Minna no sukkiri exploit, a.k.a screwup 101 by Jeerum


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69 Responses

  1. CrAzY3AGL3

    uhm @wololo here is the link for hbl on this exploit http://www.mediafire.com/?ldu91pxv65qhr5m found in topic New hbl exploit(i think)it works with this exploit,sad that exploit gone 90% to waste in the other side Total_N00b wont need to use vsh.
    Oh and yeah files are from some1.

    • maximus_poder

      I used the files posted by CrAzY3AGL3 and worked fine … I recommend using them. I have the 6.31 firmware on my psp and it worked well… I’m too happy !!

      Hint: to play snes, set in the emulator options …
      engine / psp accel + approx. change to soft — change to—> psp accel + accur. soft.
      video / frameskip / 0 —change to—> 3
      good job, thanks to everyone who made this possible

  2. MitMakis

    Huh, a demo exploit before the HEN’s release? That sucks…

  3. capzulu

    people only want fame =(

  4. zero

    lol thats what i said when i heard the news of this exploit.

  5. some1

    @crazyeagle, that was a “sloppy” release, not to mention its debug version…

  6. james1552

    It’s sad this had to go to waste like this.

  7. Patric

    demo exploit its very very very… good

  8. F!nn

    I Understand Your Frustration. This Exploit Could Have Been Used After SONY Patched TN’s HEN. No Bueno Bro.

  9. SUPA N00B

    ok so i dont get it… i understand that this will be patched like the patapon exploit was in 6.35 but what is vsh and why wont TN need it? Does this mean there will be a longer wait for the hen for those who have 6.35 plz explain.

  10. EinhanderSoul

    What the heck is this guy’s problem?

    I mean, why didn’t he just, sit in a corner wait for Sony to release a new firmware and also wait for the devs’ go signal before doing anything crucial like this… He’s dumb as a rock and he maybe ugly as sin, too.

    Sorry for the word, but… F**K THIS GUY TO heck! This Jeerum guy sure is one big, stupid twit.



    @Wololo: I really understand your frustration, all I can say for now is a sorry, and just as James1552 said, it’s really sad it had to go to waste…

  11. Wololo, are you serious? This almost looks like a fake… especially since there is no h.bin file.

  12. dx111

    well its working on psp go 6.35 thanks wololo ….great

  13. JuNyA8971

    Ahhh…..Another drama.. Why is the PSP scene full of dramas such as this. Some1 has to leak files for what reason? Fame? Oh well, I guess there is ALWAYS that Some1 that has to create such drama.

    • james1552

      It was Jeerum who leaked it…

      Some1 is the one who rushed to put a working thing together so Jeerums leak is just a leak, it wasn’t his work to leak. Jeerum is at fault, not some1.

  14. some1

    @junya8971, i hope you mean ‘someone’ and not ‘some1′ because I did NOT leak this exploit…

  15. EinhanderSoul


    some1 didn’t leak the exploit, it was Jeerum, Malloxis’ useless son.

    • JuNyA8971

      Sorry if I had misunderstood. Jeerum leaks exploit, well as I said just another drama to add to the PSP Scene. Some people need to learn to NOT leak, LEAK = NO FAME. This is the kind of stuff that wants me to get away from all the hacking community, it is starting to get OLD to hear another good exlpoit gets leaked.

      Anyways good to see it is put into good use, still looking forward to TN’s HEN.

  16. sony can kiss my ass

    look at it from this side: if TN port his hen to this exploid he can keep the VSH one.

    • james1552

      And look at it from Total_noobs side: More work form him to do, if he chooses to do it…

      If I were in his shoes I wouldn’t do more work on top of what I already had.

  17. 0M9H4X

    *lots of AVGN quotes to Jeerum*
    i hate exploit-news that DONT make me happy but sad :/

  18. iam

    my psp turns off when i load the savegame…. please tell me how can i do to make this work.

    my english is bad

  19. xXx

    This means that we can already use ISO in 6.20 or we have to wait for the TN HEN?

  20. iam

    no man…. i mean…. how do I paste the folders on my psp???

    my psp is a OFW 6.35 psp 3010

  21. Dragoon

    it works on 6.31 as well

  22. iam


  23. iam

    ut…… now?? i´m the visual menu ” by neuron”….. so??? hoy can i play games iso n cso? or emulator?

  24. Artoro

    So, I’m with a PSP 3000 OFW 6.20… I’ve already gotten the latest in homebrew with Wololo (Half Byte Loader via Patapon 2 Demo)… Should I download this: If it’s better than Wololo’s, I’ll download it, idc if TN’s HEN is coming up in a matter at the most of 4 days, lol… So, is this HEN better than Wololo’s? (And a side note; what’s so good about TN’s HEN? Won’t it just load homebrew like Wololo’s, just of the XMB? Or will it run something new? idk, kinda confused atm ><)

  25. francesci

    this work on my psp 3004 6.35 . THANKS !

  26. Enigma

    Oh, and Noth, I’m sure I didn’t ask for your opinion.

  27. jose

    for what firmware is this exploit ?

  28. Taff Daddy

    It works on PSP Go 6.31 😀
    Now I can play Golf and enjoy my Homebrews :)

  29. vipul

    Hey I m in support of jeerum. It was his exploit and he has the right to do anything with this…..

    • SINCaliber

      Too bad Sony will most likely patch this exploit in future OFW so that it can’t be used after 6.35 right? ;P

      The whole point about his screw up is that he should’ve waited until Sony released another firmware before releasing it so that the same exploit can be used even after updating to a future firmware; whether if one accidentally updated or bought a PSP with a higher OFW than 6.35.

  30. aceofspace

    I dont call this a leak, I call this a “Pour Out”

    • SINCaliber

      Meaning the guy stole the knowledge of the exploit and making it publicly known too soon under his name?

      Then yeah I agree. Oh well, it’s only a temporary fame since it’s not going any higher than 6.35 once Sony caught upwind of this exploit due to jeerum’s apparent lack of common sense of what Sony would do once they found out a vulnerability. Go figures… -__-

  31. Noth

    Hmm, I found this to work a bit less well than the Everybodys Golf exploit+HBL.
    I have 2 PSP’s one 3004 OFW 6.31 +Everybodys Golf(UMD) and HBL, plus a psp-go with OFW 6.31 + Minna no Sukkiri +HBL.

    I’ve found several things which work on Everybodys Golf expl on the 3004 but not on the Sukkiri HBL on the psp-go. Examples are Daedalus 64 + Mario Cart 64, MVSPSP Garou Mark of the Wolves, Last Blade 2, Metal Slug 3, also CPS2PSP Street Fighter Alpha 3.
    Daedalus runs but crashes PSP when starting the game. MVSPSP and CPS2PSP works for other games, but the ones above give error “Memory not enough”..

    Anyone have any ideas or similar experiences? I might also try the Sukkiri+HBL combo on my 3004 to eliminate the PSP-GO as the issue source, although it would be weird if it was that…

  32. Greg

    Alright then im a noob and although i have this hacked xmb looking thing how do i play emulators? U guys are pretty smart but think of the noobs who want 2 understand a word u say. Where do i put the emulators and what is recomended one

  33. Greg

    directory wise please

  34. Greg

    B friggin S my psp wont load up the boot menu it just pops up sum japanese and the date 12 22 and directs me to the minigame Help or im going to kill my psp

    • Noth

      Dude, You need to put the h.bin in the root of your memorystick, also the ‘hbl’ folder. Then you have the demo game and put that folder in PSP/GAME and the savegame in PSP/SAVEDATA. Put your emulators/homebrew stuff in PSP/GAME.
      Then you run the Sukkiri game, wait until you get to the menu with 2 options, choose the bottom one, with O to select.
      After a moment you should have the visual menu, where you should also see your emulator. Done.
      If it crashes/reboots, try again, it does not work 100% of the time but maybe 90% or so.
      Also keep in mind not all homebrew runs, I’ve had to look around and try older versions of stuff to get it to work, so it takes some patience.

  35. Greg

    can u give me a link to a gba emulator and gba games

  36. toBsucht

    ok hen easy installer here
    or tn 6.20 here http://www.multiupload.com/B1ZEZ21RG1
    sry beeing off the topic

  37. Greg

    my firmware is 6.35 and i have the sukkiri exploit but i think i might have 2 reinstall it so when i do i want a link to a good gba emulator

    • toBsucht

      i load the sukkiri exploit with patapon2 and it load tn-hen6.2 patched 4 psp3004 :) i use punker69″dual exploit load” for hbl :) i tested all emus @ this site and they run with the new hen and all apps 2 & i´m sure the 100HBgames run. Big list with tn hen 6.2 compatibel
      if got psp 3004 hbl 109 and ofw6.00 and every hb from this site run i hope this site get a update soon. btw now i use ofw 6.2

  38. Greg

    i cant get hen(i dont think)

    • toBsucht

      i used this HomeBrews since hbl rev.90 with ofw6.00 i am sure most of this HB will work with sukkiri exploit becouse they worked without tn-a6.20.
      And sry i didn´t load sukkiri savegame with patapon it was the 2nd Patapon savegame by “punker69″-blogspot.com … u get hen 4 ofw 6.31 wait a few weeks perhaps dayz :) uo_gba kai 3.4 test2 is the best working gba emu 4hbl

  39. Matt

    Hey, it works fine in 6.31 and 6.35 on Slim 2001 with mobo from heck (I know it doesn’t matter, just to show I have no option – like downgrade or put CFW – here).
    Sry for the leak mate, but it actually made my xmas better, since tn hen didn’t give a date to his version for the 6.31-6.35.
    I had the 6.31, then I risked upgrading to test this one and it worked (now I’m using snes, sega and gba emulator).
    Merry christmas wololo.

  40. AnonDi

    OK i have 6.31 ofw psp go and tried this exploit aaaand.. it opened! i was able to play NesterJ on it lolololol (try it :P)

  41. Willz

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I spent a week trying to get up to R$20(Brazilian money, need almost R$2 to get 1 dollar) and bought the Hot Shots Golf -.-

  42. scarecr0w

    well i think ima stay put on 6.20.. now playing all of iso games on my pspgo.. oh yeah theres also another homebrew that runs on hbl pspr or psprevolution and pspcomic app….

  43. kallel

    Hi, I´ve been reading a lot of post here looking for a working Nintendo DS emulator, I have a PSP 3000 with 6.30 runing the Minna no sukkiri. Ive been playing a loT of games but no DS, does anybody knows if there is a Good Emulator or if there is non.

    Thanks again to everyone involved in the HBL and Wagic!!!


    • toBsucht

      i use a 3004 with tn-b6.20 and i could run the ds6(beta) emu 7 doesn´t work as well as this lower ver./ 4 me. btw u need the bios file and put it in the emu floder! And playing with this emu isn t funny, n64 dedalus working better!

  44. maximus_poder

    managed to run isos on 6.31 firmware with the help of … “Release: Hen is 6.31/6.35 Virtuous by Flame & Coldbird”

    Game tested: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max.iso … working 100%

    procedures for those who do not know:

    1. download the “Prometheus ISO Loader and unzip the folder PSP / GAME … link: http://wololo.net/wagic/2010/12/25/release-prometheus-iso-loader-by-liquidzigong/

    2. replace hbl / menu / EBOOT.PBP with the EBOOT.PBP from the Hen …. link: http://wololo.net/wagic/2011/01/03/release-hen-for-6-316-35-by-virtuous-flame-coldbird/comment-page-7/ # comments

    3.Create a folder named ISO in the root of memory stick … and copy your isos

    4. open “Prometheus ISO Loader from the memory stick.

    5. Enjoy yourself

    good job, and again, thanks to everyone who made this possible!!

    now I need a bigger memory stick, haha

    p.s.: with this “HEN” both the “Prometheus”and the “SNES9xytl” open direct . Now no longer need to get into the demo of Minna no Sukkiri, very good.

  45. litsaki73

    hi! i have hacked my PSP 6.31, using Minna no sukkiri, prometheus, HBL, and i have been able to play my favourite isos for about 3-4 days! Suddenly, the Minna no sukkiri DEMO starts playing! It no longer exits to Prometheus, so i cant load my isos any more! I have tried to re load, and i have replaced the files again and again, but nothing.. The demo starts playing.. What am i missing?? plz help!!!!

  46. james1552

    Dude chill out, he was referring to Jeerum…

    YOU need some adult supervision… and *** is Habbo anyway?

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