Will there be a HEN for 6.3xx?


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115 Responses

  1. Sahil says:

    According to what Total_Noob said on PSPKing.de, there is going to be a 6.20 TN-B (HEN) for solving the issue of freezing while the HEN is loaded and homebrew crashing. Maybe, you should update your threads.

  2. Muffinheadicus says:


    All we asked was that you let us in on what YOUR thoughts were on this matter.
    …..now in all FAIRness to some of us who fit in this category:

    “how stupid it is to upgrade your console and then complain about it…”

    More than likely SOME of us, who were already on 6.20, saw


    This was not posted back in June.
    It was posted at the very end of NOVEMBER.

    And, with us trusting YOUR words the way that we do…. foolishly…UPGRADED.

    NOW and only now do we realise how incredibly stupid this was. But, I digress.

    I realise that “beggars cant be choosers”, And I also dont even mind being told to “shut up and grab a decompiler”. But, in the future please re-consider what you consider to be ‘Headline News!’ before posting it.

    For a great deal of us, YOUR word is as good as LAW. And with that sir, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE with us who dont know even half as much as you do in these matters. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday!

    • NEHAshu says:

      i agree your words…”But, in the future please re-consider what you consider to be ‘Headline News!’ before posting it.”

    • MitMakis says:

      And of course, at the bottom of that article, he posted the beautiful sentence
      “Oh, and no matter what, do not upgrade for now. I personally have proof that the Hen works on 6.20, nothing else. So don’t upgrade before you see an actual release!”

    • wololo says:

      @Muffinheadicus: then maybe next time you should read the entire article 😉

      I’m aware that my article led to people making the mistake of upgrading and I apologize for that. Then again I expect my readers to use their brains. Especially, in that article, I never said it was a good idea to upgrade to 6.35, I actually said the opposite, as MitMakis mentioned.

      It’s still people’s responsibility to do what they want with their console. At that time I was told by the dev of the Hen that a version for 6.35 would be available, and I had no reason to not believe him (and, as far as I know, TN still has plans for 6.35). It didn’t prevent me from explicitly say NOT to upgrade before something is released.

      Nevertheless I understand that this blog has some credibility, which gives me power, which gives me responsibility. So, I understand what you’re saying and I’ll be more careful in the future.

      Happy holidays to you too :)

    • andrew says:

      “Oh, and no matter what, do not upgrade for now. I personally have proof that the Hen works on 6.20, nothing else. So don’t upgrade before you see an actual release!”

      i think this sentence summarizes everything 😀

    • Rodin says:

      TN_HEN is, indeed, going to be released for 6.35. That doesn’t mean you should upgrade to 6.35 if you already have 6.20! Why? Because Total_Noob SAID he would first release it for 6.20 and release another one for 6.3x later. If you upgraded, then it means you have the PATIENCE to wait for the HEN to be ported to 6.3x. Don’t blame the devs for your own mistake. Anyone who’s interested in modifying their PSP to do things that Sony did not intend to be done with the console KNOWS not to upgrade, no matter what. Wololo is not at fault here.

  3. Spider-Monkey says:

    After seeing this post I’m gonna shut up now and wait :) Actually I didn’t regret updating my psp to 6.35. I wanted to play and download my favorite games that I bought from PSN and also buy new games like Phantasy Star 2, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and Gladiator Begins. And I trust TN, I know he’ll won’t let us down :)

    And for your information Sony did update my psp while I’m sleeping…no they didn’t 😛

  4. NEHAshu says:

    @everyone on 6.3x don’t update your psp now as there are still hopes

    • Spider-Monkey says:

      If Sony release a new firmware there still a chance but a very and I mean a VERY slim chance of finding a new exploits(unless some hackers already have a exploits that they’re not telling to us to prevent Sony for patching it). But you could safely said that there’s no chance.

  5. Spider-Monkey says:

    …The HBL for 6.3x is awesome. I’m currently playing gba games like Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Super Robot Wars, Zelda, and bunch of games. That games will make me busy for good 2 months or so(because of Fire Emblem :) ) and school will start next week so I’m sure that will keep us busy and won’t complain so much here. Or if you have work. Thanks Wololo for the update :) Now gonna play Phantasy Star 2!!

  6. NEHAshu says:

    @wololo thanks for the update :) njoy

  7. Covert says:

    @wololo thanks for the update..i will wait patiently now. BTW any new rev. of HBL for sukkiri exploit?

  8. Raziel says:

    heck when i traded my slim 2000 psp for a psp go. I was stuck in 6.35 i just have to wait a bit longer to play my backed up UMD’s and my PSX eboots i made. I just want to say thanks for all the hard work and i cant wait to see what comes next

  9. scorpion says:

    Yeah, “shut up and wait” because you are stupid and you upgraded your system…. You think that most of users had that choice? I’m a fresh user of PSP, i bought it about 3 months ago. Firmware 6.30 was already on my brand new console.

    You still think that i’m stupid? Because I didn’t buy my psp few years ago? Please, think a little!

    • wololo says:

      @scorpion: see the sentence that says “I know there are exceptions…” <– That’s you I’m including in these exceptions. You represent a minority of PSP users on 6.35. Most countries still ship brand new PSPs with OFW 6.20 or below. I also assume you’re not one of those “complaining that you waited for too long” if you got your psp 3 months ago, so I’m not calling people in your situation “stupid” and I apologize if you felt this was aimed at you.

      • NEHAshu says:

        waiting for the release DATE… :(

      • scorpion says:

        Sorry for my complaints, I got some reprimands below for my post, but the only thing I wanted to show is that some people have firmware >6.20 in their brand new PSP. Maybe in US there’s a possibility to buy PSP with older soft, but in my country (Poland) it is impossible.

        Please, do not be angry about my post :)

        PS: Sorry for my english, it’s not ideal.

      • Ali says:

        I’m not stupid. I only got tired of waiting and need some games required 6.31. But I don’t know why I feel I’m stupid these day. Specially when thinking about those who play those games on PSP Go.

    • Rodin says:

      No, you’re not stupid. But you’re a noob. And you can’t just expect to waltz onto the PSP scene and start demanding stuff. That’s what Wololo’s saying. There are plenty of hackable, pre-used PSP’s on the market. If you want to hack so much, buy one of those. And the pathetic thing is that the only reason you want a hackable PSP is so you can pirate games. And “think a little?” Don’t you have any respect? This is the guy who’s making it possible for you to play some homebrew on your PSP, non-hackable as it may be. It’s noobs like you who are driving away developers from the scene.

      • scorpion says:

        Sorry man, but where did you read that I have no respect for these people??? I just wrote that not everybody has firmware>6.20 because of upgrade!

    • Rydian says:

      In the US you can get a brand new Go on 6.10, but anybody that’s into hacking systems should know you never get the latest one.

    • polik735 says:

      to scorpion:are you in the us?cause i bought my psp in november,with 6.20 ofw,messed with it 5 days,got the screen scathed,returned to store,bought another,olso 6.20.i guess i was lucky,my point is if you was in the us,why didn’t you returned and try to get 6.20?now in other countries i know for sure that once you buy something can’t be returned….oh well…

    • King000David says:

      UR a liar anyway because i bought my psp less than two months ago and it was 6.20 and the only reason i updated was i did not know anything about the psp scene or wololo and TN yet but things have really come along in the last weeks so i am hopeful

  10. Eslongo says:

    My psp go was stolen. It was on 6.20. I never upgrade my stuff, but unfortunately the new psp go I got is already on 6.31 which I of course will not update. Still saving my umds hoping for gen 6.3x

  11. sahil_12 says:

    hey wolo one thing that i am thinking is why someone(i dont know names of those who released the exploits) released more than 1 exploit for 6.31

    Everybody’s Golf (EU), Hot Shots Golf Open Tee (Greatest hits version prefered) (US), Minna no golf Portable (JP), Everybody’s Golf 2 (EU), Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 (US), Minna No Golf Portable 2 (JP), or Minna No Golf Portable 2 “The Best” edition (JP) .

    these exploits could have been saved for future firmware.

    • victor says:

      nope, they are all based on the same exploit and the same “game series”. If someone found an exploit in one game of the series (they are extremely similar), the only tweak need to work in the other game is to create the save file. Sony probably did the same when it acquired knowledge about the 1st exploit, and probably checked the other games and patched it to.

      • Spider-Monkey says:

        Well the very nice sukkiri demo exploit surely gonna get patch too. Finding an exploit there days are very golden but I was shock when TN said that he found a VSH exploit. That guy is full of surprises. I’m sure there’s also a bunch of exploit around here but not enough people help. Wololo has a very nice tutorial how to find an exploit but it requires a psp with CFW.

  12. lol says:

    Thanks for the update! I think it is just stupid and shoot into a system update that is so high.

  13. victor says:

    Well, I must admit i was very foolish updating to play MHP3rd demo, but I didn’t had any hope after waiting 1 year. Also, some users must have seen my comments asking for a 6.3x Tn_Hen confirmation (a confirmation not a release date or asking for the Hen). I want to know a rough estimation of when it will come out to decide if i will import MHP3rd, or wait for the hen and buy the European version when it come out.
    Anyway, keep up the good work Wololo and Total_Noob. I wanted to donate some money for you and TN but I don’t have a Credit/Debit card.

    • victor says:

      Oh, and I waited 1 year but I bought my psp a few months ago, and it was on 6.30, I just updated to 6.31 to get into the japanese Psn.
      Let’s hope the hen comes out soon, if it don’t, there is nothing we can do about it. =)

  14. John says:

    Well said.

    Thank you Wololo


  15. arshad says:

    eham…eham…with..minna no sukkiri…exploit…mypsp 3000 6.31..is..workin..with..homebrew…if..u..suggest..magixien….etc..to…make..a.new..cfw..for..6.31 and and could tell him to make iso loaders..for 6.31 which could make psp user most easy…and it could also be a challenge to playstation

    psp user

  16. Moon_Doggie says:

    So what?it’s his website!!! He can post Everything he wants….I like visiting here everyday reading posts,comments,updates….I don’t complain…

  17. Ein says:

    Some people said that the pro iso loader for 6.20 TN Hen make the iso games have a worse quality than normal, is it right or wrong?

  18. Shinny says:

    it would be superb…. ill just have to w8t… stupid sony made stupid ofw…. and its hard to hack them…. arrggghh im mad…

  19. john says:

    You tell them wololo. people you crazy about 6.31 and 6.35. I mean 6.20 TN just came out and there bugging you with these 6.3xx firmwares. That’s why i stayed on 6.20

  20. God says:

    This is out of topic but i tried an undub version of Valkyria chro 2 but it crashes at save data loading. Does it mean that ISO loader doesn’t support undub games yet or does it mean that i did sth wrong thus the game doesnt start.

  21. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    people who are in version 6.35, don’t update to version 6.36

  22. shortboy says:

    Hahaha. Anyone who’s anyone and has been in the scene since the beginning knows NOT to upgrade your PSP. I have a 1000 model so I upgrade for the sake of but I ALWAYS tell people whose PSPs I’ve hacked to NOT upgrade until I say it’s good to do so.

    With that being said…. I have a bunch of PSP that need updating. And as cool as 6.20 HEN + Prometheus ISO loader is, it’d be nice to have a CFE of sorts. But you can’t really complain when you got your ISO’s working.

  23. CAPORD says:

    Wow, there are some users that are ready to have fight with wololo before reading and analyze the entire article.

  24. Rafael says:

    I agree with Wololo!
    Especially since I updated my psp to 6.31 with the intention of playing God of War Ghost of Sparta. I do not regret I’m not whining over how many people do, if I did the update and my problem and not others. I hope that someday TN launches chicken for 6.31, and until that happens I have fun with HBL.
    Congratulations Wololo by hbl, was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen until now, and really amazing what you can do with the hbl.
    Congratulations to this fine Total_Noob hen he produced …

  25. DahremRuhar says:

    COOL, I’m gonna lean how to program my own HEN so I can hack my psp go THAT I GOT ON 6.31. I updated to 6.35 to get the sukkri hbl. Then I got Birth by Sleep for Christmas, and my 3000’s screen is broken. All I want to do is play my Christmas present, so I’m gonna learn. Oh and in theory wouldn’t it be possible to run the kernel exploit to give HBL kernel mode acess, so I could run that iso loader that was just released. I’m willing to try to make a HEN but you know, as a quick fix?

  26. DahremRuhar says:

    Hah, you need a hacked psp to load the prx decryptor. Guess thats not happening.

  27. Rodin says:

    Okay, let’s set the record straight. HBL can do a lot of what the HEn can do and even more, at least till the HEn gets updated. Those who can’t wait for the HEn are only whining because they can’t play ISOs of games they don’t have. You are nothing but low-life thieves. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. But can’t you wait a little? Why bug the developers? Is there no honour among thieves any more? Most of you are noobs and probably do not know Davee or Team Typhoon. Those guys developed a 6.xx HEn a long time ago. Why has it not been released? Because of noobs whining and crying about their last HEn, the world-famous ChickHEn. Sit tight, shut up and wait.

    • DahremRuhar says:

      Hey rodin, calling me a low-life thieve because I want to play the game I got for christmas, which I can’t because my 3000’s screen is broken and the game isn’t available on the psn? Well ***. I wasn’t complaining. I was even willing to try to make my own HEN. Though admittedly I know little about psp programming, at least I was willing to do something about the problem. I got my pspgo at 6.31 firmware. My wonderful psp 3000 is still at 6.20. Now say everyone uses Iso loaders for piracy. Go be a *** somewhere else okay?

      • DahremRuhar says:

        thief not thieve. Just correcting myself in case you take a simple typo to be a sign that I’m stupider than you, which would be very difficult for any one. You made a very wrong assumption. I admit many people who use iso loaders are pirates. I however am not.

    • DahremRuhar says:

      Can’t play isos of games they don’t have? Sorry, but I own Birth by Sleep, and my 3000’s screen is broken. I just rewrote this comment to be more polite since my last (rude) comment was deleted. I wasn’t complaining and I am willing to wait.

      • DahremRuhar says:

        Oops. Rude comment wasn’t deleted. Either way, sorry for being rude rodin. I lost my temper.

        • Rodin says:

          I know that a lot of people who use ISO loaders do have legal copies of their games. All I’m saying is the people who are constantly complaining and insulting the developers are also most likely the ones who just want to pirate games. I’m sorry if I said it the wrong way, and I’m glad to see that you have resolved to do something about it and port the HEn to your firmware.

          • DahremRuhar says:

            Well actually, I know little about psp programming, and unless someone can post the decompiled HEN, I have little hope.

  28. thedicemaster says:

    i’d like to point out that in europe you got 10 games when you purchased a PSPgo(actually still do untill the end of the year) but you had to claim them through PSN on your PSPgo and you need the latest FW for that.
    not to mention the games requiring a 6.3X firmware some people might want to play.

    so people can have very good reasons to update beyond 6.20

  29. Blitz says:

    I am not in that foolish group you halfwits….I purchased a PSP 3000 with 6.31 not like I choose to be in this group of rejects…at least I have my White PSP 1000 with 5.00 M33 😀

  30. Zen says:

    Thank you for this! Now I can wait :) I upgraded from 6.20 to 6.31 and after two days TN announce that he’ll be releasing 6.20 HEN.. and I was like no way… I lost hope of getting my psp 3k hacked so I upgraded. If only I waited two days lol

  31. Skyline12 says:

    will there be a popsloader for 6.20 tn hen ??

  32. aceofspace says:

    Why is everyone complaining about this?? Complaining will not get you a 6.35 HEN no sooner, instead, you guys are making it longer for yourselves. If you have a PSP with 6.30+ your in good shape, because Wololo said that their will be a HEN for 6.35. If you can “shut up” and wait without complaints, your HEN may be here alot sooner. If you don’t feel like waiting, get a decompiler and other programs to make your own HEN that will brick your PSP if your not experienced. It is YOU guys that upgarded just to play a DEMO or get the free game for your PSPGo.

  33. bigicedog says:

    wow wololo tense much? lol i understand what your saying.but not all of us upgraded by choice so go a little easy on us ok? and despite what you think you are a very respected and revered person and if no one else says it I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE AND WILL DO IN THE FUTURE. it is because of you and people like you the psp is the greatest console in the world

  34. haggar says:

    6.3xx owners, see it this way: Total Noob is doing you a huge favour. Do you know the kind of bugs that non-PSP Go users have to put up with with the HEn? Be glad that by the time it gets to you, the bugs would have been fixed. TN_HEN-B is on its way.

  35. Danny182 says:

    Well… Because my bad luck i buy my PSP 3k with 6.30 in Christmas Day xD… But, with this notice, i stay waiting very very happy, because will coming soon a HEN for 6.35… Thanks :)

  36. seymore says:

    I use the iso loader to play backups only. I keep my originals at gamestop. lol

  37. dak says:

    what about “ill port it to 6.31???

  38. mustafa says:

    i am very sad for that :( When I bought it, it was 6.31 :( what will i do whit this useless machine :( i am so sad ,i wish I would buy 3004 5.03 :( damn psp go …

  39. mustafa says:

    they didnt send my free games, damn psn :(

  40. Kagero says:

    @LtDementhial piracy is everywhere not only in psp, besides sony will profit from the hen, how? It will increase its demand of psp’s. that means more money to sony hehe, Sony should thank TN and other hackers

  41. ffdgh says:

    hmm how does one go about decompiling… sound interesting.

  42. taff daddy says:

    I got my PSP Go for my Birthday in august and updated to 6.31 to get the 10 free games. Now I have to wait for the HEN on 6.3x.
    The funny thing is that my bro got a PSP Go for Christmas on OFW 5.70. He updated it to 6.20 and uses the HEN -.-
    I hope I could use a HEN in the next time too…

    Greets from Germany and a happy new year.

  43. Enigma says:

    I gotta agree with most of this. If TN said that he would release 6.20 Hen, and 6.35 HEN, why would you upgrade to 6.35, when you should use common sense, to see which would be released first? I upgraded to 6.35 (coincidently before any prior knowledge of PSP GO Hacking, and yes, I mean GO, not the 1001 models and such, and am not complaining) But whatever, when the 6.3xx HEN comes out, probably be bunches better then the 6.20, so I’ll just keep my mouth shut. Merry Late Christmas to All, and a Safe and Wonderful Happy New Years!

  44. omnitrix152 says:

    u guys r dum i admit i md a mistake by updating and i accept my psp will never be hacked thats life get used to it

  45. wondering how if says:

    if it ok if we update psp to version 6.35 later after the released of new firmware? i just wondering if HEN for 6.35 released while i’m still 6.31 then the new firmware are released. so if i update what version it will be? it 6.35 or the new firmware?? please someone explain to me?

  46. LololoX says:

    No goto pspgen.com and download the OFW 6.35 and update u’ll wait the 6.35 HEN !

  47. hoolshazzam says:

    A Downgrader for the Firmware 6.35 to Firmware 5.03 will be released today in Germany at 00.30

    The SIte it will be released is: Pspking.de

    Note: This only goes with PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000

  48. hoolshazzam says:

    A german Guy created a downgrader from OFW 6.35 to OFW 5.03

    It can be downloaded at 00:30 PM (German Time)
    on the Site: Pspking.de

  49. Alexander says:

    on the forum Pspking they say that is fake but ill hope its not

  50. hoolshazzam says:

    Oh I´m sorry.

    On this site there is an Information now, that all what he said is fake…


    But i know that Total_Noob is the best!!!!

  51. brown_child says:

    @ wololo

    6.20 TN HEN-B have downgrader function!
    He also said that the 6.20-TN-B and the downgrade by 1 February will appear!


  52. Alexander says:

    1 February !!!! then when the downgrader for 6.3x user’s will come out??

  53. xado says:

    yes, they came in our home and upgrade our psp… I means they’re selling psp already upgraded against our will. So, please, you don’t say useless word about “people who made a choise” …. It’s like adding fuel to the fire. I say as advice only respond with a yes or no, just to keep alive the hope of those who wait. Your job is not easy. The Reverse engineering is for few people and what you do is done well.
    Good joob

  54. tigerchitpile says:

    I hope no one saw my question as complaining. I just wanted to know if it would be possible to put HEN on 6.20+ with the current exploit. If not thats okay to because I got PSP 1000 and 3000, so I’ll just use my 1000 for the things my PSP 3000 can’t do:)

  55. omnitrix152 says:

    dwngrder 6.35 5.03 ?…… *** total noob is the only one that knows the kernel exploit used so TN is the only one who can do it

  56. Gus says:

    I just bought the new Monster Hunter Limited Edition PSP for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and it has 6.30 OFW on it…

    Is there anyway I can run ISO on it and also Wagic?

    I am looking to get CFW on my PSP 3000 OFW 6.30…Any News yet?

  57. hello says:

    i’m currently on ofw 6.31 and i heard that there will be a 6.35HEN soon.
    so should i update to ofw 6.35 now or wait until the 6.35 HEN released????
    please i really need an opinion. what should i do????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  58. jorge says:

    It is probably the next HEN will be release for 6.35 ofw…because all ready wololo have a 6.35 Exploit and hi is not working on a update for the patapon exploit on 6.20 were the HEN is now…working goooood.
    if the HEN is working on 6.20 they just have to up date the HEN for 6.35 using the new exploit of wololo.
    Maybe by the end of this month the HEN for 6.35 is OUT.

  59. urahara72 says:


    there is no cfw for 6.3x yet. the hen for 6.3x is likely and should come soon, but if you are already running hbl on you 6.30 or 6.31 u should wait til the hen is released to upgrade to 6.35 as the hbl exploits have been patched in 6.35.

  60. triek says:

    hbl exploit is NOT patched in 6.35 there is the sukkuri exploit

  61. hoolshazzam says:


    Yes, that was a fake.
    I saw it in the News of Pspking.de and everybody of them was happy because of the downgrader but the person got banned because he had 3 more accounts and he lied.

  62. Spider-Monkey says:

    I’m not complaining but after the release of 6.20 Hen the 6.3x people are left alone in a very cold place. I know TN didn’t promise anything about the 6.3x Hen or a downgrader but an update about the 6.3x would be nice(preferably a good one).

    • wololo says:

      @Spider-Monkey: it will come. I don’t know when, but there is no technical reason for the Hen not to be ported to 6.35. So it’s just a matter of time.

      I know it’s hard to wait. My phat was a ta82, which was the “doomed” motherboard back in 2006… I was looking for news every day…

  63. katio says:

    maybe a patch of 6.20tn to 6.35tn(sukiri exploit) what like vflame does.UCJG10047->NPJG????? n 6.20 to 6.35 in editor

  64. katio says:

    who have a pbp editor, who can help all 6.35 fw people to patch 6.20 to 6.35 tn?

  65. katio says:

    sorry for bad english

  66. exonicles says:

    sir my psp is 3006 v6.2… tn hen is not working in my psp… when i trigger the R button its stock and turn to shutdown…. pls help me.. how to hack my psp…. thanks

  67. reine says:

    i hope TN still have a time to make the patch to 6.35 so that 2011 would really be a great new year for all psp owner who was on 6.35 firmware..

  68. Joel says:

    I feel bad for 6.3X owners (my friend is one of them too) it does look like the wait is going to be awhile too since TN6.20-B won’t be out till February so I don’t know how long it will be before you guys get your hands on the HEN be patient though and don’t update anymore.

    • hello says:

      the TN 6.20 HEN B was released. (are we in february? wow time ticking so fast…) hahaha
      you shouldn’t say like you are creator the HEN. TN knows better than you

      • Joel says:

        I never said I was a dev I was trying to make you guys feel better since your missing out but w/e some people take it the wrong way. Anyways 6.20-B is now out I heard from somewhere is was February though but not going to complain lol.

  69. omnitrix152 says:

    ive been patient almost 2 years – srry guys TN is the only one and he’s making TN6.20-B srry guys i think 6.35 will never be hacked…
    im sorry sony won this one :'(

  70. Bryan says:

    Wololo i have firmware 6.31 and i didn’t updated my psp it just i got it new so about your report you are making feel bad the people who have 6.3x.

  71. ??? says:

    hello?mydear tn, i just use your tn -b to Version downgrade
    to 5.03(my psp is 6.20),everyting seems sogood, it begain to update ,but when restart ,the screen of my psp all turned white.whats wrong with this ?could you give me some advice?


  72. omnitrix152 says:

    TN has a choice nw tht B is released
    make C
    make 6.35TN HEN
    i think he will make C srry guys im with u i think homebrew is kinda *** :(
    we cant do anything about it now :'(>

  73. andrew says:

    well, wololo if u can help me what to do i take the time and try to do a hen for 6.35:)

  74. chrisuros says:

    News from pspgen.com! Davee said that he successfully downgraded his psp go 6.31 to 6.20. Please check this out.

  75. Noth says:

    Hi Guys,

    Check out psp-hacks.com, HEN is out for both 6.31 as well as 6.35. I’ve tested 6.31 on a psp-go N1004 and it works fine.


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