6.20 HEN: confirmed on a PSP3000


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164 Responses

  1. Lukian says:


    NO BOLA D: hubieras bajado el 6.20 d internet como hice yo u.u VAMOS ARGENTINA!ya en serio,lo unico q tengo en mi psp 3000 es el dissidia en UMD oritginal q lo compre en jumbo xDDDDDDDDDDD estoy re emocionado x este HEN >///////////<

  2. kronos_kkc says:

    Wololo I want to help, I would like to be tester HEN

  3. DeathAngel74 says:

    I would also be honored to be a beta tester for 6.20 HEN. I have a PSP-3000, as well. My email is wmakaiwi@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. LUISDooMER says:

    yo actualize mi 3000 a 6.20 (tnia 6.00)asi tmbien pero d la pagina d sony unos dias antes d q saliera l 6.30… Cm zafe!
    y ahora justo ants d esta noticia me cmpre una psp go! 😉 (creo q zafe tmbien x q si el hen funciona en la go el precio se va a ir a la mier…) No saben la diferencia d velocidad entre la 3000 y la go! En fin desearia tner esa velocidad en la 3000 por eso no puedo esperar x ste hen! :)

  5. TgS says:


    Sir, i just want to ask if this gonna work on psp with OFW below 6.20 ? ‘coz i got psp3000 with OFW 6.10..

    Thanks ! pls reply sir..

  6. Lukz93 says:

    che LUIS ,mejor velocidad en que??

    cheque cagada los que le mandamos la 6.30.. tendre alguna chance?

  7. Nickolas says:

    guys come on either let sb translate or write in english i don’t get anything! lol

  8. cscash241 says:

    “how did you get japanese button layout on a psp that is set to english system language? i heard of this being a flash1 hack, but how did you managed it?” you buy a Japanese psp and set the language to English

  9. LUISDooMER says:

    no, me refiero a la velocidad de ñlos emuladores por ejemplo en el umkt en el picodrive en mi 3000 funciona a 300mhz en 60fps, pero en la PSP GO funciona igual a solo 222mhz (o sea ahorra bateria).
    y sobre el 6.30 hay rumores de que habria un downgrade a 6.20 en la PSP GO (ya que cuando salio venia con 5.70 y si se iri a un ofw menor solo la brickearia) y a 5.03 en la 3000 (pero yo ni en pedo lo haria…)
    sorry, but i´m too lazy to translae all that i wrote to english and i hate the google translator…
    we are just talking about the speed on emulators on a psp 3000 and psp go…

  10. 1HandPlay says:

    hey wololo actualy responds

  11. kronos_kkc says:


    Sr. brings positive things and not jeers. Thnaks

  12. Diego2712 says:

    porfin ve0o pers0onas hablando espaNol aky xD yo soy de Ecuador
    @LUISDooMER como podra este exploit hacer downgrade a la version 5.03 en psp 3000 y porque con el chickhen n0o se podia???

  13. NsAnE says:

    Say what you wish, but many emulator roms are not distributed for profit anymore and ISOs are games that are still being sold for huge amounts of cash. So yeah, interpret it as you wish, but I’m not the only one thinking this:
    As you can see, Total_Noobs HEN will NOT support ISOs. Hate to say I told you so, but…

  14. yellow says:

    @ Diego2712 sí se puede rebajar 6,20 a 5,03 no estoy seguro de lo que están diciendo que sé un poco en español, así que espero que esta ayuda.

  15. yellow says:

    @nsane you are right about that but as soon as it is realease other devs will be making a iso loader.

  16. Lukz93 says:

    aver .. pasa que el tema aca es PARA QUE downgradear a5.03 si seguramente ya con un kernexploit se sacara algun isoloader…

    es el tema q hay mucho riesgo de brick aunque estaria bueno..

  17. Mingo says:

    Hola, alguien sabe donde descargar el firmware 6.20 en español para PSP 3004. En alguna web de confianza. Gracias.

  18. brix99 says:

    @wololo i have a psp 3004 v6.31. this 6.20 HEN, does it work for my psp?

  19. brix99 says:

    @wololo 6.20 HEN is only for psp 3000 & not suitble for psp 3004? Help!!!!!!!!!

  20. yellow says:

    @Lukz93 tiene usted razón es muy arriesgado hacer un downgrade a 5.03, más no pienso que me gustaría rebajar porque un cfw pueda hacerse

  21. yellow says:

    i have a felling that the hen will be release in the early part of november.

  22. PSP Owner says:

    hey dose anyone knows how can we hack a demo of psp and play 6.30 games on 6.20 ? (yea its right i upgraded )

  23. PSP Owner says:

    hey did TN blogged anything ? I think he should

  24. PSP Owner says:

    for day 1 I am on to this news and every single day there was some update and now it is totally paused .
    I thought it will release before the end on nov .
    but now I thing its going to be dec now .

  25. Alien says:

    HEN Davee restart of the PSP and the HEN of TotalNoob not. Both have the same access privileges to the Kernel?


  26. manny says:

    wololo, have you tested other homebrews besides wagic? such as deadalus? if so do they run better with the HEN or about the same as using HBL?

  27. Manheim says:

    Will this work if i still have 5.55 firmware??

  28. toBsucht says:

    @PSP Owner ok i wouldn t do till i got hen. U have to patch the demo. U could do this by using hex editor. Change lines with 6.30 down to your´s.
    Manheim was?hen warscheinlich mit fw 6.xx abwarten!

  29. TiK-ToK-BooM says:

    ay toBsucht, I just tried that and it didnt work. It said “This game cannot be started. The region code is not correct.”

  30. WANNABE HACKER says:

    I have a PSP with OFW 6.20 with the hbl and PSPfiler. I fired up my pspfiler and went into my resource folder (I think it was inside Flash0) While in the resource folder i saw ”Gameboot.pmf” and other files.

    1.Do you guys think that I’m able to change the gameboot to a different one?

    2. Is it possible to get the CFW files to copy and paste it in the flash0 folder via pspfiler? (im just desperate for CFW again)

    P.S. : Im not a noob, but I never used pspfiler and tried all this stuff with an OFW PSP. When i had CFW, I installed it the CFW way

  31. dirant says:

    what do I have to do to become a beta tester for this HEN?
    (i didn’ t read previous posts about this question…)

  32. wololo says:

    @dirant: it’s simple really. All you need to do is to prove for more than 2 years that you know what hacking is about, by being repeatedly involved in the majors hacks of the latest firmwares.
    Then hackers will trust you, and some of them will let you beta test their work.

  33. haitechan says:

    Woot that’s wonderful news! I have exactly the same silver PSP 3000 lol. Now, just to be patient. Remember the PSP 2000 and the 3000 were totally unhackable two years ago? I remember my sister wanting to kill somebody when she bought a 2K “piano black” instead of a PSP Phat because it was cooler than pink/light blue XD. Just having the option of homebrew makes us happy enough. Big thanks to Total_noob for the HEN and to you for the HBL.

  34. GiZmO says:

    Good day to all! First of all, thanks to Total_Noob and Wololo.
    I’m a newbie on doing this guys, please help on how i can use this wonderful HEN and HBL. On what file or folder should i put those file on my PSP?
    Thanks again. More power to you guys.

  35. A Guy says:

    Hey, will it support more homebrews than HBL?

  36. Esper says:

    I have a psp-3000 with a firmware 5.50, yes unfortunately I was stupid to upgrade it to 5.50 since a chickHEN 5.03 was released. My question is:

    do I still have hope for my psp-3000 with the CF 6.20 ? should I upgrade now or wait for the full release and testing of CF 6.20 on psp-3000 ???

  37. Libchk says:

    If Hen 6.20 will be released on or before christmas, does it work only on PSP 3000? how about for PSP 3004 6.2? apologies for the noob question.

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