Minna no sukkiri exploit, a.k.a screwup 101 by Jeerum


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  1. maximus_poder says:

    managed to run isos on 6.31 firmware with the help of … “Release: Hen is 6.31/6.35 Virtuous by Flame & Coldbird”

    Game tested: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max.iso … working 100%

    procedures for those who do not know:

    1. download the “Prometheus ISO Loader and unzip the folder PSP / GAME … link: http://wololo.net/wagic/2010/12/25/release-prometheus-iso-loader-by-liquidzigong/

    2. replace hbl / menu / EBOOT.PBP with the EBOOT.PBP from the Hen …. link: http://wololo.net/wagic/2011/01/03/release-hen-for-6-316-35-by-virtuous-flame-coldbird/comment-page-7/ # comments

    3.Create a folder named ISO in the root of memory stick … and copy your isos

    4. open “Prometheus ISO Loader from the memory stick.

    5. Enjoy yourself

    good job, and again, thanks to everyone who made this possible!!

    now I need a bigger memory stick, haha

    p.s.: with this “HEN” both the “Prometheus”and the “SNES9xytl” open direct . Now no longer need to get into the demo of Minna no Sukkiri, very good.

  2. litsaki73 says:

    hi! i have hacked my PSP 6.31, using Minna no sukkiri, prometheus, HBL, and i have been able to play my favourite isos for about 3-4 days! Suddenly, the Minna no sukkiri DEMO starts playing! It no longer exits to Prometheus, so i cant load my isos any more! I have tried to re load, and i have replaced the files again and again, but nothing.. The demo starts playing.. What am i missing?? plz help!!!!

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  5. January 6, 2011

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