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PSP Phone confirmed


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  1. Shadyblue says:

    first of all…. the PSP PHONE!! Does have two touch sensitive joystick pads….. hence the two funny looking dots in the middle….they didnt put em there for nothing!
    SECONDLY….. is towards wololo
    i couldnt find linux…. but i found ubuntu 10.10….. will this be able to do some sdk compiling?

  2. nunks says:

    hey wololo im trying to found an exploit for psp and ive read your tutorial on crafted mp3. I was trying to understand how you did it but then i came up with a question.

    1- I created a file on audicity (not corrupted) and then i have putted the code on ruby but now i´m stuck up and i dont know what to do. Can u help me?

    2- I was able to create a crash over the internet browser. Sometimes it works sometimes it appears the message “…conserve memory may help in some cases..” .How can i see if it´s not a crash or a exploit?

    • extra ice cream says:

      you must hap the fub to the disc jacket on back of the cd. If you still have issues then try the extra complimentary semiconductor attached to root a. Thats a psg1, hurry and save meryl!

  3. Cixxy says:

    So… no one beside me thinks this is ugly?

    in the image, it seems like its just a phone slopped on top of a controller… it’s even worse than the PSP go in terms of aesthetics. The “slopping on” is made clear as day by the orientation of the front phone’s typography and buttons, compared to the controller.

    Also it is two colours, silver and black… The frame being black and the controller being silver. Really out of place. Jeez, havent they learnt anything from apple, and years of tech design?

  4. wololo says:

    @nunks: the fuzzing technique requires little scripting knowledge, but if you have absolutely 0 experience in programming you should stop here. I’m trying to be as “noob friendly” as I can in my posts, it doesn’t mean it is useful for people who can’t figure the basics out.

    Build up some knowledge on programming, and you’ll figure out the answers by yourself

  5. nunks says:

    ok @wololo. I will try to learn by myself. But about that question of the crafted html do u think it can be exploitable?

    @Oscaer: diz-se puta que pariu

  6. Dallox says:

    PSPatapon —> Dallox

    @nunks, First get a hacked PSP. Put psplink on it and learn MIPS. When you annalyze the crash you will know if it’s exploitable or not.
    Im not sure but 0x141414 & and 0x161616 are the most intresting.

    Wololo, correct me if im wrong.

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