Creating your first deck in Wagic

A few days ago we released a new version of Wagic. Wagic is a cool strategy card game set in a heroic-fantasy universe, in which you build your army of cards out of several thousands of units, an fight against the AI.

I know that many people like to build lots of different decks to experiment with. I prefer to start with one single deck, and make it evolve with time. It’s a matter of choice of course, but here’s how I create my first deck:

A rule of thumb is that a typical deck in Wagic should have 60 cards. There are 5 colors in the game, and it is usually recommended to start with a deck made of 2 colors, including 24 lands. When you run Wagic for the first time, the game gives you 140 cards randomly, as well as 3000 credits. What I do at that time is go straight in the deck editor, and look for the two colors for which I have the most cards, and simply put all these cards in my deck, as well as the associated lands.

Can you easily beat the game with your first deck?

Imagine the two colors for which I have the most cards are black and green. I’ll put all the green and black cards into my deck, as well as the 10 forests and the 10 swamps available from the “lands” section. Note that this does not make 24 lands, so on top of that I’ll usually add 4 random lands, let’s say 4 mountains. If I’m lucky, this will be enough to build a first (crappy) 60 cards deck. If that’s not enough, I can still add a few artifacts if necessary.

The game intentionally gives you “not enough” stuff at the beginning to virtually increase the difficulty, but remember that you have 3000 credits. I usually use these credits to buy the lands I’m missing (let’s replace those 4 mountains with 2 forests and 2 swamps!) and/or cards of the two colors I just chose. But it is also possible to buy boosters. How you use your first 3000 credits is a good part of the initial strategy, and buying cards of your 2 “main” colors is probably the best move, but I must admit I sometimes can’t resist the will to get surprised by boosters (and sometimes completely change my 2 initial colors). You can buy all these from the shop, that can be accessed directly from the main menu.

I know that some people want to build the deck of their dreams right away (there’s the cheat mode for that ;) ), but what I like about this strategy is that I get to discover cards I didn’t know, combos I didn’t imagine…and overall starting with a crappy deck and improving it as I play is how I enjoy Wagic, and I hope you will too. The AI in Wagic would probably be easy to beat for an experienced player with a well constructed deck, but by putting constraints on your initial decks, we try to make the game more challenging, and I believe we are really successful on that part (at least as far as I’m concerned, I’ve been playing Wagic every day since the first release!)

  1. By_fantasy’s avatar

    Finally I can start to make a good deck


  2. the finisher’s avatar

    nice wololo i just download its my first time playing wagic and im confuse on how to play wagic but ill eventually get it in time.
    keep up the good work wololo


  3. John’s avatar

    Thank you Wololo, I used to play MTG still have the cards tucked away in a drawer! Thanks to you no need to get them out to play, and i don’t need to look for anyone to play a game ;)



  4. HEHE’s avatar

    Thanks, Wololo.


  5. WAGIC-fan’s avatar

    I would like to see an online Wagic tournament in the future. Just an idea.


    1. 0M9H4X’s avatar

      that’d be awesome!


  6. Azul’s avatar

    @the finisher

    You can find the rules for Magic the Gathering on Wizards of the Coast’s website.

    The beginner rules will probably give you enough of a handle on the game to play Wagic.


  7. John Rohan’s avatar

    Hey Wololo, I’m a long term user of Wagic, but something I can’t figure out – how do you delete one of your decks?

    Even if I take all the cards out of it, it’s still in the list.

    I could manually delete them in windows explorer, but then I’m afraid I might screw things up in the game.


  8. John Rohan’s avatar

    To clarify, I was asking how does a player delete one of the decks he/she has created?


  9. John Rohan’s avatar

    I have a question – how do you delete your own decks you’ve created from your list?


  10. Diogo Cardoso’s avatar

    I totally translated into Portuguese (Brazilian) wagic the homebrew!
    I am testing and will post as soon as the game developed by you has many Brazilian fans ….
    Thank you!


  11. neptune12100’s avatar

    Thanks for this, I just downloaded Wagic and I have to say, it’s one of the sharpest-looking homebrew games I’ve seen.



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