Minna no sukkiri exploit, a.k.a screwup 101 by Jeerum

I expect the news to spread very fast by now, so no point in hiding this. Today Jeerum released a user mode exploit for the Demo of the video Game “minna no sukkiri” (files below).

This demo exploit was known by several hackers, and had been found before Jeerum by (at least) the following people: Darxploit, Flyer, minomushi, some1. These people made the clever move of keeping this as secret as possible, and contacting us (mamosuke, j416, JJS, m0skit0, and myself) in order to discuss release plans.

I had written a long explanation on how stupid this leak release was, but then realized that such drama is mostly useless. Let’s just say that Sony will patch both the Hen and this exploit in their next firmware, while everybody already knew that TN had been working on “something” on 6.35 involving a VSH exploit. Well, at least he won’t have to waste this one…

Thumbs down to Jeerum for releasing this now. Man, had you waited a few weeks after Sony’s next firmware, you’d have been in a much better position.

Some1 and JJS have a port of HBL ready for this exploit, we will most likely release it asap but I need to synchronize with other  HBL devs.

Oh, and for those who ask, this was pretty much the only known  Demo exploit, at least until we can start investigate on Demos that require 6.xx. And trust me, we looked hard.

History repeats itself I guess…

You can download the files of the exploit below, HBL will come later once we’re ready. This exploit is nothing but a call to sceKernelExitGame. Once you load the game and click on “continue”, this will simply exit to the XMB.

Minna no sukiri Demo

Jeerum’s exploit (recommended link) (or try this mirror )

Please stay tuned for the release of HBL on this exploit.

  1. Nightmare-Rex’s avatar

    this is a big problem on the wii 3 fucking exploits for 4.3 waiting for nintendo to patch all the exploits at once.


  2. Willz’s avatar

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I spent a week trying to get up to R$20(Brazilian money, need almost R$2 to get 1 dollar) and bought the Hot Shots Golf -.-


  3. scarecr0w’s avatar

    well i think ima stay put on 6.20.. now playing all of iso games on my pspgo.. oh yeah theres also another homebrew that runs on hbl pspr or psprevolution and pspcomic app….


  4. kallel’s avatar

    Hi, I´ve been reading a lot of post here looking for a working Nintendo DS emulator, I have a PSP 3000 with 6.30 runing the Minna no sukkiri. Ive been playing a loT of games but no DS, does anybody knows if there is a Good Emulator or if there is non.

    Thanks again to everyone involved in the HBL and Wagic!!!



    1. toBsucht’s avatar

      i use a 3004 with tn-b6.20 and i could run the ds6(beta) emu 7 doesn´t work as well as this lower ver./ 4 me. btw u need the bios file and put it in the emu floder! And playing with this emu isn t funny, n64 dedalus working better!


  5. maximus_poder’s avatar

    managed to run isos on 6.31 firmware with the help of … “Release: Hen is 6.31/6.35 Virtuous by Flame & Coldbird”

    Game tested: Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max.iso … working 100%

    procedures for those who do not know:

    1. download the “Prometheus ISO Loader and unzip the folder PSP / GAME … link: http://wololo.net/wagic/2010/12/25/release-prometheus-iso-loader-by-liquidzigong/

    2. replace hbl / menu / EBOOT.PBP with the EBOOT.PBP from the Hen …. link: http://wololo.net/wagic/2011/01/03/release-hen-for-6-316-35-by-virtuous-flame-coldbird/comment-page-7/ # comments

    3.Create a folder named ISO in the root of memory stick … and copy your isos

    4. open “Prometheus ISO Loader from the memory stick.

    5. Enjoy yourself

    good job, and again, thanks to everyone who made this possible!!

    now I need a bigger memory stick, haha

    p.s.: with this “HEN” both the “Prometheus”and the “SNES9xytl” open direct . Now no longer need to get into the demo of Minna no Sukkiri, very good.


  6. litsaki73’s avatar

    hi! i have hacked my PSP 6.31, using Minna no sukkiri, prometheus, HBL, and i have been able to play my favourite isos for about 3-4 days! Suddenly, the Minna no sukkiri DEMO starts playing! It no longer exits to Prometheus, so i cant load my isos any more! I have tried to re load, and i have replaced the files again and again, but nothing.. The demo starts playing.. What am i missing?? plz help!!!!


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