TN Hen: 92% Homebrew support

Total_Noob has been working hard this weekend on the nids translation file.

Nids are a way for the PSP to associate a function name to the actual position of the function in a given prx. My understanding is that most user prxes always have the same nids for a function, but nids for some prxes (such as paf.prx) apparently change with every firmware. What TN is doing now is looking for the signature of those functions in Ram, and find the matching nid, then associate it with what the PSPSDK does to link to this function. I’m a bit unclear on the whole procedure, so if anybody has more info on the process, feel free to post. I thought that the nids were based on a simple calculation based on the function name, and therefore, changing them means the function names change, which I think is quite suspicious…

For people who don’t care about the “why”, know that what TN has been doing this weekend will allow more homebrew compatibility, especially for homebrews that use external prxes (those are likely to use such functions with unknown nids). He mentions that he can now run PSPDisp, CSPSP Online, FUSA, LightMp3, PMPPlayer, Go!Tube PRXDecrypter, Psardumper,… but still has a few issues with some VLF homebrews.

Total_Noob confirmed that he will release the Hen before Christmas, most likely on the French site From my discussions with Magixien earlier this week, it seems the release is more likely to happen in December than November… I can’t wait :)

source: Total_Noob’s blog

  1. shura’s avatar

    awsome work!!!
    Total noob you are the best


  2. 1337’s avatar

    ahh fuck that i already got psp1001 from Amazon
    btw Magixien is a BIG pain in the ass


  3. LUISDooMER’s avatar

    thanks wololo, i like your tecnical explanations they are very interesting!
    Thanks to Total_Noob for this for his awesome work and ofcourse thanks to wololo because without you and the HBL i doubt that this could happen!!
    P.D: sorry my noobness but, what is a VLF Homebrew?


  4. ydf’s avatar

    Chinese people don’t write in Chinese in the comments, it is a kind of basic politeness.


  5. 726’s avatar

    We play iso games will be not dream before Christmas.


  6. Joel’s avatar

    I’m pretty hyped about this; I can’t wait to load up my old PSone games onto my PSP! :D


  7. PSP Owner’s avatar

    How can we do that ?
    if it works. is it fast.


  8. rafael707’s avatar


    suck a dick = )


  9. Joel’s avatar

    @PSP Owner

    If I am not mistaken, since we can load plugins with this new HEN, we should be able to utilize POPS to play PSX games. The system has the capability built in, so they should run at native speed.


  10. hotfc’s avatar

    Thanks for Total Noob and Wololo.Because of you,we will can play iso games on the psp.But I really can’t wait .So when Total Noob don’t have time to do the work,will you replace him to do the work(if you can and are allowed)?


  11. PSP Owner’s avatar

    hey how much physical memory is needed to install media go plug-in ?


  12. PSP Owner’s avatar

    Thanks for the info :)


  13. bsanehi’s avatar

    If I was T_N I wouldn’t Release it until Sony Releases a New Firmware Update because you wouldn’t want to waste a kernel exploit.


  14. Kobe’s avatar

    Nice work Total_Noob, It really dosent make a difference to me if there’s Isos or not but it would be nice if there are that would really step the HEN up


  15. Kobe’s avatar

    Oh yea and nice work Wololo on the Tn HEN Faq , that thing was nice and easy to comprehend, I think that helped a lot of people understand these things , but seriously Nice work :-)


  16. ddawg’s avatar

    go lolo go!!!


  17. Cubix’s avatar

    My English is not very good.I’m a Chinese.Most of the chinese people are very friendly, but some of the extremists.If offended please bear with.Sorry for the inconvenience.

    6.20TN!!!I heard the news was very excited.The news to the world was shocked.Ten minutes looking forward to your results.

    Appreciate your efforts.

    To Wololo


  18. dos’s avatar

    when is hbl coming


  19. kodex’s avatar

    great news, anyway does the vlf homebrew mean homebrews that work usin low frequency? @wollolo


  20. cj’s avatar

    hey the hen .. wich is going 2 cum b4 christmas….can run iso/cso ??

    thnx : wololo, TN ..and psp freaks ! :)


  21. nichiyobilol’s avatar

    pleaaaase release it now xDD!!!! we’re excited!


  22. yellow’s avatar



  23. Nick’s avatar

    Thats awesome news, it wont be long and itll be 100%.

    Yo Wololo i was just wondering if it would be possible to make a firmware downgrader, I dont remember reading about it in any of your posts.


  24. booboo’s avatar

    awsome awsome love you wololo and tn.


  25. 0M9H4X’s avatar

    good news.
    only one question:
    what are VLF homebrews?
    so what is V L F for?


  26. Answer’s avatar

    google is your friend
    VLF = VSH Like & Feel

    Homebrews that use the VLF lib to look like a real psp programm.


  27. Leon’s avatar

    VLF = Very Low Frequency?


  28. cscash241’s avatar

    @Leon no “google is your friend
    VLF = VSH Like & Feel

    Homebrews that use the VLF lib to look like a real psp programm.” obviously u didn’t see this comment… sped shits these days


  29. kafa1942’s avatar

    hey i can’t w8 until his release :-s …

    tnx for converting my mp4(psp go) to game console :D


  30. NightStar3’s avatar

    The faster he releases it, the faster i can code a version with iso/cso support ;)


  31. punker69’s avatar

    @NightStar3 Good luck for Making CFW! hehehehe who will the First dev will Release an cfw/iso loader for HEN Many i notice many devs is working on it. Nightstar3,Dridri,Liquid what ever his name


  32. Abdullah’s avatar

    Hey wololo, why don’t you use your psp go to test Total-Noob’s HEN since you have his hen and you are a beta tester.


  33. wololo’s avatar

    @Abdullah : the version of the HEN that Total_Noob sent me only works on a psp3000. There are slight differences with the pspgo, and he hadn’t started working on them when he sent me the beta.


  34. Punker69’s avatar

    @wololo so it has 2HEN for 6.20? like this 6.20HEN TN for psp 3000 and 6.20 HEN TN (PSPGO)


  35. wololo’s avatar

    @Punker69 : not sure. it was a beta, I don’t know how TN will package his final version. 2 separate Eboots, or one eboot that does a choice based on the model, I don’t know.


  36. Abdullah’s avatar


    I just wanted to know and thank you for informing me about this because I also have a PSP Go. I actually have all the PSP series. Is it true that picodrive will be a lot faster on Total-Noobs HEN than HBL because when I saw Team Typhoon’s 6.10 HEN, they ran picodrive and it was running at the correct speed.


  37. PSP Owner’s avatar

    wololo if you have the beta of the HEN then you try to code ISO loader in the HEN ( IF you know to or by taking help of someone)
    or you can ask TN that if he can allow you to give the Beta to a responsible and trust able person as we also want ISO loader on HEN and as soon as the HEN is release we a=can also get ISO support and we don’t have to wait for long time after the HEN is release :)
    wish you will see to my request and please tell me in which forum should I post to ask question to you :)

    Please send a reply :) :)


  38. Breff\Well’s avatar

    I have Gave a lot of ideas at Sony for new consoles and gajets = never got paid. SO turned out to hack thems

    I have gave a lot of ideas at Apple.Like Iphone 4 and Ipad (it was my idea) = never got paid. SO turned out to hack thems

    AM certainly impressed with all what hbl,wololo,Dax and all other who made and making progress to hack & unlock the psp 3000/3001 and all others.

    U must anderstand that,i have great respect for all of u who try to make it work.
    We must to make a CFW for all psp’s from 3000 ,3001 and other ,from ofw 6.00 to 6.30 with a iso\cso support and a 100% all homebrews and plug ins support,because i helped to hack the ps3 and it worked with the Jailbreak.
    We finely proved that we can outsmart Sony and beated him on hes own game.

    And now we will proof him again further more and even advancing him by unlocking all psp’s.

    We won Apple on MAC =Hacked
    We won Apple on Iphone 3G,3GS,4 =Hacked I won Certainly on the 4 Soon my Iphone 5 will go out and i will hake it to because it was my work and stoled my ideas to make their money again.The Iphone 5 ideas was leaked at the same time of the 4….
    We won Apple on Ipad =Hacked I won certainly on Ipad
    We won Sony on PS2 = Hacked
    We won Sony on PS3 =Hacked
    And now we will finish with the psp and psphone

    PS: My vangence will be ULTIMATE and merited.


  39. kirby1997’s avatar

    wololo and tn because 1. its illegal 2. they are not poor so they can afford the games the want


  40. kirby1997’s avatar

    sorry i forgot to put in dont want iso/cso


  41. Lukian’s avatar


    I just want to play Triple triad on psp .___.
    and 2,what do you care about our social level huh?it’s our life,not yours,so shut up


  42. san!it’s avatar

    hey wololo u said that tn hen will allow us to play unsigned eboots……….we can copy the umd’s and get eboot.pbp and othe files and play eboot of game from xmb…………by this way we will not need any iso loader…………..tell me am i right or not???



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