TN Hen: some bumps on the road but release is soon


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467 Responses

  1. bugas says:

    I`m waiting TN HEN :-)

    • Charlie says:

      WARNING!!! SONY RELEASE CONCERNING TN Hen: “Any users found to be using “Homebrew Enabling Software” on the PSP network will be in violation of Terms of Service Agreement Article 7 Section 2, and will have their mothers slapped and their pets shot.

  2. equis says:

    Thanks!!!!! Great news!

  3. zul says:


    so he will releasing 6.20 or 6.35 ??????

  4. coreraisernl says:

    good news i’m still at 6.20:D

  5. Darkice says:

    He will release for 6.20 before chrismas and later some time after christmas for 6.35

  6. superbum says:


    If you bothered reading the post he said he’ll be releasing both. The 6.20 version will be released as planned before christmas, and the 6.35 later on after all the nids are found.

  7. Radek Poland says:

    Great news! Thanks TN!!!

  8. Leonardo says:


  9. zul says:

    wat the amazing news!!!!!!


    i juzz wan cnfirm it……

  10. Fadl says:

    At last some new from the one who is working in cave 😀

  11. karter says:

    “it’s like being a kid and waiting for Christmas again”, I like thz words very much .Anyway thanks again to wololo and total _noob

  12. psppepas says:

    hello if it was already 6.20 in 98% that will not release

  13. Dallox says:

    Cant wait 😀 But ill Wait and be happy 😀

  14. Claudia says:

    @zul: Both, but 6.20 will be first. Please read, everything is in the post >_<.

  15. Aleeks says:

    malz muda o rumo dos comentarios gostaria de saber se ja tem algum projeto para o destravamento do psp 3001 com ofw 5.5 *.*

    • victor says:

      sinceramente, voce deve ter uns parafusos a menos -_-”
      para que voce se preoucupa em destravar ofw 5.50 quando a 6.20 ja esta saindo? so fac,a o update para a ofw 6.20, agora, se voce fizer update a firmware errada ai ja e’ problema seu.

      Truly, you must have a few screws missing .”-_-“.
      why worry about hacking ofw5.50 when the 6.20 is coming out? just update it to ofw 6.20, but if you update to the wrong firmware, that is your problem.

  16. psppepas says:

    6.20 Creo que lo han terminado hace aproximadamente 2 semanas y fue el 98%, la liberación por favo

    • equis says:

      Lo que tú crees y la realidad son cosas diferentes, amigo. 98% no significa que esté terminado completamente. Se liberará en cuanto esté terminado, es lo que dice el post, y eso será aproximadamente en navidad para el 6.20. No se puede exigir algo que es gratuito. Saludos.

      • psppepas says:

        pues alo q me refiero es q hace 2 semanas estaba en 98% creo q en el transcurso de esas 2 semanas lo habra terminado mi pregunta es porque no da a conocer ya el 6.20 que me imagino q ya esta terminado creo yo . jejejeje

        • equis says:

          Otra vez, lo que tú crees y la realidad son cosas diferentes. Cómo insiste la gente, ¿eh? TN no está a tu servicio ni el de nadie. Hay que comprender que tiene un trabajo y una familia, no se dedica a esto porque nadie le paga antes de realizar un trabajo. De hecho, dudo que una parte importante de los que van a usar el HEN le hagan una donación. Tómalo en cuenta.

  17. psppepas says:

    6.20 I think you have it finished about 2 weeks ago and was at 98% , release please

  18. link says:

    thanks claudia

  19. link says:

    thanks claudia XD

  20. TabooTang says:

    This means that TN will released at Christmas?

  21. RAHAHAHAHA says:

    ROFL i JIzzed in my Pants when i heard this

  22. Triompf says:

    Awesome news Keep it up T_N. Cant wait thill its there!!

  23. HuG0 says:

    Haha just now update my PSP because I thought they were going to leave at the same time and now they say that first the 6.20 hahaha. mmm good, because now wait longer. Thanks Wololo and Total_Noob, Thanks I will wait to TN.

  24. Thiago says:

    that’s good news!
    realising the 6.20 first sounds much better for now.
    waiting for xmas

  25. myk-cn says:

    Soooooo excited??? Thanks for your news,wololo!

  26. Leonardo says:

    Wololo is a philosopher!

  27. RAHAHAHAHA says:

    Wololo who is/will be working on the ISO Loader??

  28. unknownsoilder says:

    this stuff sucks use mine for a donation im goint to run down the hen with mine ha ha to every body that didnt believe in me but send me an email saying that your sorry for not believing me and for a donation i will give it to you

    • Noobpwnr says:

      Since when do you have a HEN?

    • luigind123 says:

      Hmmm, give money to some random guy who claims to have a HEN for UNSPECIFIED OFW, BASHES Total_Noob and Wololo, and also goes by the name “unknownsoldier”? Yeah, I’ll pass and let the PROFESSIONALS do their thing! =)

  29. Alexis says:

    Sure think!!!

  30. myk says:

    thank you wololo and TN 😀
    im so excited for xmas now :)

  31. phil says:

    great news.thanks wololo for the update and to tn.i can wait for this up to next year.i dont care when it will be released,so that there will be no bugs.

  32. sb says:

    thnx for d news wololo… :)
    really excited ..

  33. Nakos says:


  34. Noobpwnr says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a looooong time

  35. GUSR says:

    TN will release to the OFW 6.31 with the 6.20?

  36. z.luna says:

    i want to ask that could the 6.20hen run CheatMasterFusion(maybe the sort of cheat homebrew).i heard that maybe the memory is not enough when run them.

  37. Orion says:

    Never posted here before but, this time it’s different, it’s time for celebration. Thank you Wololo and Total_Noob for your great effort and interest in all the community, without you we would achieve nothing :).

    Keep up the good work.

    @Everyone who doubted them
    You all should apologize now and be grateful TN is still releasing it :).

  38. victor says:

    i updated my psp from 6.20 to 6.31 ..2 months ago to play MHP 3rd demo, well i can wait XD.

    Keep up the good work Wololo and Total_Noob!

    while waiting i going to try finishing MHFU, on HR9. Can’t kill tigrex -_-“

    • Orion says:

      You gotta smash him in the head and tigrex is pew pew. 😛

      • victor says:

        i’m pretty good with hammers, but when it comes to tigrex, and other tougher monsters, i switch to bows and guns. Anywayyyyyyy, i finally got a nice armor (can kill hr9 diablos within 12 mins using a heavy bowgun). noe i need one elemental set to hunt tigrex :D.
        thumbs-up for Wololo and Total_Noob!

        i will wait for 6.31hen (or 6.35 hen, which one comes out 1st),

        Oh, and don’t forget about the Dridri our beloved Iso loader code writer. let’s hope it works 😀

  39. lolensen says:


  40. Chris says:

    Will the HEN have the VSH menu??? ( I think it’s cool to have VSH menu…)

    • F!nn says:

      Probablly Not The 6.20 HEN. But The 6.35 Will. My Guess Is That The Hen Coming This Christmas Will Be Implemented Via HBL.

  41. xyntfosrllas says:

    TN is gonna release 6.20 hen then 6.35 hen that means the people with 6.31 will have to wait for 6.35 hen and upgrade their psp to OF 6.35

  42. YES!!

    sorry I just had to do that.

    what I think:
    he should release 6.20
    2 months later 6.30
    2 months later 6.31
    2 months later 6.35

    So people will stop upgrading and then he will have more time to do what he wants and by the time he’s done the psp go and 3000 will be dead.

    • And yes I have 6.31
      So I can wait 4 months

    • luigind123 says:

      Uhm, if he did that, there would be more complaints than anything else! Plus, there would probably an even newer OFW coming out after one release! (Remember, 6.35 surprised us) And it’d be easier and quicker to just release it all that way more people are happy and he just gets it out of the way!

  43. WDCL says:

    Yay I had almost lost hope for the release before Christmas, luckily I kept the 6.20.
    My English is due to the translator from Italian

  44. Chris says:

    @everyone (especially wololo) Will the HEN have the VSH menu??? ( I think it’s cool to have VSH menu…)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. grewolf says:

    Now thats a great news. Thanks Wololo

  46. bangbangbang says:

    hahaha this is good news.
    the idiots who updated to 6.3x will be sad.

    • luigind123 says:

      And the people who had to upgrade due to the Factory OFW will also be sad! I had no choice with it myself because of my PSP running OFW 5.70 wouldn’t run 6.20!

  47. poepjes kakker says:

    dude when i readed this thread and stopped by: porting his work from 6.20 to 6.35 will require more time than he initially expected, and that might not be ready in time for Christmas

    i almost throwed my PSP from my room (3 floors high) out the window

  48. Ap says:

    I wait for HEN, not for christmas xD

  49. Rajon says:

    I am writing in this website for the first time, though I have been following this site for a long time and have HBL and wagic in my PSP3000.
    Thank you wololo for HBL and thank you TN for the HEN and thanks to all the other devs who are working to make our life a lot easier and simpler.
    Hope to see some outstanding work from you guys in the future.

  50. VaiKnight says:

    I run on Psp 3001 – OFW 6.31, I know of the HBLs for my OFW but I don’t want to buy the game. Since the work is being ported to OFW ver. 6.35, is it still a hold off until an official release before updating? I hate Psp 3k w/ 6.31. Its been a long waiting game.

    • equis says:

      It’s better to not have an official release for TN 6.35 (in TN perspective; ’cause people don’t stop asking). Simply it will be released after Christmas. May be one month, may be two.
      If you hate PSP with OFW, so, why do you bought it?

      • victor says:

        @equis: you are 100% right!

      • VaiKnight says:


        I like the PSP but i was so off with the homebrew and CFW that when I got the PSP 3001, i couldn’t do much with it.

      • luigind123 says:

        Uhm, hence why we want the LCFW/HEN! We aren’t satisfied with the OFW and with it’s practical impossibility to run Homebrew and impossibility to run PSX EBOOTs and PSP ISOs, we await the HEN so we can figure out how to enable it and to play the long awaited homebrew which wouldn’t work via Patapon (Half-Byte Loader) exploit! So, we bought the PSP to have the latest in PSP technology and for the homebrew! Plus, you kinda can’t really control what FACTORY firmware you’re on or downgrade it if it’s already at 6.35!

  51. mybirras says:

    good job guys, I’m eager to try

  52. Elennox says:


    nice job.. thanks *-*

  53. Elennox says:

    ps: i love total_noob!! =D

  54. Krozoa says:

    wow yesterday i was just thinking of upgrading to 6.35, good thing i didnt
    great news btw

    if you cominicate with TN again can you ask him if he will use is blog ever again???

  55. Thank TN, all of us are eternally grateful for you and seia genius, we are awaiting your Christmas present, and sorry for bad english, I used the google translator

  56. F!nn says:

    This Was A Great Dessision. He’s Keeping His Promise And Making It So That The HEN Is Obtainable To All, Great Job Total_Noob!

  57. Aconcit says:

    Where are all the complainers now? What a bunch of ungrateful little buggers.

    This is great news and I pretty much expected the 6.35 to take a little longer than expected.

  58. Revolver says:

    Great News good thanks wololo and TN!!

    Wololo try to convince tn to wait for 6.35 hbl port instead wasting a precious vhs exploit especially when the new 6.36 is already out

  59. Evilpatty731 says:

    OMG hellz yeah thank you TN and thank you wololo keep up the great work thankj god i left my psp at 6.20

  60. Marge Simpson says:

    I’m also very pleased.

  61. Really? says:

    Their are some really stupid comments on here?
    Like universalconsole’s post, which makes no sense.
    What would be the point of hacking every firmware. OFW 6.20
    & 6.35 are enough (the firmware he promised and the latest firmware).

  62. DANO says:

    With HEN 6.20 TN will release de VSH too? or with HEN 6.35?

  63. leon says:

    Great news friendssss!:DD

  64. ivanxddx says:

    Why great news? we are waiting more for 6.20 =_= WHY TOTAL NOOB DONT RELEASE 6.20 NOW ?!??!? Is all ready i need to wait next of cristmass for play first time my psp (my psp have a laser bad by the factory).
    I really have sad with this notice, by im waiting day per day. And i question again? WHY TOTAL NOOB DONT RELEASE THE HEN NOW? WHAT IS WAITING? I think he is a egoist by He wants to release the hen when he complete this one. I been grateful with his work but already it made me wait too much, better shot my psp to the garbage, it was hoping that I was helping myself to enjoying it once…

    • equis says:

      Anteriormente ya te había contestado, ivanx. Deja esa excusa tonta de que tu láser está dañado, todos sabemos lo que quieres: simplemente jugar juegos piratas. Si quisieras podrías comprar un lente láser para tu PSP, que se venden en mercado libre, pero prefieres culpar a otros de tu absurda situación. Si en realidad ese fuera tu problema, puedes comprar los juegos que te gustan en la PSN Store por medio de internet. Pero prefieres culpar a otros.
      Peor aún, llamas egoísta a quien no conoces. Desde el principio se advirtió que el HEN saldría para navidad. ¿Cuándo es navidad? Si no lo sabes tampoco, es el 25 de diciembre. Saludos.

      • ivanxddx says:

        Ni sabes lo que dices, yo digo que mi psp venia dañado de fabrica del laser, fui a quejarme a la tienda donde la compre (nuevo y es una coppel) y a sony y por ser de mexico en estados unidos no acepto repararlo, yo no tengo el dinero para PAGAR el laser, y se me hace injusto pagar por algo que tu no provocaste. Y le digo egoista por que aunque el menciono hasta navidad, ya lo tiene listo para sacarlo, que le cuesta sacarlo ahorita y hacer revisiones, el quiere llevarse todo el credito, si fuera por mi, hubiera sacado el hen asi como estaba y lo fuera mejorando al igual que hizo wololo con el hack del patapon, y lo fue mejorando, por que mejor no hizo eso? por que tanta la espera?.
        Eso es lo que no entiendo, asi que si no sabes la situacion de uno mejor ni hables.

        • ivanxddx says:

          Se me olvidaba mencionar que mi psp me lo compraron con 2 juegos el vice city y el bornout domanation y ninguno lo jugue, si voy a jugar isos, empezare con esos, por que esos los tengo en mi estanteria limpiesitos asi que no estare cometiendo una falta.

        • equis says:

          El que no sabe nada eres tú, no repetiré la respuesta que (como dije) ya te di. Nada más es gastar líneas y tiempo contigo. Está muy claro que tienes alternativas y no quieres usarlas. Es muy simple. Compraste de verdad el PSP: pues tenía garantía. Si fuiste tan ingenuo de llevarlo a EUA y querer cobrar garantía allá, es tu problema.
          Sigues llamando egoísta a otro sin conocerlo. Ya deja de culpar a otros de tu problema. Con que te quejes aquí, no va a cambiar nada. Como bien dijiste, SI TÚ lo hubieras desarrollado… pero la realidad es que no sabes hacerlo. Simplemente aguántate. Tú solito te forjas tu desgracia y luego lloras a los cuatro vientos.

  65. Khad007 says:

    @ Wololo
    Wow I’m very happy but the HEN will it be in 6.35 with VHS no commercial game?

  66. black star says:

    Yes!!! Can’t wait for the release!
    Thanks for sharing this kind of stuff with us, Wololo!
    We really appreciate 😉
    I really needed a update, a new blog or anything…
    Now I’m sweet for the coming weeks until the HEN releases :)

  67. black star says:


    Yes the HEN for firmware 6.35 will be loaded by a VSH exploit.

  68. NEHAshu says:

    i need to wait for 6.35 :(
    but good work..thanks to tn & wololo

  69. Noobpwnr says:

    I have a question, is the hen loaded by hbl, and the hen loaded by the VSH exploit two different kexploits or the same thing loaded in two different methods

    • Guykild says:

      6.20 will be exploited by the patapon 2 demo using the HBL, and for the 6.35 will be a VSH exploit which will be run from the XMB (PSP Menu)

    • equis says:

      The same exploit exists in the two different systems, 6.20 and 6.3X. Both do the same thing, patching FW and being able to run homebrew. The difference rely in the system properly: order and commands structure, so the NIDs need to be decrypted found and ordered, that’s the source of the delay.

    • Coolguy says:

      seems like no one had answered your question.
      And equis you are wrong. It is not the same exploit. They are 2 different exploits.
      1. 6.20-kexploit thru HBL can be ported to 6.31 thru Golf game.
      it works like-

      2. vshexploit that runs from XMB
      it works like-
      Both load the HEN but are different exploits. As in they load the same thing the ”HEN”by different exploits as well as different methods.

      • equis says:

        Sorry, but you are wrong, @Coolguy. It’s the same kexploit used to run a HEN. Why do you think the same work can be done between different FWs? Because the same exploit is not patched between them. Think your answers better next time.

  70. Joel says:

    Thank you wololo! Glad TN will still release the HEN before Christmas and nice that 6.20 gets release a little earlier since it is probably already or nearly finished.

  71. vagosgdms says:


    when will 6.20 tn hen be released?

  72. Geomaster says:

    Got my psp 3004 (6.20 ) this summer and had a lot of fun after finding hbl so thx guy’s for all the hard work . thx wololo for keeping us updated on the situation best greatings from the psp 3000 users from Romainia

  73. mickei says:

    wololo wave and thank you and total_noob for all the work they are doing for the pspperos but only I know I have a question HEN I do not understand it and that will serve the chicken? I hope your answer greetings

  74. Kobe says:

    @wololo: yo this is great news, you guys are awsome and I have nothing but 100% gratitude and respect for u and ur hard work

  75. Vadum Samsei says:

    tnx wololo and total_n00b for all the hard work..
    and counter : 17 days…

  76. sosolidj4tt says:

    does this mean tht .2 will still come before christmas or does this mean tht they’ll both come after christmas…??
    someone reply

  77. Misha says:

    Thanks TN.
    haha ironically enough, I updated to 6.35 just for the heck of it, so I could get some new demos and comics and redownload some old games onto the pspGO.
    So… heres hoping the VSH HEN gets released. Thanks bud.

  78. Chance says:

    What about 6.31 firmware that is what mine is. Is there going to be a 6.31 firmware exploit? I think several other people are wondering as well should i just update to 6.35 or stay at 6.31?

  79. garrei says:

    i know its boring and long repetitive work but im really needing these releases soon… im not just some kid that wants to play some stupid emulators and stuff, i just need it for other things in my hacking life… eg. test out some crashes with psplink. please. i need it soon. anything i can do to help speed up the release?

    • equis says:

      Yeah, I understand your position… you are a super hacker who needs the HEN, that’s obvious, so your demand is justified, not like anyone here.
      Hey, wait a minute, i get an idea… If you are so in a hurry, what if you take all your knowledge and… make the HEN yourself?
      So, you can go to your forum with your HEn and ask people 1 dollar for it.

  80. Foxxer says:

    THAT’S WHAT I CALL GOOD NEWS!! *———* I’m waiting for a HEN since 2009’s january..
    Total Noob s2 jajajaj

  81. evan says:

    heck YES *¬*

  82. Lorz says:

    lol some people wouldn’t be happy if you walked up, slapped ’em in the face and then handed them $20 for thier troubles 😛

    I am glad he decided to release for 6.20 though, because there’s no way, HEN or no HEN, that i’m updating to 6.35….. not that i don’t trust total noobs HEN to be good because i know it will be, but the whole idea of updating firmware just to run a HEN is…… not for me, lol.

  83. elitepwnr says:

    For everyone that is saying “what about 6.31?” If you have the golf game (Whatever game it is) you can run the HEN. the HEN for the gold exploit is meant for 6.30+. There’s your answer

  84. Man This is some great news!!!!
    Ive been waiting a long time but still have the patience to wait more!!!!
    I just have to say good work to wololo for HBL and Total_Noob for 6.20 TN

    @wololo But i was just wondering will the 6.20 tn via hbl work on OFW 6.10?

    @Total_Noob But i was just wondering will the 6.20 tn via hbl work on OFW 6.10?

    My psp will not update to version 6.20 and so im stuck with ver 6.10 unless i want to update to ver. 6.35(heck NO!!)
    P.S. I tried all update types[the psp go 6.20 firmware update and the psp 1k 2k 3k ver 6.20 update]. So this is just a question not and request. So dont go trying to port this Hen to 6.10 Total_Noob XD!!!

  85. daka says:

    just a question:
    when this is released ( whatever it is, i dont understand it very much ) will we be able to play ISOs and CSOs on our PSP 3000 ( 3003 also ) with 6.20 fw, without pandora battery, magic stick, or that kind of stuff?
    thanks in advance

  86. legendarymidget says:

    Thats great news for us 6.20 users. Surely at about 98% done it should be releases this weekend, next weekend at the latest.

  87. Amaterasu says:

    I’ll be waiting Thumbs up total noob and thanks to wololo for keeping us updated from time to time.

  88. james1552 says:

    I don’t care when it’s released as long as there is a 6.20 one :)

    Guys be patient. The only thing HEN will do is allow us to run our homebrews quicker, the ISO will still be a longer wait, we have plenty of homebrew and emulators to play to keep us entertained so stop whining :)

    Thank you so much for this great info 😀

  89. God says:

    Christmas is when the HEN is released. New Years is when the isoloader is release. I cross my finger for the leap into a new psp era.

  90. iSWORD says:

    Nice, I was really sad because I was planning to be an HBL developer, So if the HEN is only released for 6.35 I won’t be able to use it..

    Nice reply button, wololo!

    • F!nn says:

      I Kinda Felt The Same Way. I Don’t Have Too Much Prior Knowledge, On Coding But What I Have Would Be Suffice. But I Doubt That This Will Be The Last Of HBL, I’m Sure Wololo`s Got A Few Tricks Up His Sleve.

  91. Lukinho says:

    Will it work on firmware 5.51?

  92. oops i forgot to mention that i have a psp go… sry XD!!!

  93. Light_Alex says:

    Shiiiit! And i just updated to 6.35 cuz of u bastards!!!! Wololololololo!!!!!

  94. disgaea01majin says:

    That’s what I’m afraid of :( Oh well. But the word “might” convince me that 6.35 Hen can still be this year :) But take your time TN I’m sure people at above 6.20 is saying the same thing(or is it just me? 0.o)

  95. jon says:

    hhahaha kevin estupid

  96. sa_lee says:

    Thank you very much for your effort to the HEN

  97. FOL says:


    He said not to update, as did alot of sites.
    I have upgraded to 6.35 purely to continue developement of PSPUAE.

    So I to have to wait longer, Im not complaining.


    Thanks for the update.

  98. CraNkET says:

    Total_Noob want to be Santa Claus.

  99. john says:

    Yes dude this is some awsome news. I’m so happy that i stayed on 6.20. So 6.20 TN -A HEN is coming soon to our psp’s =)

  100. Chris says:

    if i have 6.32 should i update to 6.35?

  101. swarif says:


  102. sam says:



  103. NZ_bird says:

    the past 8 days, i feel like 8 years….waiting always boring, but still a good news from total.

  104. osumaniac says:

    Thanks for the great news!!! 😀
    I knew it would be better to release 6.20 first and then 6.35 !
    And those people that upgraded their psp to 6.35 – thats what they get for not reading !!

  105. NZ_bird says:

    and,i think KEVIN must be sended from SONY.

  106. fliks says:

    ALWAYS trust you !

  107. shine says:

    THX to tell us the good msg
    i’ll always support you,my god

  108. 3.31 says:

    hi Wololo, quick questions, so this is suppose to be released for the exploit on 6.20, would this run through the exploit or through the HBL? and if its released to be run through the HBL, would it still work for 6.31, because i bought hot shots golf (psn) before the update and the HBL for that version is working fine through hot shots, so i’m just wondering if the kernel is also on 6.31, or will i have to update to 6.35 when it’s released? please reply and thanks for all you and TN are doing thanks :)

  109. Exploit says:

    I remember when i was gonna update my psp to 6.30. i was like ”should i do this?” i decided what i was doing was dumb so i just stayed on 6.20. here i come 6.20 hen!!

  110. sf says:

    oh yes , althought i dont get sf , im happy yet.

  111. dekan says:

    look what I hope is only q q can play iso games on psp ofw I have the update 6.20 and I do not want just one question
    What a game is when they get the hen and some games to play and update as requested may play that may not understand if you play or not as the ultimate good of war that calls for the latest update?

  112. NZ_bird says:

    my psp on 5.50. you guys can see how longer i have already been waniting.

  113. Yakko says:

    Thank you Wololo for keeping us informed about the latest news from T_N, You are a light in these uncertain times 😀

  114. NZ_bird says:

    two years,my psp 3000 always a AV-player… till July,my mother crash my 2000. it was very funny. my mum found iam playing psp game, i was just playing Metal Gear-peace walker, i kill that metal gear, those AI can fly away, then my mum found me, she use hummer crash my 2000,then the magic-gate open automaticly during my mum attacking, at last i found my memory-stick under the washing machine(i was hide in washing room).

  115. zhanmenghui says:

    thank you for your effort?

  116. elitepwnr says:

    Lol, I don’t understand. To my knowledge on this subject(which isn’t much, lol.), the VSH menu is only available thru CFW. It’s being said that the 6.35 port will be ran thru the vsh. Does this mean that ppl with 6.35 OFW r essentially sc***?

    • iamsylar says:

      just a question to our dearest mates there, Is my PSP Go version 5.70
      will work on the Great Total_Noob HEN 6.20 when he released it? im just a newbie here so all your helpful answers will be greatly appreciated..Thanks in advance!..^_^

  117. hanxin says:

    if what you say come true that day ,you guys will be our hero!!!

  118. rjbsl says:

    hey guyz,, well u all are saying about 6.2 & 6.35,, mine one is 6.30… i going to wait or hen for 6.20 will work?? thnx

  119. Brian says:

    WHERES THE 6.31 HEN???????????????????????????

  120. CraNkET says:


  121. coyi-china says:

    Support you ~ WOLOLO-mouth base and ignore those who mind broken, then your contribution to our look. We will wait patiently

  122. Kirino says:

    Good News

  123. mossc says:

    soooo hilarious here that kevin thing is absofu*kinlutely a dumbasssssss

  124. michael jazzy says:

    There is nothing we can do but support you online.
    I would thank for your hard work on hacking psp6.20.
    come on !wololo we are loking forward to it!

  125. ???? says:

    thank you goodluck

  126. Wololo Fan #3 says:

    Porting the HEn to 6.3x is a bad idea.

    • Spider-Monkey says:

      Are you thinking that porting the work on 6.35 slowed down the release of 6.20 hen don’t you? Don’t worry its gonna be release soon. It could be tomorrow, this Saturday, or next week. Its all a surprise :)

  127. YO says:

    Really good job thanks for all TN and wololo

  128. cire_ers says:

    uh… don’t wanna sound impatient but if TN will be releasing 6.20 tn hen then why not release it now… is it still unfinished? but if its finish, i wish that TN would release 6.20 tn hen now… not soon but now… tnx Total Noob and Wololo.. for all the hard work.. never sell out.

  129. Holycross says:


  130. Holycross says:

    Chinese players always support you! Thank you for always try!

  131. ukyo says:

    i have psp 3004 ofw 5.7 the procedureis update my ofw to sony website ofw6.20 then? before i can use the TN hen 6.20? is that right??

  132. sean226cn says:

    very well?I love you more then i can say!????

  133. Surfee says:

    In fact

    it’s a good idea…..

  134. ? says:


  135. ukyo says:

    please repond to my post, thanks

  136. FreeStyle says:

    It’s very nice of you to finish this work~~~

  137. PhoneDing says:

    Come on man!cant wait any longer!Anyway you do a great job

  138. jack says:

    wow in just a few hours theres over 200 comments already

  139. ar3s says:

    thanks bro. for everything you’ve done for us, btw, thanks to Total_Noob.

  140. ukyo says:

    i have psp 3004 ofw 5.7 the procedure is update my ofw to sony website ofw 6.20 then? before i can use the TN hen 6.20? is that right??

    • F!nn says:

      No, Updating From SONY Would Put You At 6.35. What You Want To Do Is Download A Copy Of OFW 6.20 From And Place It In The “COMON” Folder On Your PSP. Then Update Via System.Update.

    • F!nn says:

      No, Updating From SONY Would Put You At 6.35. Unless You Feel Like Waiting For HEN v6.35, I Don’t Advise This. You Should Obtain A Copy Of OFW 6.20 (Specifyed For Your Device), And Place It In The Following Sequence:
      Memory Stick Duo > PSP > GAME > UPDATE
      From The XMB You Should Be Able To Update In The Memory Stick Section.
      I Hope This Helps, Happy Hacking!

  141. BLUCE says:

    Thank you very much?

  142. ramiro says:

    can i pls have a copy
    of the beta?

  143. cloud says:


  144. Henry says:

    To those asking and complaining why the 6.20 HEN isn’t released right now:


    Thank you.

  145. CrapLoad says:

    theres really a lot of chicken brain idiot right here asking questions. learn to research and especially learn to READ morons!!!

  146. wmp12 says:

    Visit This website Free Program,Skin, gadget and more.

  147. wmp12 says:

    Visit This website Free Program,Skin, gadget and more.

  148. mosluce says:

    It’s very nice news.

    Thanks, Total_Noob!!!

  149. teen says:

    awesome!! great!! dono wat 2 say……….. waitin for release……… meanwhile can anybody tell the top awesome things tat v can do wit hen??? top homebrew apps,games etc.. thanks

  150. alexandr says:

    Great news. Your work will be rewarded! Both of you has a great future(especialy TotalNoob – due to his age;)))

  151. alexandr says:

    My English is still bad…

  152. jxnczh says:


  153. MostP5PHacker says:


  154. Punker69 says:

    Atleast 6.20 HEN will release this Christmas =))

    Great News! wololo and total Noob.

  155. PSP Owner says:

    As I accepted by TN He is a man He kept his promise :)
    TN should give a date of release :)

  156. CrAzY3AGL3 says:

    6.20 FIRST 😀 yeah yeah man.

  157. leirbaggom says:

    viva total_noob y wololo son únicos el tiempo pasa rápido, y mas rápido morirás, saludos a todos los de la comunidad psp tanto 1000, 2000, 3000 y psp go(N1000)

  158. leirbaggom says:

    saludos desde México

    • Charlie says:

      I hr b4 Christmas??? If TN is Catholic, I doubt he will spend Christmas Eve hacking… specially cause he’s not getting paid for it.

  159. Trygle says:

    Awesome man. Thank you for keeping the Homebrew scene alive.

  160. Alex says:

    Thanks Total Noob! :3 You rock.

    Good thing I’m at 6.20

  161. qwe132 says:


  162. qwe132 says:

    J’ai oublié de traduire?Je vous remercie, si vous avez vraiment être diffusé à Noël, nous vous serions reconnaissants! Acheté tout juste un an?thank you?

  163. Weesion says:

    Thank you for your efforts, I am very grateful, thank you on behalf of the whole of China.

  164. ???II says:


    thanks Total_Noob!!!!

  165. mrfree says:

    I hope neuron releases HBL for 6.35 for the poor souls at 6.35

  166. south says:

    you,r my lord!!

    thank you for your effort!

  167. akshat says:

    gr8 news..i will be forever gr8ful to both of you..i downloaded all the updates..6.20, 6.31, 6.32, 6.35 just in case..but updated only to 6.20 :) PSP was 6.10 when I bought it

  168. x-den123 says:

    thank you very much!!!!

  169. Chin says:

    It’s cool. Thank u very much! I love u ,Wololo.

  170. Ark says:

    good news :) thx wol for the update

  171. john says:

    praying that 6.20 TN-A HEN comes out this weekend =)

  172. pspspspsp says:

    it looks like you have forgotten about people on 6.30/31. now we cant even buy game from psn as it says to update and amazon dose not ship games from usa to countries like mine (india).your post only tells the status of ofw 6.20/35. hence i believe 6.30/31 need tn more and for 6.35 there s a exploit bu ne0ron which can be released

    • Spider-Monkey says:

      If he didn’t promise to release the 6.20 Hen before christmas, he wouldn’t even bother to finish the 6.20 Hen instead he would be working on 6.35 right now. Why work on the below 6.35 if you have an exploit for 6.35 itself. Just update to 6.35 when TN releases the 6.35 Hen. Be patient and think about what could you do when you have hen on your psp :)

    • akshat says:

      You can always use MediaGo to does not require you to update

  173. mike? says:

    THANK YOU ?????? ???????? ?????..

  174. jlo138 says:

    I’m glad to hear that it will still incorporate HBL/Patapon Exploit to execute the HEN. I know Pata… is annoying but this way you never forget the roots of your homebrewing without cfw. It really makes you appreciate what Wololo and his guys have done for us. And always remember, they do this for FREE. And why they even do this at all we may never know. But I for one am glad.

  175. Lech Chut says:

    always hear about soon soon lol

  176. dog says:

    good news for all those ppl like me who have waited and waited, going without new games and holding back on updating ofw. So what if the 6.3 users have to wait abit longer, iv had to wait ages.

    Also why the heck do some people reply in different languages when all this site is english and all that is here is written in english, ppl must be able to read so why not reply in english? weired

    • victor says:

      i write my comments in english, but i replay foreign laguagues with foreign languages so they can understand =P

      • csantos says:

        Se poder explicar em portugues eu agradcia. sou um pouco leiga no assunto. Tinha uma psp com 5.06, que meu filho partiu. Agora adquiri uma nova(3004) mas que infelizmernte veio com firmwear 6.0 e nao consigo fazer o downgrade nem com pandora. Este Hen, segundo ando a ler poderá eventualmente resolver. Mas como falam em 6.20 estou em duvidas. Obrigada pela vossa ajuda.

        • victor says:

          bom o psp 3*** (***=000,001,004…) nao pode ser destavado permanentemente, isto e’, se for possivel destrava-lo despois que desligar e religar tem que fazer o processo de destrave.

          Este novo “Hen” que sera lanc,ado pelo Total_Noob ira ser ” rodado na OFW 6.20 usando o demo de um jogo.

          ele nao esta incluido um “Iso Loader” (esse e’ o programa que roda copias dos jogos) porem, um hacker mais conhecido por “dridri” esta esperando a “Hen” ser lanc,ada para lanc,ar o “Iso Loader”.

          espero ter ajudado. (meu teclado nao tem acentos.
          Post laguage: “Portuguese”

    • tom says:

      psp players are from all over the world
      and some of them aren’t good at english
      so just try to use google translate?(laugh)

  177. Abdullah says:

    The HEN should be released on Christmas

  178. CHAO-CI says:

    It really a gooooood news today!
    my PSP is 6.20
    I very happy to see the information
    Thank TN

  179. san!t says:

    yay!yay!yay! release it soon tn

  180. Punker69 says:

    Does it Means

    December 24,2010

  181. csantos says:


    My psp is 3004 with 6.0.
    This HEN works on it?

  182. ???? says:

    ??????629 TN????MHP3 ?????

  183. tom says:

    i’ll wait for TN HEN during the x-mas day!

  184. ungeilievable says:


  185. GÆD' says:

    muy buen trabajo! (:

  186. AKHIL says:

    GOOD JOB <<<>>>

  187. Chris says:

    @everbody: is this hen going to have vsh menu??????????????

  188. cjzistal says:

    hey guys i gotta (?)
    so the psp 3000: will we be able to hack it like the fat 1000.
    is that the kinda hack they’re working on ?
    im going crazy for this.

  189. Ton_Werty says:

    Total_Noob thx bro very good job!

  190. poepjes kakker says:

    @ ppl who said things to me

    yes my PSP works lol,i said almost!

  191. luigind123 says:

    So, wait, he’s keeping his promise, yet releasing 6.35 after Christmas? I thought he promised both HEN’s by Christmas? Not complaining, but that’s kind of confusing…

  192. ffdgh says:

    noooo he never said he’ll do both b4 christmas.

    anyhoo good news is good! looks like im waiting for 6.35 port XD. but no biggie since hbl will keep me happy untill then.

    • luigind123 says:

      Uh, I thought that when Total_Noob said he’d release the Hen before Christmas for 6.20 and 6.35 that he’d release BOTH before Christmas, just have the 6.20 earlier?

      • MitMakis says:

        He didn’t, he merely said he would release the HEN for FW6.35 with the VSH Exploit. No specified release date.

        I don’t expect him to complete both by christmas, after all, 6.35 came as a surprise, and was released pretty late.

  193. daddy says:

    This is sound right. Many people asked him to do this but he won’t listen. Finally, TN uses his common sense. Breaking through 6.31 before xmas will need alot of luck. Breaking throught 6.35 before Xmas is impossible. Good thing TN is not a hard headed guy.

    Anyone who upgraded your PSP to 6.31 or 6.35 is just totally stupid. If you are this stupid, just buy the games and don’t even think about CFW.

  194. xtraz says:

    ufff i stay in 6.20 and im boring of this version but mmm very happy because this is the first version for the hen wololo and TNoob u are the future idols of the scene in the psp

  195. john says:

    yo for the people who keeps asking about 6.30 or 6.31 just update to 6.35 and wait for the hen to come..

    • Guykild says:

      Well I updated from 6.20 to 6.35 to redeem my mgspw codes anyways since he’s making the 6.35 hen, I had to do it or else Sony could release another stupid firmware and I wouldn’t be able to redeem my awesome Fox T and the Stealth Gun 😛 It’s really good news for me.

  196. God says:

    why would you be so stupid and fake wololo on his own blog dude!
    Still waiting for the HEN to arrive as well as ISO loader. I fuking hate loading time on UMD. I bought Kingdom heart bbs and when i change into different battle style i have to wait like 20s…. also in other loading progress although i have already spend 600MB on my ms for Data Installation. It’s stupid i would buy all the game but still want to play it on ISO i will play it on ISO.
    Please Let ISO loader happen.

  197. God says:

    And why is my picture so weird? is it because i am God? 😐

  198. juanox707 says:

    I hope this is true, i want the release of the Hen to be done soon, All we have to do is wait than TN release it, All the people than are saying that this is FAKE then learn Math and do it for yourselves or let the man work!

  199. Guykild says:

    haha lol i bet TN is already done since he said he was about 90% on his youtube videos i bet his like finishing already!

    • legendarymidget says:

      Actually he said it was 98% done on a post at

      He probobly has other things other than homebrew compatibility such as plugins etc that needs to be attended to before it can be released. But surely he should be able to it this weekend or next.

  200. 6.20TN'ER says:

    Good news. Do you guys remember when he used a CFWEnabler? Look at this vid.

  201. 6.20TN'ER says:

    Wow. Read TN’s description on this vid.

  202. jstar says:

    Way to go TN, keep up the amazing work.
    After HEN’s release ill be waiting anxiously for ISO supports!

  203. ffdgh says:

    meh people shouldn’t update from 6.30/6.31 to 6.35 since hbl is not compatible with it XD

  204. Chris says:

    i don’t know if anybody answered but if i’m over 6.20 but under 6.35 should i update?

    • elitepwnr says:

      If you can go to the HBL with the Golf game, you can update to 6.35 cause it still works. You don’t have to update but, at least you will have a higher version of Firmware.

  205. yellow says:

    ok good news been away for a while im glad i stick to 6.20.

  206. JimboStark says:

    Some day… Total_Noob will cure cancer.

    • Spider-Monkey says:

      He’s not a doctor though…maybe cure some people in this blog. You know since they can’t read 😛 …I’m just kidding :)

  207. brown_child says:

    i think the HEN release before dec.20…

  208. Light_Alex says:

    How do i downgrade this ***? I bought anoda psp go and it came in 6.35 as well!!!!! Alex Angry!!!!

  209. Logan says:

    Total_Noob, I love you.

  210. MonkeyJacket says:

    for some people this is gonna souund weird but Meh i can wait 😮
    sure it will be a nice christmas present but i don´t wanna wine or worse presure someone to release it they created themself

  211. KokiriKid says:

    if you dont understand the other language, use google translator, there are psp users from all around the world. some of em just feel like following wololo’s webpage, and see whats up. and they wrote in their language, vc entende? 😛 eu asho que sim

  212. PSP Owner says:

    Well TN is not speaking in his Blog which make me feel bad as
    IF TN says something then it will make a Whole lot of difference
    I have fate in Wololo but TN will give us an technical update.
    and wololo the Image of HEN will be the icon0 of the homebrew ?

  213. Abner says:

    TN ,i trust that
    you would release 620 before Xmas all the time. good job

  214. Abner says:

    TN ,i trust that
    you would release 620 before Xmas all the time. good job

  215. Dragoone21 says:

    No matter what language it may be, to all my friends:

    Merci beacupe tn et wololo
    gracie tn y wololo
    gracias tn y wololo

    gracias por todo and to heck with any one who has a problem with people all over the world who speaks the languages of the world.

    tn and wololo, thank you for all your work and i wish i could speak german and russian or whatever language you speak.

  216. Militant says:

    Thanks Total Noob and Wololo…….. you guys are awesome !!! This is coming straight out of the Caribbean !!! ^_^

  217. rttn says:

    can someone tell me anything about this or any hacks working on 6.31 (had to update to buy Cladun: This is an RPG, totally worth it IMO) please and thanks

    and an extra thanks to wololo for HBL when i had it on 6.20, twas amazin playin squares and cave story on my psp again

  218. asdfdasge says:


  219. brown_child says:

    last update of TN HEN is 98%….

  220. ???? says:

    Hey, wololo.
    Sorry,because of my poor English, I am not sure if I have understood your mean by a right way.
    You say

    “Total_Noob will keep his deadline promise, but release the Hen for 6.20 first (using the Patapon 2 exploit and most likely HBL), then later on, the 6.35 version.”

    That means we people who have a 6.2psp will get a 6.2hen download around the Xmas, right?
    But, at this page:
    You said

    “Sorry guys for waiting for the update but like I said before its confirmed TN 6.35 Hen will be released somewhere in feb. Ok? But the good news is TN Hen 6.20 is already for lunch, the only problem he mentioned is its unfair for the people who has 6.35 ofw so we have to do is wait until feb. or let TN change his mind. Ill update more later, thanks!”

    I don’t know, but,is that means TN determined not to release the 6.2Hen in his deadline, and we people who have a 6.2psp have to wait until feb because ” its unfair for the people who has 6.35″.
    If so, I think it is unfair for the people who has 6.2 by some way.
    Any way, I just want a reliable information.
    PS: Again, Sorry for my poor English.Hope you guys could understand what I am talking about. And I wish my words will not make me like a impolite people.

  221. Airlanse says:

    Oh!This is a good news!
    Look forward to 6.20TN arrival!^^

  222. triek1971 says:

    why not port it to 6.20 patapon and 6.31 golf this must be so diffecult and take much time.HBL is running in both and the nids are there.
    so everyone is happy speciali the people buying the golf game.

    sorry for poor english
    greets from holland

  223. P-J says:

    Hi, just a little question (because I don’t completely understand).
    Will the HEN allow us to play ISO-files? or only HB?


    • Triompf says:

      @ p-j

      Search and read then you will find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And to awnser your question. No the HEN will not Allow us to play back ups or iso’s!!!!!

      There is maybe a chance that there will be a Iso loader for the HEN just wait and see

  224. Triompf says:


    the thing he must do to fill up that last 10% is the hardest part and takest to longest time of the whole HEN. He is now busy with his nids i think.

  225. HeartBurn says:

    Wololo, thank you for everything, you have made this and many other things possible. Quick question, will there be a post HEN version of HalfByte loader released to iron out any last minute issues that may come up? (@ your leisure of course)

    @muffinhead/icus: HAHAHAHAHAHA

  226. HeartBurn says:

    Whoops (post hen release version of hbl) sorry for the double post

  227. john says:

    people it’s 98% not 90

  228. jonathon says:

    will you be able to use things like PSP TOOL(homebrew) on HEN?

  229. Phils says:

    but does it work on psp go ofw 6.20?

  230. 0M9H4X says:

    will dridris loader support CSOs?

  231. gary says:

    dear sir, I have a question, my psp2000v3 had black screen and couldn’t restart when I fail to flash the system, does it need to change the mainboard necessarily or not ? could anyone help me to tell how can I do now ??? thanks in advance.

    • 6.20TN'ER says:

      Sorry to say but, you need a new motherboard. Or maybe you can use pandora and MMS

      • gary says:

        oh,thanks for your reply, but I hv try to used the pandora and MMS to recovery my system,but it couldn’t restart anyway,does any possible to waiting for the new versions of pandora and MMS to remedy my PSP in future ?

  232. Bry says:

    Will I be able to use CWcheat with this?

  233. jimbostark says:

    Total_Noob give me a child!!!

  234. Magic Man says:

    Great news, then maybe the wagic blog can get back some actual wagic content.

  235. Caleb says:

    will the 6.20 hen work with 6.31 users using the golf game?

  236. yellow says:

    hey you all check out this video launching hellcats recovery using hbl in better quality link here i need a psp 1000 to check if it can downgrade.

  237. lz says:

    May the force be with you!

  238. Eason says:

    Thank you!!!

  239. Eason says:

    Thank you every day…

  240. JimboStark says:

    I have a serious question… Why is TN working alone ??? Because of that is why we are waiting so much time…

    • Spider-Monkey says:

      I guest because he doesn’t trust other people. You know they might leak it. Don’t quote me but that’s what I think.

  241. Spider-Monkey says:

    What does he mean when he said” lots of nids changed…” What’s nids?? I’m assuming I’m not the only one that have the same question. :)

  242. yeneito says:

    heyy anyone know if it will serve to 6.31 or there waiting for 6.35

  243. Platon1250 says:

    Well why cant he just release the Hbl enabler thingy

  244. windhawk says:

    My English is poor, i can’t express my thankfulness clearly .

  245. mickei says:

    Friends wave to hear the hen will leave for the 6.20 vecion not? and also for 6.35? because I want to buy a psp and I’m gathering information porfa help me with this hen is pordra back to 5.03?? porfa respond and they would appreciate

  246. iy12l says:

    should i update to 6.35 or stay at 6.31

  247. iy12l says:

    Update to 6.35. Get the update from a website instead of using the update option from your XMB (as in your PSP)


    oops i just updated to 6.35 by xmb..
    what could possibly happen??

  248. sf says:

    hello everybody , im sf from sf country , and bd is my friend

  249. disgaea01majin says:

    “It’s not about how fast you make it, its how safe and legit it is. Making it fast doesn’t give you excitement but fear. Fear creates *** and *** creates more bullshitness. In order to turn the fear into some sort of happiness, you need to take it easy and relax for sometime.” – By Me

    I don’t even know what this mean but yeah…I was bored so don’t criticizes my work :)

  250. hahaxD says:

    listen to my mixes(: and comments and download.!(:

  251. james1552 says:

    it would be cute if he releases Hen on the 20th

    and release 6.20 at 6:20 haha

  252. storrrrry says:

    come on wololo! come on tn!we are all waiting for you two to releasing 620hen.and also aginst sony!

  253. vaibhav says:

    when is tn hen releasing plss help anyone?

  254. Ahmet says:

    6.20 tn-a when released ???? now released plsss plssss

  255. punker69 says:


    Can i ask why he called it TN-A? maybe he will release an TN-B

  256. ???? says:

    Thank you for the hen I use translation software to enter the English may be you can’t read
    But thanks
    I’m looking forward to us $620 release

  257. ?? says:

    ????????????…- -!

  258. teen says:

    can anybody list the good homebrews apps n games

  259. Irfan says:

    hey everyone at last some update from total_noob
    he uploaded a last video on youtube
    and said that the hen will release between 20.12.2010 – 24.12-2010
    he has 98% homebrew support and and showed the vsh menu in he video

  260. sb says:

    release date by Total noob — 20th-24th dec … 😀

  261. irfan says:

    hey everyone there is an update from total noob
    he uploaded a last video youtube
    and said that the hen will realease between 20-24 dec. on
    he showed the vsh menu in the video

  262. cscash241 says:

    @wololo tn just released a new video showing a vsh menu working on his hen

  263. cscash241 says:

    @wololo tn just showed a new video

  264. john says:

    Hey bro Total Noob released a new video on 6.35 TN HEN. And the release for the hen is between Dec.20 and Dec 24

  265. Kobe says:

    @wololo: Yo there was an update in Total_Noob’s blog, you gotta check it out

  266. D!S says:

    Quote TN:
    People told me to show a new video, so here is it;) The release date is between 20.12-24-12 on

  267. brdzoman says:

    are you kidding this is the best news ever i was about to update my psp yesterday but my brother stopped me

    • Spider-Monkey says:

      What is the date between dec 20 – 24?? Because that date that TN showed us in the vid/blog confuse me. sorry for asking a *** question 😛

  268. D!S says:

    He posted today that he will release a downgrade homebrew

    • 6.20TN'ER says:

      Can you like…tell us what he said? I don’t understand deusct. I want to see the words “im gonna make a downgrade homebrew” from Total_Noob. Most people WANT him to make a downgrade homebrew

  269. PureBlue says:

    Thanks a lot
    I am a PSP 3000 user from China
    I am happy to see this

  270. PSP Owner says:

    A new post needed :)

  271. Abner says:

    good job tn and wololo

  272. dekan says:

    they do not understand well what is so much going to serve the vsh menu
    serivra to play iso or other things I do not understand muxo if anyone can explain please

  273. PSP Owner says:

    the restart of vsh restart why does it not removes the HEN and will he publish the special HBL for HEN ? (in the video) and whats the simple blade ?
    please explain :)

    I never get answers :(

  274. yellow says:

    @PSP Owner check tn blog if you want to no about the blade

  275. irfan says:

    total noob said that he will release the downgrader for 6.35 to save himself from nids

  276. brian says:

    WHAT ABOUT THE 6.31 HEN??????

  277. Platini says:

    People……it`s gonna be between the 20th and 24th……HEn realising!!!!!! And it will be possible to downgrade CFW .620 also!!!! JUST GREAT!!! I read it in PSPGEN (it`s a french web site).

  278. Platini says:

    This is the site: Total_noob va sortir un homebrew downgrade
    Salut a tous,

    Total noob a annoncé sur qu’il aller sortir un homebrew downgrade pour le 6.20 pour descendre en 5.03.

    Total noob a donner très peu d’imformations a ce sujet il a juste dit une phrase”Je vais sortir un homebrew downgrade”

    Edit:Nouveau messages de total noob sur


  279. john says:

    yea it’s nice that we could downgrade from 6.20. I want to downgrade 5.03 promethesis – 4

  280. iy12l says:

    is there going to be downgrade from 6.35 to 6.20?

  281. Yosafat says:

    I am very happy!
    TN thank you very much and of course the master Wololo XD
    sorry for my bad English
    (Google translator)

  282. yellow says:

    hey look at this

  283. npissoawsome says:

    lol psp 3000 with 1.5 on it 😀

  284. QQ839290150 says:

    ?? ?? ???

  285. Aaran says:

    thank.I am very happy

  286. Aaran says:

    I can play more games?thank

  287. mavman42 says:

    wolololololololololololololololololololololololollolololololoololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    im turning into an animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cant wait just like all the other impatient non believing kids on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. ???? says:

    Please make the isoloder

  289. ???? says:

    Please make the iso

  290. Hidir says:

    Thank you Total_Noob & Wololo

  291. God says:

    tomorrow, the wait will be shorter…

  292. Isoka says:

    And for the 6.30? Is like 6.35??
    Thanks for your answer.

  293. superfly says:

    total noob,please be faster .. i’m getting impatient .. please release a hen for 6.35 ..

  294. Spider-Monkey says:

    Dude he told us not to update so I don’t know what the f*ck are you whining about

  295. Charlie says:

    @Kevin, your an IDIOT!!! Wololo said “Don’t update”.. kill yourself

  296. Attcer says:

    There’s an Chinese word which to describe people like you.

  297. legendarymidget says:

    “Oh, and no matter what, do not upgrade for now. I personally have proof that the Hen works on 6.20, nothing else. So don’t upgrade before you see an actual release!”

    Thats what wololo wrote when he said it will be available for 6.35

  298. shine says:

    shut up!
    you can go where you want

  299. MitMakis says:

    Thats funny dude, really, Wololo specifically told us to NOT update.
    And now you’re blaming him for updating?

    Learn to read.

  300. Henry says:

    Accidentally updating your firmware is one thing, but blaming it on Wololo? Even after he told everybody NOT to update yet? Jesus man, you are truly an idiot.

    I hope you “accidentally” update to 6.36+ as well.

  301. Spider-Monkey says:

    Does it matter? Just update to 6.35 when the Hen is release. That’s what I’m gonna do :)

  302. jose says:

    whats the word? i looked it up and it said hand base

  303. w4e says:

    waiting is wasting

  304. Spider-Monkey says:

    Maybe Some people just bought their psp with that firmware or they didn’t know they could hack there psp until now. Like myself I had my psp 3000 on 5.03 and I keep updating to the ofw because I never thought I could do such more in my psp. I tried the HBL that wololo made and I gave up hopes for Hen/CFW and updated to 6.30 then 6.31. But now I’m never gonna give up hopes :)

  305. lishao106 says:

    nice,but it’s hard to say the real mean.if jose want to konw,welcome to China.bad english,sorry.

  306. Spider-Monkey says:

    So random…but yeah justine bieber suck 😛

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