Release: HBL Revision 101


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  1. Danny says:

    @Wolfdawg …… well Daedalus R14 will do fine for me for now, i hope maybe sometime down the line we are able to use DX64 without it crashing, if only hbl could load external prx files we could play DX64 B1 or B2.

    well heres to hoping.

  2. Danny says:

    @ Mantinis …. Yes it is, UCES < notice the 'E' stands for Europe

  3. Wolfdawg says:

    I don’t feel like being in this blog anymore (I has PSP 2000 now :p)
    Google is your best friend now

  4. shadow says:

    just want to say thank you for the HBL that you are providing,
    game HBL is working Fine. affects the movie system of the psp i can’t watch my new downloaded movies after i loaded HBL 101. please see to this.

    thank you and more power.

  5. pspivan says:

    does not rev 101 for patapon will not load I downloaded for my version and I had previously deleted that could help me I work in rev99

  6. cv says:

    i dont think hbl can even effect videos, i maybe wrng but
    1 your download could be corrupted (redownload)
    2 wrong video format, google psp compatible formats n converters
    3 you could have put things in wrong folder
    4 hbl r101may really affect it (I highly 99.9%doubt its possible)

    hopefully 1-3 can be a quick solution to your problem

  7. cv says:

    dont stress too much about it because if ur on patapon exploit r99 i think is just as good as r101, your nt really missn anythn

  8. ceris7356 says:

    I have a PSP 3000 with 6.31. Thank you so much for this! rev-101 is so much better than this one. Occasionally it will stay on a black screen after it pops up with the hbl loading stuff, requiring me to turn it off or go back to the XMB. Other than that no complaints!!!

  9. style says:

    ?? ???? ???. UCJS10001

  10. ???????? says:


  11. Noobie says:

    Hmm 100 works on mine (intermitently) 101 does not work at all.

    Psp 3003 woth Hot Shot golf us open tee.

  12. Teti says:

    @wololo I bought one of the us versions of the umd, the greatest hits version does work with hbl (the one that says greatest hits right on the disc). I am willing to donate the umd version of HSG that hbl currently does not work on if you still want it to take a look at it

  13. usabest says:

    Just Awesome!!! Great Job I’ve ever seen!!


    @Great Wholo,

    I can’t run the game named though .

    I’m using HBL r101 with Japan Golf 1.

    And my psp is F 6.31 and 3005.

    Can I run someday??

    Really hope FBA will be running on my psp!!! 🙂

    Thanks!!! Have a nice day~


  14. jirachi says:

    i have a few questions:
    hot shots golf exploit or patapon 2 demo
    I have a psp go 6.20 with the 2 games but.. what is better?
    is there any difference?

  15. yidrock says:

    am i to understand that hbl r101 on 6.31 doesnt run the mp3s on sega cd games in the picodrive emulator? im not sure if this is the exploit itself or im just not getting the 44khz conversion correct?

  16. Dos says:

    Hay today i was going to and its saying the website in not working

  17. ravitendo says:

    will it work on the demo of those golf game.

  18. FOL says:


    Im having trouble with my emulator when compiled with the latest psp toolchain. It fails to load, patapon2 demo and Everybodies golf exploits.
    They used to work on the old patapon2 demo exploit (release 92 If I recall).
    Since then they have never worked.

    Now my old compiles using a 3 year old psptoolchain work fine.
    Any idea’s?

  19. Allan says:

    I do not know what is happening with the snes, put the psp in REV 101, threw, but has some slow games, do not know what’s going on, someone tell me any tips?

  20. daveyboy87 says:

    Hey Guys,

    I have:

    PSP Go OFW 6.30 w/ Hot Shot Golf Open Tee Exploit & HBL 101

    Everything is work great, but I’m trying to find homebrews for SNES and Neo Geo. Now I know there’s an issue with snes9xtyl 0.4.2, but I just wanted to see if anyones tried anything else or have any suggestions, because I’ve tried UO Snes9x 0.02y33 but I for some odd reason there’s no menu option for me or I’m just missing it, so I can’t change the resolution or speed because the games horribly slow

    As far as Neo Geo goes I’ve followed must of the instructions I’ve found, got the bios, cached game using the cnv file, but when I try to boot it up I always get “error start SystemButtons.prx”

    Let me know you if guys have any ideas

    Thanks!! 🙂

  21. SleepboyGS says:

    thx to everyone involved into this, thx for their hard work and precious time.
    r101 works fine but i cant play adhoc in CPS2PSP

    one more thing wololo how old are you ? ^^

  22. carlos says:

    miren esto aunque no creo que sea verdad es 6.20m-33
    q opinas de esto wololo es verdad!!