6.20 HEN: confirmed on a PSP3000

Today I gladly accepted to be a beta tester for Total Noob’s HEN on my PSP3000.

My beloved PSP 3000, which had been on 5.03 for more than a year (thanks Davee) now had to be upgraded to 6.20 and rely on Total_Noob’s expert hands. I must admit I was scared, upgrading a PSP3000 to 6.20 means no return to the great world of chikHen. But I’m strong and I gave up on Davee’s HEN (and Gen’s additions) for the sake of testing. Hey, being allowed to beta-test such a breakthrough is an honor and I wouldn’t have traded my seat :)

Well, the first attempts actually failed (and I almost crapped my pants), but Total_Noob quickly figured out the issues (did I mention he’s an expert?), and I could confirm that the HEN on 6.20 is 100% real (and I almost crapped my pants a second time), as I was able to run Wagic from the XMB on a PSP3000 on OFW 6.20, as you can see on this video.

A HEN is a “Homebrew Enabler”. This is a piece of software relying on a kernel exploit to patch the Ram, and allow PSP owners to run unsigned software (Homebrews) directly from the XMB. According to Total_Noob, the HEN for 6.20 will be released “Before Christmas”. It should work on all PSP models (at least I could confirm with my own eyes for the psp3000 :) ), but PSPGo remains to be confirmed. There is no official information yet regarding 6.30/6.31, but the kernel exploit still exists on these firmwares, so there is hope.

Exciting times ahead for the PSP scene :)

I’ll be sure to announce anything new here, but you can also follow the news on Total_Noob’s blog at http://total-noob.blogspot.com/ .

  1. yellow’s avatar

    i have a felling that the hen will be release in the early part of november.


  2. PSP Owner’s avatar

    hey dose anyone knows how can we hack a demo of psp and play 6.30 games on 6.20 ? (yea its right i upgraded )


  3. PSP Owner’s avatar

    hey did TN blogged anything ? I think he should


  4. PSP Owner’s avatar

    for day 1 I am on to this news and every single day there was some update and now it is totally paused .
    I thought it will release before the end on nov .
    but now I thing its going to be dec now .


  5. Alien’s avatar

    HEN Davee restart of the PSP and the HEN of TotalNoob not. Both have the same access privileges to the Kernel?



  6. manny’s avatar

    wololo, have you tested other homebrews besides wagic? such as deadalus? if so do they run better with the HEN or about the same as using HBL?


  7. Manheim’s avatar

    Will this work if i still have 5.55 firmware??


  8. toBsucht’s avatar

    @PSP Owner ok i wouldn t do till i got hen. U have to patch the demo. U could do this by using hex editor. Change lines with 6.30 down to your´s.
    Manheim was?hen warscheinlich mit fw 6.xx abwarten!


  9. TiK-ToK-BooM’s avatar

    ay toBsucht, I just tried that and it didnt work. It said “This game cannot be started. The region code is not correct.”


  10. WANNABE HACKER’s avatar

    I have a PSP with OFW 6.20 with the hbl and PSPfiler. I fired up my pspfiler and went into my resource folder (I think it was inside Flash0) While in the resource folder i saw ”Gameboot.pmf” and other files.

    1.Do you guys think that I’m able to change the gameboot to a different one?

    2. Is it possible to get the CFW files to copy and paste it in the flash0 folder via pspfiler? (im just desperate for CFW again)

    P.S. : Im not a noob, but I never used pspfiler and tried all this stuff with an OFW PSP. When i had CFW, I installed it the CFW way


  11. dirant’s avatar

    what do I have to do to become a beta tester for this HEN?
    (i didn’ t read previous posts about this question…)


  12. wololo’s avatar

    @dirant: it’s simple really. All you need to do is to prove for more than 2 years that you know what hacking is about, by being repeatedly involved in the majors hacks of the latest firmwares.
    Then hackers will trust you, and some of them will let you beta test their work.


  13. haitechan’s avatar

    Woot that’s wonderful news! I have exactly the same silver PSP 3000 lol. Now, just to be patient. Remember the PSP 2000 and the 3000 were totally unhackable two years ago? I remember my sister wanting to kill somebody when she bought a 2K “piano black” instead of a PSP Phat because it was cooler than pink/light blue XD. Just having the option of homebrew makes us happy enough. Big thanks to Total_noob for the HEN and to you for the HBL.


  14. GiZmO’s avatar

    Good day to all! First of all, thanks to Total_Noob and Wololo.
    I’m a newbie on doing this guys, please help on how i can use this wonderful HEN and HBL. On what file or folder should i put those file on my PSP?
    Thanks again. More power to you guys.


  15. A Guy’s avatar

    Hey, will it support more homebrews than HBL?


  16. Esper’s avatar

    I have a psp-3000 with a firmware 5.50, yes unfortunately I was stupid to upgrade it to 5.50 since a chickHEN 5.03 was released. My question is:

    do I still have hope for my psp-3000 with the CF 6.20 ? should I upgrade now or wait for the full release and testing of CF 6.20 on psp-3000 ???


  17. Libchk’s avatar

    If Hen 6.20 will be released on or before christmas, does it work only on PSP 3000? how about for PSP 3004 6.2? apologies for the noob question.


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