Release: 6.20 TN-B

That was faster than expected! released the new version of Total_Noob’s Hen for  OFW 6.20. The main new feature is a bug fix for PSP3000 owners, this version should now work on all PSPs with a firmware 6.20 (no, this doesn’t work on 6.35 yet).

Another new feature is the possibility to downgrade your PSP. I want to insist on the fact that downgrading is a dangerous procedure. There is a huge risk of brick on newer PSP models, and I personally don’t see the point in downgrading a 6.20 PSP. You have been warned.

Total_Noob also added some major bug fixes, which should greatly improve homebrews and plugin compatibility. One of the fixes is courtesy of Hackman.

Download here


  1. stuff6.20’s avatar

    i downgrade my psp using 6.20 tn b and start the update of 5.03 but when my psp finish updating it restart but only on start up and on xmb is a pure white screen. pls help


    1. skyline12’s avatar

      what psp are you using ??


  2. wicko’s avatar

    6.20 TN-c is out !!!!!
    its signed no need to use HBL and patapon


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