TN Hen finally released: the wait is over!


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157 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    mmmm… it doesn’t work on my psp 3k, it says something like: “WARNING Memory Leak” and then it turns off, but in my psp go it runs smoothly, any idea why??

    P.S. My psp 3k is a 3010, and my go is a N1010, could it be the problem?

  2. mistersaidso says:

    Congrats to all the people that can achive thison thier psp! wish I had a pandora battery right now.

  3. Sonitles says:


    Now I have to wait for my PSP… it’s with my brother. >_<
    Congrats for all who worked in this HEN, and for Wololo. This is pure gold!

    Ah, e tem mais tugas aqui, afinal! =D

    Thank you, Total_Noob, and Wololo!

  4. Metroid_III says:

    Daedalus rev 630 doesn’t boot for me, but all other homebrew/plugins i’ve tried work perfectly 😀

  5. ffdgh says:

    wootz hen!
    even tho im stuck at 6.31, i can still root for those on 6.20 XD

  6. myk says:

    daedalus doesnt work.

  7. Dark says:

    thanks TN and wololo
    you are our gods
    i can use many soft in my pspgo

  8. VSC says:

    that sucks! when will be released the 6.31 hen??????????????
    PLS answer me!

  9. diego Abraham Borgo Navarro says:

    THANKS A LOT WOLOLO AND TOTAL NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ro says:

    Hey wololo, the HEN doesn’t work on my PSP 3001 with 6.20… it says something about “memory leak” and shutdown…. What should I do?

  11. ffdgh says:

    can any 1 tese cw cheat or psp kai?

  12. get_IT says:

    the hen works on my psp, but when start a homebrew game, its just freeze..

  13. TheBestThingThatEverHappened says:

    i have a question:
    can you now like use those downgrader files using the TN HEN?

    thanks and merry christmas

  14. MatT says:

    Yeah im getting the similar problem to ro i load up the HEN then it says memory leak and shut-down aswell on my psp 3k , good job but to everyone involved and merry Christmas

  15. Stephanie Romano says:

    Man, HUGE thanks! 😀

    Não sabe ler não, mané?

  16. God of says:

    Works but can’t get any thing to work only jelly car and cavestory everything else crashes at a PSP logo

  17. Apocaliptic says:

    It seems to have compatibility issues with 3000 models.
    Doesn’t work on mine…

  18. R-Man says:

    Crying out loud :( !!!! NO news for OFW 6.30

  19. Stephanie Romano says:

    I’m facing the same problem, when I start the HEN my PSP v 6.20 3004 says “Memory Leak” and shuts down. >.<

    I wanna cry…

  20. ffdgh says:

    lol ever 1 above 6.20 gotta wait 4 a port….orrr a downgrader…yay-_- XD

  21. xyntfosrllas says:

    ok guys try this prove different version of hbl if u are using hbl rev 109 it wont work i proved but rev 101 runs ok

  22. mike says:

    what will happen if i run tn hen 6.20 on ofw 6.31?

  23. Godsson07 says:

    Yep, on psp 3004 with hbl 109 it dont work. Now am going to try the 101.

  24. Leonardo says:

    For those having problems… Try putting the EBOOT.PBP at the folder HBL/GAME instead of PSP/GAME. It worked on my 3000… And I’m using HBL 101

  25. Krozoa says:

    anyone knows how to use psprx launcher?? it boot fine but dunno how to use it?:(

  26. Ezekiel says:

    why my psp run the 6.20TN AND it will crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. F!nn says:

    Wow, Everyone Over At PSPSlimHacks.Com With A PSP 3K Is Raging About How It Wont Work On Their PSP. Looks Like For Now Its Only Compatible With PSP N1001 (Go)

    Although This Is A ENORMOUS Leap In The Progression Of PSP Hacking, There Are Quite a Few Bugs That PSPGEN Have Missed Including The Inability To Load DaedalusX64 v621. So For Now TN HEN 6.20 Has 99.999% Homebrew Compatibility 😉 Im Sure There Will Be A TN-B HEN Soon Enough.

  28. Krozoa says:

    sorry for the spam but i only want to use PSX eboots

  29. MatT says:

    lol of course there are going to be people that are ungrateful that someone has spent all this time and hard work to make something that gets given away for free only to have people that get all angry cause it doesn’t work

  30. XPTO says:

    My psp3004 is shutting down :S
    Assim até dá gosto, é só tugas!!! 😛

  31. crimes says:

    works on my PSP 3001. It does briefly say Memory leak after launching the HEN.. but then goes to the menu and TN VSH works.

    • Skyline12 says:

      how did you run it ??

    • polik735 says:

      ok mr. crimes,good for you,nou if it is true that it works for your psp 3000,,,,why the f**ck don’t you tell us HOW!!! how the heck you did it!!!
      step by step you as***le!!! i mean c’mon!!!nobody’ll love you for working in yours,,,,tell us HOW HOW HOW HOW!!!!

  32. xDanilo says:


  33. ZackHiro says:

    for everyone who rages: you’re the true total n00bs
    bet now they search the fault by TN…sooner or later, makes him regret to released the HEN
    i followed the instructions…boo-ya…all my homebrews will work perfectly
    still get the “memory leak”-message…i dont care…maybe i will try formating my memorystick and try again…maybe this helps…but for now: trying openidea for fun 😛
    keeps crashing 😀

    but saves a log…is it helpful for the dev’s?

  34. Kagero says:

    @Dark how was it in PSP GO?

  35. JulzDiesel says:

    I am actually getting a bit worried for some of us 3001 users.
    It happened before with HBL, that regarding the PSPGo had a better compatibility with it due to a “exploit” in the firmware that wasn’t present in PSP 3000.
    There might be 3000 that won’t have this HEN working, at least not for a while, maybe I’m wrong. For those of you who have a 3001 or a similar model you should try to be more patient.

  36. MatT says:

    kk so you put the eboot file into a folder in GAME and load it as you would a homebrew right ? ive tryed this with HBL r107 and r101 niether worked just said memory leak then shuts down ?

  37. pumped says:

    Doesn’t work for me on a 3001 followed instructions to the T and have been following instructions for an hour and a half redownloaded everything many many times.

  38. Skyline12 says:


    Can total_noob fix the hen for the psp 300x for all of us

  39. copier says:


  40. VXisto says:

    Wololo, how I can start a plugin? It has a recovery mode?
    Thanks, VXisto!


  41. DW says:

    Works just fine. I use HBL 101, PSP 3004 OFW 6.20. Gpsp, Bookr, Wagic load up from Xmb!!

    It says MEMORY LEAK, but it reboots and goes to TN HEN mode…

  42. andrewb23 says:

    i thought it’s already released? where’s the link Wololo?!!!

  43. sping says:


    First ,So thank you for sharing the TN-HEN,and sincerely tks for the efforts all guy had made in the Hen,

    Second,Are there any news about ISO loader?Are there several Hackers work on it ?(As far as you know?)

    Finally,Happy Christmas Eve to you and to all PSP Clubers.

    By Sping

  44. LUISDooMER says:

    its strange…
    the TN Hen works in my PSP GO! but is very unstable… i´ve tested two homebrews…
    DGEN 1.70 = Boots but it returns to xmb with a error message (like “ERROR 8000XXXX” i cant remember The code)
    Snes9xTYL 0.42 = boots an i can go thru the menues… but when i tried to test another homebrew i´ve pushed the home button and select “end game” my PSP frozen and still freeze (saying “Please wait…”) now i have to wait that the battery reach to zero to test again…
    and in my 3001… Don´t works at all…
    i´m not Blaming TN for this “failed?” release… i doubt that he release something non-working or unstable, i´m very grateful with him for his hard work all this months…
    i´m blame PSPGEN for this… It is´nt very suspictious that two days for “Bug Testing” were´nt enough to see if really can release it?
    i think they edit some files (like the tn eboot, or the hbl files that they are distributing…), so if you want the hen working in your 3000 you have to register…
    like i said i very grateful to TN, and VERY ungrateful to PSPGEN…
    Thanks Wololo And TN for all your work…
    waiting for a Working Hen…
    PD: MY PSP GO Still Freeze… LOL 😛

  45. Leonardo says:

    Hey guys, I heard that most of the PSP-300X users at PSPSLIMHACKS got it to work using HBL 101 with the most update version of the Patapon2 Exploit: (By Wololo, XX/11/2010)

    Haven’t tryed it… though

  46. psprulez says:

    does not work on psp 3001 version 6.20. it crashes when i load a homebrew :(

  47. andrewb23 says:

    me too i have 3001, tried hbl 107 and 101, also tried loading from psp folder and hbl folder,

    still i get memory leak and shutdown.

    hope they can resolve this soon…sad christmas T_T

  48. skilgannon says:

    its not working on my psp go can anybody else that has a psp go that it works on give me advice? i have 6.20 im not a tard i can get hen to load but it doesnt return to xmb and it crashes when i try to load any homebrews from the visual menu

  49. Linske says:


    same problem I’m having!

  50. Leonardo says:

    Found another one, from the messers of PSPGEN:

    @Herolien said:
    To the Memory Leak, from what I read, try to do it like this:
    1) Restore the default settings (in PSP and/or HBL)
    2) Try again.

    For some, it works and the other not.

  51. ZackHiro says:

    read around a bit and a few ppl on PSP-King, who cant run the HEN, have one thing in common: they have a 16GB-ms

    if you cant start the HEN and using a 16GB-memorystick, maybe that’s your problem

    though, try formating your memorystick (of course, backup all data, before you do so) and try again, try a different rev of HBL or if you cant still run homebrews, try setting your cpu to (333/166Mhz)

    READ OLDER COMMENTS, TUTORIALS (there are now plenty of them on the webz) AND OF COURSE THE ARTICLE ITSELF (between the common trollingstuff, there’re some helpful comments postet above 😉 )

    hope this helps

  52. spider-monkey says:

    its saids “Incompatible firmware” for 6.31 😛 Well i tried(and yes i know its for 6.20, im not ***)

  53. tom says:

    maybe pspgen inject some code to original TN hen to make all your psp crash??.i think it so starange,that they test for 2days and find nothing bug.
    but from what i can see from all user comment ,it is safe to upgrade to TN hen (archieve from pspgen)??

  54. fabian says:

    EVERY1 who crash psp with Hen it runs with hbl 109 … never shut down psp :/ else try to extract hbl folder again and hen folder too

  55. Thelalasis says:

    I’m a Chinese,thank you for your sharing,at frist.
    I’m very interested in the 6.35 HEN.
    Is there many differents between 6.35 and 6.36?the systen of my PSP is 6.36,and will the 6.35 HEN suitable for 6.36?If not, will the HEN for 6.36 coming soon after the 6.35 HEN.

    Thank you for your sharing again.

  56. Stone Fan says:

    I can’t say anything but thanks!Welcome to China!

  57. myk-cn says:

    @wololo?not work on my PSP3007 6.20.

  58. cobaltex says:

    what plugins have you tried

  59. Awesome says:

    *Access PSN Thru 6.20 TN-A (HEN)*
    1.)Go into VSH Menu
    2.)Highlight the Fake Region option
    3.)Select Debug Type I
    4.)Highlight Restart VSH and Press X
    5.)Have fun on the PS Network and Happy Holidays

  60. zul says:

    it works on my psp3000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Waratte says:

    16-gb Memory sticks must be formatted eh…??

  62. 123525 says:

    no the wait has just started…the hen alone is not much better than hbl. we need hen+iso loader

  63. yellow says:

    i change the setting in hbl folder override_sceIoMkdir=-1 i change that to this override_sceIoMkdir=-0 and now gpskai is working find i hope i help.

  64. zul says:


    my first time access psn store through psp……..

  65. nicola says:

    Thanks Total_Noob ! 😀 It’s perfect!

  66. ralts says:

    a note comes out:warn! memery leak!
    I have followed the direction?but failed.
    my machine is PSP-3006???

  67. PH`PLkid says:

    i can’t load homebrews it crashed when i try to start a game. it just reach the gameboot(white screen and psp sign)im using hbl r107 psp 2001 6.20 . pls help

  68. Young says:

    I don’t understand why so few are saying thanks. Thank you for the splendid work and enjoy the real pleasure of giving.

  69. williand says:

    on my psp 3000 ver 6.20 it just crashes when i load homebrew why is that HELLLLP

  70. Nick says:

    Hmmm, the HEN crashes for me, anyone got a fix?

    Running 6.20 on 3000

    Thanks SOO much wololo and TN btw, you guys are awesome.

  71. Jonkus says:

    I want to know: Is the custom savedata file also supposed to display a custom icon with hbl written on it when you’re about to load it? I’m talking about the Patapon demo exploit with 6.20 PSP 3000(3001 for me)

  72. Kagero says:

    @PUNKER so far what homebrews are working on your PSP 3K? Also no crashed thing anymore?

  73. skilgannon says:

    finally got it working with wololos instructions to replace the eboot in menu folder in the hbl folder no other instructions told me to do that works fine now hope that helps anyone else merry xmas to wololo total noob and moskito they rock my socks off

  74. Foxxer says:

    TN HEN fail here…
    Same error as many people’s..
    I noticed that when I run the HEN, the message “Patching ****” does not appear..
    But, anyway, thanks, TN.

  75. zul says:

    but its not long forever…..
    now i cant load homebrew anymor………
    it just crash when i loaded it……
    i hope they will fix the bug that they make it,,,,,,,,,(pspgen)

  76. ZackHiro says:

    postet on transalted with google (understandable though 😀 )


    Hbl go to the folder on the memory stick and open the file hbl_config.txt then change the line “return_to_xmb_on_exit = 0″ to “return_to_xmb_on_exit = 1″ Hbl “go to the folder On The memory stick and Open the file hbl_config.txt Then Change the line “return_to_xmb_on_exit = 0″ to “return_to_xmb_on_exit = 1″<<

    (just tested it…it works! 😀 )

    also, if you just got a blackscreen/shutdown while trying to execute a homebrew, (backup)delete your "seplugins" folder on your memorystick (i've tested it…some plugins cause homebrew compatibility problems…till a fix, or a plugin compatibilitylist will be released, i recommend, just to backup and delete the plugins/seplugin-folder)

    hope that will solve some of your problems

  77. williand says:

    figured it out guys read this go to hbl on the root and make a folder in hbl called game and just put the hen in it and your set yay thank u tn

  78. BlkHalo says:

    williand on December 24, 2010 at 5:35 am

    on my psp 3000 ver 6.20 it just crashes when i load homebrew why is that HELLLLP

    WOW… My same exact problem, I’ll work on a few fixes and let you know if I can find anything, kk? I’m also using Rev 109

  79. rtanck says:

    @all 3000 users
    try with HBL101 it works fine …..
    atleast for me…
    (first i tried with HBL109 HEN crashed :( )

  80. williand says:


    i got it working i just needed to make a folder called game in hbl and put hen in it and replace the menu eboot in hbl

  81. poOfy says:

    Essentials: Includes TN HEN, Patapon2 Demo & HBL in the correct folders. (Firmware 6.20) Enjoy!!

  82. wolala says:

    i am glad to see that tn-hen has released today,but my psp version is 620 for hongkong,it can not run successed on my psp,and i found that some psp like mine have the same problem…
    after all,merry christmas~

  83. crimes says:

    is it normal for the psp to crash when i run UMDs after enabling the HEN?

  84. Ray says:

    i think many people try the HEN and find some problem
    if your PSP is PSP3004 or PSP3006, and can’t run the HEN

    you can try this

  85. ZackHiro says:

    found that a easy installer was released to make the install alot easier (found it on PSP-King)

    it’s in english and only works on windows
    plug in your psp to your PC, start the .exe, select the drive letter of your PSP (“f:\” for instance) and start…it will be add all the needed files to your psp where they belongs to
    make sure, you dont have selected a subfolder 😛

    it’s so big cause every needed file is within (incl patapondemo)

    so if you’re encounter problems, while trying to start the hen/homebrews it’s probably not your fault 😀 (like if you would, if you accidently put copied files/folders not there, where they belong to be 😀 )

    thanks to “fkrone” from PSP-King for making this installer this early…and of course T_Nof and all dev’s that are working on the HBL

  86. Linske says:

    I hope there will be a TN-B(HEN) ^ – ^

  87. SaoAdrian says:

    help please :( i started the hen sucessful, and tried fusagamepad, again sucessful.. then i’d start the fake region, later the hen still active doesnt want to play any homebrew nor even official demos…. i have psp 3000 6.20 hen … please!!!

  88. L says:

    @wololo can you upload and share your version of the tn-hen please :)

    I see a video and when that guy use the NED appears him a message saying patching xxxxxx then warning memory leak
    I think you release an older version of the tn-hen of total_noob
    maybe the hen of the videos is already finalized without bugs maybe pspgen had made a mistake when they upload the tn-hen and when they show the tn-hen in the XMB has a image and in the public release the tn-hen has no image in the XMB :S anyway that’s only my opinion but whatever thank to you guys
    specially to
    total_noob, wololo, jjs, m0skit0 and pspgen I really apreciate your work
    merry Christmas to everyone incluiding the people who visit this forums 😀

  89. yep says:

    I´m very saddddddddd :( jajajaja hope tomorrow they find a solution… jajajajaja

  90. ps says:

    someone pls upload a tutorial on youtube for newbies

  91. cloud says:

    thank you?

  92. rtanck says:

    deadalusx64 not working …. :(

  93. Bruno360 says:

    I have a PSP 3004, for some reason, when i press the “R” Button, the PSP Crash, and then shut down.

    Someone facing the same problem here?

  94. NOOB 2004 says:

    For those of you noobs who havent yet cracked your psp 3004 follow these steps
    1.First backup everything on your M>Stick on a pc.
    2.Format your M.Stick on your pc and subsequently on your psp aka 3004.
    3.Get a fresh copy of hblr109 & papton save game exploit(14Th nov) one.
    4.Now restore your psp to default settings.
    5.Copy all files in step 3 to your psp.
    6.Put the hen in game folder,Do not replace with eboot of hbl it will crash.
    7.Load hbl and run hen works like a charm.
    I tried 7 homebrews no problem so far
    TOTAL NOOB YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bruno360 says:

      @NOOB 2004

      Not working yet.

    • james1552 says:

      I have tried this plus what everyone else has said, and NONE OF IT WORKS.

      If you have a Piano Black PSP 3000 (NOT GO) please post a video of it working as proof. Nothing is working for the majority of us 3000 users…

  95. It works 4 me 4 braging rights go to install vid on the way

  96. ZeRo says:

    6.20tn running smoothly with my psp go.

  97. BlkHalo says:


    Damn youre so lucky, i tried that but no luck D:
    imma try some other stuff and eventually, if i don’t succeed, give up and go back to the waiting game AGAIN; now with TN-B ._____.

  98. williand says:

    help me guys my psp 3001 v6.20 loads the hen and all but when i try to load any homebrew it just crashes

  99. iamthepsp says:

    it’s not just psp 3000 users. Imma psp 2000 ta-088v3 ofw 6.20 user…
    6.20 tn-a hen didn’t work for hbl r79 so i updated to r101 and it still didn’t work. updated it again to r109 and bam it worked. force shutdown my psp, start hbl, loaded HEN and bam it suddenly doesn’t like homebrew games and crashes at that stupid psp logo.

    btw, i got memory leak also but i could still load homebrew games, no freezes nothing. until i force shutdown my psp

  100. bright alex says:

    TN HEN is working….though litle instable…not supporting all homebrews like kurok, half-life….cavestory is working
    i guess one should format the mem stick…nd go on for a clean installation of HEN + HBL…as previous plugins nd hbl savedata files may conflict.
    waiting for iso tool !!!!
    thanks total-noob and wololo. :)

  101. williand says:

    who here can tell me what the heck to do cuzz it freezes when i try to load any of my games and i got it to work one time

  102. Orohu says:

    Can someone with a PS3 test out FuSa Gamepad with Scott Pilgrim?

  103. james1552 says:

    First off thanks Total_Noob and Wololo so much and anyone else who was involved for Hen 😀

    It’s glad to know it works for Go users, but like everyone else here I’m a 3000 user that still can’t get HEN to run. I have tried formatting, clean installs, several different revisions, different patapon saves, editing the .txt file, moving Hen to several locations. I have tried literally EVERYTHING.

    Someone who has a PSP 3000 working (NOT PSP GO, we know it already works for you…) should upload a video of installing HEN on their psp and showing a video of how to install it and it working, because so far I have seen no proof of it working on PSP 3000’s except “mines 3000 it works, idk whats wrong with yours…” because yea thats SO helpful.

    Anyways I’m done for tonight, hopefully, GEN will have a new version up in the morning. Merry Christmas to everyone :) and thanks for all the hard work 😀

  104. Nick says:

    Thanks TN and Wololo!!!! It finally works!!!

  105. p3ini says:

    Cool, it’s released! But i can’t download it yet, because its christmas now and im so busy. Thank you Total_Noob and Wololo and all who helped with the HEN. I got my psp from my brother one year ago, and i was happy, but i did’nt do anything with the psp because it werent hacked. Six months ago i heard about hbl, and it was best. Now the hen is finally ready and all who has 6.20 can hack their psp. Thanks. :))

  106. PenkoDR says:

    Works flawless on the PSP Go. Cant wait to play ISOs on it. IDC if its illegal.

  107. Asthork says:

    Working fine in a psp-3010, with 6.20 firmware. Thanks Total_Noob and Wololo for you hard work, i hope i dont need to wait other year for the release of the iso loader hehe, sorry for my bad english, salutes and greetings from Mexico.
    Merry Christmas

  108. Macko Darlack says:

    use hblr109 DEV version :3
    it works for me 😀 !!!
    greetings from peru ;D

    usen hblr109 DEV version :3
    me funcionó así 😀 !!!
    saludos desde perú ;D

  109. th3pwnsh0p says:

    I’ll try getting a video of my 3000 on 6.20TN-A soon 😀

  110. Will says:

    my first comment on this site. thanks to everyone who was involved in HBL and TN Hen Hope you all have happy holidays. Im new to the psp scene, just got a 3000 last month, with the kh:BBS bundle, and with the Hen out im one step closer to being able to play my all time favorite childhood game digimon world 3. I havent played it in years since my cd stopped working, but once again happy holidays to everyone involved with this release. 😀

  111. TheLoneWolf™ says:


  112. Shadyblue9o9 says:

    i have a psp2000 with 6.20 and HBL r109 on it with patapon 2 demo…. i go onto it and run the HEN… but it doesnt return to the XMB out of the 3 or 4 times i have tried :( and when i try to exit the game… it crashes…. what am i doing wrong?

  113. Nickolas says:

    I have a PSP 3000 and it works like a charm! Thank you wololo TN Davee Dark-AleX and everybody involved in the PSP scene. What do I need to do in order to play PSX games? Or isn’t it possible?

    Anyway Merry Christmas everybody!

  114. Awesome says:

    What plugins have been running on the HEN? I heard hold.prx works. How do we activate the plugins if there isn’t a recovery menu? Happy Holidays to everyone!
    Thank you TN,Wololo,noob81,m0skito,davee and everyone else who helped/contributed to HBL or TN-A.

  115. hyponima says:

    It’s work!!! Merry Christmas Wololo !!! ^^

  116. zul says:

    thnx total noob n wololo………
    its really works now…….

    now i hope,,,iso loader will release……….

  117. light alex says:

    guess there’s a prblm….i formatted my mem card and installed patapon 2 + savedata + hbl + hen…….
    it loads perfectly…..widout memory leak….with vsh menu…..but when i start any homebrew it just crashes my psp !!! :(
    need some help !

  118. DW says:

    For those people who could not get the HEN to work…
    Backup your data and format your Mem Stick. Restore defaults on the psp. Restart it.
    Put the EBOOT.pbp in your GAME Folder (no need to create a new folder), use HBL r101 (most successful for HEN), run HBL on the psp (go to the game folder if not in it already) select the ‘…’ at the top of the menu. If need be go to the game folder again. Wait for about 10s tops (Think about a big HEN with TN stamped on it…), check your Sys Info.
    Merry X mas!!

  119. polik735 says:

    all bunch of bull,,,all sites involved just trying to get more ”’views” or ”’visits”’ or suscribers”’ its all about publicity/money at the end,at least i am honest,i want free,i’d never buy or suscribe,,yeah they meke it work on psp go(+ sales 4 sony??)so everyone says ”yeah it works,just not in older psp’s”,,,what’s next now? easy:more ”visits”,”views”,”suscribers” ***!!!

    • DW says:

      You are right about 95% of the sites but Wololo here is truly a Good Samaritan for people like you and me. Also, the HEN works on psp 3004 ’cause that’s what I am using to type this – a psp 3004 with 6.20 TN (A) HEN

  120. p3ini says:

    It doesn’t work on my PSP 1004 :/ It crashes when i try to start homebrews! How can i get this work? It worked on me once with DW’s help, but doesn’t work anymore. I have restored default settings, format the memory stick and put the patapon 2 demo, hbl r101, save data, hen files, all back in the memory stick, but doesn’t work! Somebody PLEASE help me!

  121. Junior Veinerg says:

    Wilian estou com um problema igual ao seu…
    alguem que tenha psp 3001 que ja conseguiu por favor deixar relatos

  122. Junior Veinerg says:

    Wilian I have a problem equal to its …
    someone who has already got that psp 3001 please leave reports

  123. wolala says:

    merry christmas~

  124. Opi says:

    thank you very much!


  125. san!t says:

    hey, any update on iso loader by dridri anyone?

  126. gty says:

    Thank you so much!
    Good Work finally relased ahhh good

  127. Zhang Han says:

    Total_Noob & wololo

    This is the best present for PSP fans~
    Thank you very much and Merry X’mas!

  128. how to install vid/tuts

  129. MLNDZ says:

    To load homebrews in 3000 with HEN:
    -Run HEN
    -When you’re already in XMB, take out your memory stick
    -Restart VSH (from VSH menu…)
    -Once back in the XMB, put back your memory stick

    This worked for me, I have a psp 3000 assasins creed edition with HBL 109

  130. how to install vid

  131. xyntfosrllas says:

    MLNDZ man u are a genius thank you!!

  132. Lejam987 says:

    Some of the homebrews don’t work (Half life and Quake Arena Arcade don’t work) Also i was able to run CwCheat on GTA LCS but no cheats would show up…also when i run CwCheat on most other games it freezes. D:

  133. Lejam987 says:

    Oh and BTW CSPSP online won’t work either…

  134. xyntfosrllas says:

    when do u think would be a downgrade to 5.03??

  135. Neo says:

    Sony deberia de agradecer a Total_Noob, Wololo, Dark_Alex, porque gracias a este xploit la psp se va a vender mas y va a tener mas demanda, en lugar de hacer parches deberian bajar los precios de los ISOS y hacer oficial los homebrew, pero ya saben puros monopolios, saludos y felices fiestas, y una vez mas Felices fiestas, y gracias Total_Noob, Wololo.

  136. victasa says:

    Awesome, it works !!!

    Thanks TN and Wololo for updating the news here !!!

    Hope ISO loader will be released soon !

  137. Misha says:

    Thanks TN, you are a stud, born in Stud-Ranch, in Washin-Stud.
    Can’t wait for 6.35.

  138. Zen says:


    any news about 6.35? Just to clear the question whether it is still in works or not at all.

  139. shree says:

    can any one pls tell me how it can work on OFW 5.50? :S

  140. Lorenzo says:

    When will TN work on 6.35 because the Minna no Sukkiri Firmware 6.35 exploit isn’t working (of course after christmas) but will it ever come for 6.35?

    And is the exploit for 6.35 better or that from 6.20?

    happy holidays all.

  141. khadzo says:


    any news about 6.35? Can’t wait ! Can’t wait hope u release it before 6.20 TN-B

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