What’s going on with Wagic?

Many people have been concerned about the lack of news about Wagic these past months, but don’t worry. Although I don’t talk about it much on the blog, we have a growing community, and a bunch of people who keep making this game better every day. Also remember that leungclj shares pieces of news regularly on Twitter and Facebook

We are working on a release for Wagic 0.13, and although I can’t give any date, I can tell you it will ship with a bunch of cool new features and new cards.

Zethfox and Dr. Solomat have been busy adding more and more cards to Wagic, adding this time more than 500 unique cards (I don’t have the exact count yet, are they are still working on this), including a good number of cards from the upcoming set Scars of Mirrodin. People who want to try these cards can already check Dr. Solomat’s thread here

linshier added support for the Chinese language, which was a huge task. Maybe this will lead to more support of non-latin 1 languages in the future. You can see his thread on the forums here

Other nice changes include the support of Mulligan thanks to almosthumane, and some cool additions (such as improvements in the deck selection menus) by MNguyen.

I’m also excited to say that developer DJardin started working on a N900 port of Wagic, which is already functional, and integrated in the SVN. As I don’t have any N900 myself, and I’m way too lazy to install the SDK, I couldn’t test the port myself, but here’s a screenshot courtesy of the dev.
Update: DJardin also posted a video, thanks!

You can follow the news on this port of Wagic to the N900 here

And for those who love nice artwork, please have a look at kaioshin’s Art thread on the forum. His awesome wallpapers will definitely enhance the Wagic experience:

Follow Wagic’s latest updates on Twitter and Facebook:

  1. w7y7a7t7t’s avatar

    can’t wait, i know im probably knocking at a door that’ll never open but, will this version include card images?


  2. wololo’s avatar

    @w7y7a7t7t: we can’t include the card images for legal reasons. But Wagic supports (and has always supported) card images. You just have to find/create them yourself.


  3. ??’s avatar


    when i see the chinese, i feel suprise~ hah


  4. ??’s avatar



  5. ??’s avatar


    got chinese ?! cool !!!


  6. Vandurol’s avatar

    Congrats, Wololo. It seems you do have a nice team going on as well as a Chinese audience. You will definitely go very far with this unique and fun homebrew ;)


  7. d32’s avatar

    I wonder I ever find the balls to attempt the Android port (as it is not even close to true unix environment, it would take much more work than N900).


  8. Mud’s avatar

    No joke I have tears of joy right now, just hearing about a Wagic update gets me amped!!

    I cant wait to play it!!
    Thanks Wololo and everyone that’s keeping Wagic alive…!

    Whats a N900?


  9. Vandurol’s avatar

    N900 is a cell phone made by Nokia


  10. hsmt’s avatar

    How about to support Chinese Traditional.


  11. Akshat’s avatar

    Is it just me or the video shows “Magic” instead of “Wagic”? :)


  12. wololo’s avatar

    @hsmt : I’m not sure, I don’t speak either, so I am not aware of the differences between the encodings, but I believe linshier’s work makes it possible as long as you create the associated font and of course the translation files.

    @Akshat: I assume Djardin has a custom theme on his Wagic installation :)


  13. JON4TH4N’s avatar

    you can also follow us on twitter and facebook.


  14. wololo’s avatar

    Thanks leungclj, I updated the article to remind people of the twitter and facebook pages :)


  15. Fxos’s avatar

    I love china!!


  16. Mud’s avatar

    lol, I love Wagic!


  17. kalte’s avatar

    good to hear about Wagic!! I was already missing an update about it.

    Keep working hard on the best homebrew I’ve ever seen on PSP :)


  18. Mud’s avatar

    Best homebrew indeed!

    Cant wait to play the new cards ans finlay mulligan. :)


  19. PSP’s avatar

    Is it possible to let Wagic load the Images of a pack from a zip or iso file (or something else), because i have to spend the hole day, if i want to have all images on my psp, because threre are so many files.


  20. wololo’s avatar

    @PSP: each set can have its own zip of images. With all sets, that’s less than 100 files to copy. Go to the forum to get more help on this.
    For example: 10E/10E.zip (with all images in 10E.zip) will work. It is the recommended way.


  21. sandesh’s avatar

    nice work. but please dont make the nokia version better than the psp version… then i would have to get a N900.. i love wagic!!!



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