TN-Hen: new video showing the VSH Menu, and release date announced


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100 Responses

  1. Rohan says:

    Its 21st!! so hard to wait 😀

  2. Chow says:

    Hi, I have a question regarding 6.35 firmware.
    Basically, I want to log my PSP Go onto the PSN Servers to receive my three promotional games. From what I understand, those games become associated with your PSN account as if they were purchases. I wouldn’t mind waiting a bit more time for TN Hen 6.35 to release.

    Would it be prudent for me to update my Go to 6.35, given the fact that I don’t mind waiting for TN Hen 6.35? Or is there some detail I’m not aware of that I shouldn’t be updating my firmware to 6.35? I’m only asking because I’d want to get my promotional games before Sony goes ahead with a firmware 6.36.

  3. MyZ says:

    I wanna noe if we can play ISO games in PSP by any chance?
    Wololo, are you gonna release a ISO Loader any where before or in JAN???