TN Hen going “gold”


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491 Responses

  1. pogikoshit says:

    Merry Christmas

  2. poOfy says:

    Essentials: Includes TN HEN, Patapon2 Demo & HBL in the correct folders. (Firmware 6.20) Enjoy!!

  3. noob says:

    how do i lunch the VSH MENU??

  4. noob says:

    so many issues on psp 3k, how about in PSP GO anyone can comment?

  5. aceofspace says:

    Hope this is true. I also hope that someone finds a way for the PSP3000 CFW to stay permanent after a coldboot

  6. F!nn says:

    If You Don’t Include A Source To Back Up Your Claim, Don’t Expect Anyone To Believe You.

  7. LolMan says:

    Alright you don’t believe me ?? We’ll see ;)

  8. F!nn says:

    I Have No Obligation To The Time Which The HEN Is Released, I Was Merely Requesting That Any Further Information Provided By You Is Sent Coupled With A Link So That It May Be Deemed “Accurate”. Im Sure The Other Viewers Would Appreciate Your Cooperation As Well, As You Know There Can Be A Lot Of Ambiguity On The Internet Today Which Can Be Easily Avoided.

  9. LolMan says:

    You were right look at psp gen the HEN is released ;D

  10. JeeVeS says:

    You’ve got it wrong…24th December at 12:30 CET PM, not AM, so you’ll get it on 12/24 at 8:30 AM.

  11. aceofspace says:

    Why are you here?

  12. Matt says:

    How do YOU know that he didn’t pay for it? Maybe he donated. And it sounds like you didn’t, so shut up.

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