HBL R109

JJS Has been hard at work to improve our beloved HBL again.

As a side effect, he also fixed the issue which prevented Gpsp from going back to the HBL menu, an issue that had been here for ages.

R109 Is now also available for the “original” hot shots golf game (not the “Greates Hits” edition, the other one, see this post for more details), so people who where having trouble running the Hello world with hot shots golf can give a try to this alternate (majorly untested!!!) version.

This revision has been tested by me on a 6.20 PspGo with the Patapon2 version on the following homebrews: Wagic, T.O.M.E, Daedalus, Doom, picodrive, gpsp kai, Mobile Assault, CSPSP, Snes9xTyl, EmuMaster, ScummVM, FCE Ultra (you can download some of these homebrews from this page)

Since R107, HBL is compatible with many new homebrews, including Mobile Assault, Kurok, Half-Life (a Kurok mode), Defense Station Portable, Resonate, and many others. Join the fun and post your test reports in our forums

Download here, as usual.

Enjoy :)

  1. Marco Antônio’s avatar

    Pessoal, estou rodando a atualização 109 no Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (US)! Estou jogando clássicos no NEO GEO e CAPCOM, emuladores rodando 100%… Estou muito feliz… Esses jogos chegam até a serem melhores que a maioria do próprio PSP… Final Fight, King of Figther… e por aí vai… Demais!!!
    Quem quiser ajuda é só pedir!!!


  2. Marco Antônio’s avatar

    e o melhor, não precisa iniciar toda hora o HBL, uma vez iniciado é só desligar o PSP na tela principal do HBL que ele irá retornar na mesma tela..


  3. Marco Antônio’s avatar

    and the best, need not start every time the HBL, once started is just off the PSP’s main screen HBL he will return to the same screen …


  4. noobpwnr’s avatar

    l0l Kurok doesn’t work for me


  5. noobpwnr’s avatar

    Never mind lol, i used the wrong eboot


  6. jig5aw’s avatar


    I’m on OFW 6.20 with psp3001, Europe version. May I know where to download Patapon 2 demo EU? I can only find US version online.

    thanks in advance


  7. Noober’s avatar

    Okay Guys so im a Bulgarian owner with PSP 3004 and when do everything that the note said and turn my Patapon 2 demo to boot the HBL it just freezes pls help me


  8. Noober’s avatar

    so guys My problem is that when i turn the Patapon and go to press R it freezes help me pls

    ty in advanced


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