Release: Prometheus Iso Loader by Liquidzigong


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  1. bambam says:

    does this work for 6.35

  2. bambam says:

    how come my iso arent showing up

  3. bambam says:

    my iso show up now but when i try to load them they jus go back to the regular hbl screen what do i do?

    • Shoim says:

      Hey m8 I had the same problem.
      Technics :
      – PSP 3004
      – TN HEN-A

      When it didn’t work :
      I extracted the iso loader files first on my local drive then copied them to psp.

      How it worked : I deleted the files and just extracted the archive in the game dir.

      I guess it’s file format issue.

      I can confirm : tekken 6 and Ultimate ghosts’n goblins.

      PS : OpenIdea is still not working.

      • OhYeah says:

        PS: dri dri’s OpenIdea works, you just need to convert your ISO to EBOOT

        • Shoim says:

          Sry m8, but not on my 3004, ofc I used the eboot ocnverter, the Prometheus one works fine, I don’t need to pull any tricks to swap the 2 iso’s.

  4. didi says:

    i have the same problem as bambam, 6.35, when i try to load iso that just go back to the regular hbl screen … any solution plz ?

  5. bar311 says:

    it’s working perfectly on my psp 1000!!

  6. vk says:

    Whenever i want to run the ISO loder, i have remove the memory stick and do reset vsh and then run the ISO loder.
    Is there a better way or any update for this ?


    • toBsucht says:

      if got one memory stick working and the other on not. Buy a new one may fix this. A 2nd stick doesn´t hurt – photo fast cr-5200 working with hbl109 tn-a.

  7. zin0099 says:

    i can confirm that mobile suit gundam omni vs. zaft portable (japanese game i own) and crisis core ff 7 works with this

    also on both drivers they work on

  8. juan benavid says:

    does this iso loader work for hbl???? psp go 6.35??

    • toBsucht says:

      4 hbl yes but only till ofw6.2 heads up hbl-tn will released soon 4 fw6.31 and up but do not update if u wouldn´t wait till the end of u r live.
      higher fw = longer waiting 4 iso loader and stuff.

  9. Psychowner says:

    Splinter Cell Essentials doesn’t work on m33 driver and np. anyone know how to fix that ?

  10. blackops says:


  11. Ragin Raiden says:

    Can the iso loader be updated to work with 6.35

    • toBsucht says:

      No iso loader is only till ofw6.20 u need tn-a 6.20 and this hb doesn´t run in higher fw but wololo and TN and surely many more people are working on it so u´ll get it in a few weeks. Never update till this guy´s[girls(u never know)] say it 2 u.

  12. Platini says:

    Hi everyone…great news is coming soon (tomorrow). TN-HEN- B will be downlodable,and with the option to downgrade. Read it in

  13. solja7 says:

    Yugioh (not sure which version ) works with PSP 3000 6.20

  14. Ashish says:

    Does this work for HBL with 6.35 with minna no sukiri exploit?

    I tried NFS carbon-otc but i got a black screen and then psp crashed.

    Also, can it load cso?

  15. Jam says:

    **( PSP GO, 6.2, TN-A, Prometheus )**

    When I load Prometheus, I see the list of ISO files I’ve moved to my PSP. But when I try to start them, it just goes back to PSP’s main menu. Anyone have the same problem?

    BTW, games are:
    MGS Portable Ops
    1945 Strikers

  16. kenzodragon says:

    The ISO loader doesn’t contain the Prometheus files to execute newer games (6.3x and higher).
    Games like Dragonball Tenkaichi Tag Team doesn’t load and the PSP crashes.

  17. Andreh says:

    for: Liquidzigong or Wololo.

    Well, since the Prometheus works on my PSP. I have a gift for the “creators”. I make a “logo” of Prometheus Iso Loader.

    But I can’t put on PSP. When i play isoloader, don’t show the icon …

  18. Nick says:

    Hmmm DBZ tag team wont work on either loader, and i really wanted to play that game…

    Any suggestions?

  19. AsBest says:

    Activision Hits Remixed
    Atari Classics Evolved
    Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded
    Capcom Classics Collection Remixed
    EA Replay
    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
    SNK Arcade Classics vol.1
    Taito Legends Power-Up

    tested all CSO on PSP-2008 6.20TN-HEN-B both Prometheus and Openidea beta0.2

  20. sandesh says:

    uh, where is the “ISO” folder in my memory stick. i dont see it. please help!

  21. brinsa23 says:

    can anyone help me install this?…i dont know how to set it up…

  22. Mobai says:

    It doesnt work on OFW 6.31.
    I use this new HEN, Homebrews work fine, but if i start this loader,
    and an *.iso (that was working on other PSPs), I come back to the XMB.

    I tried both drivers.

    Can someone help me?

    • toBsucht says:

      are u using the new hbl tn patched by virtouos flame and coldbird? put the //P.isoloader in ur game floder .. i think u done it..
      //put a working iso/cso file in a floder called ISO on the root of ur ms
      // if u use a Go model don t use the internel memory
      // nothing work try latest openisoloader

      • Mobai says:

        I dont know…
        Im using this Hen for 6.31/5 with the hbl rev 112 (sukkiri).
        The folder is in /PSP/GAME/, the Iso/CSO is in /ISO, and I have
        a PSP 3004 DC 9c

        • Mobai says:

          It works!
          I had to have the right file for m33…

          • toBsucht says:

            u should also try the new patched ver. 4 ofw6.31 / 6.35
            Do u use m33 driver now and it´s working!? 🙂
            u could set the game cpu up in the vsh menu so u could us the orginal driver!? If got no problem with the orginal driver!

          • sasuke says:

            how did it work for u plz tell me !!! im having a psp go version 6.35 and i have downloaded everything and i made a iso folder in my root folder and i did put a working iso game but when i start p.isoloader the game doesnt appear plzzzzzzzzz help me plz

          • Mobai says:

            That was easy!
            I just had to download this file:

            Theres the driver for m33 included.
            So now it works…

            @ toBsucht:
            Where can i get the new version?

            In 6.35 pro, theres no vsh menu…
            Or am I using an old release?

          • toBsucht says:

            sorry i don t know that there isn´t a vsh menu in tn6.35
            i´m using tn-b 6.20 psp3004
            @sasuke search an easyinstaller 4 psp go your ofw or go to wololo/talk

            @mobai i think u already got the latest ver. maybe this tn recovery could do it(cpu speed change) in tn6.31 and up RecoveryMenuTUV01.

            Still waiting 4 new 6.20TN maybe i could/want update my psp soon to a higher ofw. We all want a permanent hbl-hen!!!

      • stickfire says:

        do you have to have a memory card for a psp go for the iso’s to load?

        • toBsucht says:

          I´m not sure if it is fixed. The get help i use psp3004. Memory cards aren´t very expensive so buy a sd card adapter and u could use a cheap sd-card. I use a photofast cr-5400 and it works like a ms should.

  23. jorge says:

    Any updates for this ISO loader yet?

  24. darkjedi187 says:

    The only game I have had not work is Disgaea 2. Anyone else confirm this?

  25. rando says:

    i was testing sonic with prometheus iso loader but it Failed?
    i took rar and unziped it on my desktop and took put it on ISO
    whats The problem? i dont unberstand ?

  26. Alan says:

    Anyone know why certain games have 2 things to press instead of one? LIke Need for speed and GTA Vice City have 2 links. the second one has a “._” before the name… THey work tho 🙂

  27. Dragon016 says:

    I can run the HBL and the prometheus iso loader but when I run an iso I returned to the HBL menu, can someone help me!!!
    psp 3010 v. 6.2

  28. G-B says:

    Tested this on 6.31 (HEN by Virtuous Flame & Coldbird) on a PSP Go.

    Confirmed working are:

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
    Fate/Unlimited Codes
    God of War: Ghost of Sparta
    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable
    Ys: The Oath in Felghana
    Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman

    Confirmed not working are:

    Valkyria Chronicles 2
    Knights in the Nightmare

  29. A-2 says:

    PSP 6.31PRO (HEN by Virtuous Flame & Coldbird) with (Prometheus ISO Loader 0.1 by Liquidzigong) on a PSP 2001 PB & 2006 PB.(PB=Piano Black)

    Already Confirm
    Working Fine with ISO MODE: NP9660 (Recommended)

    Assassin Creed Bloodlines
    Blazblue Calamity Trigger
    Fat Princess Fistful of Cakes
    Gladiator Begins
    Gran Turismo Portable
    Half Minute Hero
    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
    Phantasy Star Portable 2
    Prinny Can I Really Be The Hero
    Shinobido Tales of Ninja
    Soul Calibur Broken Destiny
    Space Invader Extreme
    Spectral vs Generation
    Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2
    Tekken 6
    Tenchu Time of The Assassins
    Twinbee Portable
    Umihara Kawase Portable
    Undead Knight
    Valkyria Chronicle 2

    [PSP MINI]:
    Crystal Defenders
    Creature Defense
    Field Runners
    Pixel Junk Monster

    Already Confirm
    Not Working are:

    DJ Max Portable International
    Knight in the Nightmare

    Put ur ”PSP POWER” in (Sleep MODE) when ur taking rest, & (Don’t Ever) ”Hold PSP POWER to (Off MODE)” that ur need to activated ”PRO HEN” again by -Everybody’s Sukkiri-

    And Thanks to ”Wololo, Liquidzigong, Virtuous Flame & Coldbird” for ur PRO HEN =)

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