6.20 HEN: confirmed on a PSP3000


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168 Responses

  1. ravander says:

    Can this brick your psp in anyway, or is it 100% safe?

    I’m glad haters can’t yell “fake” anymore!

    thanks wololo, total_noob and davee too!

  2. wololo says:

    @ravander: a kernel exploit gives you full access to the PSP, including the flash. So yes, there is a risk of bricking, not from the HEN itself, but if you then use homebrews that touch the flash.

  3. yellow says:

    yea its working on the psp 3000 yesssssssss thanks for the tutorial wololo

  4. ffdgh says:

    “There is no official information yet regarding 6.30/6.31, but the kernel exploit still exists on these firmwares,”

    omg my hope 4 6.31 has risen 10 fold
    pleeeease make it happen

  5. yellow says:

    hey wololo could you send me the beta so i can test it my self and see if eveyrthing is good on it if you say yes ill give you my email address so you can send me it

  6. TOcean says:

    Thanks wololo your the best

  7. Gelo says:

    As many people are pending and waiting.

    At last I can hack my psp 300 with firmware 6.20.

    I’m glad you do not upgrade to 6.31


    Como mucha gente estamos pendiente y a la espera .

    Por fin podre hackear mi psp 300 con firmware 6.20.

    Que bueno que no actualize a 6.31

  8. Venomzor says:

    Hopefully the 6.31 exploit will be used and a HEN made for it. Unlucky me just updated to 6.31 from 6.20 a week ago. I look forward to more news! Congratulations to Total_Noob for his hard work and a big thanks. 😉


  9. Venomzor says:

    Excuse me, a very big thank you to Wololo as well and all others that helped. :)


  10. Sahil says:

    Congratz, wololo, on getting your copy of 6.20 TN (HEN). Also, thanks for confirming the HEN.

  11. NsAnE says:

    I didn’t doubt Total_Noob for a second, but having you, Wololo, test it out somehow makes me feel a lot better. Thank you all; Total_Noob, Davee, other Devs, and mostly you Wololo, for making this site, HBL, and Wagic and also for helping us noobs out in this world of PSP hacking.

  12. Grumpy says:

    is that a japanese psp you have there? 😛
    would like to beta test myself but yeah i know he wouldn’t trust any strangers xO
    hopefully it doesn’t take too long for it to be released now, really can’t wait for it 😀

  13. kirby1997 says:

    has tn told you anything about the kernal exploit in 6.3X yet?

    if yes are you going to do something with it?


  14. skyhunter says:

    it will be amazon if total_noob is willing to release TN(hen) so that many developers can help him finish this great work more quickly.He is too busy to do this in the following days!thank you wololo davee total_noob ,you are the stars~~~

  15. Marvin Acosta says:

    So if it already loads a lot of homebrew when do you think we might be able to get a download link?

  16. Power2go3 says:

    Is there ANY WAY a common user like myself to beta test the HEN??
    **PS: Lol,Wololo,you look very young….16 like,young

  17. kirby1997 says:

    I know this has no relevence but i couldnt help noticing “1beg” under the extras tab on the xmb menu.
    I dont know what it is or if there are any other extras you can download.

    Can someone give me a link of where i can download extras. Sorry for the unrelevent question.

    Wololo, TN and Davee you are doing a great job.

  18. darknidja says:

    Can this hen play emulators???

  19. rafael707 says:

    @wololo do you have any plans on porting your vsh exploit to this

  20. 1337 says:

    so he is getting the psp go for Xmas thats why we wait -.-
    he could release it for `123k or give to test for wololo

    btw yes 90% home brews support mean emulators
    iso loaders and all that stuff but i bet it will brick easy i hope he makes downgrader to 5.03

  21. Jorgerix says:

    you may be proud, i have a old psp 2000 and i don’t wanted change my psp but now i have hope.

  22. sidiu95 says:

    wololo hello, I’m sidiu95 of playstationlandia forum, congratulations for the test you did, I wanted to ask one thing, but there is no way to patch the memory leak when you start the hen? greetings from sidiu95

  23. Redsnake says:

    wololo about the bricking.. how will we know witch homebrews are safe to run and the ones that are not safe to run with HEN?

  24. cj says:

    now can v play ?… iso / cso ??? just lyk ..chickhen ??? in earlier psp ??

  25. TragicTheBlubbering says:

    Wololo congrats on becoming a beta tester that truly is an honor and now we have 100% confirmation that the HEN is real but I never doubted TN given that he’s a trusted long time contributor to the scene. 😀

    @Redsnake as Wololo said above only those homebrew that can write to flash have any chance of bricking the PSP, any other homebrew is safe.

  26. yatin509 says:



    and wish you a good luck to give pleasure to all

  27. LUISDooMER says:

    You must be sure that some hbl compatible homebrews will be safe to use (emulators, games, etc…) that dont have write to the flash0 or Flash 1.
    But others can be “dangerous” (apps like PSPFILER or others that WRITE FLASH 0 orFLASH 1).
    So as wololo said, the bricks that may bring this HEN can be cause of the bad use of it. 😉

  28. Clydefrosch says:

    Just out of interest, is there a chance this might work on any previously unhackable psps?

    If i remember correctly, from like 3 years ago or something, my psp was unhackable due to some unlucky number that could be seen when looking into it through the disk slot.
    Im not really hoping for much, but that would be kinda cool of course

  29. Nickolas says:

    @LUISSooMER So an iso/cso loder will be safe or unsafe?

  30. LUISDooMER says:

    sincerily i don´t know because i´ve never had a hacked psp and i dont know how the iso loaders work :P, but i think this is safe (just like in chickHEN).
    So, we have to wait until tn release his HEN, and wait a little more to see if anyone code an iso loader…
    i hope that this hen will be able to run psx games, but im not sure about that :(

  31. toBsucht says:

    yeahaaaaaaaaa early christmas presents ??? good luke to all coder with psp2
    😉 sony corp why are u so quite !?!

  32. chris says:

    so how can i get my psp to have tv and comics tab on the xmb? if´ve seen them on other psp so i want to have them when i update to 6.20

  33. LUISDooMER says:

    if you post another video please put a water print or something on it, because that “MrHackedMan” from youtube has stolen your video yo share his stupid spamming links.
    @ to Everybody
    Don´t belive in “MrHackedMan” or other fakers from youtube! they are using the videos of TN or wololo just for SPAMMING prouposes!!!
    The HEN will be READY when it is READY, and will be released by Total_Noob, and not other!!!
    if you see any video of this fakers mark it as spam!!!

  34. Gabriel182 says:

    Sir Wololo,

    Can you Help your project
    Total noob is going to be very busy
    And Your will you be able to collaborate the rapid project?

  35. lukas says:

    wololo i only can speak spanish , so shortly i say to you thanks , very thanks to apport your psp and upgrade it to 6.20 knowing theres no ckickhen on there ..

    nobody can do the same you doing , apporting some yours to all of us with no benefit.
    thanks , really , very thanks , from argentina

  36. sagat says:

    hi wololo i got the phat psp with ofw 6.10 will this hen be for 6.20 ofw only. my battery broke and i can buy another one :( i dont think i could upgrade to 6.20 with only my ac adaptor.

  37. Norml says:

    This is exactly what i’ve been waiting for xD

  38. LUISDooMER says:

    eh vos sos de argentina? yo tambien!!!! :)
    me alegra ver que tambien hay otra gente de nuestro pais visitando este blog y me asombra como este blog, wololo y el hbl han unido a gente de todo el mundo!!

  39. ddawg says:

    im a ddawg ddaawg keepin it chilly everybody billy nawnaw nawnaw

  40. ddawg says:

    hey wololo y is your name wololo thats am pretty funny name and its weird to say wololololololololololololololololoololo

  41. ddawg says:

    Je voudrais un croisant au chocolat

  42. Emeretat says:

    I’m so glad, there is still hope that I will be able to play my old PS1 games at my PSP while i’m traveling by bus or airplane, thanks Wololo and Total_noob!

  43. ddawg says:

    i think emretat is a funny name 2

  44. light says:

    so how can i get my psp to have tv and comics tab on the xmb? if´ve seen them on other psp an it look great, so i want to have them when i update to 6.20

  45. 1337 says:

    psphacks sending psp go to tn :)

  46. www says:

    tn just send you the stuff for test?
    didn’t he have any plan to let other devs like davee complete the tn?
    or he just want to release tn by his own?
    thank you all?

  47. wololo says:

    @www: I think Davee has the skills and the necessary files to help Total_Noob, so, I’m not sure if TN shared his sources with him, but I would think that Davee gave him a few “hints” of what “traps” to avoid when developing a Hen.

    I don’t have access to the sources of this HEN (I don’t – yet – have the required experience to help on that).

    TN’s work is a major breakthrough, it will be THE psp hack of 2010/2011, there is no reason for him to let other devs finish the job when he’s 90% done. I’m also pretty sure that Magixien is “coaching” him on how to tease people correctly. A release without a bit of hype wouldn’t be a good release, when Magixien is involved 😛

  48. Blah! says:

    Must have been really scary when the HEN didnt work the first time
    I remember updating to 5.51 from 5.03 when I first got my PSP….Hoping that the newer version runs ISO’s….I felt so stupid after Ii read about chickhen….and CFW….ISO’s

  49. Dukowski says:

    That is freaking amazing.

    I got my PSP Go 6.30, I updated to buy a game (Damn Sony), if the HEN goes at the speed is going now I’m sure HEN will be working in my PSP. I hope someday I can help to the scene, but for now I’m just a simple user and I just can say, guys, Total_Noob, wololo, m0skit0 and everyone is working hard, you rock guys and keep doing like that.

  50. npissoawsome says:

    This may be irrelevant, but does anyone know what happened to Dark Alex, did he leave or is he still in the PSP scene

  51. yellow says:

    @npissoawsome he leave a long time ago i think in 2007 or 08 and i dont think he is coming back in the psp scene but i heard he is still checking on whats happening now

  52. Anonymous says:

    Every Chinese PSP players are looking forward to 6.20HEN! ——— Uh. . By the way, I found that there are too many HBL v101 can not use homebrew. Do not know why, all made the game crash after running is not black. I want to vomit blood. Poor English, translated by Google. Forgive me!

  53. yellow says:

    i dont know what you are talking about my hbl 101 work fine

  54. www says:

    ??????? ????

  55. Sx93 says:


  56. Krozoa says:

    Wololo why dont you test the HEN in your PSPGO or the HEN has to be a diferent one?

  57. Picolo says:

    @Sx93 agree agree! haha xD

  58. akiyamamio says:


  59. Scrin King says:

    Can you give me 6.20TN Beta?I want to test 6.20TN…..


  60. wololo says:

    @Scrin King: Can’t blame you for trying, but do you really think Total_Noob would have let me beta test this if I was the kind of guy who gives it away to anybody who asks? 😀

  61. adenayank110805 says:

    @wololo :

    i’m agree with you, coz everyone want this kernel exploit even SONY want this too. and total_noob trust you for a beta tester even though you scare at the first time 😀 hahaha!and i believe total_noob at the first time since he says he got kernel exploit and i believe at the first time to when he says he will release on november or before christmas. but if have one question to you, how do you downgrade your psp 3000 with ofw 6.20?and whether hellcats would release the downgrade too especially for Your PSP 3000?
    (coz i have psp 3004 6.20 with HBL R101) thank for the answer and thanx for the HBL and great thanx to you WOLOLO (sorry for my bad english)

  62. Sx93 says:

    My question can you tell me what it?

  63. wololo says:

    @Sx93, do you have firmware 5.51 ?

  64. martin7777 says:

    You and Total_Noob are my gods.
    This will serve to downgrade to the 5.03?
    Sorry for the english but I am spanish.

  65. TN HEN :D says:

    @wololo can you make a video of you installing a prx on TN Hen

  66. jackowacko says:

    im at 6.10 and i need to upgrade to 6.20 how do i do that if i upgrade it will go to 6.31??

  67. ExisteR says:

    @Wololo: Hey Wololo i have one little suggestion can you test FuSaGaMePaD and give me info if its works? Contact me here on Email :) thx

  68. yellow says:

    yo you can use wifi controller it works find

  69. espada says:

    so is this hen only for 6.20. or will it work with 6.10 with pataton exploit.

  70. persia says:

    hey wololo is this hen only for 6.20. or for anyone with the patapon exploit with 6.00 6.10??

  71. 1337 says:

    tn has psp go woot

  72. Darkness134 says:

    Hey Total_Noob and Wololo, if you need any help at all (programming, or beta testing) i have past programming experince and a psp go on 6.20. (thank god i didnt update) anyways my email is bennett@rennier.net if you need me.

  73. Asok says:

    Great stuff! So happy to see the PSP homebrew scene moving along again. Thanks so much, Wololo and TN!

  74. chris says:

    hey wololo is there any way that i can get tv and comics tab on my psp when i update to 6.20?

  75. jotex says:

    Hey Wololo thankx for your news……but when total noob release the HEN???

  76. wololo says:

    @jotex: the answer to your question is in the article.
    @chris: comics are part of 6.20, yes. TV is only available on JP/KR models, and has been here for a little while already.

  77. RDiaz says:

    Wololo, can you test it on your PSP Go?!. I’m sure many people want see this. If you can’t do it, don’t worry. We’ll waiting for more vids from

  78. RDiaz says:

    Wololo, can you test it on your PSP Go?!. I’m sure many people want see this. If you can’t do it, don’t worry. We’ll waiting for more vids from TN’s site.

  79. Chris says:

    Hey wololo! I’m soo purprised that this “6.20 TN(HEN)” is real. I apologize to you and Total_Noob that I thought this was fake.
    Oh, and two more questions. Some web site sais that there is going to be a “6.20 GEN” after the “6.20 TN(HEN)” releases, is that true?
    And another web site from Japan sais that “6.20 TN(HEN)” is going to be released on November and the “6.20 GEN” is going to be released on disember.
    Is it November or Disember?( Sorry about the non patient question. But I just don’t want to be too excited on November and not be released )

  80. wololo says:

    @Chris: nobody can promise you any date. Total_Noob said “before Christmas”, and from what I’ve seen the HEN is already functional and the release could happen before that, but who knows Total_Noob’s schedule? He made lots of progress because he was on holiday, but is back to real life now, and his progress will be much slower from now on…

  81. clockdryve says:

    @jackowacko, go here http://pspslimhacks.com/psp-firmware-6-20-released/ (many other places also have the older updates too). Is about 27mb in size. Download and use the winzip or something to extract the file (unzip), Now make you a new folder on computer desktop (use right mouse button for NEW/FOLDER and make name of folder UPDATE )….now take the file called EBOOT.PBP (from download) and drag into the new UPDATE folder you made (or copy and paste)…*the other file in the download is junk….doesn’t need to go anywhere-leave alone on desktop. Now connect PSP to computer….open Folder PSP, then GAME and drag the UPDATE folder over into the GAME folder on the PSP ( inside the PSP game folder will now have an UPDATE folder). Wait till white line stops moving on PSP screen and then disconnect the PSP from computer and go over to the “Game” icon on the XMB (homepage) of PSP…..look down to “System Storage” click that and you will find the New UPDATE folder at top of list……………..RUN the program and follow instructions to finish the update>>>>simple. Be sure and have a fully charged battery. You can then go back to that UPDATE icon on PSP and hit /\ triangle button and choose to DELETE that update folder cause not needed anymore-you ARE updated. Delete that stuff on computer too, won’t need the download or UPDATE folder anymore. Piece out with your New Firmware 6.20!! :)

  82. clockdryve says:

    @jackowacko, I gave full instructions just INCASE you have never made an update before (probably the case since 6.31 was mentioned) if you already knew this procedure (after the link was given) then please disregard…..but many other “NEw PlaYerS” might want to learn this for future referance.

  83. clockdryve says:


  84. legendarymidget says:

    so with this hen, could i use Hellcats Recovery Flasher to downgrade my psp 1000 to 5.00 m33 or would that result in a brick

  85. wololo says:

    @legendarymidget: most likely that would work, but if you have a psp1000 I would greatly recommend you bought a pandora battery instead. It is way safer.

  86. yellow says:

    dem @clockdryve you sure no how to tell your stuff huh

  87. eslongo says:

    What are the chances of it working on a pspgo 6.31? My pspgo with 6.20 was stolen so this is what I am stuck with. Just wondering what anyone who knows may think the chances are that it will be released for 6.31.

  88. yellow says:

    @eslongo your chances are high when the hen is out for 6.20 all the eyes will be on 6.30 and 6.31 plus wololo and the other devs will be working on the hotshot golf 2 game so i say you wont be waiting that long for a hack on the psp 6.31 like how we 6.20 users where hoping for and didnt get won until now but we did have hbl and we waited four months for that because it was in november the 6.20 was out.

  89. legendarymidget says:

    @wololo: too bad my parents don’t let me buy anything online but thanks for the sugestion. i will ask around first before trying anything to see if anyone else has success with recovery flasher. once the hen is released of course.

    btw, are you involved in coding the hen or is it just Davee and Total Noob

  90. PSP Owner says:

    it’s cool that the HEN is found and I am looking forward for CFW of the HEN

  91. PSP Owner says:

    I have a FW 6.10 Do I ahve to Update to 6.20 NOW ?

  92. Punker69 says:

    Patient = Key to Success,Everyday is Before Christmas Right?
    we dont expect when he will release it. Maybe Later,Tomorrow,Next Month,
    Next Year Lol

  93. PSP Owner says:

    hey does is works on all psp 3000 models ? ( I Have a 3004)

  94. Punker69 says:

    i smell GEN team will Release a CFW for the HEN
    probably 6.20GEN-A FOR HEN.

  95. Sx93 says:

    My firmware is 6.20.
    I have many homebrew can not load by your hb(v101 and early)l…
    Such as:


  96. PeK says:

    You should try it again!
    My HBL is working well if CSPortable and GW…

    I was happy enough with HBL, but this HEN from TN is really something amazing! Apart that he has been having a great evolution on the devel of it!

    Thx Wololo, without you this would never be true!

  97. Azhael says:

    I’ve been wondering if any of the iso loaders already made would work with this HEN, can somebody give me some intel in this?

  98. ftostymarvelous says:

    Thanks chickdryve. I downloaded and copied the while folder. Gave me corrupted so I thought it wouldn’t work. Thanks for your instructions though. They helped me loads. Well, thanks God some people still think of noobs.

  99. WarlikeOfChaos says:

    VALEU MAN!!!!1

    você e o TN são os melhores;

    Felizmente eu não atualizei para a ofw mais recente.


    THANKS MAN!!!!1

    you and TN are the BEST;

    Luckily I did not update to the newest fw version.

  100. ftostymarvelous says:

    Just updated to6.20 ofw…. Nufin new. Gonna downgrade to use chickhen again… Can’t wait for the TN hen though. So I can play 6.2 compatible games.

  101. jbpbgame says:

    Wow! This is truly awesome!!! considering i bought a psp 3000 with 6.10 initial FW…(i cant do anything with but watch movies i downloaded) and good thing i was patient enough to not trade my psp for psp2000 or other HENed ones..!

    I’m very new to the community so i’m really really really happy and grateful for this…

    quote from total_noob:
    “I haven’t expressed clearly, I’ll release the HEN before Christmas, but you’ll not see many logs anymore, because I’m busy in life;) ”

    D*MN! what a birthday gift for me..lol!=)

    Thank you Wololo…
    Thank you Total_Noob

    thanks everyone..hahaha=)

  102. 0M9H4X says:

    how did you get japanese button layout on a psp that is set to english system language? i heard of this being a flash1 hack, but how did you managed it?

  103. 0M9H4X says:

    no offense, but DSonPSP 0.6 works and CSPortable 0.73 works perfectly too.
    sometimes newer versions need kernel access, but just look for a HBL compability list. im on a PSP 3000 with FW 6.20.

  104. teen says:

    homebrews will be more stable in HEN than HBL ….. is it true or not???

  105. yellow says:

    @teen yes its true.

  106. matt says:

    hey does it work on psp 3004 …6.20

  107. WarlikeOfChaos says:


    6.20 HEN: confirmed on a PSP3000


  108. Chris says:

    thnx for the reply Wololo!

  109. yellow says:

    @youkill why did you updated then because you have a umd that you need to update to play or is it beacause you want to use psn that was stupid of you too bad.

  110. kirby1997 says:

    you mentioned earlier about maybe making a downgrade from 6.3X, are you still thinking about it?

  111. xyntfosrllas says:

    i hope that the 10% of homebrew that left wouldnt be psx games and network support. srry for my bad english

  112. 1HandPlay says:

    @wololo Your spending way to much time on this project, it’s a huge success but with to many eager people wanting new releases about every 2 weeks so (my opinion) you should release one around december and slow down have more time to work on this project or your own needs also nice also i like your SONY tv right next to your SONY ps3 along w/ your SONY psp and don’t forget those SONY people waiting outside. ha!

  113. Suabrashii says:

    Actaully gemometry wars works fine for me but Jelly Car freezes :/

  114. wololo says:

    @1HandPlay : Yeah, I’m a Sony fan, but this company doesn’t deserves my love. They have the worst customer service I’ve seen in my life, which is even worse considering it’s a Japanese company, and in Japan Customer Service is EVERYTHING.
    My TV is a Sharp, though 😀

  115. Diego2712 says:

    @wololo many websites are saying that this HEN could downgrade is that true and what difference have this kernel acces to the chickHen because the chickHen couldn’t make downgrades =S

  116. Misha says:

    Honestly can’t wait for this.
    @: wololo, HBL has been a blessing. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put in and thanks to Total_Noob and Davee for any future work they might do.
    The thought of having kernel access and having 100 percent homebrew compatibility makes me smile. I honestly haven’t been this excited since I first hacked my phat 1000 3 years ago. It broke a year ago so I had to get a 2000 (unhackable) but this gives me hope for prx’s :)
    Good luck~

  117. Lukz93 says:


    Si viejo soy de argentina! vamos todavia!!
    seguro hay un par por aca .. yo en realidad estoy para cortarme la verga con un tenedor por que actualice a 6.31 , ojala tambien salga algo..

  118. Lukian says:


    NO BOLA D: hubieras bajado el 6.20 d internet como hice yo u.u VAMOS ARGENTINA!ya en serio,lo unico q tengo en mi psp 3000 es el dissidia en UMD oritginal q lo compre en jumbo xDDDDDDDDDDD estoy re emocionado x este HEN >///////////<

  119. kronos_kkc says:

    Wololo I want to help, I would like to be tester HEN

  120. DeathAngel74 says:

    I would also be honored to be a beta tester for 6.20 HEN. I have a PSP-3000, as well. My email is wmakaiwi@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance.

  121. LUISDooMER says:

    yo actualize mi 3000 a 6.20 (tnia 6.00)asi tmbien pero d la pagina d sony unos dias antes d q saliera l 6.30… Cm zafe!
    y ahora justo ants d esta noticia me cmpre una psp go! 😉 (creo q zafe tmbien x q si el hen funciona en la go el precio se va a ir a la mier…) No saben la diferencia d velocidad entre la 3000 y la go! En fin desearia tner esa velocidad en la 3000 por eso no puedo esperar x ste hen! :)

  122. TgS says:


    Sir, i just want to ask if this gonna work on psp with OFW below 6.20 ? ‘coz i got psp3000 with OFW 6.10..

    Thanks ! pls reply sir..

  123. Lukz93 says:

    che LUIS ,mejor velocidad en que??

    cheque cagada los que le mandamos la 6.30.. tendre alguna chance?

  124. Nickolas says:

    guys come on either let sb translate or write in english i don’t get anything! lol

  125. cscash241 says:

    “how did you get japanese button layout on a psp that is set to english system language? i heard of this being a flash1 hack, but how did you managed it?” you buy a Japanese psp and set the language to English

  126. LUISDooMER says:

    no, me refiero a la velocidad de ñlos emuladores por ejemplo en el umkt en el picodrive en mi 3000 funciona a 300mhz en 60fps, pero en la PSP GO funciona igual a solo 222mhz (o sea ahorra bateria).
    y sobre el 6.30 hay rumores de que habria un downgrade a 6.20 en la PSP GO (ya que cuando salio venia con 5.70 y si se iri a un ofw menor solo la brickearia) y a 5.03 en la 3000 (pero yo ni en pedo lo haria…)
    sorry, but i´m too lazy to translae all that i wrote to english and i hate the google translator…
    we are just talking about the speed on emulators on a psp 3000 and psp go…

  127. 1HandPlay says:

    hey wololo actualy responds

  128. kronos_kkc says:


    Sr. brings positive things and not jeers. Thnaks

  129. Diego2712 says:

    porfin ve0o pers0onas hablando espaNol aky xD yo soy de Ecuador
    @LUISDooMER como podra este exploit hacer downgrade a la version 5.03 en psp 3000 y porque con el chickhen n0o se podia???

  130. NsAnE says:

    Say what you wish, but many emulator roms are not distributed for profit anymore and ISOs are games that are still being sold for huge amounts of cash. So yeah, interpret it as you wish, but I’m not the only one thinking this:
    As you can see, Total_Noobs HEN will NOT support ISOs. Hate to say I told you so, but…

  131. yellow says:

    @ Diego2712 sí se puede rebajar 6,20 a 5,03 no estoy seguro de lo que están diciendo que sé un poco en español, así que espero que esta ayuda.

  132. yellow says:

    @nsane you are right about that but as soon as it is realease other devs will be making a iso loader.

  133. Lukz93 says:

    aver .. pasa que el tema aca es PARA QUE downgradear a5.03 si seguramente ya con un kernexploit se sacara algun isoloader…

    es el tema q hay mucho riesgo de brick aunque estaria bueno..

  134. Mingo says:

    Hola, alguien sabe donde descargar el firmware 6.20 en español para PSP 3004. En alguna web de confianza. Gracias.

  135. brix99 says:

    @wololo i have a psp 3004 v6.31. this 6.20 HEN, does it work for my psp?

  136. brix99 says:

    @wololo 6.20 HEN is only for psp 3000 & not suitble for psp 3004? Help!!!!!!!!!

  137. yellow says:

    @Lukz93 tiene usted razón es muy arriesgado hacer un downgrade a 5.03, más no pienso que me gustaría rebajar porque un cfw pueda hacerse

  138. yellow says:

    i have a felling that the hen will be release in the early part of november.

  139. PSP Owner says:

    hey dose anyone knows how can we hack a demo of psp and play 6.30 games on 6.20 ? (yea its right i upgraded )

  140. PSP Owner says:

    hey did TN blogged anything ? I think he should

  141. PSP Owner says:

    for day 1 I am on to this news and every single day there was some update and now it is totally paused .
    I thought it will release before the end on nov .
    but now I thing its going to be dec now .

  142. Alien says:

    HEN Davee restart of the PSP and the HEN of TotalNoob not. Both have the same access privileges to the Kernel?


  143. manny says:

    wololo, have you tested other homebrews besides wagic? such as deadalus? if so do they run better with the HEN or about the same as using HBL?

  144. Manheim says:

    Will this work if i still have 5.55 firmware??

  145. toBsucht says:

    @PSP Owner ok i wouldn t do till i got hen. U have to patch the demo. U could do this by using hex editor. Change lines with 6.30 down to your´s.
    Manheim was?hen warscheinlich mit fw 6.xx abwarten!

  146. TiK-ToK-BooM says:

    ay toBsucht, I just tried that and it didnt work. It said “This game cannot be started. The region code is not correct.”

  147. WANNABE HACKER says:

    I have a PSP with OFW 6.20 with the hbl and PSPfiler. I fired up my pspfiler and went into my resource folder (I think it was inside Flash0) While in the resource folder i saw ”Gameboot.pmf” and other files.

    1.Do you guys think that I’m able to change the gameboot to a different one?

    2. Is it possible to get the CFW files to copy and paste it in the flash0 folder via pspfiler? (im just desperate for CFW again)

    P.S. : Im not a noob, but I never used pspfiler and tried all this stuff with an OFW PSP. When i had CFW, I installed it the CFW way

  148. dirant says:

    what do I have to do to become a beta tester for this HEN?
    (i didn’ t read previous posts about this question…)

  149. wololo says:

    @dirant: it’s simple really. All you need to do is to prove for more than 2 years that you know what hacking is about, by being repeatedly involved in the majors hacks of the latest firmwares.
    Then hackers will trust you, and some of them will let you beta test their work.

  150. haitechan says:

    Woot that’s wonderful news! I have exactly the same silver PSP 3000 lol. Now, just to be patient. Remember the PSP 2000 and the 3000 were totally unhackable two years ago? I remember my sister wanting to kill somebody when she bought a 2K “piano black” instead of a PSP Phat because it was cooler than pink/light blue XD. Just having the option of homebrew makes us happy enough. Big thanks to Total_noob for the HEN and to you for the HBL.

  151. GiZmO says:

    Good day to all! First of all, thanks to Total_Noob and Wololo.
    I’m a newbie on doing this guys, please help on how i can use this wonderful HEN and HBL. On what file or folder should i put those file on my PSP?
    Thanks again. More power to you guys.

  152. A Guy says:

    Hey, will it support more homebrews than HBL?

  153. Esper says:

    I have a psp-3000 with a firmware 5.50, yes unfortunately I was stupid to upgrade it to 5.50 since a chickHEN 5.03 was released. My question is:

    do I still have hope for my psp-3000 with the CF 6.20 ? should I upgrade now or wait for the full release and testing of CF 6.20 on psp-3000 ???

  154. Libchk says:

    If Hen 6.20 will be released on or before christmas, does it work only on PSP 3000? how about for PSP 3004 6.2? apologies for the noob question.

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