Kernel exploit 6.20: new video from Total_Noob


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50 Responses

  1. Mamimi

    I can’t wait to see what comes from this.

  2. diego

    O que conta é a força de vontade, com ele disse de nos deixar feliz.

  3. ravander

    holy s***! Very nice!

  4. Mud

    So just to make thing clearer for me, does this mean that all PSPs “Firmware 6.20 and lower”, will be able to run some sort of custom firmware?

  5. wololo

    @Mud: although technically CFW are not possible anymore, from the user’s point of view, a HEN is very similar to a CFW, yes. The only “real” difference is that you have to restart the HEN every time you cold-reboot the PSP.

  6. xstokerx

    this is awsome cant wait for something to come of this hope it works on the go

  7. Yosafat

    Very good job
    you just have to wait to see the performance of this beauty

  8. Yosafat

    long time to use this wonderful work?

  9. sandesh

    is this (possibly) goin to work for 6.31?

  10. wololo

    @sandesh: the kernel exploit is still here in 6.31. But Total_Noob plans to work on 6.20 only for now. One of his plans is to have a downgrader 6.31->6.20 but that will of course depend on his free time and motivation. If he doesn’t have time, I believe other teams will give it a try. So, yes, this is possibly going to work on 6.31, but most likely not in the first version.

  11. shura

    does it work for any firmware 6.xx for psp 3000?

  12. sandesh

    @ wololo, good to know. :)

  13. cameraguy256 aka.terminator157

    ….how come we were told this would never happen with hbl? and im a little worried this could be fake, but since this came from total_noob, i have no dought that this is a joke so i am happy 😀

  14. MNX

    I kinda gave up on messing with HBL and HEN, So I got off my lazzy *** and got myself a PSP 1001 and a Pandora battery, Now I can laugh at people who still are stuck in this mess, but if this goes public I well take my PSP Go and test it with no problem, Thank you wololo for the news!

  15. cameraguy256 aka.terminator157

    @MNX lol i did the same thing too, but i had to use my 3001 again cuz i accidently pluged my 1001 in the pc in flash0 usb mode and clicked format cuz i thought i was in need of more memory :(

  16. wololo

    @cameraguy256 aka.terminator157: The nuance in the HBL FAQ was “lost in translation” when m0skit0 typed it in a hurry. Basically HBL is NOT a HEN. The HBL by itself does not allow you to “magically” run a HEN and will never be. It however allows you to run homebrews. If one of these homebrews happens to run a Kernel exploit (which is the case of Total_Noob’s work), then yes, you technically have a HEN “through” HBL, but this is not HBL anymore. HBL is merely a “vector”, but as Total_Noob mentioned, HBL is not necessary, just “practical” to avoid wasting other user mode exploits.

    However I agree that the FAQ on HBL’s svn is misleading, because it is a mix of incorrect English and “political” statement… I even myself am not sure exactly what m0skit0 meant when he typed that. We also strongly believed when HBL was released that Kernel exploits from a Game were a thing of the past.

    By the way, the FAQ on my blog ( ) conveniently does not mention the HEN, because I knew it was an edge case.

  17. Caio

    Total_Noob uploaded another video:

    Response to haters…

  18. Jonny D

    Thank God For TNOOB. God must hate sony, and I Love God. keep up the good work. HBL was great but this is what we were waiting for. Long live the Underground!

  19. WarlikeOfChaos

    Obrigado pelas informações wololo!

    Mantenha o excelente trabalho e vamos ver até onde isso vai dar.

  20. 0M9H4X

    most likely he runs 6.20 OFW.
    if you watch this video frame-by-frame from 0:45 to 0:50
    you can see that theres “SensME Channels” in his XMB.
    maybe you can have this on CFW too already, idk but thats proof enough for me. well, thats kinda cool. now i can run Aircrack on my psp which requires PRX modules to be loaded – which requires k-access. cool, guy, cool.

    lookin forward

  21. Roik

    it is quite interesting the sheer number of methods of using the jailbreak there are, and I actually really enjoyed your ham and cheese port. I am sad to say I actually used a tomato when I tried it and had to go buy a new ps3. Anyways my email is and that usb key would be a really nice gadget to have even though it isn’t upgradeable and a tad sketchy, like you said.

  22. carlos

    ste man si es crema…. ojala se cumpla lo del hen y podamos disfrutar mas exploit para el psp urrraaaahhh por este man.!!!!!

  23. Jiminy


    Hey wololo, once this HEN is released, what would be the fate of hbl since I remember you once said that if a hen was released you would cease development of hbl as it would no longer be needed? Regardless of what happens, major props goes to you and your dedication. Your a top bloke.

  24. carlos


  25. Angel

    this cant be serious!!!!! :(
    i mean yeah i would really love to use a HEN, but i love hbl n ive been following it since its hello world… its been lots of progress in such short time 😀
    i really hope hbl’s development continues.

  26. wololo

    @Jiminy : When this HEN is released, the HBL efforts will be focused on 6.30/6.31, and any upcoming firmware from sony.
    Patapon users could probably benefit from these improvements as well, but of course we will probably stop focusing on the Patapon exploit too much. There’s nothing HBL can provide that a HEN wouldn’t have, in theory.

    But HBL will probably always be the first step for upcoming firmwares 😉

  27. Kawashiro Nitori

    Wow, this is very surprising given the current state of the scene. Very amazing that it came from a game exploit, and I’m sure we’re all thankful to everyone involved in it. Total_Noob, you are awesome!

  28. MABZ

    toda gracias a HBL… Muchisimas gracias por su proyecto

  29. Brandonheat8

    Fantastic News, thanks you Wololo, thank you Total_Noob, cant wait to see more.

  30. yellow

    these are the resent works tootal noob has done for people who still dosent belive him

  31. 3L!73

    @0M9H4X tn wont fake something like this he was in psp hacking for almost 3 years now he made some homebrews and he is respected here and he is a member of GEN team.

  32. Krozoa

    why in the new video called demo 2 the screen didnt flash in purple??

  33. Irfan

    total noob u are the best man in the world

  34. psp 3006 ofw 6.20

    t_n ..sory about that

  35. bem

    how about the other psp 3000 brick their psp by touching the flash0 of it. is 6.20 can fix it? or it’s really totally brick? i suggest make another type of pandora that runs also in psp 3000. by the way,, tnx to 6.20 tn hen.. ^^

  36. bem

    is there anyway to fix psp3000 that doesn’t turn on because of accidentally deleted the content of flash0??

  37. bem

    someone say’s that its permanently brick if you deleted all the content of flash0 of your psp 3000??

  38. dan

    dear wololo,
    will this be able to play ps1 eboots? i still have all my ps1 games and it would be awsome to play them on my psp (i dont like the idea of rebuying somthing i already own from the psn) please reply.

  39. Sonitles

    Well, you sc*** now, that’s Full/Permanently Brick.

  40. wololo

    @bem: pandora batteries for the PSP 3000 are not happening anytime soon. Send your PSP to a Sony repair center, or sell it for parts on eBay.

    @dan: this will most likely not run ps1 games in the first version, but I’m sure people will work on that as soon as it is released.

  41. bem

    @wololo: if i did send my psp to sony, what should sony do in my psp?? sorry i didn’t know that the flash0 of psp 3000 is so sensitive, all i know is not upgrading it to 5.50 to 6.31..

  42. wololo

    @bem: they will reinstall it with the latest firmware (6.31). And, this costs money, by the way (I don’t know the price but they charge for it)

  43. bem

    @wololo:when i turned ON my psp, its only black screen nothings happend after that and then shut OFF. is sony repair it and reinstall it with the latest firmware(6.31)? is that right? and then i can now use my PSP again? except running ISO’s?

  44. bem

    @wololo: i am fun of your HBL since its first release,february 2009 i bought my psp 3000 and accidentally update it to 5.50 and this early 2 months i swap it to psp 3000 5.03 and it cost Php.3000. im so lucky about that but i didnt know that the flash0 is so sensitive, and so i bricked a psp again. XD

  45. qazer03

    I hope that if there is hen for ofw 6.XX then there will be a CFW enabler. Or what if all the psp hacker join togethere, hope there will be a permanent
    CFW for psp 3000 like the psp 1000 and older psp 2000 they can have a cfw even they reboot it, so good luck to all psp hacker especially Totalnoob.

  46. Felipe

    I hope that the hackers make a cfw for 6.20, I really don’t care if it is permanent or not, so, good luck to all psp hackers, and especially, Totalnoob.

  47. Lorz

    @Wololo: I bet something like Pandora is still out there though just waiting to be discovered that will work with 3K and Go…….. I’m sure Sony is not disassembling, desoldering chip, and using eprom flasher on every bricked PSP they get………. and if they are doing that, then no wonder they’re always whining about the PSP not making them any money >.<

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