Release: HBL For the Sukkiri Exploit, by some1


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193 Responses

  1. lww says:

    sucks… im sorry for 6.35…-_-

  2. yea says:


    you will release the 6.20 hen tomorow right? or 21,22,23,24…

    cause 6.20 is 20 lol xD

  3. punker69 says:


    i already test it Here the video

  4. Kawashiro says:

    That’s really disappointing. Makes me wonder just how corrupt some people really are, destroying others trust for five seconds of fame.

  5. james1552 says:

    This is a huge setback… >:l

  6. built2roll says:

    Could someone please clarify what this means for TN HEN? Is it no longer coming to 6.31/6.35?

  7. Muffinheadicus says:

    I have to RETRACT the use of my word ‘perfect’ from the previous post.

    It does indeed work for all of the emulators I have tried. But, the litmus test for me on these exploits is how it responds when I try to re-sort hombrew programs when using the almost kernal based, PSP Filer. Well, it crashed consistently on that. No big whoop.

    Everything else I am trying, and it’s alot seems to work. The trade-off in SIZE between the 400+mb HSG and the 7mb demo(free) may well be worth it for the few who may have upgraded all the way up to 6.35 or the new PSP owners who may have systems shipped with that fw already on it.

  8. Dursac says:

    Does someone have any advice if were on 6.31 if we should upgrade to 6.35 and use this?

  9. flasher says:

    I’m curious what TN will do. I suppose he’ll still use his VSH exploit.

  10. tks says:

    well its great its working on my PSP GO 6.35 ….ITS TESTED BY ME….well i had been waiting for more than a month thanks wololo and the hackers….guys its great

  11. Anyway says:

    as you see , most people are care about TN6.20 .

    it can download tomrrow ?we hope it

    and the game LOADER will be finished in some days ?

  12. ffdgh says:

    well isn’t this a slap to the face…
    wellz fame corrupts i suppose, hope sony *misses* this

  13. ross says:

    very works on OFW6.36!

  14. Abdullah says:


    Maybe Total-Noob can transfer the HEN to this exploit and save the VSH exploit for other firmwares.

    • Simple938 says:

      Hopefully he does that so that the leak of this exploit kind of “cancels out.” TN was going to release 6.35 HEN through a exploit so he might as well use this one and save the one he has.

      • Abdullah says:

        I agree with you. So technically this exploit is not a waste anymore unless Total-Noob had already been working on to port his HEN to his VSH exploit.

        • james1552 says:

          It’s still a waste. Coding is boring and a lot of work. With how close he is to being finished with the 6.35 one, do you think he would start back again to port to another demo? Thats a lot of work and it will be more waiting for people.

          This guy did screw up by basically forcing him to choose between the demo or the VHS exploit.

  15. ffdgh says:

    oh lol awesome XD

  16. hoolshazzam says:

    Thank you, I am from Germany and i uploaded a Video for this:

  17. Keksi says:

    Works fine
    MY PSP:
    2004 Slim and Lite 8C Firmware 6.35
    Works very fine thanks

  18. punker69 says:

    Just watch my jabbaWockeeZ dance Hehehe not to good

  19. explitr says:

    i wish there are more people in the world we could trust =(

  20. p3ini says:

    Wow, this is nice for people who has 6.35 OFW !

  21. Random_Dude says:

    Can Total_Noob use it for his CFW instead of the VSH exploit?

  22. Mario says:

    It works on my PSP 3001 OFW 6.31!!!!!!

    The homebrews will work normally??? How can i put and test the homebrews???


  23. PSPdev++ says:

    GUYSSSSS someone told me that 6.20TN-A (HEN ) will be released at 12:00 P.M (Europe Time) so in U.S it will be released 12/19/10 at 3:00 P.M since in Germany is +9:00…I don’t know if that’s true but but if it is it will be released today at 3:00 P.M. Please don’t call me a liar because i heard from someone else so don’t blame me. Total_Noob might even release in U.S time on 12/20/10, exp: he will release 3:00 P.M U.S time, so in Germany its 12:00 P.M… That’s what my friend told me so it’s NOT my fault if it doesnt get released today…

  24. Ark says:

    on my psp 3004 ofw 6.35 psp go off after load savefile xD

  25. hoolshazzam says:

    Yes because you need the HBL

  26. im happy =) says:

    its very very good

  27. Sahil says:

    I hope that T_N doesn’t change his mind again. Probably if it was for 6.20 Minna No Sukkiri, then it would have been awesome as the demo is just 8 MB whereas the Patapon 2 demo is 100 MB. So I guess, if T_N could release this for Minna No Sukkiri it would be good. Let’s see what’s T_N’s move now…

  28. hacksaw says:

    Here in Brazil we are waiting for 6.20 HEN TN. Thank TOTAL noobs, Wololo and everyone involved in this project.

  29. Ark says:

    ok now works the psp go off why my stupid pc don’t paste all files <.< nub pc ( now work perfect on 6.35)

  30. Badsam says:

    Tested and working on PSP Go FW 6.30

  31. military firefighter says:

    see right here in Brazil where people earn on average $ 250 per month, and every psp game costs $ 80, not only in favor of piracy, but also am not against.
    6.20 tn hen already.

  32. z.luna says:

    ive been waiting for 6.20tn
    why christmas is coming slowly……
    ps?maybe the 6.35 group could be cheers,:)

  33. Punker69 says:

    @ every Body!

    Lol! im so very excited to Download 6.20 TN HEN

    here’s My Dance For the HEN

  34. brian says:


  35. sony can kiss my ass says:

    i am running it on 6.31 and i works pretty well. but this still doesnt change the fact that it was a stupid move. i hope TN ports his hen to this exploid.

  36. jefry635 says:

    a mi tambien se me apaga despues de cargar el save ocupo el hbl 6.35 x favor me mandan un mensage a cuando este listo x fa

  37. iam says:

    i cant download the exploit, becouse says ” You will be redirected to in 3 seconds. If your browser doesn’t redirect you, please click here.””

    and nothings happen.

    please help me!

  38. iam says:

    my psp turns off when i load the savedata….please , how can i make ti works?…..

    se me apaga la psp cuando lo cargo… como tengo que poner las carpetas?

  39. universalconsole says:

    I bet Sony is firing all the demo coders that let this happen

  40. iam says:

    how do I paste the folders on my psp?

  41. God of says:

    Versions Tested on 6.20/ 6.30/6.31/6.35/6.36

    Snes9xTYL works

    NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM works tested Roms

    UO gpsp Kai 3.2 works tested Roms

    PicoDrive works tested Roms

    Cave Story

    EmuMater V3.GX works tested Roms

    No version of Daedalus working froze on start emulation

    Wololo I think you should change the part on your site where it says

    “HBL Does not work currently on firmwares 6.35 and higher”

    But in fact it does now and it works better then the Golf exploit as well runs

  42. iam says:

    man how do I paste the folders on my psp?

    my psp is a OFW 6.35 psp 3010

  43. mr-crazy says:

    i have doownlioaded everything that is required to run demo expoiyt and hve psp 3004 6.31 i hve placed savedata in its folder.but wgere should i put hbl folder andh.bin file. should i put them into psp folder ,or savedata folder or at root of memoty stick where i can see folders like music and picture.plz help

  44. iam says:

    YEAH !!!!! ist Working muajajajaja muajajajaja

  45. iam says:

    but…… now?? i´m the visual menu ” by neuron”….. so??? hoy can i play games iso n cso? or emulator?

  46. NEHAshu says:

    n also on a psp go 6.30

  47. TN HEN :) says:

    the only plus i see in this over patapon 2 is that this demo takes 9mb and patapon 2 takes 100+

  48. Damiano says:

    Jeerum is a stupid idiot -.-” If sony will patch this exploit in the next firmware,you will confirm it -.-“

  49. mr-crazy says:

    plz explain where to paste thes me

  50. kimber ker says:

    no manches wololo tu descargar no sirve manarreiglala xfas!!

  51. ffdgh says:

    soooo wait….. this works on 6.31 and i can finally delete hot shots golf?
    OH HAPPY DAY more space i on my 1 gb mem stick!

  52. br says:

    this hbl sucks. it has like a 1% homebrew compatability

  53. K3ViNPwNz- says:

    i tested this on psp 3000 firmware 6.35 and I can confirm it works great.

    Jellocar psp homebrew works like a charm,but it is kinda slow lo load up homebrew.

    anyways i hope Total noob uses this exploit instead of vsh or else it will just go to waste.

  54. Abdullah says:


    Hey wololo, is it possible if you can test the 6.20 TN HEN on this exploit on firmware 6.35 because HBL has been ported on it? Please can you check this if you have a PSP 1000 or PSP 2000 (Non – TA88v3).

  55. Omega zero says:

    Working on 6.31… Great?

  56. cameraguy256 says:

    This is awesome thanks my vid is up works awesome ran doom and gpsp no crash and exits :) i ran hbl 5 times not 1 crash

  57. God of says:

    The only problem I have found is that it has a memory shortage

  58. Works great on PSPgo! on 6.31! Good job guys 😉

  59. Corey96 says:

    I hope that Total_Noob uses this exploit and not the vsh one for 6.35 because even though sony will probably patch the kexploit in a new firmware we will still have the vsh exploit which could be used if we have trouble finding game exploits for hbl in newer firmwares.

  60. Omega zero says:

    Waiting for a proper release or any one nows why my psp shuts down with hbl + some homebrew?

  61. iam says:

    what about the iso n cso loader??

  62. Omega zero says:

    why does my psp shutdown when I charge some homebrew…?

  63. D0nk3yPunch3r says:

    Again i am saddened to see this happen. On the dev side of this it is very dissapointing for them. For us users we may be robbed of something that could’ve helped many people in the future but who knows. Thumbs up though. To wololo and all the devs keep ya heads up.

  64. jack says:

    i agree with wololo that it is the worst time to release this expliot and TN’s hen will be released this gonna be somewhat useless i think now

  65. Muffinheadicus says:

    When a situation gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

    Im not sure what TN is planning to do, but why let this little mishap go to waste?
    If possible he could use THIS slip up to his advantage. Even if temporary, it will bring ALOT of people up to 6.36 instantly and with HEN.

    …..THEN, when the time is right, he can unleash his other weapons.

  66. the dood says:

    alright, i can get it to show homebrew and all. i read from another user, cameraguy256 that gpspkai works. i’d like to know which version works or if there is anything special i need to do to get it to work.

  67. chris says:

    i cant get bookr to work with the debug version.

  68. iam says:

    what about the iso n cso loader?

  69. iam says:

    When will it be released??

  70. iam says:

    for the 6.35 ??

  71. williand says:

    idk but i hope the 6.20 tn hen will be released soon cuzz i cant wait no longer

  72. williand says:

    idk but i just cant wait for 6.20 tn hen

  73. iam says:

    yeap men…. i hope the 6.35 tn hen will be released in a few days…

  74. thonglover says:

    ok will somebody tell the instructions on how to get this hack to work i don’t want to brick my psp go

  75. rios says:

    I know that lots of people want the Hen, but T_N mustn’ t relase it. He should wait for some new firmware and after relase it for vsh exploit so he doesn’ t waste his work. For the moment there is the hbl that work fine on all new firmware.

  76. Guykild says:

    lol you really think this will brick your psp go watch this video

  77. Guykild says:

    rios rofl

  78. Hater says:

    I’m tired of seeing 6.20 TN-A comments in every posts comments that arent relevent to the post… Go back to the most recent HEN update and post there saying your excited. With that said I plan on testing this on my second PSP. As for T-N I hope he just saves his vsh exploit for now. Its just gonna be a waste now that this was “released”. If he saves it then I suppose it nulls out the biggest downside of this being released. Making it not a huge waste.

  79. Mars says:

    time’s out now!

  80. PSP Owner says:

    time starts now wait till 24 dec

  81. mr-crazy says:

    jeerum rocks exploit works on psp 3004 6.31 100%.
    good for tn he can keep his exploit for later again.good in countries where golf game not available

  82. Bernaxl says:

    Is working on ofw6.31 on psp 3004 😀 thanks , now i dont need to buy hot shots golf aka everybody golf

  83. Player97 says:

    can any1 suggest a few homebrews 4 it????
    i tried spider solitaire but it woudnt load it…
    does it take tym 2 load homebrews?
    anywayz plz suggest a few homebrews

  84. dak says:

    man is super slowwww it takes me more or less 1/2 hour to see it.

  85. dak says:

    rep/psp 3010 – ver. 6.31

  86. iam says:

    time´s out now! now wait till 4 days !

  87. PS1Lover says:

    oh well i guess i bought everybody’s golf for nothing

  88. Guykild says:

    I Played the demo of mina no golf 2 and i loved it dunno if number 2 is better than the first one but i really liked it so shut up :P.

    Tested everybody’s sukkiri on a PSP-3001 Metal Gear Peace Walker edition spirited green.(the one that comes with the 2012 movie voucher)

    i tested the snes, gba, nes and picodrive emulators that worked on 6.20 patapon hbl one so grats jerum! you just became santa claus

  89. dak says:

    lol it was my stupid 4GB memory stick f“k any way my 2GB loads it really good thanks wololo!!!

  90. iam says:

    ps1lover@oh well i guess i bought everybody’s golf for nothing

    XD lol

  91. Player97 says:

    can someone tell me some good homebrews for dis hbl…..

  92. iam says:

    Player97@ only emulators…. picodrive, snes, scommv…..n homebrews games like metallica GH, CS portablem HALO rockets, GBA emulator………

  93. guillermo says:

    the sukkiri dos work on 6.35 and can run the CSPSP 1.56 put it can not run n64 it freses the psp but you just have to wit till it deis

  94. Magical3 says:

    Mine doesn’t work I put all of the items in the correct folder, but when I hit continue in the game it exits to the XMB.

  95. mike says:

    this demo expiolt does work,u forgot the hbl ,so look at this vid

  96. mike says:

    someone proved that this demo hack works

  97. Magical3 says:

    I put in hbl, the save exploit, and the demo and it exits to xmb. I am running 6.31 on a psp 3000. I have copied files multiple times, still nothing.

  98. mike says:

    srry i mean this site,

  99. Magical3 says:

    I believe it works, just not working for me. I don’t know why.

  100. Magical3 says:

    Got it to work, replaced savedata one more time, something got corrupted or lost when I copied it over.

  101. Magical3 says:

    So much better than the golf exploit!

  102. OMG says:

    Hi guys i’m IXploitz/Ixploit people spell it differently
    Visit my website as I will be advancing hacks for this exploit!

  103. fr4nz says:

    it works on 6.36 too, I’ve just tested it on my psp 3000 mhb :p

  104. toBsucht says:

    @omg why don tu say it´s a link to mars loader, sorry I do not trust u.
    I hope this post will deleted soon.

    Please give the hbl-tn crew u r loader i´m sure much people getting very glad if the could use/try him on there christmas journy/holidays. bb
    ??=?? :-)

  105. P$ycho14 says:

    Tested and working on my PSP 1000 OFW 6.31, and i just updated to 6.35 to test it, It also work on OFW 6.35!

  106. bob says:

    WHAT ABOUT THE 6.31 HEN???????????????????

  107. toBsucht says:

    damn my pic looks like me. I love the pic from fr4nz it looks as well as the atari tm icon :p and his comment make me feel a littel bit as iam´s icon 😉

  108. iam says:

    toBsucht@ XD ***!? XD

    So what about the Hen?? n the iso -cso loader??? 6.35

  109. iam says:

    I can feel it coming in the air tonight, I’ve been waiting for this moment, all my life,…..

    come on man,! what´s wrong with me ??! *** ! ? XD XD

  110. Me says:

    tn hen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. punker69 says:

    Hello Guys i made an file So you can Run both exploit on 6.20


    I hope it helps

  112. iam says:

    nice job !! but i have the 6.35 OFW :S….. i´m waitin´ for the 6.35 HEN

  113. Patric says:

    why it dont work on 5.50
    when it write freeng memory they shutdown
    work it on 6.xx?

  114. Light_Alex says:

    This works superbly on my go 6.35..add me on ur facebook(Naz A-K) and ill tell u how to do it

  115. Misha says:

    I for one, am thankful for this.
    Yeah it’s true that it’s a bad time to release it, but since 6.35 HEN apparently is delayed, it’s nice for those people with 6.35 (read: me) to have a lil something for Christmas.
    Even though every homebrew on my psp is not HBL compatible still, it’s a nice though.

  116. God of says:

    Minna no Sukkiri Rev 111 works better then the one first posted, but again it still has very bad management of available Ram/memory.

    At least when it comes to snes9xTYL 0.4.2, but that could just be the emulator most of the time it only has around 46 KB of available ram.

    Runs everything just fine even those that only worked for 6.20

  117. iam says:

    yeap…. but…. i want the iso loader !!! XD

  118. jacker says:

    hi, mmmm in my psp go with V-6.35 dont work….

  119. iam says:

    check my email… i tell you how make it work

  120. jack says:

    is this better then patapon 2 in a way?

  121. dak says:

    again me rev. 111 hbl 6.31 demo running java emulator !!!!!
    geometry wars as well
    daedalus r13 & daedalus x14 rev 621 both get stuck.

  122. iam says:

    in 6.35 works great ! im waiting for the iso, cso loader!!!!! n´ the 6.35 hen !

  123. Minus says:

    really i am just waiting for christmas…
    total noob owns

  124. Spider-Monkey says:

    Well, I haven’t tried this but if I were you people enjoy this first while waiting for the HEN. I can’t try it because of my psp’s broken screen and that new screen I ordered last week is not getting delivered until dec 27. F*ck that guy that lied saying that they had 90 pieces in stock, well they’re gonna get a bad rating from me when I receive my order(its ebay btw).

  125. iam says:

    Spider-Monkey@ yeah men ! F*ck that man! i hate f*cking liers !……

    well, you can wait for the screen until TN release the hen

  126. Total_Snob says:

    @Wololo How can I change my stupid picture ?

  127. ffdgh says:

    didn’t wololo say not to update unless it was safe to do so? :p
    i’ll stick with 6.31 for a little while longer lolz

  128. iam says:

    @ Wololo´s info: I chatted a bit with Total_Noob a few hours ago, who confirmed to me that the first public release of his Hen is ready and has been sent to pspgen yesterday. I assume the staff at pspgen will now be testing the Hen for a little bit, making sure there is no last minute bug, before they make the public release.

    I can see that there’s electricity in the air, just by looking at the spike in visits yesterday, seems I’m not the only one waiting for this release .

    Psp gen: 6.20 :

  129. Neo says:

    Se podran cargar los ISOS y los CSO al HBL de sukkiri??

  130. guillermo says:
    go here see if it is real becaus it show 6.35 ofw playing gbsp kai with sukkiri explot

  131. iam says:

    look the now! 6.20 will be released at 6h GTM !!

  132. dustin says:

    I cant delete 1 file [][] in hbl folder i wonder hoe to force delete it?

  133. YES says:


  134. MANHA says:

    hi i downloaded the demo straight to my psp from the netfront browser but wanted to know if possible to download the save file and hbl .BIN DIRect on my pc as i have wi-fi but no pc atm

  135. XXbluenavyXX says:

    i have everything in there 😉

    Credits to wololo and all the people who make this hbl posible

  136. iy12l says:

    does deadalus (n64 emulator) work in this?????????

  137. jhinlol says:

    Going well in my 6.31, playing Scummvm games and Picodrive (Genesis/Sega CD emulator), no problems at all. Downloaded at

  138. triek says:

    i have both golf games(i love them)and running hbl on it but 10 time’s out of 100 it’s crashing of freeze ,but now with sukkuri , the loading is a bit slower but it’s running much,much more stabel i have now 100% homebrew,emulators
    thanks you devs. for everthing
    psp 2004 dc 8c 6.31
    greets from holland

  139. triek says:

    is sukkuri exploit beter to port for the tn-hen of total noob?
    my meaning is yes much more stabel and you can use it up to 6.35 and mabey 6.36

  140. iy12l says:

    daedalus isnt working on 6.35 it keeps freezing.

    • Noth says:

      I’m having the same issue on 6.31… Daedalus itself starts but hangs directly as I try to load something. Also with MVSPSP many games do not work due to not enough memory, same in CPS2PSP.
      The odd thing is all of the games I tried DO work on Everybodys Golf/HBL just not Sukkiri/HBL. Seems Sukkiri/HBL has less memory available for HBL than Everybodys golf/HBL. Or something like that, I’m no expert but that is my gutfeel :P.

  141. yop says:

    can I load the TN hen in this exploit???

  142. Erik says:

    I’m a little late but i freakin love this now i have something to do while i wait for the 6.31 hen

  143. Titanium says:

    It worked perfectly with the psp 3010 6.31.

  144. BIGGER says:

    WORK PERFECT ON PSP 3004 6.35!

  145. omnitrix152 says:

    hey guys this is specifically for wololo and anyone else could you provide a link of hbl r111 megaupload sendspace or any where i could dwnload with psp i rlly need this thx fr any help :)

  146. samX says:

    it works on psp 3006 ofw 6.30, all i need now is an iso loader

  147. Simple938 says:

    Sorry for double post, didn’t come through the first time.

  148. james1552 says:

    and yea, if you actually look around, a lot of the people are still only commenting about 6.20, they figure since they are on 6.20 they don’t care.

  149. F!nn says:

    Yes But You Also Have To Consider The Fact That SONY Can Patch This And TN’s HEN In One Foul Swoop. Not To Mention The Additional Time People With 6.35 Will Spend Waiting For TN To Port His Work… Again.

  150. Total_Snob says:

    And I’m not talking about some1…

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