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We are constantly looking for guest bloggers at If you like to write, and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, contact me either with a comment here, or in a PM on /talk!

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  1. thanks! says:

    Thank you for this! yes a lot of scams that are out walking. Thanks for all the good work!

  2. per says:

    Thank you for this! yes a lot of scams that are out walking. Thanks for all the good work!

  3. Rajon says:

    Just want to say thank you all and I appreciate your work. As in my country there is no online money transferring process I cannot donate anything right now expect my good wishes to you and all the other devs. BTW I like your homebrew game “Wagic”.

  4. victor says:

    I’m sorry but I do not have paypal account but to launch a hen or hen tn to 6:31 or 6:35 I can do to make an account and donate

  5. Spider-Monkey says:

    If I’m gonna donate I’m gonna go here and donate no other place 😀

  6. nicko300 says:

    enjoy the v6.20 tn hen and we 6.3x T-T you know i mean

  7. NEHAshu says:

    whats the procedure to donate???

  8. Joe Brown says:

    Yeah your right Wololo.
    ……im sorry. I was just angry.

    And, you have worked pretty hard. No doubt about that.

  9. Jonathan Arnould says:

    everyone who feels like Joe did should read wololos comments.

  10. noob says:

    Yeah we owe it wololo TN and the other devs out there, i hope this will inspire other noob to do the same thing in the future. thanks

  11. andrew says:

    what i like about wololo’s website is the very…white, and heavenly design. it relaxes me every time i visit your website.

    plus wololo translates things for us from pspgen.

    furthermore, wololo seems to be updated with everything that’s been going around the psp scene, which makes it very convenient for us who’s too lazy to search around google for forums and etc.

    i hope to see more great news from you
    more power WOLOLO!!!! 🙂

  12. noob says:

    anyone here have a problem with rockband unplugged on PSP 3K or GO? mine it shutdowns the system

  13. shien says:

    i would like to have abilities to help you and TN but… i don’t. thanks for your work wololo

  14. Zepheral says:

    I’m happy with the hbl but many of my friends online were concerned why i wasn’t online so I upgraded to 6.35(bad choice) but to be able to play mega man battle network on my psp at least thanx wololo. I’ll wait for a down grader for fw 6.35 (just hope it won’t take over 5 months) not to sound ungrateful.

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