TN Hen will be released for 6.35


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700 Responses

  1. Ark says:

    gooo TN a new dawn is coming 😀 thx for the news wol

  2. yellow says:

    im ok with this i knew he would change his mine about releasing 6.20 this is fair for everyone cant wait and wololo why didnt you post it at the home page so everyone would no i didnt i just saw it.

  3. wololo says:

    @yellow: just my cache doing weird stuff 😉

  4. jms says:

    this post is orgasmic

  5. Osumaniac says:

    I hope the release would be still “before” Xmas ^^

  6. Brian says:


  7. xXSEEKERXx says:

    Now evreybody will have a merry christmas 😀 thanks for the post wololo

  8. Muffinheadicus says:


  9. xaex says:

    this is great, great news, hopefully a happy Christmas

  10. dan says:

    does that mean he wont release anything for 6.20?

  11. Lukian says:

    and more and more we’ll wait for the HEN .___.

  12. Brian says:

    So wheres the download link?

  13. Brian says:

    @dan the hen will work for 6.20. didnt you read the article?

  14. Brian says:

    I cant seem to find the download link anywhere on this website

  15. Surfee says:

    Does that means he won’t release 6.20TN before Christmas???

  16. Lukian says:

    @ Brian
    you can’t find the link because it hasn’t been released ¬¬

  17. jake says:

    i some how prodected this… 😉 hope tn well give us another update soon! good job!

  18. MaX_SLayeR says:

    He was nearly finished with 6.20 HEN… he should have released 6.20 HEN to satisfy those who waited & then worked on 6.35 HEN for others.

  19. m3rcury says:

    guys I would stop complaining because at any given moment TN could simply announce that he will not release his HEN and that will be it for ALL of us

  20. Brian says:

    The 6.35 HEN will work for 6.20

  21. Brian says:

    Whats taking so long for it to come out? Total_Noob probably isnt even workibg on it right now

  22. ross says:

    i wish tn hen also work on ofw6.36

  23. WAIT!!!

    News on the street is that monster hunter 3 will require 6.36 so if anyone knows Total_Noob tell him to wait on that vhs exploit

  24. Lukian says:

    @ross and universalconsole
    stop giving him ideas ¬¬ or the hen will never be released

  25. zul says:

    but i still hope its true n not a fake one……….

  26. wololo says:

    @universalconsole: MHP3 will be released tomorrow. If it ships with 6.36 (I think it does), 6.36 still has the same exploits 6.35 has. It’s just that it might be a pain for 6.36 owners who might need to wait longer than the others…

  27. mark@philippines says:


    this means that the release of 6.35 TN HEN is after Christmas since TN would have more hardwork to do since he will going to port it to 6.35? Or does TN still release the HEN before Christmas? Thanks

  28. wololo says:

    @swarif : I’ve been relentlessly releasing news, hacks, tutorials, homebrews to the PSP scene for the past 3 years, I dare you to show me a single one of my posts that was a lie (except the Ham and Cheese hack, lol…)

  29. wololo says:

    @mark: I don’t know. I still hope before Christmas but TN hasn’t given me any specific ETA.

  30. TN HEN :D says:


    so now we are not guaranteed Christmas release.

  31. Lukian says:

    i’m not wololo,but your point is very good,
    tn hen 6.20 before christmas
    Tn Hen 6.35 after christmas it’s a good deal
    We,the 6.20 users have been waiting a lot >:C

  32. CAPORD says:

    Oh men¡, now more time to wait ¡¡. I have the 6.20 OFW and with that news i will have to wait more ¡ for the HEN ¡.

  33. ross says:

    is there possibility that 6.35tn directly work on 6.36?

  34. Lukian says:

    You have to be kidding right?e__e

  35. mark@philippines says:


    Yes, I guess we will wait more longer now since 6.35 is new OFW. I hope TN would have no problem porting the HEN to 6.35 so that he can finish his biggest hack this year before Christmas. Im using 6.00 OFW and im willing to update to 6.20 if TN will release it. Well, all we have to do is give our 100% support for TN and hoping for better CFW by the end of this year.
    1 month to go guyz! hoping… 😛

  36. Lukian says:

    i think…no..nothing….this is somewhat annoying :/

  37. Rohin Singh says:

    Will T_N’s HEn run cxmb for ctf themes

  38. xXSEEKERXx says:

    come on you guys you 6.20 fw peple are complaining cause youve been waiting longer? stop bieng so selfish and let evreyone have a merry christmas 😀

  39. Marcos20 says:

    Wait sucks man , and i wait a lot for this and he say than no realease 6.20 , and now we have wait more for the hen .

    Well nothing to do only wait .

    Pd : Thanks to wololo for hbl is really greate for 6.xx users .

  40. paKO JONES says:

    We upgrade…
    we don’t…
    we upgrade…
    we don’t…

    Make up your minds! (lol)

    “Wait for an actual release” (wololo 2010)

    Y no empiecen a decirles que son unos mentirosos… sino haganlo ustedes!!!!

  41. ken says:

    Thanks for the update Wololo, but like you say this is all I have to know: “Oh, and no matter what, do not upgrade for now.”

  42. gam3r21 says:

    I totally agree with you. Although I am on a 3000 with 6.20 and have been waiting a year for anything, there has only been hbl, no HEN or CFW. If we don’t stop complaining, he might not release it at all.

    If you’re “not even that excited for the HEN” and “don’t care that much at all”, then why do you even comment? You can use hbl while we use T_N’s HEN.

  43. asziancrime says:

    thanks TN were hoping for that one my 6.30 had a chance now, :) thanks to wololo for the good news!

  44. Kobe says:

    @wololo: aight man you can clearly see that a lot of people are confused, Is T_N still going to release it for 6.20 or not, that’s really what everybody’s basically trying to ask

  45. BLUCE says:

    TN cheating on you and you haven’t found

  46. BLUCE says:

    6.35 crack in 2012 ~ then TN will be very glad to ~ because mill grace will find him a liar

  47. BLUCE says:

    6.35 crack in 2012 will release ~ because at that time no one will find TN he just a con artist

  48. may-cn says:

    @wololo:Q1.TN didn’t directly announce he will abandon 6.20HEN. Is there any possible 6.35HEN is the 2th edition after 6.20HEN instead of it’s substitution? After all, 6.20HEN “is almost there”.
    Q2.As a hacker, by your reckoning,what’s the proportion of the previous work on 6.20HEN must be restarted from zero? Thank you.

  49. Muffinheadicus says:

    One last bit for the ‘technically challenged’ who keep begging for an inferior release i.e. ‘6.20 hen’. The release TN has announced is far SUPERIOR to ANY Hen! Sheesh, educate yourselves!

    The time you spend spamming F5 is better spent knowing the difference between a HEN and a VSH exploit. TN’s exploit WONT NEED a game!

    I’m done.

  50. MitMakis says:

    I think the HEN will not be released for 6.20, but will then be released for 6.35 for the VSH exploit. Which means an awesome christmas for well, everyone (Except for those who will eventually update to the next firmware).

  51. Osy says:

    “Show some HUMILITY.

    Encouragement pwns discouragement.”


  52. 1121 says:

    TN, release hen for 6.20 first please! That’s what you’ve promised and what we’ve been waiting for. You say 6.35 was unexpected well of course it’s unexpect. You expect sony to make forecast on their firmware release? Now it seems that you ditched the 6.20 hen and we don’t know when you will release hen for 6.35. Who knows, maybe there will be another “unexpected” firmware update, say, 6.40, before you release hen for 6.35. Are you gonna delay and say you are gonna release hen for 6.40?
    @Muffinheadicus you spent all your time talking about F.R.E.E. I’d say they certainly gained something and that is fame. Now people all over the world know who wololo and total_noob are. People don’t come here and hit the F5 key all effin day to get rid of their bordom. Given that ppl have been eagerly waiting for the release of hen, of course they will not be happy when they see a post like this with all the ambiguity suggesting that the release of hen may be delayed.
    Having that said, I do respect wololo and TN’s hard work. I just hope that the hen will be released before christmas as he promised. If that doesn’t happen im sure there will be far more flames than what you are already seeing.

  53. TN=NO says:

    o doubt you cheated all trust you ~ is this just for show

  54. leon says:

    can’t u people wait? should thankful at least there is someone working on this..and what is contribution to demand him like that?did he owe you something?if he relese he will do it..if doesn’t its his rights because he owns it..
    anyway keep up the good work anyone responsible to this development..

    to all the suckers..get lost!!!learn to be patient….

  55. Einhander.Soul says:

    Hahaha!!! It’s payback time Sony!!! You’re the best TN and wololo!!!


    And to those people that are still saying it’s fake…


  56. asziancrime@philippines says:

    let TN do his job.. Remember guys “Patience is a Virtue”, TN his havin hard work just to make yah all happy this coming christmas guys.. There’s no big deal in waiting.. Just be patience, TN’s work is worth for us that’s why he just work and work for it just to make it smooth and perfect for us to use our PSP. and Remember TN dont owe us and we will havin his work for FREE. unless you will have something to donate him as a thanks for hardworking.. :)

  57. psp411 says:

    Muffinheadicus & Osy

    You are so right, congratulations, and tnx for defending the real spirit of the hombrew and hackering, a mesage to all people complainign of wololo ant TN: well we all specting your own cfw bunch of you know what.

    is so ease to criticize to others and do nothing but spect others work

  58. Brian says:

    SO THE 6.35 HEN WILL ALSO WORK ON OFW 6.30 & 6.31??????

  59. Coleslaw says:

    If he will release the hen for 6.35 then i think it will take more time to finish it .
    Maybe he should release 6.20 HEN first or just a beta release while working on 6.35 .

  60. teen says:

    this is not fair wololo………. v r waitin for long time……..

  61. Surfee says:


    i have a question: why does tn himself update his blog about the HEN??

  62. legendarymidget says:

    @ Wololo or anyone else that knows.

    Will porting the Hen to 6.35 take very long. Thinking logically, wouldn’t the only thing he need to redo be the Nids table and adapting it to run off his VHS exploit.

    I know most of the people won’ t know what I’m talking about but the questions out there.

  63. wololo says:

    @Surfee: the answer to your question is in bold in my article. I assume he is extremely busy coding.

  64. Exploit says:

    I gave up. i just gave my psp to my nephew. good bye homebrew community

  65. saito1250 says:

    Can’t wait for the new hen, I can hear the emulators already!
    The updates really keep my spirit and head held high.

  66. wololo ??! says:


  67. disgaea01majin says:

    What’s up with the people accusing TN and Wololo being a lier!? Impatient People!!! Like you could do the same thing that they do. I bet you can’t even operate a simple electric sharpener.

    TN and Wololo I’m very thankful for your effort for doing everything that you can do even with the people that doesn’t have any heart to appreciate your work. I been supporting your work since the patapon 2 exploit. love every minor and major improvement in your work.

    I’m gonna wait for the 6.35 exploit since its free. But im not gonna update until its proven to work.

    ps: remember people that they both have life. I bet the people thinks TN and Wololo are lier doesn’t have life :)

  68. andy says:

    i cann’t understank TN

  69. ???? says:


  70. xXSEEKERXx says:

    Im just greatfull this two men are willing to take parts of there lifes and put it behind a computer screen just for all of us. p.s he still has a month before christmas logicaly if he puts as much effort into TN HEN as now im sure heel make his promise. Also to Total noob dont forget to back up your work ; ) we dont want any lost files do we?

  71. ???? says:

    Great God, can you release 6.2tn right now? Then continue to 6.35,please!
    Großer Gott, können Sie Freisetzung 6.2tn jetzt? Dann weiter auf 6,35, bitte!
    Grand Dieu, pouvez-vous communiqué 6.2tn maintenant? Ensuite, continuer à 6,35, s’il vous plaît!
    ??????? ???, ?? ?????? ????? 6.2tn ??????? ????? ??????????? ?? 6,35, ??????????!

  72. ???? says:


  73. rtanck says:

    I agree you

    ” HaVe PaTieNce ”
    & all those who cant wait can develop their own HEN…

    I’ll wait for 6.35 HEN ..
    thnx wololo & T_N …. :)

  74. American netizens says:

    First release us $620 TN it ~ beg god!

  75. Fuck!!!! says:

    wololo ,i have a question , what do you think of 6.20 TN?

  76. ????????? says:

    ??6 . 20 tn??????~

  77. mark@philippines says:


    I just wondering why TN suddenly work on 6.35 while his 6.20 exploit is almost down the wire. For you Wololo, does TN’s objective to work to 6.35 is pretty much good than to release the 6.20 Hen? Just asking though. Thanks… 😛

  78. god says:

    Please you first finish 6.20TN

  79. wololo says:

    @mark: personally I’d rather wait a bit longer for a 6.35 Hen in the current situation rather than a 6.20 Hen.
    But I am not sure if he plans to release both…

  80. lxq says:

    How did to 6.50 version ?

  81. ffdgh says:

    … serious flames and ungrateful stuff here.
    anywhoo good work tn!

    lol lrn how to wait most of u.

  82. mark@philippines says:


    Well, your right since 6.35 has a VSH exploit while 6.20 will go to HBL before using the HEN.. Hmmmm. I think this is more interesting since 6.35 has a new features and Sony will probably look for better patched on their next revision.
    Thanks for your thought Wololo! 😛

  83. LASHIy says:

    T N?
    PSP is play games, not of the system?OK?


  84. tugabro says:

    SONY fw 6.36 is coming soon in a new monster hunter game (JP release).
    I assume HEN will postpone its release once again.

    Get ready for nothing guys.

    And no, I’m no ingrate and I appreciate what HEN is doing. I’m not selfish enough to not think about the other people who have upgraded their psp for one reason or another, we all deserve to get it. However, if sony continues to constantly announce new fws, I’m afraid the wait is gonna be longer.

  85. mark@philippines says:


    Wololo said that he doesn’t know if TN will release both 6.20 and 6.35. Well, lets wait for this and hoping for the best… Thanks

  86. 6.20 says:

    Please send you publish it I do not want this money to buy Taiwan MP4

  87. bob says:

    you are all ungrateful. if i were tn i wouldn’t even release the hen at all.

  88. sophic says:

    thns TN&wololo hard workin for us
    expect 6.20hen releasing before christmas(thats hackers promise)

  89. NEHAshu says:

    “The Hen will work directly on 6.35, will not require a commercial game or even a Demo, and will not require HBL. It will run directly from somewhere in the XMB” seems magical…great work..
    the world of total noob rules….

  90. disgaea01majin says:

    I heard that Monster Hunter 3rd include the new firmware 6.36. So that’s something right there. If he’s working on 6.35 and the new firmware releases unexpectedly and he’s exploit isn’t patched yet, he might work on that firmware instead. So basically he’s probably just wasting his time doing 6.35 right now.

  91. NEHAshu says:

    @justREAD i’m with you bro…i really agree that…

  92. Loyz says:

    c’mon guys,stop it.TN will release the Hen for the firmware he think’s the best and when he think it’s ready.

    Wololo and TN are working very hard for us…show some respect …

    It’s this kind of attitude that almost kill the scene in the first place .

  93. rtanck says:

    lolz …. you shouldn’t have post this topic ….

    plz have Patience …

  94. T.R.D. says:

    ????TN?= =

    6.35 YA

  95. ThatsAwesome says:

    6.35 thats good news, even better if TN could wait longer to have a more definitive release.

    Though I suppose once its released there will be more complimentary software that will negate future firmwares provided you have older hardware.

    I think its better to delay it and let Sony make some money as thanks to HBL there is a lot of quality homebrew to enjoy.

    There is that double edged sword where you can’t buy a quality game because the new firmware it requires will decimate your homebrew. So thats kind of a lose/lose for everyone.

    Maybe Sony can have two kernels, one for homebrew and one for their games. So it would be a win/win.

    The only thing I would be impatient for is the wireless ad-hoc support for homebrew.

  96. Airlanse says:

    TN just a liar!!!
    He Has completed 98% of the 6.20TN.
    But why he go to the development 6.35TN!?
    Why not to 6.20 finish!?
    He Simply a waste of time!!!
    And he said before Christmas put the original set released to the extension
    He are a big liar!!!
    Unless he can release before Christmas.

  97. ThatsAwesome says:

    Also as has been commented, Daveee has a similar type of TN release in hand so maybe TN releases just after easter, then Davee releases the easter after. By which time there will be a good chance PSP2 is out.

  98. xXSEEKERXx says:

    @acancit nicly said that goes to all you un patient people

  99. chuck says:

    Dont go back on ur words?

  100. ffdgh says:

    …this constant whining is getting annoying…
    whether most of u like it or not, you’re going to have to wait anyway so do something productive with your time instead of waiting and complaining about TN hen…

  101. brdzoman says:

    i have nasty idea hmm wololo perhaps you could i don’t know leek 6.20 HEN since you have it.

  102. ross says:

    ???????,??????HBL???TN HEN

  103. dan says:

    what does this mean for dridri’s iso loader?

  104. White_Fatalis_X says:

    No Monster Hunter Portable 3rd requires 6.31
    I updated my PSP Go just for this demo haha. And the game shouldn’t need an updated frimware. Either way I’m not updating anymore. Because I’m looking forward to the relase of this HEN. But is it for the Go or the 3000? I have both so either would be great ^^

  105. fasdf says:

    Monster Hunter P3 crack request

  106. CrapLoad says:

    TN pls DON”T release the HEN.haha!!!!

    Dridri’s ISO loader is dead on the water even before it is released. ISO loader won’t work on TN’s HEN because TN blocked any plug-ins that would attempt to load ISO. for TN, ISO loading is piracy, piracy=illegal.

    for all those who are waiting for the hen to be released is im sure that most or u only wanted ISO loaders. Homebrew is good but it sucks! so dont expect any ISO loading cause it wont happen at all. Buy original UMD games and that way u are supporting game developers to develop more quality games. ISO loading will kill the PSP in the long run. TN will not allow that to happen.


    Buy used PSP that has 5.03 firmware or older and stop crapping around here.

    You are all ***!!!

  107. teen says:

    asusual v hav 2 wait………… no other way

  108. PSP Owner says:

    I think first 6.20
    then 6.35

    as more 6.20 users
    a possible of port but 6.20 lesser work and
    there should be a 6.20 HEN


    6.20 = fast release


    6.35 = release in 2011

  109. garrei says:

    ima just sittin back, waiting for its release, when its released… no rush… i think ima update to 6.35 anyway.

  110. 620 says:

    6.20 first!please!

  111. 620 says:

    6.20 first! please!

  112. Fate. says:

    According to the present progress, 6.20TN almost almost complete.
    However, if the TN do not intend to release 6.20TN, is to port it to 6.35TN, then you think that the transplant take?
    Thanks. :)

  113. brdzoman says:

    @CrapLoad you are wrong using iso loader doesn’t have to be piracy if you had umd and make iso out of it and your umd gets broken you can load iso insted of buying same umd again. And you are wrong about other thing too. iso loader is already out and it can start psx eboots too. You don’t believe me?
    here is a link for you:

  114. mark@philippines says:


    since your the one who can talk to TN, could you please tell him if its okay to know weather if he’ll going to release 6.20 or just 6.35 for the sake of all because it is indeed conflict from what he said in his blog. thanks a lot.

  115. JIM says:


  116. TOM says:

    *** 6.20 %98 ? cheater???

  117. x-den123 says:

    maybe the hen is a scam,The System is updated ceaselessly.and the holes will be Fill in futrue,why don’t you issued the hen ??

  118. x-den123 says:

    ???????6.40, ?????????????!!????????sony ???????!??HEN???????PSP????!!!——–????!!

  119. jamison says:

    WHAT? ARE OU KIDDING ME. You 98% of 6.20 tn hen done so why are going to port it to 6.35. that’s a waist of time. man i wonder if total noob is a fake just like mad cow.. Wow total noob your really pathetic..

  120. www says:

    620 620 620 620 620…

  121. yaw415 says:

    why there are those stupid guys cannot understand english?? Mr. wololo is not liar. If you read it carefully, you will understand that his not sure about what he’s saying right? and I think he just want to emphasize what Mr. TN want to say. And Remember? Mr. TN said He will Release His HEN before Christmas, then why you guys cannot wait for it?? are you guys crazy??

    Cheering up you who supports Mr. Wololo and Mr. TN, and of course for two of them. Then other who are crazies calling them “Liar”, stop posting you guys are not welcome… i think

  122. Don’t let love you of person sad we believe you can cash you promise 6.2

  123. hellox says:

    I suggest first 6.20TN this release,Because 6.20TN have too many people carrying the hopes of,In the past year, we are always in imagination the moment he came out,I know you just want more people to enjoy the fun of the game,But now, if you delay the release of 6.20TN 6.35 start working away waiting for a long time players will hurt many,Players just want to play as soon as possible to the game, your commitment to give them hope
    ,Of course, we know that your work is unpaid,We should not ask so many
    ,Only reference to it …. hope to understand the voice of the player 6.20

  124. noobpwnr says:

    So…. when 6.35 hen is released we all update? 😀

  125. zhanmenghui says:

    6.20 98%,6.35release,delay
    6.35 98%,6.40release,delay
    6.40 98%,6.45release,delay

  126. Andrea says:

    I’m sorry, why do we have to wait? If there is a 6.40 crack do we have to wait for 6.40?
    I feel ridiculous.

  127. Andrea says:

    If so, I think you should wait for 7.00 and then to break out.

  128. belz says:

    It is really sad to read these dumb people who insult for something that is supposed to be given for free. I only hope Wololo and TN will keep up their work regardless to these idiots.

  129. And1 says:

    Best News ever!
    Where is the problem, simply update to 6.35.
    Learn to be patient.
    foolish kids…

  130. z.luna says:

    no information is the best information,i still believe tn will release hen(-_-!)
    after all,6.35 or 6.36 maybe too far to imagine for me now.
    ps:wololo may refine the hbl

  131. ZERO says:

    we will be satisfied if TN release 6.35TN before Xmas…………
    if then he still tell me to wait , i’ll throw my psp out of the window……

  132. cenchenwud says:

    We should understand, although all etc. For a long time, but for others selfless dedication, we should not have too much criticism. Only to support the approach to treat. Waiting for a long time, also won’t care to wait a little more time, TN need is support.

  133. io says:

    NEW FIRMWARE 6.36 is OUT

  134. Lukian says:

    ¬¬ come on

  135. Stone Fan says:


  136. io says:

    double comment <_<

  137. G-boy says:

    ha ha ! good job ! I know , the (lou dong) NBA07 ~
    But I did’nt try it at 6.35….

  138. Lukian says:

    @everybody except wololo and others,because they won’t do it
    or everybody will wait more and blablabla,Flames,blablabla,TN HEN lie,blablabla ¬¬
    geez,poor wololo,TN hen and other devs ¬¬

  139. NIKOS0067 says:

    I only know two things.
    First: I have a PSP Go version 6.20
    Second: I must not update my system software version, I have to wait and see what T_N will do.

    (Am I right about the second one?)

  140. Lukian says:

    Finally someone has brains because you won’t update yay n.n
    and i have a psp 3000 vibrant blue with firmware 6.20 :3

  141. F#CK says:

    you are chinese !
    (NBA07 demo you lou dong?)

  142. Lukian says:

    Who’s chinese?o.o
    if you are talking to me, i am from atgentina,german ancestors n.n

  143. Lukian says:

    *argentina,sorry about double post u.u

  144. ?? says:


  145. 786169171 says:


  146. ?? says:

    ??????????china is no.1 do you know???


    Ok, we will release a OFW to this?, we think that we wont do more OFW like 7.00, 7.03 and 9.00 but we wanna do a OFW that will run isos and homebrews FREE. What do you think?, we want that you be happy…

  148. F#CK says:

    sorry ,G-boy is Chinese . I love argentina

  149. Lukian says:

    EPIC WIN XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD come on e__e you have to be kidding right?

  150. Lukian says:

    Really?n.n where are you from my friend?


    No, isn’t a joke, because if we make a new OFW to some or many hackers do a new xploit, then? if we still releasing OFW’s it means we still releasing XPLOITS… THEN WE HATE THIS SH*T AND WE DONT KNOW TO DO ABOUT THIS… TOMORROW : OFW 6.40 RUN ISOS AND HOMEBREWS FREE, SO WILL YOU UPGRADE YOUR PSP? THINK IT

  152. Lukian says:

    @Sony Corporation
    you,sony corporation,create a video proof,if its 100% viable,100% true,in EVERY MODEL of psp,i will evaluate the possibility


    Ok, we will do

  154. ffdgh says:

    the more i read most of these comments, the more i understand why the psp scene almost died…..

    most of you are seriously childish and rude -.-

  155. Lukian says:

    until then,as everybody,we will wait for the TN’s hen n.n

  156. TN says:

    Ill Release the hen for PSP2 LOL

  157. qualcuno says:

    Dai che TN ha ragione, meglio essere sicuri delle mosse della sony prima di rilasciare HEN.
    anche se sono sempre più dell’idea che la psp2 uscirà già con un custom firmware
    RAV (rido ad alta voce) 😀

  158. Lukian says:

    I have a life,i will wait,i will go out with friends,date my girlfriend (as usual),play l4d,watch some anime,listen thrash and some other stuff >.>

  159. And1 says:

    You are absolutly right.
    Most of the kiddies only want isos….

  160. wololofan says:

    so psp totalnoob gonna release the hen for 6.20 and 6.35? cause he said that if sony released a new firmware hes gonna port it to 6.31 so you gonna port it to 6.31 or 6.35?

  161. Lukian says:

    and so everything starts again e___e

  162. ffdgh says:

    you all realize thats not total noob right?
    obvious fake is obvious

  163. Lukian says:

    looks like some individuals not xD

  164. Teal'C says:


    Indeed the link didn’t work so heres another.

  165. jake316 says:

    hey you 6.20 owners that are complaining! shhh! its not like its gonna take that much longer…. + we dont need this hard workers have hard @$$3$ riding on them. remember what happend to dark alex? no, you dont? well he left becuese of the people like you!…..yeah thats about it. :)

  166. ravitendo says:

    Thats awesome. just like 5.03 hen. no demo no full game. not hbl. just a exploit. from the XMB. your great. keep it going.

  167. Lukian says:

    he left because Sony demmand him by a LOT of euros (500.000 more or less)

  168. Leonardo says:

    How to identify a fake TN:

    1 – Look at his name. If it is Total_Noob or TN, go to step 2, else, stop reading this.

    2 – Look at all of his posts’ avatar. If it is the same at every TN post, then he MAY BE a fake. If not, He’s fake.

    3 – Blame the fake.

  169. equis says:

    I personally think TN should wait until the new FW (6.36) releasing. If we (all) had wait to this point, what else a few days more? Doesn’t matter the personal feelings of childish people. I think it would be better that the HEN could work in most PSP consoles. Before the 6.35 release we got nothing sure about new FWs. So people didn’t stop asking for the HEn.
    However, now we have complete certainty about Sony worries in the PSP Scene. In this point, it was a great move from Sony to release a useless FW, quickening HEn and expecting to patch it in the real FW.
    But, in the end, only TN’s word count.
    Disappoint who would be disappointed…

  170. mon says:

    TN job is not to satisfy PSP ofw 5.5+ owners but rather he’s very much willing to share his knowledge by doing things (TN Hen, etc) an average person cannot do, all we have to do is WAIT if ever he will release his exploit. If you will read Wololo’s note you will understand that this is his thought on what TN had mentioned to him. SO WAIT!
    Don’t hate!
    Hating is for losers!

  171. sdim2016 says:

    I want 6.20 tn hen!!! “before the christmas” :(((

  172. F!nn says:

    This Forum Already Has Enough Trolls.

  173. Richard M. Nixon says:

    “I am not a troll!!!” 😀

  174. krypton says:

    loud mouth with a total noob is not a saint you all believe. The code you say that 100% of its actually based off the main M33 and even the critical updates are posted in public himself from davee. We are quiet workers on the PSP and we got TN Enabler and suspiciously has features in common with the typhoon Enabler, such as a feat. also with the addition of nandguard previous cloning site, we here believe that the total noob with no talent, but a copy cat.
    Maybe if he works for less money that it would be better respected in the underground. an underground, after all, he knows more

  175. Leonardo says:

    @krypton But if it wasn’t that “copycat”, you wouldn’t be able to run a HEN on 6.20+… Or do you see DaX/Davee working on something?

  176. motze says:

    dann lass es einfach sein !
    Alles nur leere Versprechungen.
    Wenn TN den Hen nicht bringt dann halt wer anders, aber dauerhaft diese kommt es jetzt oder Morgen oder garnicht oder vieleicht doch. Ich kann es nicht mehr lesen. Nervt mich totall. Behalt einfach dein Scheiß für dich oder lass taten sprechen !
    fishing für Interesse anderer nenn ich das

    mfg motze

  177. daddy says:

    Here is the a joke:

    A kid stood without moving for a long time, so someone came to him and asked: “Come on, go! What are you waiting for, Christmas?”

    The kid answer: No, Total Noob.

  178. Grumpy says:

    @motze: er hat nur gesagt, dass es vor weihnachten kommt. etwas anderes hat er bisher nicht versprochen. warte das datum ab, dann kannst du dich aufregen 😛

  179. sweirdo says:

    You just have to wait a few while longer right? It’s not like if you have 6.20 you’re not going to get HEn. . He might be able to release 6.35 HEn before Chirstmas(doubt it though)

  180. jake316 says:

    its been awhile sents he said he was 98% done with 6.20 tn. makes u wonder if its done now, but waiting lmao. i hope 6.35 wont take much longer then the last i mean all hes doing is porting it right?

  181. Trolololo says:

    Hey now if everyone is on their best behavior there may be a TN Hen 6.35 under their tree this year!

    So the next time your thinking of staying up past your bedtime to check for updates just remember Santa is watching and may think twice about leaving you that special gift under your tree!

    Also stay in school, don’t do drugs, always listen to your parents and elders, always wear condoms, drink your ovaltine and eat your greens!

  182. game007 says:

    @Trolololo Christmas would be here all year long if i just do the opposite of everything you just said(except wait up for the hen) j\k merry xmas to most :)

  183. john says:

    Dude im sorry for being stupid and childish.. Total Noob and yourself are doing a fabolus job.. I have one question.. When you get a chance to talk to Total Noob can ask him if he’s still gonna release 6.20 TN HEN… And again im sorry for being rude.. THANKS WOLOLO AND TOTAL NOOB

  184. QWASZX says:

    The PSP community will be destroyed if the HEN is ported to 6.3x…hackers and cheaters will be ruing all of the games that are on psp….when it happens don’t i wont say i told you so

  185. TN HEN :D says:

    once i upgrade to 6.35 when TN HEN 6.35 is released, i will miss HBL a lot

    Thank you wololo for all your hard work on HBL and TN for making cfw possible on 6.xx

    I hope HBL will be used in the future

  186. PowerLiner says:

    there is just this one thing I really have to say to all these haters.

    Isn’t this good news for you?
    and should people on 6.30/6.31 that are new (maybe not) to the community can’t benefit from the HEN?
    why do you guys always want more (or less).

    T_N is working hard to make a beautiful HEN that will go in the hacking history books and all you (haters) are doing is dis-motivating him!
    how would it feel for you if you made something and worked hard for it but before even the release everyone is complaining?
    Is everything you think of to get the HEN as fast as possible and forget T_N made it?
    Sure, I also want it as soon as possible but is asking the same questions over and over really gonna help?
    Maybe you should appreciate it if you got the HEN for under your Christmas tree, but no T_N is breaking his words haters say.. “you said before Christmas”

    I don’t care if it’s over 4 weeks or 2 months when T_N feels like it he will probably release it as soon as possible, but if you (haters) think this is bullsh*t than please go somewhere else and make your own hack.

    – PowerLiner

  187. PowerLiner says:

    btw.. 50% chance total_noob on this blogpost isn’t real (sorry if you are)

    BUT. he has 2 different char logo’s which is like impossible since I always have the same logo no-mater what computer or from where is post.
    AND. the real total_noob would inform sites and his blog as far as I know.


    ps. I also think this counts for the Sony Corp. dude.

  188. F!nn says:

    Thanks Mom XD

  189. BoNeZz says:

    so i might still get cfw even if i updated to 6.35??…….
    because ive ben waiting for cfw for soo long its kinda getting old so i updated -_-….
    but w/tnhen can u get custom coldboot and game boot and or CTF themes???if so that would be awsum!!!

  190. zul says:

    tq wololo n a “real totalnoob”……….
    i still waiting 6.20 or any other tnhen bfore the day of chrismas……
    n then if it wont release yet………..

    i will kill myself…….
    plizzz fulfill your promise……..

  191. yellow says:

    still dont update he might still release 6.20.

  192. mark@philippines says:


    Gud morning here! Thanks for updating your recent blog regarding the release of 6.35 HEN. Now all people here are relaxed and waiting for the HEN for 6.20 and 6.35. Well, it’s 24 days to go before Christmas so expect something new in some exploits…

    Any news for TN? 😛

  193. mark@philippines says:


    I mean any news with TN? Updates of his exploits? 😛

  194. wololo says:

    @NsAnE: this is a problem with my caching mechanism I guess, I’ll have a closer look
    @Mark: No, no news from me, in general I’m lucky if I can talk to TN once a week. He *really* is busy

  195. nim says:

    This is the first time I got excited for Christmas since i was 10 yr old.

    Merry Xmas to u all.!!!

  196. Brian says:


  197. if it is released for 6.20 AND 6.35,Should I update to 6.35?

  198. Logan says:

    Why must he port it? I understand it’s his project but when you’re almost done with something you don’t go and port it to something else. To be honest, I think it’s fine that he ports it to 6.25, but I think that should be it. People need to learn the consequences of updating. I believe it’s time he just finishes it on 6.35 and call it good. Anyone who updates is just being a ***. You release the product, then make changes (ports) to counterattack new firmwares. If he keeps bumping to newer firmwares it’s never going to get done. I don’t understand it. Total_Noob, if you’re reading this, do what you want, it’s your hack, but stand by what you say. I’m not calling you a liar at this point, but you said you’d release it by Christmas and that it would be for 6.20. Again, not calling you a liar because you haven’t confirmed or denied either of those statements, but I wish we could have a clear picture of what your intentions are. We love ya man. You’re a hero in the PSP world. Don’t waste that. 😉

  199. game007 says:

    I think he expected to release it for 6.20 guys come on..(Explanation and cfw for dummies)If he releases the 6.20 hack now then the exploit may be broken in 6.36. he didnt release it in november or sooner because he now has the oppportunity to make all psps up to 6.35 hackable, all psps.Even the one mommy bought you for christmas. If you want to buy a psp after the holidays would you like the chance that it may be hackable?Well why cry?This only goes for the kiddies that dont understand anything but download, free, and release everyone else merry chrstimas:) and thanks TN i may actually get a nice shiny new one for my son now that i heard the 6.35 news.Thanks again widening the range of hackable psps.

  200. NightStar3 says:

    You guys do know that NandGuard was made originally by Davee, and TN asked Davee how it worked and literally stole his idea and called it his won right?

  201. ???? says:

    please 6.20 fast.we are waiting for you

  202. TN HEN :D says:


    Yeah, I think he put it in his unreleased ChickHen R3

  203. equis says:

    Simple, NightStar & others: don’t use his HEN. Punish him with your silence…

  204. Cisco says:

    People still play the PSP?These so called “coders” are terrible. Its taking this long to get some exploit for 6.20 to work? Really!!!? 6.35 just came out and they can’t even get a new CFW out past 5.55? How about you all leave that fantasy world and join the real one with the other 7billion people on this earth,

  205. Beginning a says:

    Black guest how are you.I am to wait to crack 6.20 hen players, I concerned you to crack diary so much is that all of us is to quickly can crack to play monster a hunter:Take version 3 your works, you crack to feel consolation also very happy in effort.You the giving us 6.20 players and hoping also give us disappointment.You finally is be not in Christmas let out 6.20 hens still postpone to let out a 6.35 HBLs to arrive like.We 6.20 players arrive is think like this can fix a time to let out to play P3 your workses to wait you again to crack hard together 6.35.We 6.20 players really want to amuse to wait you for a while diligent achievement.The thanking your black guest for hopes for PSP.Hard you are diligent!Encourage…

  206. Cisco says:

    @Finn I am no stranger to PSP modding. I left to scene when I go a real job at the #1 communications company world wide, hence my name. Neither am I bashing the PSP. I’m just wondering why people praise such a system when it was doomed from day 1. The days of Dark Alex were great since he could get CFW’s out quickly.

    Busting their butts eh? They are doing clock work compared to ours, keeping our clients communications safe and secure never being hacked by some “white hat” wanna-be.

  207. chris says:

    why are you complaining if you left this for a job a cisco?

  208. MitMakis says:


    Oh really? Then crack the Pre-IPL and code a CFW for us and make sure to share some of that goodness with us :). Oh thats right, you can’t.

    You should never diss other people’s work when you don’t even know how to do it yourself, in fact, you shouldn’t diss their work even when you’re far superior than them.

  209. Cisco says:

    I’m not dissing other peoples work. I’m actually trying to figure out why you all are complaining about TN not getting you a exploit. you all are getting mad at someone who is taking awhile on a doomed system.
    I came on here because some guy on told me there were some “disgruntled” software customers on here.

  210. chris says:

    “software customers”?

  211. F!nn says:


    Your Right, Im Sure You Have Nothing Against PSP’s But Thats Not Really What We Were “Disscussing” Now Was It? Honestly, You Are The Worst Yet. You Claim You Left PSP Hacking To Join Cisco? If You Were As Activly Engaged In PSP Modding As You Claim You Were, Then You Should Understand How Frustrating It Must Be For The Neo- Hackers Of Today. Really, I Even Doubt That You Work At Cisco, But If You Do Let Me Say That Your Doing A Comemerable Job At Reping Your Company. Bravo Good Sir, Next Time I Want To Video Chat With India I’ll Give You A Call.
    +1 For Cisco

  212. Cisco says:

    Yes we sell software. But obviously I was mislead and came here. So I say why not join in on the debate. So you see this obviously is not the place that I thought I was directed to.

  213. chris says:

    ok but i feel sad when people complain, why not wait for the HEN then the CFW after that complain on it’s flaws it seems more reasonable for me

  214. Cisco says:

    @finn whats to complain about? What more in CFW do you need? Your buddies create programs that destroy online modes for the system and cause developers to pull all ties with the PSP. So in a sense, CFW has doomed the PSP. Matter of fact from what I hear a PSP2 is supposed to come out, IDK? If CFW gets on that, its done. I understand there are good intentions with it, but piracy and online cheating are big no no’s. LOL I’m glad I was mislead into coming here. Money over the community…TN should be charging for this stuff. He and other coders could honestly be making 100s off dollars off these exploits since they well know fan boys will purchase it. Gotta use that head

  215. F!nn says:

    You Are Clearly Dissing Them and Their Work
    “These so called “coders” are terrible.”
    Dont Try To Turn Tail On Your Ideas Now.

  216. Cisco says:

    ^actually there your ideas.
    I could have called them insolent……hey I’m just joining in with the other complainers lol even though I clearly have no idea of whats going on…LMAO gotta love love $5 blog sites

  217. kyo says:

    oh~““go to head!~““““““““““““““`

  218. kyo says:

    6.2TN Are you OK?

  219. F!nn says:

    @ Cisco
    You Are So Right, You Really Don’t Have A Clue Of What This Is. But Hey Ignorance Is Bliss.

    TN’s Hen Should Be Nicknamed “The Revival”. The PSP Was Dying Long Before TN’s Hen.

    And If You Think That “Piracy And Online Hacking” Is All That CFW Is For, Then You Are Sadly Mistaken.

    And Your Kinda Being Hypocritical Of Yourself, Remember You Once Were A Big Time PSP Modder Who Partook In The ‘Destruction Of Online Systems’ Remember?

    Oh, And Your “just joining in with the other complainers” Isn’t Really Helping Our “Human Network” 😉

  220. KOCKYisMyway says:

    Have you heard of the muffin man?

  221. fang says:

    Are you ok? W!

  222. KOCKYisMyway says:

    Who ya gonna call? Ghost busters!

    Brunette:When I grow up, I’LL GO TO MARS
    Brown:When I grow up, I’LL GO TO VENUS
    Blondie:When I grow up I’LL GO TO THE SUN
    Brunette:But you will burn!
    Blondie:Don’t be stupid, I’ll go at night!

    Police Officer pulls over speeding driver.
    Officer: “Papers?”
    Driver: “Scissors, I win!”
    Officer: ” Sir, im going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle please .”

  223. nandu says:

    will 6.35TNh support iso nd cso. Or atleast psx eboot

  224. ABCD says:

    Hey guys wait,

    Total_Noob You dont have to release the VSH exploit!!!!
    Coder Magixex has a usermode exploit

    Then the 6.20 exploit will run on 6.3x since its run thru HBL.
    Hence TN just has to release the 6.20HEN(which is almost done) which wil alsop most probably work on 6.3x.

  225. jake316 says:

    everyone who thinks the psp is a doomed system dont no jack…. you guys dont realize how much money they make off of it.

  226. Brooks says:

    I heard that a hacker from China will release his own system for 6.20!God bless us!

  227. F!nn says:

    Haha, Download This Video Via PSP, Set The Playback Speed To x0.5 And Tell Me What You See Happen At The End. I Dare Ya 😉

  228. wololo says:

    @Cisco : some of these “so called coders” that you qualify with the adjective “terrible” also happen to have a job in real life. Yes, it takes months to hack a system, when security is just a hobby and not a full time job.

    I take the fact that you compare a multi million dollar company with thousands of full time employees VS a handful of hobbyists as a hidden compliment, despite the explicit insult :)

    For all you know I could be your manager @Cisco btw, now get back to work :)

  229. 6.2TN Are you OK? says:

    Don’t release us 620TN for just more bristle ~

  230. fang says:


  231. Zack says:

    Is this meaning that the 6.20 TN Hen will not release?

  232. Lukian says:

    i don’t think so


    -.- @zack yea he will releas tn 6.2 nd 6.35

  234. ???? says:


  235. ABCD says:

    What do u mean.

    Anyway my suggestion is to release 6.20TN so that totalnoob doesnt have additional work.
    Since guys at 6.2+ can use 6.20 TN via Magixex exploit+HBL

  236. @punker69 says:

    @Wololo i got problem loading on your forum

    it took me 4-5 minutes to access and The Loading waste my time

    sometimes it gives ERROR “Connection Timout”

  237. chinese baby says:

    dear wololo:
    it’s a long time that we have benefited from the appreciable job you do for us ,thank you !!!
    I am a psp fans in China,and recently I got my first psp with 6.20OFW.
    Although it is not a happy news for 6.20s,I will still support you and hope you are not troubled by the comments upside.

  238. wololo says:

    @punker69: yes, this happens from time to time when the load on my server is high, I will try to improve this, in the meantime please stay patient :)

  239. F!nn says:

    Its Pretty Obvious At 28 Seconds Into The Video He Makes A Jumpcut To HBL…

    Im With You 100%. People Need To Realize That Hackers DO Have Lives Outside Of Hacking.

  240. bugas says:

    this exploit run iso/cso?

  241. dan says:

    not right away, total_noob doesnt like iso loader, piracy (nor do i, the only reason i want one is for my old psx games) but i heard dridri made one but has to wait for the hen to come out to test it.

  242. dan says:

    i just dont like the idea of updating my firmware becuase iv heard stories of random people updating and more or less bricking their psp or ps3

  243. Umu says:

    Great job wololo, aquel que da todo de si por los demas, merece gran respeto, pero el que solo busca la gloria efimera, no merece nada, una gran decepcion que TN no cumpla su palabra y ahora quiera aparecer como el gran salvador para solucionar los problemas de todos sin cosiderar, el quiere jugar a ser Dios.

  244. Lukian says:

    tu comentario no ayuda mucho que digamos e___e solo estas haciendo que algun usuario que comprenda castellano se enoje,haya problemas y blabla

  245. equis says:

    Umu, no sabes lo que dices. No han pasado las fechas prometidas y te quejas igual que los demás

  246. ABCD says:

    LOL. He loads HBL thru a game that is not patapon2. And there is digital comics indicating 6.20+.
    Anyway he will release the hack in short time.

  247. Lukian says:

    ^ ***?o.o

  248. ABCD says:

    LOL. It shows him loading HBL thru some game other than patapon2.
    He said its a free demo.
    Anyway magixex will release it soon.

  249. goku says:


  250. goku says:

    Please please when we are very desesperates for this hen
    denlo denlo denlo yaaaaa…..

  251. zero says:

    @ABCD F!NN said that the video does a jumpcut which obviously proves the video is a fake. I noticed this to around 28 – 29 seconds into the video. He showed the video loading digital comics then instantly cut to hbl using the patapon 2 or hsg exploit. LOL what people would do for Efame

  252. Lukian says:

    si no quieres cagarla quedate callado porque por gente impaciente COMO TU el HEN se retrasa

  253. F!nn says:

    @ Zero
    Wow I Thought That Was Pretty Obvious, I Just Dont Get Why ABCD Can’t See It.

  254. F!nn says:

    I Doubt The Video Was For Fame, Seems Like A Dessprate Atempt At Getting T_N To Release His Hen Prematurely.

  255. Noobpwnr says:

    Who ever has the game exploit for 6.50 shouldn’t release it, and wait for 6.60, so we have a hack for 6.20-6.60 or whatever then next firmware is

  256. Craighq says:

    Why dont they just release the damn hen for 6.20 or 6.3xx jees yo i think this is fake its taking to long!!!

  257. DOS says:

    300 comment heck YAH heck YAH heck YAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. Noobpwnr says:

    It’s definitely not fake, and he should just stop everything and release the VSH exploit for 6.35

  259. Thiago says:

    Why he just don’t release the 6.20 and then keep working with the 6.35?
    come on
    I’ve been supporting TN for all his decisions, but this is ***

  260. cv- says:

    hey man it’s TN’s code, yes its wrong to get peoples hopes up then straight punch em in the face, but it’s his code so plz don’t rush him.

  261. Krozoa says:

    will the hen be delayed or is still before christmas??

  262. Bloodsport II says:

    DOS!!! DOS!!! DOS!!! DOS!!! 😀

  263. Wololo_Fan says:

    ”It’s definitely not fake, and he should just stop everything and release the VSH exploit for 6.35”

    Why would he want to stop everything for you *** updaters???

  264. ffdgh says:

    complaining wont make hen come out any faster.

  265. Noobpwnr says:

    I never updated, I’m still on 6.20, but I’m not complaining, and a VSH exploit on 6.35 is better than the exploit for 6.20

  266. vies says:

    wol .we just wait so a long time , can u ask Tn to give us 6.20 before Christmas , which is best gift for us

  267. mepopo says:



  268. Wololo Fan #3 says:

    Chill out,there are 24 days until christmas.if i were TN i wouldnt port it 2 6.35 because many games are run over by hackers and porting the hen to 6.35 is going to add way more chaos in games such as socom ftb2-3 and mohh2.Updating to 6.3x should have a consiquence i.e. No HEN…although i have 6.31 FW, i wud say port the hen to 6.20 only…anyway who am i to say,im noone to you people.

  269. wololo_fan2 says:

    You unselfish idiot. Even if TN release the hen on 6.35, the update is not gonna stop. There is gonna be 6.36, 6.40… and then 6.35 hen isnt gonna work on those systems anymore. People who update need to learn their lesson. I also believe most ppl who are waiting for the HEN have 6.20 or under. The few poor souls who have 6.35 are either stupid or very unlucky.

    Wololo said the 6.20hen was “very close to completion” 2 weeks ago. Why not release it first? Release 6.20 hen first with HBL. Then release 6.35 or 6.40 or whatever hen with the vsh exploit that they kept… sounds good to me.
    PSP is 6 years old and almost done. 3ds and psp2 is gonna come out next year…the sooner the hen release is, the better for us. and that’s what we are hoping for.

  270. Noobpwnr says:

    Yes, but 6.35 is faster, you don’t have to boot up patapon 2 all the time, and I like VSH exploits more, and i can wait

  271. MitMakis says:

    Wololo, off-topic, but you should make a blog post about Liquidzigong quitting the PSP scene (Due to ungrateful noobs demanding him to release Prom v5 I believe)

  272. juan321 says:

    i have a question if we are in OFW 6.2x or 6.3x we should need to update ours psp to the OFW 6.35 for launch the tn-hen or we can stay in our actual firmware? please answer me
    and sorry my English isn’t the best for is better than the google translate

  273. Brian says:

    The 6.35 HEN is probably going to be released on December 24

  274. Brian says:

    dont ever update. the 6.35 HEN will probably work with all of the PSP OFW

  275. juan321 says:

    I have a question if we are in OFW 6.2x or 6.3x we should need to update ours psp to the OFW 6.35 for launch the tn-hen or we can stay in our actual firmware? please answer me
    and sorry my English isn’t the best for is better than the google translate

  276. juan321 says:

    thanks @Brian

  277. ???? says:


  278. Wololo Fan #450 says:


    where did total_noob come from? like is this the first thing he has ever programed or has he been involved in projects other than 6.x HEN

  279. chris says:

    Total_Noob should wait to port it to 6.36 to play some mhp 3rd

  280. ffdgh says:

    if i am not mistaken, he is apart of team gen

  281. DonkeyPuncher says:

    Yay just that much closer I’ve been waiting just as long as everyone else so people stop with the crying just doesn’t help Make him release it any faster gawd.

  282. th3pwnsh0p says:

    Stay on whatever firmware you’re on.

  283. Mrasdu007 says:

    continue waiting 6.20 Hen

  284. Punker69 says:

    i’ll will be offline this days on your forum Sorry :(

    Please Fix it Soon. =))

  285. Abdullah says:


    Liquidizing has quit the PSP scene! No more prometheus custom firmware.

  286. Abdullah says:

    Proof if nobody believes me.
    Read it from here.

  287. omnitrix152 says:

    thanks guys this is really good ok guys listen its an exploit from the XMB so thanks to these guys we will be able to play sweet homebrew on 6.35 im on 6.31 i accidentily updated from 6.20 when i had patapon exploiu hbl running i wanted my dad to buy me everybodys golf or one of these guyz exploited games but my dad sed no on by reading this im happy again =) if theres anything i can do to help just tell me plz . thankyou so much :’)

  288. Malaria says:

    we should give it a confidence vote over total_Noob since it is he who works with this, so do not despair and hard to total_Noob you can do

  289. Stone Fan says:

    liquidzigong brought us so many happiness!Thank you!

  290. Stone Fan says:

    liquidzigong brought us so many happiness ! Thank you!

  291. Picolo says:

    ????…. T.T

  292. omnitrix152 says:

    ok guys i read the FAQS and TN says we will have it before christmas but DONT blame them if it has a delay cmon guys its a HEN through the XMB . TN take your time thanks

  293. Abdullah says:

    I mean liquidzigong. Not liquidizing.

  294. Abdullah says:

    I meant to say liquidzigong. Not liquidizing.

  295. kid says:

    I LOVE this game

  296. sankait11 says:

    every1 will think its fake……..if tn takes too long to release his hen…….please release it soon we are waiting

  297. ffdgh says:

    NO 1 can think hen is fake when wololo made a freaking video >.<

  298. Alex says:

    best regards!

  299. franzrogar says:

    Wololo, thank you very much for the news.

    Total_Noob, keep the good work up and release it when you think it’s ready and as-bugfree-as-possible 😉 You know you really dislike hearing complains from 1,000 newbies.

    Just a side question: would it be possible, as this’ another VSH exploit, that it does NOT require “fast” MS, please? and, of course, that Wagic work 😉

  300. FAKE Fke fake fake 6.20 tn hen ?

  301. bobvila says:

    Alright to all you little bastards who keep making stupid comments, shut up! You guys are not entitled to anything at all. You should all be on your knees praising both Wololo and T_N. These guys work hard, for nothing, just to let you ungrateful bastards use homebrew apps. T_N will release when he damn well pleases, and you will say thank you for the hard work he did.

    On that note. I might be a newb myself, but thank you guys for all the hard work you are putting in. I appreciate you guys not only putting in the effort, but not letting these jackasses stop you from doing something cool for everyone.

  302. paKO JONES says:

    It’s December, almost!!!!… almost!!!

  303. Wololo_noob says:

    Everytime I see the title of this topic I get happy, because I I see the word released while reading the first words of the title. For example, read this:

    TN Hen will be released for 6.35

  304. wololo says:

    @TN better deliver : you have only yourself to blame for donating to someone you don’t trust.
    I’ve said it many times, but a donation is supposed to be exactly NOT how you did yours. You’re supposed to give to say “thank you”, not to say “please”.
    Now chill out, TN is not a faker.

  305. jc says:

    what the heck is wrong with people all this fuss for a hen most of you guys will let your psp collect dust so chill give the dude some breathing room

  306. lol says:

    @TN better deliver
    lol. next time, donate after the real stuff is released.

  307. Aconcit says:

    Way to count your HENs before they hatch, frowny face.

  308. Leonardo says:



  309. pspnoob says:

    Im confused most of us wants TN to released hen on FW 6.20, so what if he decides to release it in 6.35, my psp 3000 is fw 5.7 all we need to do is upgrade it right? once he release hen on 6.35?

  310. c'mon says:


  311. N00B says:


  312. sadman says:

    in my country
    we have a saying
    “when the HEN come, so will the rain”
    there is a draught
    the land, she is barren
    no food for my family
    please TN, release the HEN
    you can not be this heartless…

  313. wowzers says:

    I can’t believe TN would keep the HEN to himself & allow so many people to die

  314. Zack says:


    Thank you very muck.

  315. pspnoob says:

    can anyone answer my post earlier, thanks

  316. wololo says:

    Sorry guys had to clean up some comments by a spammer, and I also deleted people’s reply to him (they were becoming confusing)

  317. Leonardo says:

    @wololo Pwn3d! Thanks, wolo!

  318. ???????? says:


  319. pspnoob says:

    Hi wololo i have psp 3000 5.7 and 6.31 if TN release Hen on 6.35 can i safely upgrade to 6.35 and able to use his exploit? and play games without umd thanks

  320. HuG0 says:

    Thank you! Wololo, plz don’t listen all this people that don’t say something usefull.


    TN said “Before Christmas” and we are in December 3 and still missing 21 days for Christmas, SHUT UP STUPID PEOPLE!!! use your brains and wait for Christmas!

    Guate apoya a Total-Noob!

  321. I hate my life says:

    Sorry everyone, I can’t take it anymore. I’m killing myself. Without HEN, there’s no reason to live.

    Good bye.

  322. TN HEN :D says:

    3 weeks til christmas!!!!

    PS:i will only be happy is the hen is released by then

  323. james1552 says:

    So is he going to release anything for 6.20 or is all the work going straight to 6.35

    I mean if he does that then shortly after Sony will patch it in another update and it will be too late for users to update to 6.35 at that point.

    With all the work for the Patapon one, why can’t he release one for it?

    There is no harm in it, if the HEN works on 6.20 why not release it. Yes there will be bugs and since he is porting to 6.35 its understandable why he would stop working on 6.20 but why not release what he has for 6.20 as is, if currently it works.

  324. james1552 says:

    So long question short, are we going to be forced to update if we want to use the HEN or will we have options?

  325. storrrrry says:

    please release hen as soon as i use a mobile phone to write this .so,i am greatest uhhhhh?

  326. Noobpwnr says:

    Hahahaha you are

  327. sagat says:

    tn take ur time realese the hen on january 4

  328. MaX_SLayeR says:

    I would release exactly on Christmas, just because everyone is complaining. How can you call TN a liar when there are still 23 days left? :l

  329. Noobpwnr says:

    @Who ever is talking about CFW
    CFW is technically still possible, but just really really hard, first off, you’ll need to write a new CFW for the new psp’s then either crack, or completely overwrite their IPL, and most importantly successfully booting into service mode. I’m not trying to get anyone’s hopes up I’m just stating facts… and truthfully, i really miss the old CFW era, that was the best every single psp was hackable for free :D, ISO’s Plugins, Homebrew, all that good stuff..

  330. I’ve gott something good to talk about.

    What are the possibilities of a pandoras battery for PSP 3000 and psp go?

    I mean, there has to be a way for sony to recover the bricked PSP’s, right?

    Thats what the original psp pandoras battery was for, right?

    They put a void if removed sticker on the PSP Go battery for a reason, right?

    What do you guys think they do to boot the PSP’s into service mode?

    BTW Thanks TN
    I CAN wait

  331. God says:

    All i want for xmas…..~~~~ is HEN~~~~~!

  332. God says:

    I don’t want a lot for Christmas
    There’s just one thing I need
    I don’t care about the presents
    Underneath the Christmas tree
    I just want HEN for you all
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true
    All I want for Christmas is…
    Please!!!!! :(

  333. jms says:

    y did a new iso loader have to be written, y dont old ones work?

  334. Surfee says:


    thanks,now i see the news “99% Homebrew Support!” does it means that
    the 635hen now supports 99% homebrew ??

    thanks again!

  335. Kshitij Gupata says:

    great work man…. but when is it releasing

  336. Punker69 says:

    CountDown Begins!

  337. ???? says:


  338. brdzoman says:

    -22 more days until Hen comes out-

  339. dead says:

    its hard to be patient when youve been waiting all year long

  340. PSP Owner says:

    Well this is a very huge post as 399 and more post’s in just 3-2 days !!!
    well I also want to say that I don’t know what will TN think But I wish and I know that on 17 or 16 there will be a release and If not his reputation in going Down and Down and when the HEN will release he will be still praised and **** for his breaking promise.

    A question when the ChickHEN was release after how much period did the CFW was release ? I wish TN HEN’s CFW does not take time till JAN It should be a NEW Year gift :) :)

  341. zul says:


    where do u get the news………??????

  342. Surfee says:


    i don’t know whether this news is release by wololo…..

  343. fate. says:

    Liquidzigong retreat message.
    Wololo, What do you think?

  344. Surfee says:


    Liquidzigong is a god!

  345. jack says:

    who was Liquidzigong and what did he contribute?

  346. Sahil says:

    I hope that TN stays stable with this one. Lol, I can’t imagine how much sympathy for people stuck on newer firmwares! 😀 Nice. But I atleast hope that it’s 6.35 HEN and advise people to NOT upgrade to any higher firmware and to stay on the OFW they have, be it 6.20/6.30/6.31 or 6.35.

  347. Sahil says:

    Liquidzigong was the creater of famous Prothemeus Module and few CFW’s which lead the user play games requiring higher firmwares. For example, a user on 5.00 CFW would be able to play games which require 6.20 with the help of Prothemeus Module or Prothemeus CFW both created by Liquidzigong.

  348. Sahil says:

    *creator. 😛

  349. jack says:

    too bad he had to leave

  350. punker69 says:

    Hey! we Might Seen Dark alex on 2011

    Go to you should notice the text change.

    Does this Means Dark alex Site will open in 2011 to make CFW again 😀

    Source Of

  351. john says:

    99% of hombrew capibilty. =)

  352. jack says:

    does anyone knows where dark alex leaves?

  353. NYC3 says:

    Plz DOn’t Release VSH Exploit Due To Fact Sony’s Waiting Because 6.36 was released in japan which means that they are holding back to patch all exploits for psp2its a possiblity that they might miss that in next psp so release tn hen for 6.20+ thanks if u do read it

  354. Noob_Fan says:

    TN Porting To 6.35 have 99% Homebrew Support???

  355. Leet says:


  356. yellow says:

    @Noob_Fan where did you get that information from.

  357. Taschenla.mp3 says:

    @yellow… it was a question from Noob_Fan…
    and john said se same thing…

    sry 4 my bad english

  358. equis says:

    @PSP owner “…there will be a release and if not…”. So, do you know or not?
    May be you are right, any reputation can be destroyed in a matter of days despite the hard work of any one, despite being a good person, despite our wishes. Our only option is to resignate seeing how the people reacts for a “broken promise” (not really broken).
    In the other hand, is really laughable the huge quantity of messages (c’mon-N00B-sadman-wowzers-I hate my life – like) asking for the HEn, arguing there is no reason to live or stating the world will be destroyed, or our town will starve to death because of the HEn. I was laughing every day after reading all this comments.

  359. Krozoa says:

    thats great news

  360. K3vinPwnz says:

    TN better release for 6.35 as I just updated my psp from 6.20 to 6.35!
    Besides psp will be dead next year.Might aswell release

  361. dan says:

    @K3vinPwnz why did you update?

  362. yellow says:

    @wololo is the 99% hombrew compatability for 6.35tn hen is real or is it a fake because if it is real you would have update us on his progress.

  363. yellow says:

    and why do my icon change is it because i am using my psp this is the first time i post anything on this blog with my psp.

  364. Leonardo says:

    @yellow Actually yes, because of DNS cache and other tech things

  365. HuG0 says:

    Hi! Plz someone help, i want to play demos while the Hen is released, but all the demos are in ofw 6.31 and 6.35, and i have 6.20 someone have a page to download demos to ofw 6.20?

    sorry for my english, i’m learning :)

  366. Noobpwnr says:

    I heard he announced his retire in fall 2007

  367. Noobpwnr says:

    Liquidzigong didn’t quit he just released Prometheus 4

  368. Noobpwnr says:

    Wait lol nevermind he released that then left

  369. manueluchija says:

    que pasa que el total noob no quiere lanzar el tn hen que ya tiene en lugar de ponerse a hacer otro

  370. yellow says:

    @Noobpwnr no its a diffrent person i think liquidgoing left his work for other programmers but some people say some of the games freeze did you read it on pspslim before you commented.

  371. MaX_SLayeR says:

    @yellow & noobpwnr
    You guys should check this out

  372. MaX_SLayeR says:

    @yellow & noobpwnr
    You guys should check this out

  373. yellow says:

    @wololo look at this post on tootal noob blog Aihiro-san said…

    Total noob hello.
    I had the opportunity to have access to development data ofw’s and Sony’s got a news that will surely appeal to fans of the psp around the world,
    In the data I could find out the reason for the impracticality of using the pandora battery on psp slim with the board and TA TA-88v3-90, but all have flaws and in the analyzed data from Sony, they discover a code to be generated at the moment System startup of the psp allows you to copy files to flash the psp with the board TA-88v3 and TA-90, I performed tests on five psp’s slim three were from the series in 2000 with the board TA-88v3 and 2 were the model 3000, and I surprised by the resulltados with the tests I made I got a positive result on 3 PSP’s, two PSP Bricker, they being a psp 3000 with Ofw 6.31 and a 2000 with Ofw 6.31, so I realize that this version of OFW creates a code different versions Earlier, as I have 3 different psp with ofw ofw unlocked and the lower one of them is the biggest one is 5:50 and 6:20, I’m very excited to provide this material to the psp community, but I’m still working at Sony and I hope to have access to more information that may help unlock the permanent OFW’S latest, I want help with my findings and will be providing all that stuff for you and hope you can fix some problems that exist to generate the code for the Ofw6.31

  374. wololo fan says:

    yes hes gonna release the hen for 6.35 and i updated my psp to 6.35 by accident but when i herd the news i was happy thanx.. 6.35 tn-a (hen bye :)

  375. Chimpy says:

    Wololo, be weary. there are certain posters here who are known for knocking you, your work and the HB scene. They’ll brown nose to try to get some intel off you, just to talk *** about the scene on a couple of other sites. They use your work for their ego.

    Just be careful around those you think are “loyal”

  376. conception says:

    Is tn working in a cave or something? Can he not update us and shed some light on his progress? Seriously.

  377. PhillyCheese says:

    Is tn working in a cave or something? Can he not update us and shed some light on his progress? Seriously.

  378. disgaea01majin says:

    20 more days of wait…or less. If TN releases he’s HEN before Christmas which I’m 110% sure that he will. Every minute kills me :)

  379. NEHAshu says:

    more 21 days 492 hours 29520 Minutes 1771200 Seconds 1771200000 Milliseconds left

  380. disgaea01majin says:

    Every 10 mins I look up in this website hoping for an update of 6.35 Hen but yet there’s none :(

  381. therapists says:

    “TN better release for 6.35 as I just updated my psp from 6.20 to 6.35!
    Besides psp will be dead next year.Might aswell release”

    You my friend is a ***

  382. Punker69 says:

    Total Noob is a Student Like Me i think he is Busy studying than Hacking.

  383. jack says:

    dammit the waiting is killing i cant sleep wating for the HEN

  384. Sahil says:

    Dude, none told you to update your PSP to version 6.35. But it was told by many PSP users as well as other PSP devs like wololo to stay on the firmware you are on. So, if by misfortune, TN releases 6.20 HEN first then you are the one who chose death over life. Of course, no doubt 6.35 HEN will be released sometime after the release of 6.20 HEN. If TN releases only 6.35 HEN then consider yourself as lucky!

  385. omnitrix152 says:

    guys chill it will either take 20 days or less :) anywys go to noobfans link at the top you get all the updates from there wololo moskito noob81 and total noob reply there

  386. john says:

    Do you tink there will ba release this weekend?

  387. Brian says:

    [edit by wololo: scam link removed]

  388. Brian says:

    6.35 HEN RELEASED [edit by wololo: scam link removed]

  389. myk says:

    @brian is that for real?

  390. john says:

    Hey is 6.35 hen really released?

  391. Caio says:


    It’s extremely obvious that it’s a fake.

  392. sony can kiss my ass says:

    yep it’s fake.
    i mean they are saying you need to pay money to download it. brian is probaly the one who gets the money. just a way to get money for somebody else his work…..

    @wololo: can you remove that spam from brain?

  393. omnitrix152 says:

    wololo ! plz reply to me can you update me with the status of the 6.35 HEN if theres anything i can do to help just tell me thanks.

  394. blizako says:

    anything in the psp that you can run. it can crash. some stuff like senseme, comicbook(my music crash) and somewhere in the settings.

  395. rage says:

    I dont think so.
    Most probably a scam.
    Remember TNsaid “I’ll release the HEN on”

  396. CrapLoad says:

    A HEN that cannot load ISO games is useless. homebrew sucks! i want ISO loader!!!!

  397. Dragoone21 says:

    I honestly believe that wololo and t_n have done so much for the hen community, for starters, I told myself I would never hack anyghing unless absolutly not able to purchase things anymore. I used to buy all types of games on their relase dates, halo 3, street fighter 4, etc… when i got my psp and saw the prices, I thought to myself,”is sony for real? Do they expect people to spend this kind of money just for games?” At this time, I pent hours and hours on research in how to create my own hen and iso loaders for my psp 3010 6.20 ofw. After almost a year later, i realized i’m not a wololo or a t_n, which in return led me to respect you guys to such degree that if you say we need to wait, that’s all there is for us to do. For all of you people complaining that is not going fast enough, you try spending hours away from family and friends and then ask yourself, “Should I really be wasting my time for these people who have done nothing more than criticize and doubt me?” Then you’ll now what it’s like to be a real developer in demand. To T_N and wololo, you have my full support and if you need any more time to finish your work, I trust you are going to give us the best you can provide to us. Thank you again for spending time to develop hen for all of us who believe in you.

  398. dan says:

    ^ first decent comment of the day.

    thank you wololo and T_N, you guys are great

  399. omnitrix152 says:

    yep hêz ryt wololo can you update us plz. thanks

  400. Punker69 says:

    Santa is Coming Tomorrow! and He will donate $500

    to Total_Noob to Buy the HEN. and Santa Will Fry and Sell it to

    Sony. Then Sony will Buy that and Eat The HEN while Playing PSP

  401. james1552 says:

    Yea but emulators ARE piracy as well. People saying the reason for no ISO is because of piracy, thats bs. SNES, GBA, Sega emulation, that is ALL piracy unless you OWN the actual game. Just because it’s old school, doesn’t mean it’s illegal…

    Just sayin’

  402. disgaea01majin says:

    19 days of wait…or less(and yes I’m counting the days before christmas eve) :)

  403. sosolidj4tt says:

    i wanted to ask everyone here there opinion on this question:
    when do u think the hen will release??i am talkin bout 6.2!

  404. Koseki says:

    When Wololo and Total nood have the hen, I will donate 1000 thousand dollars for them.

  405. omnitrix152 says:

    sick guys chill they are making ISO loader aswell but that will definetley take time so chill 19 days left till the HEN or less . just imagine ISOS on the go that would be nice but im using 6.31 and my dad wont buy me hotshots golf

  406. jack says:

    18 days
    447 hours
    26825 minutes
    1609532 seconds
    left before release

  407. Sense says:

    Nice post dragoone21. I hope you win a $1000 bucks

  408. omnitrix152 says:

    18 days nw sick this is gttin spicy nw -_- wololo can you update us plz thx

  409. th3pwnsh0p says:

    “Some people don’t use their brain, they don’t understand that I’ll release the HEN as promised, I just thought about porting to “6.31” (now change 6.31 to 6.35)

  410. K3vinPwnz says:

    Hope he sticks to his words
    “I’ll release Hen with vsh exploit on 6.35 ”
    I just updated my psp from 6.20 to 6.35 just so I could finnaly play FTB3 online

  411. Sonitles says:

    A wild faker appears!
    [Edit by wololo: don’t offer the guy a link, that’s what he wants…]

  412. yellow says:

    hey you guys check this video it says that helcatts recovery flasher works on hbl if it does this should be good for people with psp 1000 here link

  413. Punker69 says:


    Yeah that would Work But HBL has no kernel access

    nothing will Happen when you try the HELLCAT just a waste of time

  414. yellow says:

    @Punker69 did you look at the video he launch it with hbl dont know if it could work but it came up and show everything.

  415. punker69 says:


    Yeah i watch it and i realize there a trick Happen there

    after exiting it goes black and He change his Psp with CFW installed and run it on xmb.

    on the second psp there no extra icon and digital Comics

  416. Red says:

    wo hu wo hu wo hu wooooo
    wo hu wo hu wo hu wooooo NO!!!

    waiting…. justin bieber ssucks!!!!

  417. victor says:

    Agree. I’m so excited, soon I’ll be able to play MHP 3rd (after they release the iso loader of course). I would buy the original game but Play-Asia wont ship it to England =(.
    Keep Up the Good Work!

    I would donate some money, but then i would not have any left for Christmas, sorry about that.

    People stop complaining about which FW (and spending money on gamest to run it) it will come out on OFW 6.35 and no game or demo is needed!

  418. omnitrix152 says:

    18 days almost there

  419. CrapLoad says:

    HEN is not coming…. the worse Christmas in my whole life!!!

  420. LoL says:

    Iso loader is not necessary, I just want to play psx games and backup umd games, and if ever a new good game would come out like MHP3 I would just buy it and give no other reasons like it is not available in our country.

  421. disgaea01majin says:

    18 days…or less!!! :)

  422. mikie says:

    Do you exacly know how the 6.35 TN HEN works?

  423. TotalNews says:

    OK,people is it true that the porting to 6.35 is going totake 6 to 10 months??Couse in the HBL/TN HEN progress it says just thah???What the heck is he crazy 6 to 10 months thats jus wrong.

  424. Punker69 says:


    Look at this News Its A new Developer of Promotheus he says he will Continue Liquidzigong Work. Please Confirm

  425. Noobpwnr says:

    Has it been confirmed that he will only release it for 6.35

  426. Noobpwnr says:

    The only reason people are freaking out, is because he doesn’t keep us informed what so ever his last post was a month ago

  427. Dragoone21 says:

    You all need to be patien, stop harrasing them, they can’t work properly if you guys keep putting pressure, now tn and wololo said the hen for 6.20 and 6.35 will be released before christmas. SO LET’S WAIT TILL CHRISTMAS. If for whatever reason the hen is not ready, I’m pretty sure they will let us know. I for one, don’t mind them taking their time, like I said before, that only guarantees us they want it to be perfect for everyone, they have what most people need, passion for their work.

  428. playboy says:

    @wololo tn hen is realesed?

  429. God says:

    -1day to wait

  430. playboy says:

    wololo i cant find it here

  431. mikie says:

    Dude don’t fall for it. There’s always an idiot who put wololo as their nickname. Plus the first place the hen will release is here or pspgen..

  432. JJS says:

    @playboy That was not the real Wololo, just an imposter. The HEN is not released yet.

  433. playboy says:

    thx guys :(

  434. Noobpwnr says:

    What do you mean 1+1?

  435. Krozoa says:

    20 days left…

  436. omnitrix152 says:

    17 days

  437. disgaea01majin says:

    19 days…or less (pacific time) :)

  438. yellow says:

    hey i try the helcatts recovery flasher and it works but i wont use it because i have a psp 3000 here is link of the video i watched it on youtube i thought it was a fake but i was wrong

    • punker69 says:

      i already Told YOu!!!!!!!!! Times, yeah it will bootup on hbl but it will Not Work!!

      because HBL dont have Kernel access. obviously the video is fake he has 2 psp .


  439. w4e says:

    @omnitrix152 hello mars guy

  440. Sense says:

    Dang. I was sure that the HEN would release before tomorrow.

  441. wololo says:

    @Punker69: That guy on pspgweber is obviously a fake.

    Also Punker69 please stop impersonating me and other people on this blog, I have better things to do with my time than deleting your posts whenever I wake up and see you enjoy confusing people.

  442. Please Read says:

    “Wait. Why wasn’t the HEN released yet?”

    It has the TN Network Update. If he adds on it, we can use it. It proves that its safe to use on Wololo’s youtube vid when he “sacrificed and updated his 5.03 PSP” to use the HEN on 6.20. The only reason I can think of why its not out yet, is to do the things he were gonna do such as making the “noobguard”. I think this will be the last sneak peak of the HEN and the next topic of the HEN will be here with the download link.

    I have great trust in Wololo and Total_Noob for the actions they did for the homebrew community, including M0skit0 and his team. Sorry to say, but from all these nasty and hateful posts to Total_Noob, I believe we will have to wait a longer time for the HEN. What would you do if you had something that someone wanted for a long time and they started calling you names and sending you hateful messages? You would keep whatever you had to yourself to get back at them. I’m not saying that Total_Noob is doing this, but thats what I’ll do. You guys said and showed immaturity and inconsiderate things to our heros and soldiers. (developers and teams). This day you can change yourselves to wait and receive the HBL and HEN with patience. I’m not trying to preach, but in the Bible, jesus said to have patience. Ever since I read that, I never rushed time and things to get what I want. As a matter of fact, it came sooner than I thought it would be. Did you ever have school and it was going reeeaaaally slow? And when you had P.E., it went reeaally fast? Thats because when your having fun, time flies by and you don’t even know it. So lets just have patience and wait until Total_Noob is finished with his miracle. If you can do that, the HEN will come soon as possible. Don’t say anything like “well, I’ve been waiting for too long”. Just see if you can do better and forget about the HEN til its finished. Since you keep thinking about it, you will only want it MORE, which led to the harsh words to Total_Noob. Did you ever rush Wololo for the HBL to come? But, instead, it came when we wasn’t aware. Thats good, because we didn’t have to wait and rush time for a certain date to come. Thats why everyone is getting angry and upset with Total_Noob because they have been notified and are ready for the HEN. If I was Wololo or Total_Noob, I wouldn’t say anything, because I would want NOTHING about the time and my works coming for the public.

  443. YEAH! says:

    YEAH! And to every one that said he was lying a big HAH! Update to 6.35 cause that’s all you’re gettin!

    TN HEN 6.35 12/04/10 :

    As I said I release TN HEN for you but only 6.35 for now. If you can not wait update to 6.35 as I dont know if I will release for 6.20 or 6.31. I will update this post with further information.

    – Download 6.35TNHEN.rar from below

    – Extract all folders to root but place 6.35 in UPDATE folder even if you updated

    – Run it from XMB

    – TN HEN

    – Enjoy

    Posted by Total_Noob at 4:22 PM


  444. OMG YES says:


  445. npissoawsome says:

    lol funny guys…

  446. zul says:


    just make me heart attack……

  447. joejoejoe says:

    lol i was freaking out until i went to his blog D:

  448. confused says:

    I really don’t know what YEAH is trying to do by promoting himself with his next post naming himself as “OMG YES”

  449. Zepheral says:

    that,s messed up. Getting people hyped up and finding the fools gold.
    Don’t worry people the hen is coming soon. I just hope its able to go to
    psn network because my phantasy star portable 2 is gathering dust. LoL!

  450. Zepheral says:

    could be?
    In this world how we could know what is true or lies. It’s all on perspective,
    I’m gonna trust my instincts and check next week.

  451. disgaea01majin says:

    Wololo should start banning people that’s using someone’s user name. Its *** and immature.

    BTW, 18 more days…or less :)

  452. Krozoa says:

    this people are annoying

  453. Noobpwnr says:

    You should make it so you have to sign up with your website so there’s no spammers and fakers

  454. Simple938 says:

    Look at Total_Noob’s latest post here:

    It’s at the very bottom. This isn’t a troll, look for yourself it doesn’t hurt to see. He said “I have thought about it and will add iso support in TN HEN 6.35. I will release in couple days.”

  455. wololo says:

    @Noobpwnr: I thought about it but I don’t want for it to be a pain for people who simply want to comment once…

    I just wish people were a bit more mature, I would waste less time cleaning up, and spend more time doing development work (for them… but these people don’t understand that…)

  456. lfu says:

    simple938, pls see clearly, it is a fake TN. The o in total is not an O. you can copy the name to a plain text and you will find it.

  457. Simple938 says:

    aw man…

  458. Basilman says:

    kill the batman?

  459. punker69 says:

    Wohh…. This is Good You added Reply button

  460. disgaea01majin says:

    Yay! A Reply button. That could be handy sometimes.

  461. disgaea01majin says:

    Somehow Total_Noob replied to his blog that he’s gonna release the 6.35 Hen in a couple of days but I’m not sure if its really him. I don’t even know which one is the real Wololo and Total_Noob anymore :( freaking No life faker :( I’m very confuse now :(

  462. th3pwnsh0p says:

    There’s a Total_Noob with around 5000 blogger views and another with just 23… Which is the real one? :/

  463. punker69 says:


    I told you times! the video is fake he has 2 psp.

    let say it bootup on hbl and Load if you Click something on it, Nothing will Happen Because HBL dont have Kernel access

    NO More Excuse

  464. punker69 says:


    I told you times! the video is fake he has 2 psp.

    let say it bootup on hbl and Load if you Click something on it Nothing will Happen Because HBL dont have Kernel access

  465. Sahil says:

    For those people who are getting confused about real wololo, you can make out the real one by checking the avatar.
    Real wololo’s avatar is this –

  466. Dragoone21 says:

    I told you, it would be worth the wait.

    T?tal_Noob said…
    I have thought about it and will add iso support in TN HEN 6.35. I will release in couple days.

    this was posted today

  467. Sahil says:

    Moreover, TN already said that his HEN won’t be having any kind of ISO support; so, I don’t think it’s a good idea to believe the one who says that ISO support will be available. Believe me at least the first releases won’t have an ISO support.(If at all TN releases the way Davee did Eg. ChickHEN R1 then ChickHEN R2)

  468. MaX_SLayeR says:

    That’s a fake Total_Noob. The L is a capital “i”. “Totai_Noob” Also his profile says “Joined December 2010″

  469. Sahil says:

    I am tabootang!

  470. james1552 says:

    Just like I though we are being forced to update…

    “T?tal_Noob said…
    As I said, I will release 6.35 TN HEN in the next couple days. I busy porting it. Anyone who is on 6.20 will need to update. What is the point in releasing 3 different HEN’S. That’s all for now.”

    No thanks, I’m stickin’ with Patapon… it’s not that bad.

    • james1552 says:

      Never mind.

      It looks like that one is a fake.

      There are two total noobs which isn’t hard to do considering it’s using several accounts to comment on someone could make a fake one easily.

      You can tell by clicking the usernames. The fake one saying that he will release it soon has been on blogspot since december and only 2 digit views.

      The other one (real one) has said nothing about the matter and when you click his name it goes to a profile with his blog as a link.

      Plus why would Total_Noob post a big announcement in a comment… He would make a blog post instead, or most likely tell trusted hackers such as wololo first.

      NO ONE UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!!

  471. omnitrix152 says:

    6.35 VSH exploit relies on kernel access and if its runnin from the XMB it would make sense for iso support

  472. psp ?? says:

    ????6.20??????? ???????

  473. EV says:


  474. omnitrix152 says:

    good news guys a guy called vlln sed the 6.35 TN HEN is releasin 2mrrwz but its probably *** what do you think wololo

    • mikie says:

      man i wish it comes out tomorrow but the only person that i can believe is either wololo or total noob nobody else.

      • Guykild says:

        Like some ppl where saying @ psp slim hacks that TN said he was going to release it before “Christmas” I also wonder if he is waiting for 24th or still working on it.

  475. Sasadara says:

    @wololo :O is that mean no hen? for 6.20 or even 6.35?

  476. mavman42 says:

    guys have patience, given the circumstances he want to release TN on the 6.35 fw may take it to next year

  477. omnitrix152 says:

    im nt sure actually 😛 i want HEN :(

  478. Pspfanxxx says:

    @ omnitrix152 where is it from?

  479. omnitrix152 says: /TN HEN / current status 6.XX TN HEN /Page 23 READ ALL comments

  480. fang says:

    I hole you know this sentence,Tn.

  481. Leonardo says:

    Seems sony is releasing FW’s on purpose just to delay Total_Noob’s work ¬¬’

  482. omnitrix152 says:

    TN dnt fall for it

  483. Dragoone21 says:

    Just out of curiousity, do I have to update my psp to 6.35 to use hen or can I stay with my 6.20?

  484. 6.20TN'ER says:

    I can’t speak english either.

    Ay there’s a new gpSP (GBA Emulator) that has been tweaked for the HBL.

  485. goldfinguer says:

    In mine opinion sony is wayting for total noob release is (outstanding)
    hen to after this patch with a new ofw. So i think we could all wait a litle bit longer until the end off psp anounced. this way every single psp will be
    benefeciate with the total noob hen.
    And yes i know it hurts a lot waiting but its for the best off all us.
    Sorry mi english. Gretings from Portugal :)

  486. 6.20TN'ER says:

    I can’t wait to see “Download TN_HEN” at the top of the next blog. :)

  487. game007 says:

    Hope someone figures out that IPL thing on the 3000s and makes a unbricker soon.I know its next to impossible but just wishful thinking with the recent news.But still it would be huge

  488. game007 says:

    Reason i started thinking about it again is on in the comments on this topic about the hen being ported to 6.35.Thought he was talking about a unbricker or pandora for 3000s but maybe i misread.)towards the bottom of the comments)

  489. Dragoone21 says:


    it was only a question, no need for the attitude.

    • victor says:

      sorry about that, my 1st language is not English and i still have trouble to understand if it is just a question, sarcasm or an attitude.

      but feel free to correct me whenever you want 😀

  490. 6.20TN'ER says:

    I believe they replaced whatever is was in the pandora battery to something inside the PSP 3000. I think there is something we have to break off inside the PSP for it to go into service mode.

  491. PSP Owner says:

    2-3 Weeks are gone and NO official statement from TN ?
    That is not so cool :]
    And now next sun i.e 17 He should give some update :]

  492. 6.20TN'ER says:

    Does anyone know if the HEN will be able to use plugins such as the GTA Cheat Device? If we can’t, damn. Thats the only thing I’ve been trying to do. I heard about the noobguard, but I just want to know if this effects plugins such as gta cheatdevice and the music plugins. With the music plugin, we can be able to listen to our OWN music in-game when you press certain buttons. If you don’t know what a gta cheat device is, look up “gta vcs cheat device” on youtube.

  493. nikos0067 says:

    i want an iso loader for my pspgo aaaaaaahhhhhh i cant wait!!!!!!

    • PSP Owner says:

      Me too but WE have to wait for the HEN and Dridri to test his ISO loader in HEN which will I thick will give us the Loader within a week of the HEN release

      Which means:
      Before Christmas = HEN
      On Christmas = ISO

      Just Hoping :)

  494. PSP Owner says:

    @ wololo

    TN is probably been extremely busy recently porting his work to a new firmware and a new exploit, But why is he not concentrating on 6.20 ?
    as when 6.20 i release as if it is made as if it is made it will be ported to new FW so why he is not releasing it ?

    Is he
    Is he not ?

    Give an answer please :)

    • victor says:

      let’s say it like this:

      In this case, porting to 4 different OFW (6.20-6.30-6.31-6.35) will require different tweaks for each of them. So is easier and faster to make the tweaks only on the latest compatible OFW, then who is below it, just need to update.

    • equis says:

      Isn’t he…
      as @victor said it’s easier to work in only one HEn (and more “universal”).
      Words apart, I don’t understand the need of people to use a 6.20 HEN. Is not easy to update and then use a HEN in 6.35? They argue about “safe” and “security” in 6.20, but I don’t know about that. Safe and security? 6.20 is an OFW and is not hacked. The only way to use homebrew is HBL in that systems and probably there will be a hack for HBL in the near future. The only warning is WAIT until all programming is done.

  495. jack says:

    wow 600 comments already

  496. lol says:

    wasn’t it “very close to completion” many weeks ago? why is TN so quiet now..? Is he working in a cave or something?

  497. CrapLoad says:

    I have PSP 3000 ver. 5.03 for only $95.this is for sale. anyone? so that u will no longer be waiting and leaving your *** here at wololo’s site.

  498. john says:

    any news about 6.35 TN HEN

  499. Pulseman says:

    Hi everyone. I think so TN is a busy guy, and you, like me, all of us are waiting for the release of the new HEN. I believe that will be launched as he(TN) said. So take easy, and wait for him. Good work Total_noob!! I am a developer too, but my knowlege isn’t enough in the hacking enviroment, so i’m counting with you. Wololo, thank’s a lot for the HBL, my classics roms are not dead, and I can wait for the release of the HEN for a while.

    • sacri says:

      thats because you might have a whole bunch of entertainment systems with a whole bunch of games to keep you entertained while you wait. Most of these waiters doesn’t have all that.

  500. jjo says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stop crying people!!!!!!!!

  501. ffdgh says:

    hmm not long now!
    could come out any day now!

    and yes it was 99% completed but since tn is porting it to 6.35, i’assume he have to do some tweaking. =P

  502. TabooTang says:

    the calm before the storm ……Errr

  503. Sonitles says:

    It’s possible to do a downgrader for 3000? o.o

  504. Vadum Samsei says:

    18 days….

  505. Luigi says:

    I think it’s time to have more news from Total Noob. Stop procrastinating staff with other news that does not interest us.

    We hope to HEN before Christmas as promised. Please keep us informed, it relieves a lot already!

  506. sacri says:

    If it comes out on christmas or christmas eve, noone would be using the PSP as in the “HEN” until their presents get boring.

  507. to all the complainers says:

    You guys need to stop complaining and just wait. Also, so what if he only releases it on 6.35? that means we get the latest ofw with homebrew. thats a good thing. But, even if the HEN isnt released for months after christmas, just be patient. TN has to reverse engineer the ofw, and the HEN, im pretty sure, has to be written in C. C is a pretty difficult programming language, and Id like to see you guys write a program that even just opened a window and close immediatly, C is HARD. I do reverse engineering on windows software, like making no-cd cracks for games. Thats in assembly, and thats hard enough. Not to mention trying to write software for a different system, that doesnt use any of the same functions of windows, linux, mac os etc. You cant just type “enable everything” and be done. It seems like most of you dont understand how hard programming is. If you persist in being so impatient, I recomend that you learn C programming. Just calm down, its not like TN or anyone else owes it to you, me, or anyone else to release a HEN. Thanks to those of you who have the sense to understand that this kinda thing isnt easy, and thanks to wololo for hbl and updating us with news when he gets it, and TN for the HEN and all his hard work and putting up with all you complainers.

  508. james1552 says:

    To people saying “who cares if it’s only on 6.35″ umm a lot of you should care.

    One) It’s much more safe and much more secure to release it on 6.20 first (LIKE TN PROMISED (go to his blog) IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!)

    Two) Sony will release another firmware most likely that will patch his exploit, therefor all the people who come new to the scene with new psps (which currently when you buy a retail psp it has 6.20) can’t choose to upgrade to 6.35 because 6.XX will have been released.

    Of course he doesn’t owe us anything but don’t encourage the idea of forgetting the 6.20 and 6.31 users. We were all told to wait and we have. The system isn’t hack proof, meaning there are most likely more flaws in the system, it just takes one dedicated hacker to find them.


  509. G3kk0 says:

    I would not be surprise if T_N didnt release his work thanks to all the complains lol

  510. ukyo says:

    no update yet….

  511. true supreme says:

    Good news guys. Just got off exophase and they said a PSP 3000 with or without CFW can use Custom XMB Waves. He has FW 6.00 and I’m using it on my PSP 3000 FW 6.20. At first I was scared as heck when I put this in my Flash0. Roe-ur-Boat said, that he wasn’t sure about it running on FW 6.30+
    How to install:

    – Download pspfiler 4.4
    – Download the wave you want to go in your flash0. (NOT A CTF THEME!!)
    – Run the HBL and run pspfiler
    – Press R+left at the same time to go into hacker mode
    – go to your PSP’s common folder and find the wave you downloaded.
    – Press “X” and then O to copy the file to the designation.
    – Now keep pressing > until you see the vsh folder.
    – Go to the VSH folder and press triangle to install the wave.
    Enjoy your new wave!! :)

    Heres Proof

  512. true supreme says:


  513. true supreme says:

    Here is the easy installer Roe-ur-Boat used


  514. God says:

    HEN on the wayyyyy~~~~~~~~~

  515. God says:

    Hen on the way~~~~~~

  516. God says:

    Why cant i comment on the site??

  517. Attcer says:

    just waitting……

  518. ukyo says:

    16 days to go?

  519. Omg i REALLY want this to come out. We’ve waited long enough.

  520. PSP Owner says:

    many comments !!!!
    TN should see this !!!!
    and release HEN fast !!!!

  521. DBZo07 says:

    S0ny should not have any problem with this home-brew exploits! because this cant play iso / cso than why is S0ny so desperate to patch this hack?

    • Noobpwnr says:

      In case you haven’t realized the majority of all the psp hacks have had the ability to load ISO’s, and if you can cheat online why would they let you play online?

  522. Claudia says:

    Come on guys, it was obvious that the new FW would mean a lot of new code. Let the guy breathe, I’m sure he’s busy and making this stuff is not easy. It’s a great deal that he is going to release on 6.35 too so please stop whining and be patient. If you want the stuff faster DON’T UPDATE because there are odds of 6.2 HEN being released first.

  523. Ethan says:

    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

  524. omnitrix152 says:

    chill both a ya 😉 its cmin in a cupl a days 100% Homebrew porting to 6.35 TN said

    • james1552 says:

      That was the fake TN. TN NEVER said he would be releasing it in a few days, someone pretending to be him did.

      If anything 6.35 is going to be released last since he said he would release the other 2 first.

  525. appleman says:

    Hey …i saw in the website [edit by wololo: scam link removed] that totalnoob already has the HEN 6.35 at hand…and would give the download link to whomever pays 5$ to an email id specified( [Edit by wololo: address removed])…is it really totalnoob? or is it someone acting as totalnoob to just get the money.

    • wololo says:

      Appleman: the site gmeolosophy is a scam, don’t go there. Total_Noob will not ask for money in exchange for the Hen, he will just ask for standard donation, only for the people who want to give.

  526. john says:

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Total Noob. He must be working super hard to release 6.35 tn hen before Christmas

  527. lowlo says:

    im new to this. ive got a psp 3000 on 6.20. looks like i got a psp at a good time

  528. john says:

    well i heard the news.. well it look like there might be a delay on 6.35 tn hen. but total noob said he would release 6.20 tn hen first.. for the news go to

  529. PSP PLAYER says:

    Hope it’s real!! I just bought a new PSP which is 6.35 version… T T

  530. martintim says:


  531. ???? says:

    every day i say thank every day thanks

  532. omnitrix152 says:

    14 days latest update hez finishin it off 98% homebrew ported woop chance of an ISO loader :)

  533. omnitrix152 says:

    14 days 98% homebrew support iso loader in the works month after christmas

  534. omnitrix152 says:

    dude keep this on

  535. Darren says:

    i dont like that number thats why i made this the 667 post :)

  536. Rehks says:

    Man thats Great, I just recently got the new God of War Ghost of Sparta PSP 3000 and was wondering when this would come out. GREAT WORK TN!

  537. omnitrix152 says:

    15 days TNs finishin it off guys

  538. PSPnoob says:

    I hope TN Hen 6.35 will be released before X’Mas

  539. iy12l says:

    what about psp v6.31??? can he make one for that too?

  540. zheng says:

    hi i got a question someone answer please. ok when the 6.20 hen comes out would it be able to run a vsh menu like the old one and able to make a pandora battery?

  541. Fan fan says:

    kiss kiss kiss kiss

  542. omnitrix152 says:

    guys sick news release dates
    6.20 TN HEN 20TH December
    6.35 TN HEN 20TH December OR After
    ISO LOADER For Both somewhere around january also guys TN is making an amazing downgrader for HEN so we can go to 5.03 and use MHUspeed3 with 5.03 GEN this method will work for all psps except the go
    see i told you TN wouldnt give up on us and if 6.35 TN HEN doesent come on the 20TH then were going to get all the updates.
    TN for hacking the psp go you are the new dark alex :)

  543. Kagero says:

    A quick noob question, when you say firmware is it pertaining to kernel also?

    Like OFW 6.35 is same as kernel version 6.35?

  544. Kagero says:

    I Just Upgraded my PSP 3000 OFW from 5.7 to 6.2 , waiting for 6.2 TN’s Hen Release =)

  545. ravitendo says:

    come on released it already. i can not wait. i want to play gba emulator with cheats. you guys are awesome. please when it will come out.

  546. nunya says:

    dude cant wait for 6.35 hen i have lots of emulators waiting so exciting ive been studying psp go becuase i have one and now i can play emulators thanks total noob

  547. heyman says:

    What is his e-mail? unerwraps. If he lets you, just e-mail it to me Thanks. I am an aspiring hacker, and I would like a few pointers from him.

  548. iLykPie says:

    I LOVE YOU TOTAL NOOB!!!! Lol, that was random. :)

  549. flowers-- says:

    any news? its christmas and a surprise would be great

  550. psp 6.3x./.\ says:

    My God.. Please Release In 12/31 before

  551. omnitrix152 says:

    very nice TN is making 6.20TN-B 6.35 users cant do anything now

  552. Kirsten says:

    i really need this hen for 6.35
    i just updated my psp to this firmware version without even knowing its disadvantage and now, i cant even play my psp with an iso and cso..hpe dis hen wud be release soon

  553. Kirsten says:

    thankss noobpwnr

  554. katsumots9 says:

    wooohhh!!! go Total_Noob psp users loves you! dont give up on us! :) hope 6.35 cfw will be release before feb. :)

  555. noob says:

    Does anyone know when it will come out

  556. fretui says:

    hey i just found out dat total_noob is goin to reloease d hen on 16 january 2011!!!!

    i m surprised by dis one!!!!

  557. nokeepergod says:

    hey i just saw one site of total_noob sayin dat the 6.35 tn hen will be released on 16 january 2011

  558. rtyvnfh says:

    hey i go wid nokeepergods comment he said dat 6.35 tn hen is goin to be released on 16 jan 2010 and yes i found dat one today dat he was not jokin its true i also saw on one site of pspcfw sayin dat one

  559. wololo9999 says:

    hey jus cant wait till jan16 2011

    14 days to go yeaahhh!!!1

    my psp is 6.35 3004

    thanxxxx total_noob

    i love you noobsss

  560. EVEinjecter says:

    I am a huge fan of this site and TN. And I’m really excited to finally get the HEN for 6.35. This site has been a part of my life ever since I got my PSP 3000 for Christmas last year. And I never thought that playing ISOs on it wold ever be possible. Thanks TN and

  561. PspClown says:

    TY TN and Wololo… ty TN for caring about the rest of the masses and ignoring the impatient one’s… learning programming that sht’s hard just beging my borean alg(Stoner), so I have the patience to wait a month(or year) for something so cool as the HEN, do what u do TN U rock. and like KHYLEBRA7 said just run ur R109. im running it on my 3001 God of war edition ofw 6.35… and i have snes gba gbc emu’s all working plus varios homebrew on it… so there is much to play with TY again TN and Wololo……………oh and one question i have, i wanna contribute to the psp community how can I, is there a way to give up log error files or what not….. Just dont like being a leech would like to contribute to the PSP community cuz I love my psp…. Id pown a crocodile to get my psp back 😛

  562. Aareon« says:

    lol, funny, anyways just as an update, 6.20 WAS released BEFORE 6.35, which i had a feeling it would, 6.35 has NOT been released, yet. its all good tn, take ur time

  563. Lighter_bulider says:

    A think hi So Busy becuse The Major Code Sony Put in The Offical Firmware 6.35 That way hi is so busy with a Friend of PSPGEn Helping bulider a CFW

  564. ButtKickington says:

    yo i heard this was sposed to come out on 2/14/11 did this come out already or is it still a work in progress or did i hear wrong?

  565. Noobpwnr says:

    Dude shut up on one cares…

  566. elitepwnr says:

    Why are you reading this blog then??

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