Release: Half-Byte Loader R112 for the sukkiri exploit (compatible with OFW 6.35)

This will sound like old news to many of you, as the binary has been made available a while ago by Mr.X on our forums, but, believe it or not, with all the “Hen” and “iso loader” things going on, I didn’t find the time to do a proper release of HBL for the sukkiri exploit.

I apologize in advance as I haven’t tested this release very thoroughly, but there it is, official support of all firmwares up to 6.35 for HBL.

I also want to announce that I will stop supporting the Golf exploits from now on. I don’t know yet what the decision will be from the development point of view, but as far as binaries are concerned, I won’t release updates for the Golf exploit anymore. I strongly suggest to people on OFW 6.30/6.31 to migrate to the sukkiri exploit as soon as possible. As far as I know, this exploit will bring a higher compatibility rate than the golf exploit, the game being a bit more recent.

The patapon exploit is a different story. For now I keep it at the latest R109 release, as I expect people using this exploit to quickly start using the HEN. And there’s no need to update HBL as long as the Hen starts fine :)  (by the way, don’t mind the “memory leak” message when running the Hen through HBL, this is perfectly normal)

Thanks to JJS, some1 and m0skit0 for their work on this release.

Download here and give us feedback here.

Enjoy :)

  1. drukoz’s avatar

    is there a iso loader yet realeased for 6.35 hbl?


    1. By_Fantasy’s avatar

      Nope never ever ever impossible


      1. toBsucht’s avatar

        not true u never know. Wololo say they are working on it so never update till u got hbl tn 4 your ofw …more than the half way is done hbl is working with ofw6.35. Heads up!!!


        1. toBsucht’s avatar

          iso loader is possibel but still not possibel to downgrade


  2. Luis’s avatar

    i have a psp 3000 6.35 and the hbl do noting start the game press continue and go back to psp menu!!! i do not now what to do!!! please help me….


  3. multiPELIR’s avatar

    guys..sorry to interrupt but im totally new to psp…

    i just got a psp 3000 with with OFM 6.10 so im planning on hacking it on my own.. im informed that only ver5.03 and 6.20 are hackable and planning to upgrade to 6.20.. i got the steps for 5.03 from

    could anybody please guide me on how im to upgrade to 6.20 + all the hacking steps..?

    1) Do i have to make specific setting on my mmc (i just bought it so it completely empty)

    2) How to install the games?

    happy new year everyone…


    1. toBsucht’s avatar

      in your case use hbl109 and tn-b u can get it here
      and u need to update to ofw6.20 pls not higher fw.
      Most of the psp games HomeBrew´s need no installation u only have to copy the files to ur ms. damn date!!!


  4. atish910’s avatar

    when will iso loader come??
    if some1 has it plz give it to me!


  5. hbl is the best’s avatar

    i have a psp fw 6.35 what to do to play iso games???
    and howcan i enable xmb &cxmb themes on my psp??
    plz answer fast!!


  6. smooth’s avatar

    the save file did not work wat to do i lost need help


  7. Gameplayer9198’s avatar

    There is Two ISO Loaders Now Dridri’s OpenIdea ISO Loader And Liquidzigong’s Prometheus ISO loader


  8. toBsucht’s avatar

    ok 4 all which have problems with the dridri iso or prometheus a littel eng and a big german tut a download link[ofw update6.20,inclusive hb´s+apps and dual boot(patapon2 and sukiri) and a lot of plugins the file size is 472.43 MB copy past and :) this is not build 4 psp go!!!No iso´s inside :p tested with ofw6.20 pls post if it works with a higher fw.

    ok für alle die noch Schwierigkeiten haben dridri oder prom iso´s zu nutzen hier ein link mit download zu meinem tut auf deutsch einfach runterladen entpacken und auf dem ms abspeichern ist aber nicht für die pspGo gemacht. Natürlich das tut lesen oder den so geht es text im down viel Spaß und ein schönes Wochenende! Inhalt des download homebrews+apps, 2-isoloader, ofw update6.20, plugins und dualboot(patapon2 und sukiri) größe 472.43mb getestet mit ofw6.20


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