HEN for 6.20: A new video by Total_Noob – Working homebrews


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62 Responses

  1. cscash241


  2. ken

    thanks wololo, keep the good news coming.

  3. windhawk

    It can’t be better.

  4. need4speedplayer

    This Is excellent news Indeed as I got rid of my psp go. And got a new psp 3000 which had 6.20 firmware pre Install :) Thanks wololo for the news and thank you to total_noob for the HEN coming soon :)

  5. gemz

    nice work!

  6. ?????

    Wololo. Tell me, what will be released?
    Must we wait for damn Christmas?

  7. yellow

    in november

  8. ice-ss

    i hope two week…

  9. ?????


    ??????????? ???????????????

  10. mickey

    nice work! cool work! i love you

  11. gemz



  12. Grisna

    Hi, in the video has relase a PSP 2000 hack; but this HEN maybe works on PSP 3000?

  13. TheLoneWolf™

    Woooohoooo I love you Wololo and T_N!! U guyz ROCK 😀

  14. ?????????

    1.40 minute…

    6.20 custom IPL :)

  15. stark?

    thanks wololo!!!!

  16. Gelo

    Great news for my PSP 3000 6.20 stored and forgotten.

  17. ??

    Thx wololo and thx TN! The news cant be better~keep news coming pls XD we r w8ing~

  18. Caio

    Just wait until trolls say it’s fake just because he lifted his PSP…

  19. cameraguy256 aka.terminator157

    @wololo : Dear wololo, the only reason this is known to be more unstable in 6.30/6.31 is because HBL in 6.30/6.31 cant load snes9xtyl and audio keep brakeing (more compatability) , i can garentee you if you were able to fix these 2 things the HEN might be concidered stable!!!

    So please, please, please fix these soon, a new reversion hasnt relased for HBL in ages :’(

  20. sandesh

    @ wololo,
    it looks like he switched the psp at 0:56 on the video…
    for example, notice the position of the string at the bottom left of the psp on the first psp.
    the position of the string for the second psp is different.
    check out the difference:
    the 1st psp: http://i990.photobucket.com/albums/af29/sandeshnep/Capture1.jpg
    the 2nd psps:

    i hope this is not fake..

  21. carlos

    este man si es queso!!!! ojala termine bien el trabajo pero muy bueno que saque estos videos nos da esperanza de que vamos a poder jugar isos en 6.20 increible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cool :)

  22. hugomarin

    ojala y funcione para mi psp go …. pero pos exelente off estare al pendiente suerte gracias por las buenas noticias

  23. edua7x


    Actualizacion de total_noob este exploit ya corre varios homebrew mas

    Update from total_noob thos exploit runs a many homebrew more

  24. dexter

    minute 1.40 = 6.20 custom ipl…what does it mean?? sorry but i`m noob

  25. D0nk3yPunch3r

    does that mean i’ll be updating my firmware soon?

  26. Death Fish

    beautiful !!! I love wololo’s web and Total_Noob’s work. These two people made me believe that buying PSP Go was worth it. They gave me hope. Something to believe in… And I reaaally thank you for this :)

  27. ????X??


  28. fatcat1413

    too bad this doesn’t work for 6.30/31 =(
    maybe in the future when HBL can be stable for 6.30/31?
    lets just hope people like me with 6.30/31 can see a future with HEN for us =D

    if you can answer these questions wololo then please do!

  29. KR4T05

    I cant wait…… oh yes i can:D
    hbl is what keeps me going

    Hbl 4 EVER!!! 😉
    i love T_N and Wololos work

  30. waratte

    My psp has the same memory, weird….

  31. ??

    It cant be fake XD,wololo said many times that TN can be trusted even without any proofs,and yes i do trust him!

  32. TragicTheBlubbering

    heck yeah looking better everyday! and I think we’ll all be sh#tting bricks everyday until release! XD!!

  33. Cixxy


    Take a look at the imperfections and dust marks. They remain the same on “Both” PSP’s. He must have accidently moved the string, note it moves on the video too.

  34. Donkey

    Why the heck you lift you PSP ???

  35. Dorsz914

    Hello! i’ve got a question. I’ve buyed some games on 2 psn accounts and everytime i must deactivate and activate my psp to play this games. Is there a possibility that with this hen i will not have to deactivate and activate my psp to play my oryginal games ??

  36. MasterFen

    Looks like you can take your statement back about how all Half-Byte loader kernel exploits are fake.

    Also considering we could have kernel access through this, does that mean we could use CFWEnabler like we did back in the ChickHEN days?

  37. wololo

    @MasterFen: true, I should update the HBL FAQ…once the hen is released. In the meantime…the statement will stay there :)

    regarding CFWEnabler: this thing would probably need to be adapted to work on new models, so that’s probably quite some work, and I’m not sure the guys who created CFWe are still around. I would rather trust Team Gen to come up with something, rather than the CFWe team.

  38. Zack liar

    can you put the source of the information?

  39. hi i want to know some thinks whith hen we will play iso?

  40. MasterFen

    Jorge, the HEN on it’s own will not be able to load ISOs, but once you have run CFWenabler then you can.

    Considering this is a KERNEL based exploit, it’s more likely we will be able to use CFWE.

  41. yellow

    updates for total noob
    Here I post all my updates and videos allday!

    – Added kubridge library (now psardumper can be loaded)
    – Added compatibilty with PSP-1000 and PSP-3000 (PSP GO isn’t arrived yet)
    – You can load prxes (but only packed, thanks for this tip to GENyUS)
    – Added mesgled patch (thanks to Dr. Soup)
    – Fixed PartitionCheck patch

  42. cx


  43. Alex

    This is wonderful news!
    I’ve been waited patiently for something like this for months ever since I bought my 6.20 PSP 3000.
    Huge thanks to Wololo and Total_Noob. Ignore the haters.
    I hope CFW will be available on my PSP one day. I’m looking forward to the day when RemoteJoyLite and a PS1 emu will be working on my PSP 3000.
    Keep up the good work.

  44. Joel

    Wooooooow! This is the best news I’ve seen all month! 😀

  45. FlashDrive

    HBL, in some way or the other, gives access to kernel!

    Long Live Wololo and the PSP Hackers!!!

  46. MasterFen

    Lets see… Things to look forward to for the rest of 2010…

    and THIS!

    With PRX support, this should turn out to be something big, maybe it could evolve into what we’ve all been waiting for… Custom firmware on the PSP3000/2000TA88v3.

  47. crisishell

    wow !!!!!!
    thanks Total_Noob and wololo
    great news for all psp 3k and go owners :)

  48. Fábio L. M.

    Do you know when is it going to be a HEN for 6.31 ? (My PSP is 3001 so I can’t downgrade) …

  49. bmo

    fukc dat (hen). hbl is da shid,wololo 4ever

  50. Louis

    how download that HEN?

  51. Nickolas

    will we be able to load homebrew like a ps1 emulator???? I love you wololo and Total_Noob

  52. Louis

    how download that HEN? .-.

  53. Louis

    have u released the hen ?? if yes where?? i wanna try it

  54. TobeyDemon

    my psp 3001 has: ofw 6.60, hbl xmb version, pro b10 6.60 lite cfw, lite cfw me 1.8 6.60, & test 6.60 hen lite cfw.

    Gaming & hacking isnt a waste of time, its just something the people say because they cant do it.

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