TN Hen: uploaded a more convenient package


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  1. LUISDooMER says:

    Well, first thanks to Wololo, M0skit0 and Total_Noob for all their work made our dream come true!!!
    the Hen Works very well on my PSP 3001 with the “Memory Stick-Trick” and i can confirm this homebrews works perfect:

    Homer´s Rin V1.31 – Great!!! finally i can continue my Wario Land 2 save!! 😀

    Cspsp V1.72 – i guess it´s the lastest version… 😉

    PSP Legacy – you can play DOOM, DOOM 2 (TNT and PLUTONIA expansions too) and… HERETIC (the original game, not the DOOM MOD) with their respective wads… 😛

    Jelly Car – Now works perfect Because it Doesn´t crash anymore!! 😀

    i´ll search for more homebrews to test!!! Thanks to TN again an all the people involved in this proyect!!!!

    PD: Merry christmas For Everybody, Greetings From Argentina!! (n_n)!!

  2. COol says:

    my psp is getting very slow i f i put the hen i have a psp 3004 can somebody help me

  3. th3pwnsh0p says:

    Try getting Twisted Download v4.3 to look for homebrew you could test on this HEN. >___>

  4. Rodin says:

    If you’re using the 1.0 or 1.5 firmware versions of Snes9x, then don’t expect it to work.

  5. I don’t think there will be a release for 6.3x. Notice how Total_Noob is deafeningly quiet in the wake of this awesome release? Notice how the Gen team isn’t even talking about porting their CFW(Or LCFW as Wololo calls it) to this HEn even though it is more than possible? They probably got tired of all the whining and crying of noobs and left the scene. Just like Davee, Tyranid and DaX.

  6. psp 6.3x./.\ says:

    can you make a 6.3x(6.30/6.31) hen tn-a for the psp, please?

  7. Gillu says:


    Wololo your HBL now married with TN HEN and now we wait for the child read ISO loader ….. ha ha

    XMAS to all

  8. OhYeah says:

    any SNES emu that can work with this?

  9. Bruno360 says:

    I need help, the Hen is not working on my psp 3004.
    When i press the “R” button, the PSP shutdown, i really need to make it work, somebody had the same problem and found a way to fix?

    My PSP is one of those colored Limited PSPs, please, i really need help.

  10. LucifeL says:

    guys.. PSP 3006 … running tn hen 3with no problem at all… now i wanna know a few things… what is CPU CLOCK XMB and CPU CLOCK GAME… coz i want to lower the processor speed while listening to music… and finally DOes TN hen support “iRshell”. Please advice… i don’t wanna brick my PSP O.o

  11. PLkid says:

    hen is not running on my psp 2001. i use the vflame package and it is still crashing when i run a homebrew. wats the problem w/ my psp please tell me

  12. cyzchina says:

    I want to say something about ISO loader. Because in China we have started to play iso game by Prometheus Iso Loader which is developped for pre version of PSP.
    Please google it and have fun!!! : )

  13. fan says:


  14. HSMT says:

    Sorry , what prx(s) are available for 6.20 TN-A now?

  15. ESTHER says:

    can you help me ?
    I have tried the hen many times it can run .But when I run the homebrew from XMB, it stop at the scence of logo of psp and soon it go to die .the style of my psp is 3001 I update it from 5.50 to6.20 some days ago .

  16. OhYeah says:

    where did the topic about the ISOloader go? why delete?

  17. numbazZ says:

    ISO LOADER FOR TN HEN RELEASED! where is the topic???

  18. toBsucht says:

    thanks 2 passerby give us the news about hen iso loader is the download link good working with hbl 109 tn-a6.20(hen)patched ver. for 3004 use. In this forum u find a post with working prx(plugin)+ download. 😡 Damn isn´t there a longer way 2 spell my version!!!

  19. jose says:

    This sucks. it wont work on my psp 3000. it works but no homebrew will work none not even the ones that worked with hbl

    • toBsucht says:

      it seems like there are some bugs with some ms(sandisk in my case). I tryed an old one(512mb) and i got the same problem. No problem with produo adapter PhotoFast cr-5400 /class4 sdhc 4gb.

  20. horac says:

    Hi I have one problem…after install HEN everithing run’s well but now when I try PSP sleep the green light starts blicking and after that turn off…I think the problem is in HEN…where are data of HEN ?in flash? because if I restore PSP and format card and copy new data of hen the previous changes are save…like region, cpu speed…thx for help

  21. shortboy says:

    after extensively working with it, it seems like HEN doesn’t work properly on 1000 models. I assume this is because HEN was made for the 2000, 3000, and GO models since 1000s have less RAM space.

  22. Mud says:

    Its not working on my PSP 1000 but its no big deal I can always mod it.
    The real news was Wagic 0.14 update, I’ll be watching for that. 🙂

    Thanks for the News and Download Wololo!

  23. TheLoneWolf™ says:

    Wololo u will now need to update ur “Is your PSP hackable?” List

  24. williand says:

    hey guys maybe yall can help me i cant for the life of me figure out how to get cw cheats to work i mean i did everything can some one tell me what to do again but like dumb it down a little srry

  25. Waratte says:

    Ahh… Another disappointment…..

  26. numbazZ says:

    i broke my psp today with TN HEN((( she doesnt turn on… only start screen, and shoots down… how to back it to life?

    plz help somebody… i want to know….

    • eliguanas says:

      mi psp se pone lenta y parpadea cuando uso en hen 6.20 es normal p q antes funcionaba bien y ahora parpadea y se pone muy lenta esto no es normal si hay alguien q le pase lo mismo informen para saber q es lo q pasa

  27. cute says:

    its not passing psp logo screen it just turn off
    3004 6.20

  28. B1GJB says:

    PSP 3008 HEN runs very well, but homebrew don’t work. And it is not only my problem!

  29. Knzo says:

    HEN workd fine, but it won`t load any homebrew!.
    I have formatted the MS and many other trhings and still not worked DX
    Does anyone have any idea?


  30. Knzo says:

    i was able to do it with the get the ms out, reset with vsh and put the ms again, then load homebrew!

    but it is kinda strange DX

  31. urahara72 says:

    wait, I have some questions. Do we still need the patapon 2 demo to run the HEN? I thought this was supposed to get rid of that? Will it work with the HSG exploit? When will it be ported to 6.35?

  32. mustafa says:

    When can we hack 6.35 ?

  33. :D says:

    Can someone please help!!!!

    My HEN and ISO loader worked perfectly before but now when i start my HEN it loads HBL and reaches the point where it says “Memory Leak” and then suddenly crashes.

    I tried everything. (Like removing HBL fully and then putting it back and such stuff).

    Please help.

    • toBsucht says:

      replace old hbl and tn files with fresh files. At least format stick and bring all files on the it again and use fresh files. I´m sorry 4 u 🙁 btw I gotta crashes if i activate not working plugins like mp3.prx in the vsh.txt sry if i m wrong.

  34. Vicente says:

    anyone know if posploader works in this hen?

  35. Opya says:

    Dudez how can run plugins under TNHEN 🙂

  36. jim says:

    i have a question, can you have custom gameboots with TN-HEN? please answer?

  37. Opya says:

    i have problem, i have psp 3004 6.20 and memory card 4 gb sandisk m2 with adapter, my brother have 3004 6.20 with 4 gb sandisk magicgate pro duo TN HEN i working with both psp but when my brother try to wunch prometeos iso loader or what ever psp crash but hi can boot tn hen.When i put my memory stick all is ok what can i do pls tell me 🙂 sorry for bad english

    • toBsucht says:

      i use the same psp model datecode 9c and i had the same problem(sandisk pd magicgate512mb) but now it is fixed. Usually i use a photofast cr5400 adapter 4 tn hbl without any problems.

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