TN Hen finally released: the wait is over!


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  1. iamthepsp says:

    it’s not just psp 3000 users. Imma psp 2000 ta-088v3 ofw 6.20 user…
    6.20 tn-a hen didn’t work for hbl r79 so i updated to r101 and it still didn’t work. updated it again to r109 and bam it worked. force shutdown my psp, start hbl, loaded HEN and bam it suddenly doesn’t like homebrew games and crashes at that stupid psp logo.

    btw, i got memory leak also but i could still load homebrew games, no freezes nothing. until i force shutdown my psp

  2. bright alex says:

    TN HEN is working….though litle instable…not supporting all homebrews like kurok, half-life….cavestory is working
    i guess one should format the mem stick…nd go on for a clean installation of HEN + HBL…as previous plugins nd hbl savedata files may conflict.
    waiting for iso tool !!!!
    thanks total-noob and wololo. :)

  3. williand says:

    who here can tell me what the heck to do cuzz it freezes when i try to load any of my games and i got it to work one time

  4. Orohu says:

    Can someone with a PS3 test out FuSa Gamepad with Scott Pilgrim?

  5. james1552 says:

    First off thanks Total_Noob and Wololo so much and anyone else who was involved for Hen 😀

    It’s glad to know it works for Go users, but like everyone else here I’m a 3000 user that still can’t get HEN to run. I have tried formatting, clean installs, several different revisions, different patapon saves, editing the .txt file, moving Hen to several locations. I have tried literally EVERYTHING.

    Someone who has a PSP 3000 working (NOT PSP GO, we know it already works for you…) should upload a video of installing HEN on their psp and showing a video of how to install it and it working, because so far I have seen no proof of it working on PSP 3000’s except “mines 3000 it works, idk whats wrong with yours…” because yea thats SO helpful.

    Anyways I’m done for tonight, hopefully, GEN will have a new version up in the morning. Merry Christmas to everyone :) and thanks for all the hard work 😀

  6. Nick says:

    Thanks TN and Wololo!!!! It finally works!!!

  7. p3ini says:

    Cool, it’s released! But i can’t download it yet, because its christmas now and im so busy. Thank you Total_Noob and Wololo and all who helped with the HEN. I got my psp from my brother one year ago, and i was happy, but i did’nt do anything with the psp because it werent hacked. Six months ago i heard about hbl, and it was best. Now the hen is finally ready and all who has 6.20 can hack their psp. Thanks. :))

  8. PenkoDR says:

    Works flawless on the PSP Go. Cant wait to play ISOs on it. IDC if its illegal.

  9. Asthork says:

    Working fine in a psp-3010, with 6.20 firmware. Thanks Total_Noob and Wololo for you hard work, i hope i dont need to wait other year for the release of the iso loader hehe, sorry for my bad english, salutes and greetings from Mexico.
    Merry Christmas

  10. Macko Darlack says:

    use hblr109 DEV version :3
    it works for me 😀 !!!
    greetings from peru ;D

    usen hblr109 DEV version :3
    me funcionó así 😀 !!!
    saludos desde perú ;D

  11. th3pwnsh0p says:

    I’ll try getting a video of my 3000 on 6.20TN-A soon 😀

  12. Will says:

    my first comment on this site. thanks to everyone who was involved in HBL and TN Hen Hope you all have happy holidays. Im new to the psp scene, just got a 3000 last month, with the kh:BBS bundle, and with the Hen out im one step closer to being able to play my all time favorite childhood game digimon world 3. I havent played it in years since my cd stopped working, but once again happy holidays to everyone involved with this release. 😀

  13. TheLoneWolf™ says:


  14. Shadyblue9o9 says:

    i have a psp2000 with 6.20 and HBL r109 on it with patapon 2 demo…. i go onto it and run the HEN… but it doesnt return to the XMB out of the 3 or 4 times i have tried :( and when i try to exit the game… it crashes…. what am i doing wrong?

  15. Nickolas says:

    I have a PSP 3000 and it works like a charm! Thank you wololo TN Davee Dark-AleX and everybody involved in the PSP scene. What do I need to do in order to play PSX games? Or isn’t it possible?

    Anyway Merry Christmas everybody!

  16. Awesome says:

    What plugins have been running on the HEN? I heard hold.prx works. How do we activate the plugins if there isn’t a recovery menu? Happy Holidays to everyone!
    Thank you TN,Wololo,noob81,m0skito,davee and everyone else who helped/contributed to HBL or TN-A.

  17. hyponima says:

    It’s work!!! Merry Christmas Wololo !!! ^^

  18. zul says:

    thnx total noob n wololo………
    its really works now…….

    now i hope,,,iso loader will release……….

  19. light alex says:

    guess there’s a prblm….i formatted my mem card and installed patapon 2 + savedata + hbl + hen…….
    it loads perfectly…..widout memory leak….with vsh menu…..but when i start any homebrew it just crashes my psp !!! :(
    need some help !

  20. DW says:

    For those people who could not get the HEN to work…
    Backup your data and format your Mem Stick. Restore defaults on the psp. Restart it.
    Put the EBOOT.pbp in your GAME Folder (no need to create a new folder), use HBL r101 (most successful for HEN), run HBL on the psp (go to the game folder if not in it already) select the ‘…’ at the top of the menu. If need be go to the game folder again. Wait for about 10s tops (Think about a big HEN with TN stamped on it…), check your Sys Info.
    Merry X mas!!

  21. polik735 says:

    all bunch of bull,,,all sites involved just trying to get more ”’views” or ”’visits”’ or suscribers”’ its all about publicity/money at the end,at least i am honest,i want free,i’d never buy or suscribe,,yeah they meke it work on psp go(+ sales 4 sony??)so everyone says ”yeah it works,just not in older psp’s”,,,what’s next now? easy:more ”visits”,”views”,”suscribers” ***!!!

    • DW says:

      You are right about 95% of the sites but Wololo here is truly a Good Samaritan for people like you and me. Also, the HEN works on psp 3004 ’cause that’s what I am using to type this – a psp 3004 with 6.20 TN (A) HEN

  22. p3ini says:

    It doesn’t work on my PSP 1004 :/ It crashes when i try to start homebrews! How can i get this work? It worked on me once with DW’s help, but doesn’t work anymore. I have restored default settings, format the memory stick and put the patapon 2 demo, hbl r101, save data, hen files, all back in the memory stick, but doesn’t work! Somebody PLEASE help me!

  23. Junior Veinerg says:

    Wilian estou com um problema igual ao seu…
    alguem que tenha psp 3001 que ja conseguiu por favor deixar relatos

  24. Junior Veinerg says:

    Wilian I have a problem equal to its …
    someone who has already got that psp 3001 please leave reports

  25. wolala says:

    merry christmas~

  26. Opi says:

    thank you very much!


  27. san!t says:

    hey, any update on iso loader by dridri anyone?

  28. gty says:

    Thank you so much!
    Good Work finally relased ahhh good

  29. Zhang Han says:

    Total_Noob & wololo

    This is the best present for PSP fans~
    Thank you very much and Merry X’mas!

  30. how to install vid/tuts

  31. MLNDZ says:

    To load homebrews in 3000 with HEN:
    -Run HEN
    -When you’re already in XMB, take out your memory stick
    -Restart VSH (from VSH menu…)
    -Once back in the XMB, put back your memory stick

    This worked for me, I have a psp 3000 assasins creed edition with HBL 109

  32. how to install vid

  33. xyntfosrllas says:

    MLNDZ man u are a genius thank you!!

  34. Lejam987 says:

    Some of the homebrews don’t work (Half life and Quake Arena Arcade don’t work) Also i was able to run CwCheat on GTA LCS but no cheats would show up…also when i run CwCheat on most other games it freezes. D:

  35. Lejam987 says:

    Oh and BTW CSPSP online won’t work either…

  36. xyntfosrllas says:

    when do u think would be a downgrade to 5.03??

  37. Neo says:

    Sony deberia de agradecer a Total_Noob, Wololo, Dark_Alex, porque gracias a este xploit la psp se va a vender mas y va a tener mas demanda, en lugar de hacer parches deberian bajar los precios de los ISOS y hacer oficial los homebrew, pero ya saben puros monopolios, saludos y felices fiestas, y una vez mas Felices fiestas, y gracias Total_Noob, Wololo.

  38. victasa says:

    Awesome, it works !!!

    Thanks TN and Wololo for updating the news here !!!

    Hope ISO loader will be released soon !

  39. Misha says:

    Thanks TN, you are a stud, born in Stud-Ranch, in Washin-Stud.
    Can’t wait for 6.35.

  40. Zen says:


    any news about 6.35? Just to clear the question whether it is still in works or not at all.

  41. shree says:

    can any one pls tell me how it can work on OFW 5.50? :S

  42. Lorenzo says:

    When will TN work on 6.35 because the Minna no Sukkiri Firmware 6.35 exploit isn’t working (of course after christmas) but will it ever come for 6.35?

    And is the exploit for 6.35 better or that from 6.20?

    happy holidays all.

  43. khadzo says:


    any news about 6.35? Can’t wait ! Can’t wait hope u release it before 6.20 TN-B

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