HEN for 6.20: A new video by Total_Noob – Working homebrews

Hmmm, do I need to add any more comments? It seems Total_Noob codes faster than I can post in my blog :)

The video shows a very simple Homebrew (which paints the screen in purple) running from the XMB after patching the Ram through is HEN.

For now, lots of homebrews don’t work because of the lack of a Nid translator (my limited knowledge assumes that CFW usually have an estimation algorithm to figure out “where” functions are in the kernel based on their Nid, and maybe T_N needs to rewrite that function for his hen).

This looks like it’s going extremely smoothly. At this rate I’m gonna sh#t bricks every day until the release!

Thanks to Punker69 for the tip!

  1. FlashDrive’s avatar

    HBL, in some way or the other, gives access to kernel!

    Long Live Wololo and the PSP Hackers!!!


  2. MasterFen’s avatar

    Lets see… Things to look forward to for the rest of 2010…

    and THIS!

    With PRX support, this should turn out to be something big, maybe it could evolve into what we’ve all been waiting for… Custom firmware on the PSP3000/2000TA88v3.


  3. crisishell’s avatar

    wow !!!!!!
    thanks Total_Noob and wololo
    great news for all psp 3k and go owners :)


  4. Fábio L. M.’s avatar

    Do you know when is it going to be a HEN for 6.31 ? (My PSP is 3001 so I can’t downgrade) …


  5. bmo’s avatar

    fukc dat (hen). hbl is da shid,wololo 4ever


  6. Louis’s avatar

    how download that HEN?


  7. Nickolas’s avatar

    will we be able to load homebrew like a ps1 emulator???? I love you wololo and Total_Noob


  8. Louis’s avatar

    how download that HEN? .-.


  9. yellow’s avatar

    90% Homebrew support! Thanks to Davee
    Very shit, the guy who said I can borrow his PSP GO didn’t send me. He can’t because of the parents…. (so stupid! he told it today)
    so if I can borrow a PSP Go by someone else / or donate me one^^, please write me an email: total_noob@hotmail.com

    Video on a PSP-1000:
    - Uploading -

    - ParitionCheck has a new structure, fixed (now you can load unpacked prxes), thanks to Davee!
    - One patch of ModuleManager was not right, fixed (now you can run all homebrews), thanks to Davee!
    - Added some systemctrl exports


  10. Louis’s avatar

    have u released the hen ?? if yes where?? i wanna try it


  11. TobeyDemon’s avatar

    my psp 3001 has: ofw 6.60, hbl xmb version, pro b10 6.60 lite cfw, lite cfw me 1.8 6.60, & test 6.60 hen lite cfw.

    Gaming & hacking isnt a waste of time, its just something the people say because they cant do it.


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