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WIP – Half Byte Loader on 6.30/6.31 with Hotshots golf 2 – Hello world included


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  1. cameraguy256 aka.terminator157 says:

    Why did you do this, when we could have had a demo for hbl or at least hbl rev 102 for hot shots golf? 🙁

    But, anyway awsome job and thanks for wagic and HBL i love both 😀

  2. Metroid_III says:

    Did you read before you posted?!!

    Quick explanation:
    Hot Shots Golf has more imports aka less syscalls to estimate aka more stability.

  3. wololo says:

    @cameraguy256 aka.terminator157 :

    I replied to you in the forum, but I’ll do it again here: this is the same exploit so we didn’t have much more extra work on this.

    Also, if you think it’s easy to find an exploit in a Demo, then just find one and send it to us…

    Finally, if you want improvements in the HBL for hot shots golf, then don’t hesitate to learn C, and do it yourself then send us a patch. That’s why it’s open source

    I know we don’t all have the same technical skills, but don’t demand things that don’t make sense, it just makes you sound like you don’t understand at all what’s going on.

    Ah, also, hotshots golf 2 will work better than the first regarding network I believe.

  4. Metroid_III says:

    *Hot Shots Golf 2*

  5. cameraguy256 aka.terminator157 says:

    @ wololo

    i wasnt demanding, and sorry i bothered i know you are busy, i just want hbl to have better compatablility with 6.31 so i can play wagic again with out the sound breaking!

    P.S. yah in 6.31 the sound keeps breaking when you have a homebrew that loads .wav files or.mp3 files for sounds all the time!
    example. mario masochism crashes all the time!!!

  6. Dos says:

    will the new hbl work with 6.31 with hotshot golf 1 or i got to buy hotshot golf 2

  7. wololo says:

    @Dos: yes, it will still work with hotshots golf 1

  8. Poor Patapon says:

    What about the Patapon exploit? Will the patapon exploit always work with upcoming HBL updates or is everyone switching to the golf2?

    Keep up the good work. Sony must pay, lol jk.

  9. wololo says:

    @Poor Patapon: the Patapon exploit will most likelybe compatible with future revisions of HBL.
    That being said, I don’t see any point in improving HBL for this exploit if a HEN is released.
    That being said, HBL is built in a way that all improvements should benefit to all exploits.

  10. wololo says:

    @Cscash241: this is the same vulnerability. Sony ALWAYS patches sequels

  11. tagus says:

    Just so you know, Everybody’s Golf 2 wasn’t added to the PSN a week ago, it has been there for a long time now, it was only moved to the PSP Essentials section.

  12. Pako says:


    Man, you’ve been doing a great job with hbl and you should be proud that thanks to you the project with kernel access is coming. Continue with this job and I’ll read you later.

    I’ll try to help but as you say real life is also there and sometimes is complicated to have time for our hobbies

  13. Pako says:

    @cameraguy256 aka.terminator157

    If you want better compatibility with 6.30 you ave to wait because it take so much to create a new revision.

    And just one more question and I want you to be hones: why the heck did you upgrade to 6.30 if we already have hbl using 6.20??? Man, that’s ridiculous, I haven’t bought new games because I don’t want to stop playing homebrew, you should’ve thought it over.

    Don’t complaint and let wololo work at his peace, genious need time to create great things… (kidding)

  14. joseph says:

    hi everybody:

    i got a question…….

    is there anyway that i can get a copy of the game hsg1 o 2 but here is the problem i cannot find the game or use the psn where i live??

    so one more time ………… is there anyway that i can get a copy …..

    ty ………… for the hbl……….. XD

  15. Jack says:

    So does this mean I have to get HSG2 or will my HSG game work fine with the exploit?

  16. rafael707 says:

    @wololo heres total_noobs blog spot, i though you might find it useful, since he keeps his updated logs there


  17. joseph says:

    hi everybody:

    i got a question…….

    is there anyway that i can get a copy of the game hsg1 o 2 but here is the problem i cannot find the game or use the psn where i live??

    so one more time ………… is there anyway that i can get a copy …..

    ty ………… for the hbl……….. XD

  18. MNX says:

    @wololo nice tattoo on your arm, kinda hard too see what it is, care to share? lol.

  19. MNX says:

    Oh wait, its a shadow… Aw,

  20. rand says:

    thanx alot for exploit. having trouble though every time i load the hsg 2 my system shuts off. what am i doing wrong. and yes i am a noob

  21. FlashDrive says:

    @Wololo and dev team:

    You should’ve kept the exploit a secret for a while, for Sony not to patch this if ever they release a new firmware version… Saves you more work I pressume…

    But, anyways I’m glad you’re still working and improving on HBL, this gives those unlucky users, who just tragically upgraded to 6.30/6.31, a chance to play some homebrews and work-up some apps.

    Long Live HBL!!!

  22. wololo says:

    @FlashDrive: The hotshots golf 2 exploit will be patched at the same time as the hotshots golf 1 exploit. It’s the same vulnerability, Sony are not stupid 😉

  23. Aconcit says:

    Hello HBL dev team, thank you for your hard work to allow users to be able to enjoy homebrew on their PSP. I’m always looking forward to the next version.
    Also is there any word on a faster snes emulator working for Hotshots Golf 1 on this new revision?

  24. FlashDrive says:


    Okay, if Sony does patch this up on their next firmware revision, good luck finding another one and hopefully in a free, downloadable, game demo… Hahaha…


  25. wololo says:

    @FlashDrive: I’m not too worried about finding new user exploits 😉

  26. FlashDrive says:


    Go for it! I really admire your mAd PSP-hacking sKillZ!

  27. Fábio L. M. says:

    Does it functions with Hot Shots Golf: OT2 Beginner Demo?

  28. cscash241 says:

    hey wololo you got facebook??

  29. Mingo says:

    Hola, alguien sabe donde descargar el firmware 6.20 en español para PSP 3004. En alguna web de confianza. Gracias.

  30. Jezza says:


    Just thought I’d say great work on the HBL. I bought a PSP Go just because of it, so I could play Pokemon! Ahhh, the wonders of having money to throw around! LOL!

    Anyway, I bought both Everybody’s Golf 1 & 2 a day ago, so think I am sorted for now 😛
    Keep up the good work!

  31. nicekid221 says:

    no hotshot golf 2 no minnano golf portable everyting nooooooooo! please give me a linkkkkkkkkkkkk on golfs games that works on psp 6.31 plese doo

  32. nicekid221 says:

    plese give me a link on hot shots golf games on works on 6.31 plese wololo 🙁

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