TN Hen will be released for 6.35


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. ButtKickington says:

    yo i heard this was sposed to come out on 2/14/11 did this come out already or is it still a work in progress or did i hear wrong?

  2. mavman42 says:

    what a butt

  3. Noobpwnr says:

    Dude shut up on one cares…

  4. elitepwnr says:

    Why are you reading this blog then??

  5. Noobpwnr says:

    Why am I reading this blog??? Well that’s kinda dumb i love psp’s and psp + homebrew= pure awesomeness, and I’ve been with HBL from the start, i remeber that hello world with the snow that changes color. Why wouldn’t i be reading this blog. And i was talking to the guy that keeps saying what a butt

  6. elitepwnr says:

    Oh. That “what a butt message” was an error that keeps coming back and turning into the latest post. He only said it once. I knew that you was reading the blog and I dont know why I asked it. Call me retarded. my bad dude.

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