Release: Wagic 0.14.1


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78 Responses

  1. Spider-Monkey says:

    Another good news! Damn I wanna play this πŸ˜€

  2. Krozoa says:

    a week full of releases, looks great,
    i got a question im new to Wagic and i want to know if the game can be played multiplayer via ad hoc??

  3. Ronaldo says:

    Awesome…thanks wololo.

  4. amogrr says:

    Wololo, I saw wagic on the maemo linux repositories. (extras devel…?)

    I haven’t gotten into wagic yet. What do you recommend I use? That version or the psp version?

    Cheers! :)

    • wololo says:

      @amogrr: I assume you have both devices. I would recommend the PSP version for now because we have more support, so if you have any questions it will be easier to get an answer. Once you get used to the game, it will be easier for you to adapt to the N900 version :)

    • gryedouge says:

      I am running Wagic on the N900@900MHZ. I am having some issues with v0.14 but v0.14 and the previous v0.13 play fantastic! I am going to install v 0.14.1 later on this morning.

      You can customise your keys or use the default ones – space bar, J, Q, A and arrow keys. As I mentioned before, the game plays exceptionally well. All kudos to wololo and his team!!

      There is a thread where a lot of support is given in playing this game.

  5. so sad because is 6.3 says:

    Where Is The 6.35 Hen……..

  6. Henry says:

    A version of Wagic for my iPad would be fantastic, I’m really looking forward to hearing more about the iOS development. Happy Holidays! :)

  7. garlen says:

    Many thanks to Dr. Solomat and Zethfox for the great work! Nice timing for the release too … so Marry Christmas to all of us.

  8. Wdf says:

    Umm what is this? a pops loader?

    why you wasting ur time on this junk woloololol ;\

  9. evilpressley says:

    Thanks! I really enjoy PLAYING WAGIC!

  10. ???? says:

    i like this game!thank you wololo

  11. Opya says:

    Owsome thank you Wololo :)))

  12. ken says:

    I believe in you Santa Wololo ;P

  13. Toshio says:

    Thanks Cant Wait for Ad-Hoc, and infrastructure add-ons.

  14. PowerLiner says:


    btw.. /talk is down..

  15. MABZ says:

    wooow as I would like to see it in Spanish
    thanks wololo πŸ˜‰

  16. colombianman says:

    Good work keep on it, i like to play magic(cards) so i will try this.

  17. polik735 says:

    HI mr,wololo,sorry,tried to instal but got ”’corrupted data”’,then i copied WTH folder the picture apeared but when i tried to load it got a blue screen,asks me to press x or O,and just takes me out,am i the only one?,i just wanted to let you know,….hey can you explain how to enable m33 in TN HEn?got all files but what i put where?,thanks in advance,wololo.

  18. Lukian says:

    Don’t want to offend but,i honestly prefer Triple Triad i never liked Magic (and by extentsion Wagic) it’s just….not for me :/

    • wololo says:

      Triple Triad is much more simple than Magic.

      Both are good for casual gaming, but after a couple hours spent on Triple Triad the fun runs out because the strategies of this game are too simple. You can’t compare a game that allows you to put 9 cards into play and a game that has 10’000 units πŸ˜‰

  19. Diogo says:

    you are reaally santa thanks

  20. perikoparrot says:

    how can I put the cards images in the game???

    sorry my poor english ):

  21. Diego says:

    Great work!
    i like the game !
    it cost me to get used to the game, but once done
    i like it πŸ˜€

  22. watashi says:

    @polik735 This is not working properly for me either. I am able to launch it only if I do the following:

    However, the keys seem to be awfully reactive (impossible to use even the menu). It’s also annoying why the res-folder cannot be under Wagic-folder as in 0.12 release (–> immediate blue screen crash)?

    • watashi says:

      Between // is a game category folder.

    • wololo says:

      @watashi: rename “wagic_res” into “Res” and put it under the WTH folder, this should work.
      Regarding the “awfully reactive” issue, delete the files inside the following folders: “player”, “profile”, “settings”. This should solve it.

  23. Magic Man says:

    Sweeet! Been waiting for this!:D

  24. Goldenfaust says:

    First of all, thank you for the new release =).
    I come to report a bug in the Windows with mouse version.
    Wen i try to enter on the Trophy room, the game crashes, i dont know if really is a bug but it dont work for me πŸ˜›

    Merry Christmas for all Wagic players.

    • Goldenfaust says:

      Testing better the crash, i see wen i try to click with mouse on “trophy room” really the game is selecting “exit game”, wen i use the key binded “A”, i can enter without problem in the trophy room.

  25. Sonic says:

    This game is like yu-gi-oh? Nice work

  26. Mud says:

    Thanks Wololo and team, this made my Christmas. :)

    I love Wagic keep up the updates comming!

  27. ReyMan says:

    WoW!!! Thanks alot for the updates (Im also very Excited about the iOS Develpoment:))…Thank you so much Wololo & Whole Wagic Team. Merry Christmas.:)

  28. Visepten says:

    CFW 6.31…:((….when…..wololo…:((

  29. Kisos says:

    i have a question , in the ARB set file in 0.14.1 has the knight of the new alara, and also in my photo set of ARB, both photo and set file has de same id >id=189642< , i have the ARB block unlocked in the wagic , BUT i CANT find or Buy this card , and this card dont apear in the ARB card list in the trophy rom sooo…. WHY ITS HAPEN???? plis reply MY

    • Dr. Solomat says:

      Hi Kisos,

      not all Magic cards are supported in Wagic. So if a set file has all cards in it, it just does not mean it is supported! πŸ˜‰

      I am sure Knight of New Alara will be part of Wagic soon.

  30. E! says:



    THE EMPIRE – SONY *obviously*






    LANDO KALRISSIAN – WOLOLO *neutral but always helping the cause*

    HAN SOLO – ?

    CHEWBACA – ?

  31. Kisos says:

    kkkkkkkkkk , soooo wololo you have to do this kkkkkkkkkk , changing the subject , i have a questiom , i have a 0.13.1 wagic profile , i can put the 0.13.1 wagic profile in the 0.14.1 profile folder??? you know , to continue my game , i’m already did this but i got a bug , in the middle of the game , a blue screen with a error mensage apear , and the game close alone…

    i have to start a new game???

  32. yo says:

    Where are Perniius deep, grim lavamancer, gonlinringleader and tutors and wishes(like vampiric and living)?

    I am waiting again :(

  33. bcps5529 says:

    i want to ask why i use 6.TN-A to work on psp-3000 and 3007
    3000 when it work HEN the screen will turn to black and shutdown
    3007 work HEN stay in installation hen there and shutdown

    i use ?????? his HEN 3000 is the same
    3007 is ok but when it open ISO or other things it will enter into PSP logo and shutdown

    i come from Taiwan

  34. spider-monkey says:

    This works on 6.35 using the demo exploit. The only problem is that i dont know how to play it. I wanna learn πŸ˜€

  35. uruz0 says:

    thanks wololo
    but how to copy0.13.1’s save to 0.14.1??

    • wololo says:

      1 – install Wagic 0.14.1 in a new folder
      2 – replace the following folders with your folders from 0.13.1: player, settings, profiles

  36. uruz0 says:

    wololo, i had replace the polders to 0.14.1 ,
    but when i start to play and edit my deck,
    it just only run music and do nothing, why??

    p.s.:i play it in xp

  37. uruz0 says:

    the problem is solved

  38. Nickolas says:

    Hello wololo. This is such a great release! Nice work! I want to ask some questions:

    1. Which language do you use to program Wagic?
    2. How can I get it?
    3. Are there any good tutorials I could check out for easy psp programming?
    4. I know the basics of C# and C++. Can any of these be used for psp programming?
    5. How can I contribute to Wagic? (I don’t want my name on the credits, I just think it would be a great chance to see how things work.)

    Thanks in advance and excuse me for my horrific English. I am Greek.

  39. Nickolas says:

    Hello wololo. Great release. Very nice work! I am a very big fan of Wagic and I want to ask you some questions.

    1. Which language do you use to program Wagic?
    2. How can I get it?
    3. Are there any good tutorials to learn that language?
    4. I have some basic knowledge of Flash and C++. Can any of these languages be used to program for psp?
    5. How can I contribute to Wagic? ( I don’t want my name on the credits, I just think it would be really nice to see how it is done.)

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my horrific English. I am Greek. :)

  40. Nickolas says:

    Hi sorry for double posting I just wanted to add that I also know Flash (a bit) lol.

  41. Spider-Monkey says:

    I just learned how to play this today(thanks to the well explained manual) and I’m getting addicted to it…even I suck at it πŸ˜›

  42. Nickolas says:

    Hello wololo. I was browsing your forum to find a place to submit some images I made for Wagic and I got lost. Where can I submit them? Could I E-Mail them to you?

  43. wurm says:

    Thanks from the philippines ^^, Merry Xmas! wahoooo!

  44. wurm says:

    Thank you! From the Philippines ^^, Merry Xmas! wahoooo!

  45. Artos says:


    But affinity doesn’t work….what a shame =(

    With a vault of whispers, two ornithopters and a land I can’t put frogmite in the game.

  46. Maki says:

    Hello, I’ve a little problem,when I start a duel, the music stop :/
    However , when I launch the game, I’ve music. But during a duel, I’ve the sound effects but not the music.

    I have a psp 3004 and I use the last HBL and wagic versions. Before that, I used an old version of wagic, that’s why I replaced the old player, settings and profiles folders.

  47. CHAVA says:

    Hi friends.
    Where i find the illus for me4 y pd2?

  48. Frostegater says:

    Sank you! I love this game))))

  49. uruz0 says:

    hi wololo
    when i enter my wagic’s deck edit, it only load music and do nothing,why?!?!

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