PSP OFW 6.35 incoming

Sony announced an upcoming release for a new firmware 6.35 very soon.

This firmware will add compatibility for Qriocity, a soon to be released online music service (remember when Sony registered that name a while ago?)

I would be surprised if this firmware patches Total_Noob’s kernel exploit, but it will probably patch the Hotshots golf exploit. I’m not too worried though, we have other cards up our sleeves :)

I want to thank Sony for keeping updated with some (relatively) meaningful content for the PSP (I mean, not only security patches). Although I probably won’t upgrade in a while, it is nice to see that our console is getting some love, so, thanks for that Sony.

Source Playstation blog, (also thanks to Muffinheadicus for the tip!)

  1. lilo’s avatar

    wololo this mean that when the firmware will be release Total_noob could work on T_N HEN for 6.31?
    i thinks its better wait for this update before releasing The hen for 6.20 so the kernel xploit would be on 6.35 too
    thanks for the new


  2. Ah-Chai’s avatar

    Woooooooooooo, VERY GOOD NEWS =D
    So they haven’t fully given up on the PSP huh? O=


  3. psp-3010’s avatar

    lo bueno que le veo a esta actualizacion es que gracias a ella, el HEN de TN saldria mas pronto… XD


  4. ffdgh1’s avatar

    XD for once im glad to see an update!
    HELLO 6.31 port


  5. jxnczh’s avatar



  6. Ah-Chai’s avatar

    So after googling news about the PSP2, I got info on the PSP phone? o-o”,news-8954.html

    Ugh…. Yay for PSP phone maybe coming out next Feb? I sorta doubt it though….

    *copies and pastes random websites concerning Sony and Gaming haha*


  7. ffdgh’s avatar

    the update is now avalable 2 teh public.
    just checked on my psp =P


  8. Syd Filmore’s avatar

    Nice to see that Sony is still interessed by our baby :).

    Have a nice day, Wololo (Don’t know if were you are it’s the morning too ).

    Thanks for the news,now I prefear to pspgen.


  9. myk-cn’s avatar

    @wololo, may this accelerate the release of TN_HEN? In my opinion, OFW 6.35 at least is favourable for Total Noob.


  10. Muffinheadicus’s avatar

    Good news indeed.

    And, thanks, Wololo for the shout out!
    You are the man! :)


  11. diego’s avatar

    already released 6.35 update for the PSP!
    sorry for my English (I use a translator) xD


  12. gerardox’s avatar



  13. teen’s avatar

    can anybody recommend the best video converter for psp ….. except video9


  14. ross’s avatar

    this release blocks the Hot Shots golf exploit,so i wonder if TN would release 6.31TN directly.waiting for further information.


  15. ffdgh’s avatar

    ? it blocks hot shots now?
    hmm was the game patched or simply blocked?


  16. Lukitaz1’s avatar

    love? is a trick, to make people update the firmware, they have no choise.


  17. karter 1288’s avatar

    @teen : hey just try badaboom player Its the best video converter for psp .But the problem is Its coverted video memory size will be large , still if you look for quality go for it


  18. karter 1288’s avatar

    thanx wololo and total _noob


  19. rising’s avatar

    will tn release the leak of the XMB for 6.31 now that is out 6:35?


  20. teen’s avatar

    anybody updated??


  21. teen’s avatar

    @karter 1288 …… thanks buddy


  22. what?’s avatar

    What happend with 6.20 tn hen, total_ noob will work for 6.20 tn???
    Sorry for my inglish


  23. susho’s avatar

    wow that’s a gr8 news!
    has anyone tried golf exploit on 6.35?
    probably sony has patched the exploit…
    keep up the good work wololo!


  24. mike’s avatar

    wololo, i hope u make a new expiolt for 6.35,cause i think the same thing is gonna happen to people who updated to 6.30-6.31


  25. brian’s avatar

    i hate updates because i have to update in order to play ftb3 online but this time i will wait for information about if it blocks the hot shot golf exploit


  26. lilo’s avatar

    the firmware have been released


  27. Roberto1’s avatar

    What does the new app do!?


  28. Pacific’s avatar

    @lilo Didn’t you read the post? 6.35 has been PATCHED to stop the kernel exploit.


  29. NightStar3’s avatar

    @Pacific we’re pretty sure the kvuln still exists in the new fw since they don’t know where it exists.


  30. yellow’s avatar

    @NightStar3 dont have to they could find the kernal exploit or another one that no one has found yet.


  31. wololofan’s avatar

    yes i am waiting for the 6.31 tn-a hen yeah thanx total noob :)


  32. Steven’s avatar

    hot shot exploit fixed CONFIRMED. HBL NOT WORKING
    TN-A kenel exploit CONFIRMED UNFIXED

    source file: the creator of prometheus CFW

    also confirmed: OFW 6.35 using same anti-costum game protection as 6.31


  33. goku’s avatar

    my cuestion why are you so stupids and update your consoles, the 1st rule in this world never update, never…
    because if you want a have a psp hacked this is the 1st rule too…


  34. McPhail’s avatar

    @ Goku
    Media Go automatically updates some psps when they sync and connect to the system. This happened to my PSP 3001 when sony released 6.31.

    Also, some people dont care, or they do it to play that new game or PSN game for a week then whine when they cant hack.

    Ultimately, If you want to check out the updates, do so on a older hackable console, like a early 2K or a phat. That way, you can downgrade your psp.

    Unless you want a legit psp 3K/go, the golden rule of thumb is to never update your psp unless the CFW provider instructs you to upon installation. Dont upgrade in anticipation, and dont upgrade because you think they’ll release a cooler version.

    Those who did upgrade to 6.35 better be happy to know that TN’s kernel exploit works well with the new version. Those who updated, consider yourself lucky and your punishment? Wait til TN releases support for 35 =P Worst than prison eh?


  35. karin huang’s avatar

    wololo, sorry i have a question to ask . the 6.35 PRO-A~ B3 CFW or 6.35 Hen signed can play UMD-VIDEO or not?? 5.03 and 5.50 CFW has iSO VIDEO Mount can play it .

    but 6.35 CFW i cant find the ISO Video Mount.
    so i dont know how to carry out .

    i hope u can solve my question and teach me how to play it on 6.35 PROA~B3 CFW or 6.35 Hen_ Signed

    thanks and hope u have a good time.



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