HBL R109


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58 Responses

  1. mon says:

    Hope HEN will be available soon…can’t wait though….Thanks again Wololo and JJS

  2. ?? says:

    Good job JJS and other devs.Here’s a question,do we patapon2 users need to update the HBL fromR107 to this R109?

  3. 0M9H4X says:

    nice, i was able to exit gbSP/gpSP on my 3000 6.20 patapon 2.
    when i tried to run it the second time, it freezed on the BIOS loading.
    gotta check that again…
    yes. confirmed. freezes at second startup.
    kinda weird, but who cares. now i can play colecovision right after GBA!

  4. Sahil says:

    I have a question. Will new HBL revisions change the loading of the HEN?

  5. wololo says:

    @?? : yes, this is recommended
    @Sahil: no, it won’t change.

  6. Sahil says:

    I am back to R107 but with the awesomeness Visual Menu 1.2

  7. Chris says:

    the golf exploit for the non greatest hits won’t work for me but the greatest hits will, the problem is thatr i bought the game when it first came out a few years ago

  8. Brian says:

    I have ofw 6.31. Is there anyway to get the R109 to work on my PSP Go without paying for anything?

  9. wololo says:

    @Brian: no, not at the moment. Both the hotshot golf games are good and cheap, so that shouldn’t be an issue really.

  10. yellow says:

    iso tool now works on hbl

  11. Metroid_III says:

    This revision also fixes EmuMaster’s exit problem, and according to TragicTheBlubbering, GPSP 0.9 can be loaded multiple times in a row while the Kai ones crash upon second load.

    And now we have Kurok working! You guys keep my PSP alive by the day, so thanks again for all the hard work :)

  12. bryansosa says:

    Does anyone has the download links of the hombrew that wololo said?

    “Wagic, T.O.M.E, Daedalus, Doom, picodrive, gpsp kai, Mobile Assault, CSPSP, Snes9xTyl, EmuMaster, ScummVM, FCE Ultra”

    I will apreciate it? 馃槈

  13. LUISDooMER says:

    Thanks wololo for your work!!!
    Now i can use the MoDo player (which can play a lot of console music formats like nsf or vgm!).
    all that i want to say its just THANK YOU!! with the hbl becoming much and much better… Now, Who needs the TN HEN (just kidding :P)
    HBL is making the TN HEN waiting less painful for the people that appreciate your work!

  14. Marco Ant么nio says:

    where I find these homebrew cited in the text?

  15. iSWORD says:

    Keep it up..

  16. Marco Ant么nio says:

    Just to notify …
    Personally, I have the Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (U.S.) downloaded from the PSN, so it is not the Greatest Hits! I downloaded the HBL and did not work, I could only lowering the Greatest Hits, including the menu 1.2, which was too!

  17. TragicTheBlubbering says:

    PSP-PDA also crashes after exiting gpSPkai.

  18. Dwightyone says:


    Kurok Half Life, is there a specific one that works with HBL.

    I’m running HBL R109, the updated Patapon save file, on the PSPGO, but I can’t get Kurok Half Life to boot.

    Long time follower, first time poster, appreciate the work put in.


  19. cscash241 says:

    hi i am uesing the psn version of hot shots golf so is that the greatest hits? i think i am uesing the greates hits version on my psp go 6.31 and gpsp dosen’t go back to the menu

  20. Brian says:

    @wololo: Can i get hotshot golf and the license for it?

  21. Hbl fan says:

    Wololo what version of mobile assault are you using?

    I Tried running the latest one on hbl but it didn’t load

  22. Hbl fan says:

    Never mind thanks for the hbl

    Its just a bit slow in loading. But cspsp takes me back to hbl menu know why?

    Thx love ur work

  23. dee says:

    snes9x didnt work on pspgo 6.31 :(

  24. wololo says:

    @Marco Ant么nio: Most of the homebrew I use for my tests can be found here: http://wololo.net/wagic/2010/07/18/15-essential-homebrews-that-run-on-half-byte-loader/

  25. yellow says:

    i launch recovery flasher with hbl rev 109 and i see options like i do not agree to this ect but not sure if its working because i have a psp 3000 and it will not work try it for your self and see.

  26. yellow says:

    but it may not work i see on the top part error 0c80020001 loading/starting khelper.prx.

  27. matus01 says:

    en la rev 109 me quita el sonido en todo, desde el menu hasta los hombrews. estos hombrews a los que me refiero en la rev 107 si me daban sonido pero en esta ultima rev no. por favor corrigelo. p. d. adoro HBL

  28. DeFiaNT says:

    PSPFiler crashes while exiting on Patapon 6.20 (PSP 3000) but worked well on r107

  29. z.luna says:

    does anyone play Mega cd roms with PicoDrive1.51?
    ive play Shining Force CD?iso/mp3),but it shows that sound initiate unavailable.
    wololo please help me

  30. france says:

    PSPMARBLE now works in this rev thnx wololo

  31. Pspdrugs says:

    Hey Wololo I Yust Whant To Tell I Figured Almost Hox To Downgrade 6.31 To 6.20 And Open The Update 6.31 On The Same Firmware You Need Action Replay Demo Or Complete And 6.20 Update Then Put The Update In One Memoristick And The Action Replay In A Oder One The One With Action Replay Go To System Update Select via storage device it will say 9.99 start you will need to use mswap trick with other memoristick it will open it but it says no need to update

  32. Gary says:

    Still can’t get Snes9xTyl to work… I just get a white screen and then have to remove the battery to get PSP3000 to reboot.

  33. Brian says:

    Where can i get the hotshot golf iso and the license for it so it will work on a psp go with 6.31 OFW?

  34. ThePietn1 says:


    Why do you recommend this version, the network doesn’t work anymore…
    Network is used pretty much by users, PSPdisp need it also tough USB doesn’t work.
    Hopefully there will be fast a fix for that.

    Sorry for my bad english btw

  35. guigui says:

    at wololo, hi I have 6.31 with everybody’s golf 2, is there a way to play psp iso games?

  36. Ricardo says:

    Hey Wololo, I’m a Brazilian psp owner
    i’ve been downloading every hbl released since june, and have been enjoying the new stuff that each one brought, but as the psp kernel access keeps getting closer, and soonly there will be a hen, hbl wont be used as much as it used to be anymore, at least for now.
    But i would really like to thank you, for your work that has benefitted every psp 3000 and GO owner, and i hope you get yourself some nicejob on a big company, or whatever you’d like.
    thanks again, bye

  37. wololo says:

    @Ricardo, thanks a lot for your kind words :)

  38. ken says:

    I’m a huge Wagic fun, but ever since I updated to r107, I can no long put the PSP to sleep while in the middle of a match. Has anyone have this problem? Could you help me forward this problem to the proper section?
    Thank you and keep the the great work.

  39. I’m using the exploit since r97 or something like that and I can’t say more than Great Work! and Keep it up!
    But it would be nice if you make a new page on your blog or in the forums just with the names, descriptions and download links to all working homebrew, so not everyone has to try or search the reports in the forums.

  40. toBsucht says:

    @yellow maybe it is possibel 2 use recoveryflash with hbl 109. Do u create a floder in the root of ur ms called seplugin and put the plugin(prx),vsh and boot-txt in? In some cases(if u wouldn麓t overwrite old txt-file)
    i edited the boot.txt and vsh.txt. this is my vsh without rf:
    #I am sure other peopel know more. Good luke!?
    #Try this
    ms0:/SEPLUGIN/khelper.prx #or if u called the floder seplugin

  41. tokolete says:

    ON 6.31 PSP GO

  42. Jorge says:

    I鈥檓 running HBL R109, the updated Patapon save file, on the PSP 3001 the Snes9xTYL 0.4.2 stop working..when select it, show a white screen and thats it…i have to take out the battery to reboot the psp.

    the rest in my list of emulators good.

    Hope you find the problem wololo.


  43. Marco Ant么nio says:

    Personally, I’m running the latest 109 on the Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (U.S.)! I’m playing classic NEO GEO and CAPCOM, emulators running 100% … I am very happy … These games will even be better than most PSP’s own … Final Fight, King of Fighter … and so on … Too!
    Who wants to help, just ask!

  44. Marco Ant么nio says:

    Pessoal, estou rodando a atualiza莽茫o 109 no Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (US)! Estou jogando cl谩ssicos no NEO GEO e CAPCOM, emuladores rodando 100%… Estou muito feliz… Esses jogos chegam at茅 a serem melhores que a maioria do pr贸prio PSP… Final Fight, King of Figther… e por a铆 vai… Demais!!!
    Quem quiser ajuda 茅 s贸 pedir!!!

  45. Marco Ant么nio says:

    e o melhor, n茫o precisa iniciar toda hora o HBL, uma vez iniciado 茅 s贸 desligar o PSP na tela principal do HBL que ele ir谩 retornar na mesma tela..

  46. Marco Ant么nio says:

    and the best, need not start every time the HBL, once started is just off the PSP’s main screen HBL he will return to the same screen …

  47. noobpwnr says:

    l0l Kurok doesn’t work for me

  48. noobpwnr says:

    Never mind lol, i used the wrong eboot

  49. jig5aw says:


    I’m on OFW 6.20 with psp3001, Europe version. May I know where to download Patapon 2 demo EU? I can only find US version online.

    thanks in advance

  50. Noober says:

    Okay Guys so im a Bulgarian owner with PSP 3004 and when do everything that the note said and turn my Patapon 2 demo to boot the HBL it just freezes pls help me

  51. Noober says:

    so guys My problem is that when i turn the Patapon and go to press R it freezes help me pls

    ty in advanced

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