Banner contest on /talk

As most of you probably noticed, our banner on /talk is…well it’s the default phpbb banner, which kind of sucks :)

Some of the members of our forums started a banner contest a while ago, and I finally found the time to come up with some rules and a deadline. If you think you have what it takes, or just want to show your graphics skills, join the forum and submit your own banner.

Entries will be subject to a vote by all members of the forum, and the winner will become our official banner for the /talk community.

The deadline is December the 5th, so you have 2 weeks to come up with something good. For more details on the rules, and how to submit your entry, go here

Have fun :)

  1. John’s avatar

    Good idea for a competition, i will try and put something together until 5th December! :)


  2. hugomarin’s avatar



  3. Waratte’s avatar

    Do i get something out of it?


  4. wololo’s avatar

    @Waratte : no, sorry, there is no prize for this contest,we’re just doing it for fun, and we thought (the moderators and me) that it would give the contest more credibility and more entries if I made it more official.


  5. Surfee’s avatar

    what’s this?


  6. w7y7a7t7t’s avatar

    probably should ask this at /talk, but i’m lazy, what do want the dimensions, and format, just like a .png or .jpg, and finally want us to stick to the color scheme of the form?


  7. cameraguy256’s avatar

    I would, but im a lazy *****



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