Release: HBL For the Sukkiri Exploit, by some1

As I mentioned earlier, Jeerum released a major Demo exploit at the worst possible time earlier today.

some1 had been working with m0skit0 and JJS on porting HBL to this exploit. It is unfortunate that the release has to happen like this, but some1 had to release his files much earlier than expected because of the leak.

You can download HBL for the sukkiri exploit here (recommended link) or here (mirror). I haven’t tested it yet, and we will be working on a “proper” release in the days to come. If everything goes well, we will probably drop support for the previous exploits (the golf ones at least), in favor of this one.

This release makes HBL work on 6.35, in theory (haven’t tested yet)

  1. XXbluenavyXX’s avatar

    i have everything in there ;)

    Credits to wololo and all the people who make this hbl posible


  2. iy12l’s avatar

    does deadalus (n64 emulator) work in this?????????


  3. jhinlol’s avatar

    Going well in my 6.31, playing Scummvm games and Picodrive (Genesis/Sega CD emulator), no problems at all. Downloaded at


  4. triek’s avatar

    i have both golf games(i love them)and running hbl on it but 10 time’s out of 100 it’s crashing of freeze ,but now with sukkuri , the loading is a bit slower but it’s running much,much more stabel i have now 100% homebrew,emulators
    thanks you devs. for everthing
    psp 2004 dc 8c 6.31
    greets from holland


  5. triek’s avatar

    is sukkuri exploit beter to port for the tn-hen of total noob?
    my meaning is yes much more stabel and you can use it up to 6.35 and mabey 6.36


  6. iy12l’s avatar

    daedalus isnt working on 6.35 it keeps freezing.


    1. Noth’s avatar

      I’m having the same issue on 6.31… Daedalus itself starts but hangs directly as I try to load something. Also with MVSPSP many games do not work due to not enough memory, same in CPS2PSP.
      The odd thing is all of the games I tried DO work on Everybodys Golf/HBL just not Sukkiri/HBL. Seems Sukkiri/HBL has less memory available for HBL than Everybodys golf/HBL. Or something like that, I’m no expert but that is my gutfeel :P.


  7. yop’s avatar

    can I load the TN hen in this exploit???


  8. Erik’s avatar

    I’m a little late but i freakin love this now i have something to do while i wait for the 6.31 hen


  9. Titanium’s avatar

    It worked perfectly with the psp 3010 6.31.


  10. BIGGER’s avatar

    WORK PERFECT ON PSP 3004 6.35!


  11. omnitrix152’s avatar

    hey guys this is specifically for wololo and anyone else could you provide a link of hbl r111 megaupload sendspace or any where i could dwnload with psp i rlly need this thx fr any help :)


  12. samX’s avatar

    it works on psp 3006 ofw 6.30, all i need now is an iso loader


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