More videos of the playstation phone?


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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42 Responses

  1. punker69 says:

    YES Im the First who Comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shinny says:

    im 3rd geez psp phone…. guys its just a phone…. the maximum it will run is psx…. i think…. lets just watch….

  3. hacktester says:

    It looks intresting.I dont think it can surpass the Ipod,though.The Ipod was something completly new(AFAIK,correct me if Im wrong),while the PSP Phone looks more like a PSP with phone functions and 3D phone games.At least thats the way I see it.You must remember that the DS was appreciated because of the amount of exclusive games,while the PSP had A LOT of ported PS2 games,and most of the exclusives were trash(not all,but most of them).I think the story will repeat again with the Ipod and the PSP Phone this time…

  4. Shinny says:

    @hacktester im whith u…

  5. Kylinii says:


  6. Coolguy says:

    So when is this gonna get hacked????

  7. Punker69 says:


    it will Hack Tomorrow.

    All device can be hacked

  8. sonydog says:

    Why would I want a cell phone on my PSP? Seriously, did Sony do any market research or do they just throw-up whatever they think of?

    And they should embrace the homebrew scene…. That is a huge part of the PSP fan base. I can poop a better marketing plan.

  9. TotalNews says:

    Hey great news i contacted TN and he said
    “I will release the hen when im done porting it to 6.35!!!”

    What do you think of that ???

  10. darkriku says:

    Where do I begin…
    1st: This isn’t a psp plus phone, it’s supposedly a smart phone by sony erricson. And if nobody wanted a smart phone, there wouldn’t be an iPhone or Android phones.
    2nd: This is a sony erricson, not a playstation phone. Even though they’re both sony, they are still technically different companies. The are 3 main divisions of sony:
    Sony, who makes the Bravia TVs and Vaio laptops
    Sony Computer Entertainment, the guys who make playstation products and own the playstation brandname. And…
    Sony Erricson (yeah I don’t know how to spell it), who make the Sony cellphones.

    That’s why they have this code name, they likely wouldn’t use the playstation name since that belongs to SCE.

    Personally, I’m interested. If this has a good version of the android software than I’d like to see what it can do.

  11. releaseTNHEN says:

    FUK THIS!!

  12. rafael707 says:


    on the behalf of everyone, fuk you xD

    code you own HEN or stfu, god im gettin annoyed with this, i bet the devs are even more…

    OT: i hope the psp2 has better hardware than this phone

  13. Cixxy says:

    Wow, not only is the design appalling its hella bulky as well. I mean seriously wtf sony I hope this is just a VERY early prototype.

  14. PsYchoTikDose says:

    my neptune source s told me it’s been realesed in japan -_-
    Just f**ing with you :D

  15. PsYchoTikDose says:

    my neptune source s told me it’s been realesed in japan -_-
    Just f**king with you :D

  16. nickxab says:

    Lol it’s not fake….

  17. come back liquidzigong says:

    Be patient,man..
    Be a polite lamer.

  18. LoL says:

    oh dear I hope it doesn’t suffer the same as Nokia N-Gage

  19. Fan Tsang Ting says:

    HI,my dear hackers.I am a Hongkonger.And i want to know more about the information of the new released masked rider psp game.We can’t play it so that we are very worried about when it will be hacken to play.Just help you guys can help us.THank You veru much.

  20. TotalNews says:

    OK,people is it true that the porting to 6.35 is going totake 6 to 10 months??Couse in the HBL/TN HEN progress it says just thah???What the hell is he crazy 6 to 10 months thats jus wrong.

  21. yellow says:

    hey you guys check this video it says that helcatts recovery flasher works on hbl if it does this should be good for people with psp 1000 here link

  22. Noobpwnr says:

    I have a favor to ask of you, would it be possible for you to ask Total Noob if he’s going to keep working on the HEN for 6.20, and if he says no, can you ask him if you can release it?

    Thanks in advance :D

  23. darkriku says:

    1) Were did you read that?
    2)If that is true, it’s not because he wants it to take that long

  24. Noobpwnr says:

    Where did i read what?

  25. Krozoa says:

    that was only a joke at the release is still to “before christmas”

  26. shura says:

    total_noob updated his blog in the comments part

    T?tal_Noob said…

    I have thought about it and will add iso support in TN HEN 6.35. I will release in couple days.

  27. shura says:

    nop, sorry it was just a fake

  28. punker69 says:


    Can you update Us About TN HEN?

    i doubt the HEN is Already Finished 100% and

    i think he will release it as Christmas Gift on december 25,2010 12:00am:

  29. Shinny says:

    i dont understand people…… i mean the 6.35 hen is the best thing he can do…. 1. u dont need even hbl nor golf game nor demo….. vsh is for that…. 2. its good for 6.20 users and 6.30/35 users… stop buging wololo and tn…. btw hello from ukraine…

  30. Irfan says:

    here is good news for all of us waiting for tn hen
    there is a update from total noob
    u can read @
    100% of homebrew support

  31. Irfan says:

    the hen is going to be released in a few days
    and he will make a post in his blog

  32. Krozoa says:

    @Irfan great news, thanks for the head ups

  33. bobvila says:

    Geez guys this is a thread about the playstation phone not tn hen

    I think I would be cool with it if the phone is that bulky. Assuming it has a pretty nice processor that can handle some good gaming. It would be nice to be able to game for real on my phone. I’m all for it.

    • Cixxy says:

      thats funny.
      You gotta consider the fact that its like going back to those Sega Gamegears, cause they were bulky like that. Lol its like technology going back 20 years. I would think its just an embarrassment to be seen with something like that.
      It’s like for example, someone walking around with a stone brick of a mobile phone. It’s kinda hard to be “cool” at something like that, at least for me.

  34. Wolfdawg says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh, so expensive
    I don’t know what I wan’t anymore :(

  35. I don’t think I would want a PSP Phone. In my opinion Sony need to do more work on the PSP2 and forget the phone.

  36. wololooo says:

    I don’t think I would want a PSP Phone. In my opinion Sony need to do more work on the PSP2 and forget the phone.

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