Release: Wagic 0.13.1

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36 Responses

  1. Dr. Solomat says:


    I especially want to thank my coding friend Zethfox, who made this release so huge. It is by far the release with the buggest number of card mechanics.

    In the following list you will find only a few highlights from Magic which can now be played on your PSP, PC, etc.:

    Force of Will
    Sneak Attack
    Tendrils of Agony
    True Believer
    Leyline of the Void
    Frogmite, Myr Enforcer & ALL other cards with Affinity
    Wild Mongrel
    Pernicious Deed
    Platinum Angel
    Orim’s Chant
    Decree of Justice
    Goblin Warchief (and all other mana cost reducers & increasers)

    I hope you all have fun with Wagic 0.13.1!!! 😉

    CU Doc

    If you have any questions about the new release: Ask in the forum! You are welcome!

  2. BOS says:

    great!!! i was waiting for this update thnaks wololo & co.

  3. BOS says:

    1st an 2nd coment!!! yeah!!!! wololo rules and company rocks!!!

  4. BOS says:

    sorry i dint see the other, so im the 2,3,4 com.

  5. kalte says:

    OMG! a huge update!!! Looks like all this time without a new release is totally worth it 🙂

    Congratulations for your good and hard work guys!

  6. kolu4iy says:

    It would be nice if this game was translated into Russian language

  7. Mervin says:

    Yeah, Russian would be great indeed

  8. jaja2u says:

    Nice work

  9. Mud says:

    God bless you Wololo and team!!

    I’ve been waiting for what felt like forever for another Wagic release.

    Thanks Wololo and team.
    Keep the Wagic rolling, I love it!

  10. Mud says:

    Hey, Wololo
    I’ve been playing v0.12 for a long and I could never unlock those last 3 sets, I was wondering if there’s a cheat or some text that I can edit to unlock all the sets.?

    I like using the trophy room to check out what cards are from what set it makes things easier when I go out to buy separate cards.:)

    Thanks again Wololo
    I know I will enjoy this release for months to on in…Then I’ll be begging for another release, lol

    Sorry for the double post… :/

  11. w7y7a7t7t says:

    it would be very kind if someone could point me in the direction of card images…

  12. Mud says:


    There in the Wagic forums under card here.

    Now if someone can tell me what text to edit to unlock all the sets…. :/

    Wololo this is a grate release I cant quit playing, love the mulligans and new cards!

    Outstanding work Wagic team!
    THANK YOU!!!

  13. w7y7a7t7t says:

    @mud thanks for the link, and i think i read somewhere that the cards are unlock randomly, meaning that its probably not just a text file but some lines of code written into the game, which i’m not sure you can edit.

  14. wololo says:

    @Mud: somewhere in on of the settings file, there’s a list of the unlocked expansions. you can easily figure it out. it’s a txt file, can’t remember if it’s in the settings or player folder (or profile if you created a profile).

    An other way to unlock all cards is to use the cheat mode…look for it in the forum 😉

  15. MAP says:

    wow! sneak attack?! OMG! Thanks from the philippines 🙂

  16. CHAVA says:


  17. wololo says:

    install the new version in a clean folder.
    Then copy player/collection.dat and player/deck*.txt from our 0.12.1 player folder to the 0.13.1 player folder

  18. Abra says:

    @mud & Wololo

    Cheat mode doesn’t unlock expansion in the trophy room. You need to edit manually the “option.txt” in your player folder or in your profile folder if you created a profile.

    Note that I added recently a “cheat” folder to the MTGO theme that contain such a file.

  19. CHAVA says:

    thanks a lot 😀
    And for save de images i go for the same method?
    Thanks, excelent work are you made 😀

  20. Mud says:

    Thanks everyone and Abra.
    I love the MTGO theme however it freezes up the psp when I try to use it..?

    Anyway I’ll look and edit the text file you all speak of.

    Thanks again

    Love this release Wololo its Mega Cool!

  21. CHAVA says:




  22. ravine says:

    wololo & co.. thanks for the hardwork! more power! i was waiting for this version.

  23. CHAVA says:

    I have problems with this version in my psp.
    I press a button(anyone) and the button is pressed two time automatically.
    Can you help me please?

  24. wololo says:

    @CHAVA: I replied to you already. If you took the time to read my answers you wouldn’t have to write your question twice.
    remove any previous version of Wagic and install Wagic 0.13 in a NEW folder, it will solve your issue.
    We are working on making this more convenient.

  25. Mud says:

    @ Chava,
    You might have phase skip turned on “full” check “Option” then “Advance” and on the 3rd bar there’s Phase Skip Automation Turn it to “OFF”…

    That might be the problem.. ;/

  26. cscash241 says:

    whats next wy wg wh instead ofyu gi oh jk good job maby i will play this game when and if i learn how to play magic

  27. Raiden says:

    First I want to thank Wololo & co for this awesome homebrew and secondly I’m wondering how to get past the first story chapter. (the tutorial)

    Do I have to add the rest of it or is it unlockable?
    Sorry for the dumb question…

  28. wololo says:

    @Raiden : the “stories” for now are very basic and just here as examples. You can find more campaigns on the forum, and I am still waiting for a “great” campaign to include in the official release (Brother’s war by abrasax is awesome but includes some graphics for which I don’t have the rights)

  29. Raiden says:

    Thank you Wololo! I just grabed Brother’s War and can’t wait to try it!
    Keep up the awesome work in this and HBL!!!

  30. fuckshit says:

    hey wololo! how about u think about the half byte loader!!! its almost 1 month and 2 weeks no hbl release!!! wth man!!

  31. RHM says:

    Strange… When I put the game on my psp, I get corrupted date. When I still had ver. 12, everything went smoothly. I have erased all versions from my psp and I even installed the clean one from here without even adding any files (ie: card images, profiles) and it still gets corrupted. Does this version require a newer CFW? Thanks to any one who can help.

  32. RHM says:

    Oops, it should be corrupted data.

  33. ph34rbot says:

    If you would like to try a campaign check this out:

    Great campaign for a great game, included a pictureless file to avoid any type of copyright problems

  34. Kanata says:



    google translation?
    I am a Chinese PSP players
    Thank you for the Chinese version
    Download and play the Chinese version

    I have already sent the game to the forum
    Hope to have more people playing the game on
    Thank you wololo production!

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