Release: Half-Byte Loader R112 for the sukkiri exploit (compatible with OFW 6.35)


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78 Responses

  1. Willz says:

    First? It came already? OMG!!!!11!1!!1!!!!eleven!!!

  2. Willz says:

    Well, I sure hope that the XMB kernel exploit for 6.3X come out, I thought TN should just modify some files to make it work, but now I see it is very hard and TN’s doing the best he can, till HEN is released, HBL’s here for us, so we can’t complain u.u

  3. Zappel Fry says:

    Thanks Wololo

  4. Spider-Monkey says:

    HBL is good enough for me…for now. I just wanted iso loader because I have to much UMD and a 8gig memory card(you should get my point)

  5. X5-452 says:

    Hey, wololo after R112 is quite a time … He was given a link to the forum HBL here … Already use it a few days. What is it?

  6. Zrowny says:

    w00t it works!

  7. raxien says:

    sukkiri exploit work on OFW 6.31?

  8. DrMon says:

    Yeah, works on 6.31, just tested it.

  9. Hey-man says:

    Hey for this HBL i don’t need any game? or demo?

    sorry i haven’t downloaded and tried yet becouse i’m on a trip away from my psp

  10. NEWS says:

    Great news! Thank you!

  11. jonas says:

    Thanks from Brazil, wololo. Great work!

  12. Sor Keung says:

    thx,work on OFW 6.36

  13. cameraguy256 says:

    on 6.31 this works better than the golf exploit

  14. Spider-Monkey says:

    So this sukkiri exploit works on all 6.3x. Everybody should be happy about it :)

  15. Waratte says:

    You can say that HEn starts fine but for me it’s a lie.

  16. iy12l says:

    dam it! daedalus still doesnt work

  17. kevin says:

    awesome!THNX WOLOLO
    still waitin on 6.35 hen.
    maybe now other devs can make there own hen since kernal exploit is out.somebody bring it to 6.35

  18. toBsucht says:

    @wololo or some1 else
    i really sorry no patapon hbl update. I understand u´ll fix the problems with higher fw and psp go. punker69 i.bin and savegame should be in the next hbl. With his version u could load sukkiri and 2 patapon2 savegames. This make edit make the hbl&tn save(if ur big brother[or some1 else maybe if u sleep :) ] delete one of the saves).

  19. yellow says:

    good to see the 6.3x users happy about the release im just enjoying my hen.

  20. iy12l says:

    @warrate, how? everytime i select a rom it crashes..

  21. cameraguy256 says:


  22. rafa3500 says:

    grasias desde mexico a wololo y a total_noob por su efuersos ya q los idiotas como nos sotros actualizaron la psp de la emocion y ustede asen todo lo posible para hakear:) son los mejores

  23. King000David says:

    Does Daedulus turn the psp off for everyone or is it just me?

    and WOLOLO this is awsome i been playing DBZ Buu’s fury all day i really apreciate all the hard work u guys do

  24. XXbluenavyXX says:

    Here is a tutorial on how to install this 😀 Thanks Wololo!

  25. zul says:

    how can i change language for naruto accel 3 to usa version……??????
    is thre hav patch for this games??????????

    plizzz help me………tq

  26. kambing says:

    i managed to run ISO loader in this HBL.
    do check the forum.

  27. ROB says:

    have downloaded this a while back and then i ran iso loader and it says loading iso thyen crashes i tried it with dirt 2 can someonje tell me why

  28. sahil_12 says:

    @ rob hbl does not support for prx
    but hbl runs on 6.36 finely

  29. mogwai says:

    I hope now gpsp works well..

  30. fosser2 says:

    HBL release starts up great, but I have noticed some compatibility problems. Is there any eta on HEN for 6.35?

  31. Korlithiel says:

    Thanks a ton for this, while it’s been a very long time since I enjoyed the homebrew scene I think this will convince me to spend much more time with my PSP Go (which makes for a fine media player).

    I look forward to seeing how the scene continues to evolve, so many things of interest.

  32. Leonardo says:

    No, the HEN does not run from this exploit.

    The 6.20 HEN is the “Full-Byte Loader” of today.

  33. Brian says:

    what iso loader are you guys talking about for this exploit???where can i find it?

    • Spider-Monkey says:

      I think they’re talking about the Prometheus Iso Loader made by Liquidzigong. It loads but crashes afterwards so…yeah 😀

  34. IXploitz says:

    Hello I’m PSP hacker IXploitz I have recently developed an exploit to run m33 firmware on 6.35 message me on youtube at MrL0lage (that is my channel name) demo releasing today or tommorow B3TA releasing when I’m ready.

  35. IXploitz says:

    EDIT: demo is a video not a playable thing sorry for causing any false excitement

  36. Enigma says:

    This works great, but to be honest, I don’t see much difference from the Golf Exploit. Thanks for this though, I like how it actually runs from the xmb.

  37. Dee says:

    Hi Wololo,

    Just try the Sukkiri exploit with 2000v3 with 6.36OFW and HBL R112.
    After load the game and select continue, the screen black and then jump to the XMB but not the HBL.

    Is it normal? since in HBL R112, it said its for firmware 5.XX o 6.36

    Thank you


  38. yellow says:

    @Spider-Monkey thats when tn hen was giving trouble loading the isoloader everyone knows how to use it now and the isoloader is working quit good so dont say that maybe you envy us 6.20 users just telling how i fell about that statement.

  39. John says:

    Well done Wololo! Now i can play Wagic and Doom until 6.3xx Hen comes. :)

    Thank you,


  40. sebastian says:


  41. Bunta says:

    Ok i dont understand i click on download and it just takes me back to the home page?

    how do i download this i have a psp go and i really want to play KH and crisis core…

  42. martin says:

    Just one thing, Wololo: Thanks for all the hard work, much appreciated!

    I’ve been enjoying homebrew now for a couple of months since I realized it _is_ possible after all on my one-year-old PSP 3000 and ordered a used copy of Everybody’s Golf.
    (I did upgrade a few times, right up to 6.31, having thought I own a “non-homebrew” device anyway and using UMD discs only)

    Now it’s even better with the Sukkiri exploit: I don’t need the UMD disc to start homebrews, cool!

    Still waiting for the Hen on 6.31 though, since I want the latest mod of PSPVice (Commodore 64 emulation) by thorwak as well as the ‘official’ SNES emulator ‘TYL’ to work properly.
    (the latter didn’t work with the Golf exploit, using Sukkiri it does start but I get “not enough memory” when trying to go into the all-important settings)

    In the meantime I use older versions of both and I am happy so far!

    Thanks again, Wololo!

    All the best,

  43. ChrisHighwind says:

    I’m one of those unlucky people who upgraded to OFW 6.31 before I caught wind of any exploits, but now that I know of it, I’ve stuck with 6.31 this whole time. Now, all I have to do is wait until someone releases a TN HEN for 6.31 (hopefully Total_Noob himself), but until then, I’ll be fine with this exploit, seeing as my favorite SNES emulator works on it now.

  44. james1552 says:

    Can 6.20 users use this instead of patapon with hen, considering this one is much smaller.

    Can this exploit load hen on 6.20?

  45. swilloo says:

    heyy wololo i really aprichiate your work !!! thanx for giving as the chance to play frree thanxxxx

  46. drukoz says:

    is there a iso loader yet realeased for 6.35 hbl?

  47. Luis says:

    i have a psp 3000 6.35 and the hbl do noting start the game press continue and go back to psp menu!!! i do not now what to do!!! please help me….

  48. multiPELIR says:

    guys..sorry to interrupt but im totally new to psp…

    i just got a psp 3000 with with OFM 6.10 so im planning on hacking it on my own.. im informed that only ver5.03 and 6.20 are hackable and planning to upgrade to 6.20.. i got the steps for 5.03 from

    could anybody please guide me on how im to upgrade to 6.20 + all the hacking steps..?

    1) Do i have to make specific setting on my mmc (i just bought it so it completely empty)

    2) How to install the games?

    happy new year everyone…

    • toBsucht says:

      in your case use hbl109 and tn-b u can get it here
      and u need to update to ofw6.20 pls not higher fw.
      Most of the psp games HomeBrew´s need no installation u only have to copy the files to ur ms. damn date!!!

  49. atish910 says:

    when will iso loader come??
    if some1 has it plz give it to me!

  50. hbl is the best says:

    i have a psp fw 6.35 what to do to play iso games???
    and howcan i enable xmb &cxmb themes on my psp??
    plz answer fast!!

  51. smooth says:

    the save file did not work wat to do i lost need help

  52. There is Two ISO Loaders Now Dridri’s OpenIdea ISO Loader And Liquidzigong’s Prometheus ISO loader

  53. toBsucht says:

    ok 4 all which have problems with the dridri iso or prometheus a littel eng and a big german tut a download link[ofw update6.20,inclusive hb´s+apps and dual boot(patapon2 and sukiri) and a lot of plugins the file size is 472.43 MB copy past and :) this is not build 4 psp go!!!No iso´s inside :p tested with ofw6.20 pls post if it works with a higher fw.

    ok für alle die noch Schwierigkeiten haben dridri oder prom iso´s zu nutzen hier ein link mit download zu meinem tut auf deutsch einfach runterladen entpacken und auf dem ms abspeichern ist aber nicht für die pspGo gemacht. Natürlich das tut lesen oder den so geht es text im down viel Spaß und ein schönes Wochenende! Inhalt des download homebrews+apps, 2-isoloader, ofw update6.20, plugins und dualboot(patapon2 und sukiri) größe 472.43mb getestet mit ofw6.20

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