6.35 is out, blocks the Hot Shots golf exploit


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73 Responses

  1. jake316 says:

    if the kernal exploit is still on 6.35 id use it. i know u want to save it but… just to slap sony in the face so they get the picture XD

  2. Aconcit says:

    Thanks for the information! Since they’re updating Media Go hopefully the process of syncing content to the psp stays the same (no firmware check during the sync).

  3. brinsa23 says:

    no wonder i wasnt able to play online on phantasy star portable 2 XD

    i knew they would make an update…..oh well…i’ll just wait for an update from wololo…or at least the hen… 😛 (if it comes before christmas XD )

  4. teen says:

    i cant find 6.35 anywher wololo??

  5. myk-cn says:

    Thanks for the suggestion,wololo. It’s sure that fewer persons will regret updating their PSP to 6.35.

  6. Sparks says:

    what features are on the new update?

  7. Sparks says:

    also have they blocked the other golf games yet?

  8. MitMakis says:

    So, If I am reading this right, this firmware has been released today…
    Before the HEN?

  9. Pihas says:

    I don’t understand Sony position, why 6.35 and not 6.32???

  10. Pasarel says:

    Ehhhh, I meant “that fast”.

  11. ffdgh says:

    hmm is the psn hsg patched?
    if so im not deleting my current one for a while XD

  12. jake316 says:

    welp sents the new firmware is out…. you know what to do TN! realese the kraken!… oh um… i mean realese the hen!…..pls

  13. Ark says:

    ok with this news i don’t upgrade to this new firmware i stay with my 6.31 xD

  14. garrei says:

    hmmm i suppose it dont matter if i update… i got a pspgo and the psn version of Evrybds golf im guessing would be patched… just gonna wait for confirmation that TN’s other HEn isnt patched (somehow)

  15. rising says:

    won’t t.n. release the xmb fall to play HEN now 6.35 is out?

  16. Stone Fan says:

    Oh no!!!The TN Hen 6.20 must be released as quick as possible!

  17. rising says:

    will tn release the leak of the XMB for 6.31 now that is out 6:35?

  18. rising says:

    will tn release the leak of the XMB for 6.31 now that 6:35 is out ?

  19. rising says:

    why does my comment somentimes disappear?

  20. teen says:

    awesome qriocity icon has been added:)

  21. Built2roll says:

    Is there anyway to play online without patching?

  22. CrAzY3AGL3 says:

    release then hen i mean no point for keeping it now

  23. darkriku2000 says:

    @Pihas (if your even still reading)
    The numbers represent what revision they’re on. We don’t get every revision, just the ones that they release to the public. This is the same reason that we get weirdly numbered HBL revisions, like 107 than 109. In this case, Sony released 6.31, they kept working on their firmware and tested 6.32 amongst themselves, than added more to it to make it 6.33, they kept doing this until they got to 6.35 which they believe is worth releasing to the public.

    Hope I helped, also, if wololo could confirm this or make any corrections, that would be great :)

  24. myk says:

    when will tn release the hen?

  25. Yoti says:

    Hmmm… I think TN must work on 6.35 HEN instead of 6.31 HEN…

  26. Abdullah says:


    He shouldn’t because it will be too much work for him.

  27. wololo fan says:

    hi wololo i got firmware 6.31 and total noob said that if sony makes a new firmware hes going to port it to 6.30 and 6.31 so my question is before chrismas is he gonna porting the hen to 6.30 and 6.31 so hes gonna put the download of the 6.31 and 630 first and then 6.20 reply fast :)

  28. Im still on 6.20 so i’ll update on the double.

    Just kiddin’
    thanks for this info.

  29. NIKOS0067 says:


    Please Wololo, or somebody else. Anwser this. I know that T_N works really hard. Iso loaders are on the way so I will be able to play GTA Liberty City Stories or something else, on my 6.20 PSP Go without buying the games. But I have a question. Will be plugins available? Will I be able to use RemoteJoyLite plugin to record my psp go gameplay????? This is the important for me! (please help me).
    Thanks in advange & happy hacking ^_^


  30. Konsi says:

    HEHE i download it right now i hope you can hack this without golf XD

  31. brian says:

    now i know not to update but is there anyway to play online without updating?

  32. brian says:


  33. kirby1997 says:

    so does this mean that T_N will be releasing his hen for 6.30/6.31

  34. Muffinheadicus says:

    …all that time some of you guys were whining about paying for $9 game, could have been spent actually getting the game before it was patched. It was only common sense that they patched the game! lol You think Sony doesn’t visit these forums?

    ….somehow i don’t think it will matter though. 😉

  35. Leonardo says:

    @brian No one told ¬¬’

    Sony discovered the exploit on its own.

  36. maziah miranda says:

    oh hey,sorry guys i just needed to ask a few newby questions about the hen so if ne one want to aswer me ill be very grateful.
    1)will the released HEN be loaded from the xmb,or will it be loaded from the hbl menu?
    2)i own a legal copy of god of war ghost of sparta and its forcing me to update my psp.Is there any possible way i can patch the game or maybe delete the update from the umd?

    And yeah guys this is way off topic so i apologise for spamming.i do hope someone will help me..sryy again…..

  37. yellow says:

    @NIKOS0067 yes plugins will work on it didnt you see 98%hombrew compatability.

  38. Roberto1 says:

    To all
    I think TN should realease it but
    What if sony is dead and ready for a patch :)

  39. BLACK OPS says:

    im on 6.31 and i use the hot shots golf exploit to run homebrews so…..IM NOT GOING TO MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!!!.

  40. rafael707 says:


    is it true 6.35 patched a xmb xploit to?

  41. G3kk0 says:

    @maziah miranda

    1.-TN’s HEN will load from the patapon exploit on 6.20 firmwares, and if TN releases his vhs exploit it will load from xmb on 6.30 and 6.31 firmwares.

    2.-I suggest you wait until the HEN is release.

  42. Brian says:

    So did sony patch the PSN version of hot shot golf???

  43. Ah-Chai says:


    Sombody’s been a busy blogger lately~ =D

  44. noobpwnr says:

    Can someone please answer this 😀

    What ever happened to m0squit0? i might be a little late on this, but it’s been on my head for a long time

  45. noobpwnr says:

    And speaking of that, hahah Wololo you haven’t released an update since r102!! (no offence, and sorry for the double post)

  46. ffdgh says:

    u seem to have miss r107 and r109
    ….unless ur not talking about hbl

  47. yellow says:

    @noobpwnr what are you talking about wololo and jjs has released rev 107 and rev 109 just go on the homepage and scroll down and you will see it.

  48. @noobpwnr look before you post, the revision is up to 109 on hbl, and about M0skit0 I remember hearing that he left, but dont quote me on that, go look it up.

  49. wololo says:

    @noobpwnr: m0skit0 left the scene after his website was closed, a few months ago. He’s still lurking, but not actively programming anymore.
    As for me not submitting any new update recently…that is very true, JJS is much more active than me on HBL right now :) But I’m still around, working on future improvements.

  50. yellow says:

    i was at the playstation blog and who alot of people has updated and some are asking if it plays iso while other say the get errors while there updating when it is at 89% so my guess is that a good amount of people is on 6.35 i guess that music thing really got them in to it.

  51. maziah miranda says:

    @G3kk0 thn for replying,as u mentioned i think ill wait for the hen ne wayz can you tell me if the vsh exploit will work on 6.20 fws or not?,or is it just for the 6.30?nn

  52. wak0 says:

    wololo total_noob tell you to get the TN-A HEN for 6.31el said that when he got out a new Sony OFW hari HEN for 6.31

  53. wak0 says:

    wololo total_noob tell you to get the TN-A HEN for 6.31 said that when he got out a new Sony OFW hari HEN for 6.31

  54. Brian says:

    If I buy the PSN version of hotshot golf now will the hbl rev 109 work on a PSP Go 6.31? Did they patch the game itself or just the firmware?

  55. Ah-Chai says:

    Somebody’s been a busy blogger~ ;D
    Haha! Keep up with the blogs though. So helpful~ ^^
    Thanks again~

  56. Ah-Chai says:

    Ugh….. Why did I repost? >_>”
    *smacks self in the face*

  57. triek1971 says:

    wololo,will the hen works on every motherboard i got a psp2004 ta 88v3 running 6.31 hbl109 and everey’s body golf 1+2umd.
    and is there no way to make pspident running on hbl
    thanks for everything you and tn are the best
    greetings from holland

  58. NEHAshu says:

    don’t update your psp to 6.35 till it is not patched
    just download 6.35 from your pc & save it and if needed than update it.till than be stable with whatever FW you have

  59. NEHAshu says:

    don’t update your psp to 6.35 till it is not patched.just download 6.35 from your pc & save it and if needed than update it.till than be stable with whatever FW you have

  60. Punker69 says:


    Look at your Forum i post it here http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=3&p=5442#p5442

    New saveGame Exploit was found on 6.35

    (Thanks for the Tip punker69 Lol)

  61. Brian says:


  62. PowerLiner says:


    same question here: “I really need hbl so is it possible for me to download the golf game from psn and still use the exploit. BTW. does the European version work with the psn game? “

  63. noobpwnr says:

    I have another question about m0squit0. What did he actually do with HBL? No disrespect intended, but on you’re Google code page, all he did was post r1 and then the rest was you, ametric, and JJS

  64. noobpwnr says:

    It’s so funny how with th last 3 firmwares sony has released they’ve been hacked within a week (sorry for double post)

  65. wololo says:

    @noobpwnr: ametric is m0skit0

  66. noobpwnr says:

    OHH, well that was misleading.. why’d he go with two names?

  67. n00b says:

    for OFW 6.3 for HBL to work do i need to have the UMD for golf exploit or just the demo one?

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