Half Byte Loader R107


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92 Responses

  1. dOS says:


  2. TiPi says:

    Really nice, keep up the good work!

  3. MUD says:

    I need more Wagic tho a hbl update is nice too.

  4. ??? says:

    that is so great????????

  5. mistersaidso says:

    sweet!! glad to see hbl is still alive.

  6. Caio says:

    Why did you post the 1.4.1 version? 1.4.2 works fine.

  7. allrightbye says:

    theres no link to download r107

  8. allrightbye says:

    nvm its there now

  9. Dallox says:

    Good job!
    I’m still staying on R101 though. :p
    But maybe later R107

  10. xXLightXx says:

    hey wololo, i installed rev 107, and when I try to play Mobile assault, it crashes, and i have to extract the battery and put it again.
    Why does it happen?

  11. Built2roll says:

    Great to see this release 😀 Unfortunately when I select FW 6.31 and press the download link: HBL rev 107 Everybody (EU) I get redirected to the homepage :(

  12. xXLightXx says:

    i have solved the problem, i reinstalled the rev 107 and reinstalled the savedata and it works perfectly! 😉
    Great revision, good job! :)

  13. Crakovie says:

    Hi Wololo, I bought Everybody Golf 1 for the HBL. Do think that I can keep the 1 for a future HEN or do you think that I would Buy Eerybody Golf 2 ?

  14. Built2roll says:

    NVM something odd was going on with FF.

  15. ffdgh says:

    ill test with hsg1. hope it improve gpsp even more <3

  16. ?? says:

    Good work?I DO appreciate your hardworking on the project?

  17. Diego2712 says:

    where is the download link??? i can’t find it =S

  18. brdzoman says:

    it would be awesome now that hbl is not needed anymore you and your crew could start working on DS emulator for psp i think many people would like that

  19. ivanxddx says:

    This can run the new counter strike online and other 3d homebrews?

  20. Metroid_III says:



  21. cscash241 says:

    there are some problems runing mobile assault on a psp go on firmware 6.31 hot shots golf open tee 1

  22. Allan says:

    Where is the link?

  23. Aconcit says:


    I was about to post the EXACT same thing. I really hate the selfishness that so many people in this scene seem to hold.

  24. haitechan says:

    @brdzoman: And how are you supposed to emulate the touch screen on a PSP? Coders can’t make miracles with the hardware they don’t have, you know. Saying HBL is not needed anymore is really rude, wololo and his crew have done a lot for us, and TN hasn’t released his HEN yet.

    Anyway, I’ll be trying this version, if something comes up I’ll make a report. Thanks wololo and everybody else for your great job! ^^

  25. w7y7a7t7t says:

    can anyone confirm if this Snes9x works on HSG: open tee, 6.31?

  26. Kobe says:

    Awsome work guys, by the way is there any chance that CW Cheat could work on HBL r107 psp 3000 6.20

  27. Aconcit says:

    Snes9x still doesn’t work. I believe I saw a post by a developer saying it was a problem with Hot Shot Golf and the problem doesn’t happen while using Hot Shot Golf 2.

  28. altair asssassin says:

    no download link??????????????
    i cant see except onlly for R101

  29. Metalmania says:

    And the download link????

  30. Aconcit says:

    Click download here where it says:

    “Download here, as usual, and enjoy your homebrews :)”

    Then underneath the following quote there will be a list of firmwares. Click your corresponding firmware.

    “Click on the firmware installed on your PSP to be redirected to the appropriate download page:”

    Scroll down and 107 will be under whatever exploit you’ll be using.

  31. Chris says:

    Thanks Wololo and right on my Birthday

  32. Chris says:

    also can i test on 6.31?

  33. 3xpl0it says:

    You can download the HBL REV107 at pspslimhacks

  34. yellow says:

    just go in half byte loader and click on what firmware you have at wala you will see hbl rev 107.

  35. baicai says:

    I am still waiting for TN HEN. R99 is going well on my PSP.


  36. Kobe says:

    Lol u can see the Hen 6.20 in the vid, can’t wait till it’s released

  37. Since JJS finally got the original Hot Shots Golf game (non greatest hits edition) working with HBL, I’ll be able to help test on 6.30/6.31 with my PSP-2000. Hopefully I can be useful :)

  38. ross says:

    thats good,much more faster than before!6.31 PSP3000

  39. Donkey says:

    The Exit, and the Force_Exit problem is happening agian! or is that me only ?

  40. ThatsAwesome says:

    Transport Tycoon is one of the greatest games of all time. Very nostalgic experience instantly accessible on the psp.

    Here is the link for an open source version you need to add the grf and gm files from the original game to make this work.


  41. ThatsAwesome says:

    And also the sample.cat file.

  42. SantanaClaus89 says:

    Hey thanks so much for the hard work on this. I’ve been using PSP3000 6.31 with the Hot Shots Golf 2 exploit and R107 is MUCH improved over r100 and r101.

    Much appreciated!

  43. brdzoman says:

    @haitechan actually it is possible there is already nds emulator with cursor only its way to slow so you should check first before you post its not a miracle.

  44. sagat says:

    nice update keep up the great work

  45. hacktester says:

    @brdzoman Thats NOT a touch screen.
    Ill be clear.When you have TOUCH SCREEN,you TOUCH the SCREEN using your special PENCIL.
    LOL,thats like saying the PSP Network has touch screen xD
    Everyone is the same.When the CFW will come up,everyone will say ,,Huh?What is HBL?Oh yeah,its that useless piece of junk!What a waste of time…”-not talking to brdzoman,its something general.90% of the hacked PSP users are only intrested in ISOs.What a shame!-
    You guys are incredible.For some random reasons,I feel that I tried InfoNes(my first homebrew used with HBL)yesterday.
    And now,look at this!The most recent homebrew games released are working with no problem!-well,at least those who dont use prx’es-.
    And when HBL will have prx support,it will pwn any user mode homebrew loader made so far.
    Keep it up!

  46. hacktester says:

    Sorry for double post,I meant to say when HBL will be able to run more than one prx it will be the best.

  47. Wolfdawg says:

    sorry bro, theres been lots of people like you (including me me. sorta)
    I’v been around, there will be no 50% speed NDS emulator for the psp 1-3000 or Go. everybody has quit and some within a month, as far as I know nobody is working on it right now.

    From what I know, a NDS emulator at full speed or even 70% on most games is impossible.

    Hope for homebrew on the psp2 and a NDS emulator OR buy a DS

  48. juan321 says:

    why gspkai get it frezes when you exit with select+start?

    and did the ned for 6.20
    will be installed like a CFW meaning the ned will not unistall
    when you turn of the psp?
    and my last quest

    whats are the news in the hbl 107 for patapon exploit?

  49. paKO JONES says:


    gr8 job!!!! Thanks for this release. You all should be proud and happy because you helped us to play homebrew before any other dev.

  50. Kobe says:

    Yo I know this is off topic but , I hacked somebodys psp 2000 5.03 to 5.03 Prometheus v3 using ChickHen r2, but the Isos weren’t working, any to fix this

  51. TragicTheBlubbering says:

    the crash on exit has been mostly fixed r109, you can exit and load other homebrew, but trying to start gpsp again causes an error then returns to hbl.

  52. brdzoman says:

    hey how can i d this over hbl?

    controlling a PSP emulator on the PC through the PSP

  53. hacktester says:

    @brdzoman Why do you want to use a PSP emulator on PC when you can use your PC emulators which work better?
    Well,anyway.If you want to control your PC emulators,or any game which you have on your PC,you can use WiFi Controller.Im not sure if it works anymore,I havent used it for awhile,but you can try.
    Good luck!

  54. iSWORD says:

    WOOOOOOOOOW !! No need for the HEN anymore !! I ADORE this release 😉
    Time to make a list of un-compatible homebrews :D:P

  55. Rodrigooo says:

    Hey Wololo, thank’s for you job, the brazilian boys and girls love you :), sorry for my english!!! :)

  56. Alexis says:

    rodrigo seu puxa saco kkkkkkkkk o wololo parou de melhorar os HBL por isso outros estão dando continuidade isso ateh o HEN for lançado

  57. Kobe says:

    @Alexis: Nosostros No Hablamos Espanol

  58. ExisteR says:

    😀 I’m waiting for HEN 😀 PSP is in Off mode 3 months 😀

  59. Wolfdawg says:

    use a ps3 controller

    im sure you can use your psp, most programs that you use (or would use) would be configured already, say like a small game made just for to be controlled by the psp (like remote joy) and you couldn’t control anything else with the psp.

    so you would need a different kind of program, a program to activate the psp as a controller in windows. just like with the PS3 controller, you then use xpadder to map the controlls for what it does on your PC

    so either, find a program that makes the psp reconizable by windows as a gamepad and map it with xpadder, or get somebody to code the psp buttons with the emulator. which might need hen

  60. Rodrigooo says:

    Alexis eu falei algo de mais??? Acho q não fui puxa saco :P. Pensei que elogiar pelo trabalho dele iria deixa-lo satisfeito pelo seu bom trabalho! foi mal.

    Hey Wololo my PSP 3010 6.10 run perfect a HBL R107, thank’s!!!

  61. Rodrigooo says:

    @Kobe Alexis is a Brazilian MAN write on post in Português-BR Sorry.

  62. TN HEN :D says:


    Don’t know why you gave the link to mobile assult 1.4.1 when 1.4.2 came out on november 7th

    link http://download.codetactics.com/releases/1.4.2/mobileassault_1.4.2_psp.zip

  63. TN HEN :D says:


    sorry for the double post but i have a question
    Does TN HEN work on r107.
    could you test that

  64. wololo says:

    @TN HEN 😀 : Yes, TN Hen works on R107

  65. CrAzY3AGL3 says:

    wololo will you make hbl r109 release on here because kurok works on it as well as toy wars :) ?

  66. shortboy says:

    what are the chances of getting a hot shots tennis demo exploit since that uses savedata as well.

    but awesome release. will test it out.

  67. shortboy says:

    I also have the original HSG1 on UMD so I’ll try that as well.

  68. ffdgh says:

    hmm i gotta say after a few days with this,i’ve noticed the gpsp roms music nolonger goes off track! awesomeness

  69. shortboy says:

    On 6.31 HSG1 UMD PSP-1000

    RacePSP the NeoGeoEmulator works
    gpSP 0.9 works but with some rom compatibility issues that used to run normally with CFW.
    PicoDrive v1.35b works but mp3s for SegaCD ISO’s won’t load

    nesterj 1.07 doesn’t work
    rin 1.32 doesn’t work

  70. brdzoman says:

    hey guys thanks for replays. i have question for daedalus users wich versio works best?

  71. teen says:

    daedalus r14 or x64………….. i forgot the x64 version..

  72. crisishell says:

    unable to play Mobile Assault on my psp 3000 5.50 OFW HBL r107

  73. Kobe says:

    @crisishell: YO U CAN HACK UR PSP With ChickHen r2

  74. Abdullah says:




  75. Abdullah says:


    THIS AS WELL!!!!!!!


    I know that this does not have anything to do with HBL but this is very important!

  76. Yoti says:

    @Kobe u’re already ported ChickHEN to 5.50?))

  77. Kobe says:

    @yoti: yea man use ChickHen r2 and 5.50 gen – c , go to pspslimhacks.com u find get all the instructions on how to hack it

  78. Rohan says:

    Ohhh so cool,republic of zombies is working now on hbl r107

  79. Yoti says:

    *rofl* *rofl* *rofl*

    /* Yoti hacked pre-ipl on 3000 using launching Yoti exploit */

  80. goku says:


    I Wait this aportation works for do something about it..

  81. Yoti says:

    post your debug log on /talk.

  82. Kobe says:

    @yoti: yo ENGLISH son

  83. Spidey_BR says:

    Does it run any snes emu??

  84. Yoti says:

    ???? ? ????? ? ??? ???????? =)

  85. onehandplay says:

    @wololoue feel proud that your widely known now

    On March 29, 2010, a user-mode exploit was revealed in the demo of the game Patapon 2.This was quickly followed by the public release of “Half-Byte Loader”, a piece of software allowing to load homebrew software on all PSP models (including the PSP Go) running firmwares less than 6.30. HBL has also been ported to Everybody’s Golf, allowing HBL to run on 6.30 and 6.31 firmwares.

  86. Fabian says:

    Hey wololo… what do you know about HEN TN now?

  87. Dwyane Wade says:

    I tried to run tycoon deluxe ojn this, but when i load it i keep on getting an error

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