Release: Wagic 0.14.1


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  1. Nickolas

    Hello wololo. Great release. Very nice work! I am a very big fan of Wagic and I want to ask you some questions.

    1. Which language do you use to program Wagic?
    2. How can I get it?
    3. Are there any good tutorials to learn that language?
    4. I have some basic knowledge of Flash and C++. Can any of these languages be used to program for psp?
    5. How can I contribute to Wagic? ( I don’t want my name on the credits, I just think it would be really nice to see how it is done.)

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my horrific English. I am Greek. 🙂

  2. Nickolas

    Hi sorry for double posting I just wanted to add that I also know Flash (a bit) lol.

  3. Spider-Monkey

    I just learned how to play this today(thanks to the well explained manual) and I’m getting addicted to it…even I suck at it 😛

  4. Nickolas

    Hello wololo. I was browsing your forum to find a place to submit some images I made for Wagic and I got lost. Where can I submit them? Could I E-Mail them to you?

  5. wurm

    Thanks from the philippines ^^, Merry Xmas! wahoooo!

  6. wurm

    Thank you! From the Philippines ^^, Merry Xmas! wahoooo!

  7. Artos


    But affinity doesn’t work….what a shame =(

    With a vault of whispers, two ornithopters and a land I can’t put frogmite in the game.

  8. Maki

    Hello, I’ve a little problem,when I start a duel, the music stop :/
    However , when I launch the game, I’ve music. But during a duel, I’ve the sound effects but not the music.

    I have a psp 3004 and I use the last HBL and wagic versions. Before that, I used an old version of wagic, that’s why I replaced the old player, settings and profiles folders.

  9. CHAVA

    Hi friends.
    Where i find the illus for me4 y pd2?

  10. Frostegater

    Sank you! I love this game))))

  11. uruz0

    hi wololo
    when i enter my wagic’s deck edit, it only load music and do nothing,why?!?!

  12. Byronconia

    1414 w gwgwg

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  14. GarryVep