will not show up
    Loader from internal/Backups on internal = Success

    Also the Prometheus Loader with a nice Menu Background like the HBL Menu would be great as well.

  150. joe says:

    okay so i have a psp 1000 6.20 with tn hen b on it. to what cfw should i go to? and how would i do it? please help me im new to this.

  151. Leonardo says:

    @joe, you have a PSP-1000, it’s fully hackable! Why don’t you use pandora?

  152. Leonardo says:

    With TN HEN-B installed, do this:

    Download PSP FW 5.00 – Google it and find.

    Download PSP FW 5.03 – Google it too.

    Download NEW PSAR DUMPER. You can find it at the last wololo’s post.

    Extract firmware 5.00 (if compressed), rename the .pbp file to EBOOT.PBP and put it at the memory stick root (ms0:/).


    Extract firmware 5.03 to ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE and rename the .pbp file to EBOOT.PBP.


    When asked to, press square.


    When the process is complete, press X to exit, and re-enter USB Mode.

    Go to ms0:/F0/vsh/etc/ and copy the file “version.txt” to ms0:/seplugins.

    On the PSP, enter TN VSH Menu by pressing Select, enable Fake index.dat and then RESTART VSH!

    Run 5.03 Updater from XMB

    When the flashing has started, LEAVE THE PSP ALONE! Do not press anything or remove its battery or your PSP will brick!

    When the flashing is done, it will restart the PSP and show a blue screen. Press Circle and the PSP will reboot again.

    Then you will be in 5.03 firmware.

    I will post the next steps soon, because I don’t have time. It’s almost new year, you know.

  153. joe says:

    thanks leonardo really apreciate it!!

  154. yellow says:

    i have heard of people installing 5.50 gen d3 using this method i wonder if these people are lying.

  155. joe says:

    whats the best cfw i can get with my psp 1000?

  156. yellow says:

    @joe 5.00m33 or 5.50 gen d3

  157. yellow says:

    oh and there installing the 5.50 gen d3 on psp 3000???

  158. )--[FX-Geo]--( says:

    Hey anyone can help, and you install the firmware 5.03 and was excellent without any kind of problem but now if I have one when you install r2 ChickHen my psp I give some pictures that brings chickhen but when I give the remains hanging pictures and does not effect on my psp anyone know why? of course I have a PSP 3001 Slim 3G, please need urgent help, I hope someone can help me solve this problem

  159. dan says:

    sorry for the useless dodedo, but it wouldnt let me read new comments unless i posted somthing lol

  160. john says:

    so wait a minute i have a psp 3001 running on 6.20 TN-A. So if I downgrade it wont brick my psp

  161. yellow says:

    JUST go on you tube and write in how to install chicken r2 thats it.

  162. yellow says:

    @john you will need to install tn b first just cold boot your psp and start the exploit again no nee to format memory stick.

  163. joe says:

    how would i install 5.50 gen d3 on my psp 1000?

  164. john says:

    Thanks for the tip bro

  165. yellow says:

    first downgrade to 5.03 then install 5.50 gen B then 5.50 gen d-2 then d3 i dont know if u have to do it in that order.

  166. zdzich981 says:

    This is real Total Noob and Wololo make Pandora in CFW 6.XX ?? and downgrade to 5.03 ?? Do you make Hen for CFW 6.XX ??

  167. Road433 says:

    i think something is people can downgrade to cfw5.50 on psp3000 while it’s not even for 3k models!!???

  168. yellow says:

    @Road433 i was thinking the same thing.

  169. Bladeleingod says:

    I successfully downgraded my psp3001 6.20 firmware to 5.03 now using ChickenHEN R2 with CFW 3.70 Enabler

  170. noob says:

    im now on 6.20 TN HEN-B how do i use the homebrew enable? when i execute it shutdown the system

  171. am33r says:

    Can we, and if so, How do we upgrade PSP-GO from let’s say 6.0 to 6.2? since 6.2 is not available now on the PSN Update but the current 6.35 is. I know how to manualy upgrade the 1000, 2000, and 3000 bu not the GO.

  172. noob says:

    @am33r get it from psphacks or google it

  173. OhYeah says:

    any reports of a bricked psp for 3000 users? If successfully downgraded, to 5.03, firmware is permanent (no need to run Patapon-HBL-HEN and do the popping in and out MS)?

  174. noob says:

    whats the purpose of tn homebew enabler? when im in tn hen-B do i need to run it also? it shutdown the system when i do so

  175. OhYeah says:

    nevermind, I think 6.20 TN-B HEN is better than 5.03, just a few bug fixes especially for Dri dri’s iso loader (cannot exit to XMB menu)

  176. Sensei says:

    Any luck, 4g users?

  177. ipadboy says:

    Prometheus version 2 has been out ever since December 27th………it even runs more games, but some still need fixing (Dragonball z Tenkaichi Tag Team now runs up to the menu instead of crashing…)

  178. KEVIN says:

    can someone make a tut for me because its not working for me when i try to update. i have a psp3001v6.2

  179. Peter says:

    I have Psp 3008 (3g) but I am not going to downgrade it -I don’t think I can do it…

    • OhYeah says:

      yeah don’t downgrade, aside from the risk of getting your psp bricked, TN-B HEN is better than other CFW, just a few bug fixes will do the job and plug ins, who knows 6.35 TN HEN might even be better…

  180. diego says:

    Thanks a lot wololo, total noob, m0skit0 , the guy of the iso loader (dificult to write hahah) and happy yeaar.. If a miss somena thanks tooo

  181. yellow says:

    new plugins supports for 6.20tn-B UMD Dump PRX for 6.20 TN
    RemoteJoyLite 0.19 for 6.20tn-b.

  182. zul says:

    i dont know why i downgrade my psp……
    just want to try………

    but i want to say its work………

    thnx total noob,wololo

  183. MarthinusSwart says:

    I bought GoW Ghost of Sparta. It requires FW 6.31, any way to use the HEN to spoof my version to be 6.31 so i can play the game?

    • jlo138 says:

      I have that one too. It runs just fine on my Go and 3000 and both are running TN HEN-A right now. I suggest trying to back it up first and then see.

  184. yellow says:

    you can use promethius isoloader it works for games up to ofw 6.35. or you could use the umd dump to copy the ghost of sparta umd game and use it on your memory stick.

  185. zul says:

    how can i install chicken………???????

  186. after insalling hen-b its howing me hen A why so downloaded the above file

    whats wrong ?

    any solutions

  187. Kysrli Ysf says:

    I have a psp 3003 6.20 i only need to play the iso games on my psp do i only need TnHen-B and Prometheus Iso loader?

    • toBsucht says:

      u need hbl and patapon2 +tn-b and the isoloader to save space u could use a crafted patapon demo (let´s say slayer`s ~48mb) “not 4 Go user”.

  188. brickmaster says:

    any one can give me a list of isos that are working………..????

  189. PSPgoUser says:

    Has anyone else had an issue loading PSN/Homebrew located on the internal storage while the bluetooth is active? it seems to become frozen on the “PSP” screen after selecting. i have not found that this revision has improved any compatibility either…

  190. Skyline12 says:

    why is the fast and the furious tokyo drift doesnt work :( need help

  191. joe says:

    i am a psp 1000 user and i just downgraded to 5.03 using the method, but i do not know what to do next, someone please help?

  192. NEil says:

    I have psp 3001 and was able to use TN-A HEN and prometheus isoload initially. After sometime it crash and cannot use the ISOLOAD anymore. I tried experimenting trying to make isoload work for my TN A HEN by doing: Restart VSh/ suspend or shutdown device with the memory stick.after several tries when it shut down I tried to load the HEN again but i cannot see my TN A HEN appearing in the system anymore only 6.2 but the TN VSH menu is working— does it mean I have the HEN already even if the system says 6.2 only?
    I formatted my MS several times and loaded it again with the Usual patapon exploit /HBL/etc..and press the HEN but still the system read 6.2 and the VSH is woking.
    I change my A HEN folder to the new B HEN but still the system reads 6.2 with the VSH menu working also. I tried isoload and it work!

    How can I make TN HEN appear in the system?
    Pls help!

  193. Zoity says:

    Just to make things clear…

    psp3000 4g cannot downgrade to 5.03???

  194. loveless_ace says:

    I have a PSP 3010 Firmware 6.20
    i think it wouldnt be a great idea downgrade the PSP,
    because, at least i, want to keep using, waiting, enjoying
    the work of TN and the HBL,
    Its an awesome job and i want to see how evolves.
    I dont know too much about this things,
    but that is my opinion.
    Thanks for the HBL and for 6.20 TN Hen.

  195. Kysrli Ysf says:

    I have a psp 3000 version 6.20 TN-B when i open patapon save game and press R it doesnt even ask me if i want to open Hbl so i cant open anything but gpsp

  196. Yep says:

    I have a Question, I want to run GuitarBox homebrew, but it crash, anyone knows a solution, because i read that maybe it needs plugin Leda, but i´m not sure it could break my psp, i´ll wait for your opinion. Thanks

  197. Abdullah says:

    I found a video on youtube showing a person with a PSP Go 6.20 running the 6.20 TN-B Hen through the Minna No Sukkiri HBL. I thought you could only execute the hen through the Patapon 2 HBL.


  198. Leonardo says:

    For 3000 4g you should downgrade only to 5.70 for security reasons, as the first PSP 3000 4g was sold with 5.50 (I think).

  199. Kysrli Ysf says:

    Can anyone explane me why i cant open half byte loader even when i put it into the root folder

  200. Kysrli Ysf says:

    + i cant see prometheus loader on my psp it only says corrupted data

    • toBsucht says:

      Kysrli Ysf pls let´s try step by step!1. Your hbl109 run now? 2. Tn B also? If u come back to the psp xmb and u´r abel to start vsh menü by pressing select u got it(tn-hbl).
      Hbl floder to the root of ms u got it and the h.bin file too! Try to replace eboot.pbp ms0:hbl/menu with tn-a .pbp.
      Ok try this! Don t do this till hbl and tn-b work. Make a floder (seplugins) on root of your ms put a text file vsh.txt (txt= ms0:/seplugins/game_categories_light.prx 1 ) and the .prx file of this plugin game.categories.light1.2b to activate it u have to restart vsh menü. Now u could start your HomeBrews, loader emus etc. if they are in different floder(only ms0:/psp/game/**/*)

  201. Yep says:

    maybe you have the wrong version of the patapon demo, try to get it again…

  202. God says:

    HEY I GOT PSN TO WORK ON TN HEN-B!!!!!!!!!! PSN!!!

  203. Road433 says:

    I just downgraded my psp3000 to OFW5.03 successfully.i was scared.BTW it was easy.i did it by this tutorial.
    i hope you can enjoy it(in a legally way off course).

  204. DemOn says:

    My psp 3004 6.20 tn b i downgraded to 5.03 gen-c Great works :) but any one who want to downgrade make sure its charging is sufficient and he follow all the steps clearly and dont take out battery while downgrading(anti noob)

  205. Linske says:

    Fail!! It’s impossible downgrade… I tried it and I got a white screen and then no more ><

  206. NEil says:

    The spoof version is located in the TN VSH MENU.Press the button SELECT and youll find it there.If the SELECT button is not working,then your HEN is not really loaded yet. Try reinstalling everything again if your SELECT button does not work.

  207. SUper cfw says:

    I downgraded my psp 3005 to 5.03 from 6.20 and i can play all iso GAMES AND EVERYTHING WORKS FINE ,GREAT .THANKS TOOTAL NOOB AND WOLOLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR HBL AND TN HEN B IVE BEEN WAITING 2 YEARS

  208. brickmaster says:

    hey guys hoe low can the 4g models go..???

  209. xxdsxx says:


  210. xxdsxx says:


  211. yellow says:

    hey all you 6.3xusers you will be happy to hear this read up:Dave wants to Total_Noob sometimes comes into play:
    Therefore, he will release his Downgrader maybe tomorrow!
    He has it on a PSP go tested and is probably on other devices functions.he also wrote on his Twitter account that he was almost finished.

  212. Clay says:

    Hey people i need some help. I got all the the stuff to downgrade to ofw 5.03. But when I run 5.03 my psp just freezes and shut down

  213. jake says:

    i have a psp 1000 on 6.20, how do i enjoy cfw? please answer

  214. yellow says:

    you tube video showing remote joy working on 6.20tn hen im not intrested in it though just showing you who are intrested

  215. clay says:

    Ok im using a psp 3001. The hbl is 109 and im using 6.20 TN-B. im try to downgrade to 5.03 prometheus-4 but i cant get 5.03 ofw

    • toBsucht says:

      Clay do it like Leonardo posted @ site 4 if it doesn´t work it is may not possibel with your psp. Try to update to ofw5.50 i wouldn´t downgrade to such a low ofw(5,03) with my psp3004 datacode9c. Wait for the tn – downgrader!

  216. meep says:

    Just one quick question. Does updating clear flash0 to flash the OFW after that or does it only replace the files?

  217. chrisuros says:

    News from! Davee said that he successfully downgraded his psp go 6.31 to 6.20. Please check this out.

  218. jose says:

    do you think sony will use the tn hen update thing against us by making it look like its updating the hen but in reality its puting the latest firm ware

  219. psprulez says:

    Works i downgraded from 6.20 to 5.03 and im now using 5.03 M33-6 :)

  220. Leonardo says:

    @Jose There’s no way doing so, only if they release a new firmware NOW and an idiot upgrades to it. But then when TN releases the HEN for this supposed firmware, it would be already patched, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for sony.

  221. game007 says:

    Kirk and Spock keys found! Not too sure what this means .But i think its really serious business for all psps

  222. Raven says:

    Hi All,

    I am planning to buy a psp go from japan,
    can I used HBL on it? if the FW is 6.35/below

    Does anyone has tried to run HBL on a japan version psp go?

  223. joe says:

    hey i have a psp 1000 what do i do to get Universal Remote on it? someone please help?

  224. brown_child says:

    WARNING:6.20 TN-B HEN Flash0 protect is always OFF even if you ENABLE it….

  225. masterfu says:

    hey everyone
    i just found this, for those of you who is being an idiot and updated your psp to the new firmware, try this little tool call PSNfucker (yea, that’s the name= =)

    it let you go on the Playstation Store and download basically everything on there for free, im going to try it now.

  226. John says:

    hi i have a question. How do i check if i have 3g or 4g on psp 3001 6.20 hen b? Can some please tell me how

  227. Charlie says:

    @WOLOLO ANY NEWS on a PS One loader??? I get copyright notice when I try to play my backups on my PSP Go

  228. Saeeid says:

    i downgraded a 3g psp 3000 to 5.03 then upgraded it to 6.20 with no problm
    but in 5.03 i couldnt run chickhen r2
    i couldnt downgrade a 4g one
    tnx tn

  229. john says:

    i got a question. Where is everybody these CTF themes for 6.20 TN-B. I need some

  230. toBsucht says:

    organ or 3rdParty is possibel or use ctf-tool-gui-v4-4

  231. Carlos says:

    I have a psp 2004 and it was in cfw but some months ago i upgraded it to 6.20… If I downgrade to 5.03 can I use chicken hen? or it’s better to to downgrade to a lower version and use another cfw? Please answer me :S

    • toBsucht says:

      there so no need to downngrage to o lower ofw. With the 5.03 u are able to use pandora and with ofw it is also possibel to use a hen(genD) but hen tn is growning up and up and u will update to him soon :) btw last openidea isolader´s ver. 0.2 beta2 don´t try the old one anymore!!!

  232. brown_child says:

    [WIP] 6.20 OI for TN-B Zero1ne and DRidri85 Custom Firmware…heres a video proof

    video 2

  233. CD 19h says:

    In case anyone was wondering about HEN, PSN, and free game vouchers:

    I bought a white PSPgo about two weeks ago. Upgraded it to 6.20 and installed TN-B. I accessed the PSN, already had an existing account, from my Go with the region set to Debug Type I.

    I downloaded some games I had purchased in the past and they all worked with no problems. Five business days later I received the email with my complimentary voucher for the free three games.

    I also upgraded it to 6.35 HEN today so that I could buy and play some NEO GEO station games that require 6.30+. Everything’s working great as well as Prometheus ISO loader 0.1. My slim has been retired to pretty much a UMD dumper now….

  234. OhYeah says:

    6.20 TN-C will support online play wooooooo

  235. Erza says:

    hi im using 6.20 TN-B but i cant run midnight club DUB edition and tekken 6 both games are CSO files.. what could be the problem??

  236. Boris5190 says:

    succsefully downgraded to 5.03 and flashed to gen-c,
    thank you so much, TN!!

  237. joe says:

    i have downgraded to 5.03 only to know that the cfw is not permanent……
    i have to load tiff exploit so many times to enter hen mode then only install cfw enabler 3.6 then everything works fine…….can anyone help me here?

  238. toBsucht says:

    joe do u have a pandora accu 2 start the recovery menü. Psp fat or slim?
    Why do u do this! Do u need a psp-brick. Omg how many people do a semi or full brick. Back up your F0 with todo and other tool from

  239. toBsucht says:

    ok 4 all which have problems with the dridri iso or prometheus a littel eng and a big german tut a download link[ofw update6.20,inclusive hb´s+apps and dual boot(patapon2 and sukiri) and a lot of plugins the file size is 472.43 MB copy past and :) this is not build 4 psp go!!!No iso´s inside :p tested with ofw6.20 pls post if it works with a higher fw.

    ok für alle die noch Schwierigkeiten haben dridri oder prom iso´s zu nutzen hier ein link mit download zu meinem tut auf deutsch einfach runterladen entpacken und auf dem ms abspeichern ist aber nicht für die pspGo gemacht. Natürlich das tut lesen oder den so geht es text im down viel Spaß und ein schönes Wochenende! Inhalt des download homebrews+apps, 2-isoloader, ofw update6.20, plugins und dualboot(patapon2 und sukiri) größe 472.43mb getestet mit ofw6.20

  240. stuff6.20 says:

    i downgrade my psp using 6.20 tn b and start the update of 5.03 but when my psp finish updating it restart but only on start up and on xmb is a pure white screen. pls help

  241. wicko says:

    6.20 TN-c is out !!!!!
    its signed no need to use HBL and patapon

  242. ZackHiro says:

    the main reason, why there is a downgrader is for developement and, if that will/would be released, team-gens 6.20/6.xxGEN

    still no news from maxigen :(

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