Issues with HBL and the hot shots UMD (part 2)

Yesterday I mentioned reports from people who are having difficulties running HBL on the hot shots golf UMD (US). Although I don’t have the exact same testing conditions as these people, I was able to get a UMD of the US Game to test.

I was able to run the hello world, as well as HBL R100 on a PSP 1000 in 6.31, and on a PSP 3000 in 5.03 with the “greatest hits” version of the UMD, without any problem. Based on this test, I believe the exploit works correctly independently of the firmware/psp model on the hot shots UMD I have. After discussing with a few users, it turns out there are several versions of the hot shots golf UMD, and it could be that one of these versions is not (yet) compatible with the exploit.

If you own the hot shots UMD, please let me know the following things:

  • Please describe the UMD you own. Is it the “greatest hits” version  (yes/no) ? If not, does the UMD have a “update firmware” feature (yes/no), and if so, what firmware does it ship with?
  • Does the hello world work for you (yes/no)?

Since getting anything else than the “greatest hits” version is difficult for me, and assuming this really is the reason this is not working for some people, I might unfortunately not be able to help people much more on this issue. Hopefully other hackers will have access to a “non working” UMD, and can maybe see what’s wrong. (that, or some kind soul will send it to me for investigation :) )

On the bright side, the “greatest hits” version seems way easier to find than the older versions!

  1. JoshuaCaleb’s avatar

    Haha, yeah. I actually got a US copy of HSGL OT that’s NOT a “greatest hits” version. It does NOT ship with an “update firmware” option. And with HBL/exploit loaded on the memstick, the game will not even load; it just shuts down my system.
    I have the numbers/data off the back of the UMD if that helps….


  2. Mamimi’s avatar

    Exactly the same situation as above: It’s not greatest hits, and there’s no option to update firmware.


  3. Bob’s avatar

    I also have the HSGOT (not Greatest Hits) with no update option, and running 3.61. The release version of HBL was shutting down on me, but the developer version worked first time and continues to work running homebrew such as PSPComic, SCUMM, and rbookr.

    I occasionally get an error and a lockup during boot at the “checking” phase, but a power down and reboot/reload (occasionally 2-3 times) and I eventually HBL runs.

    We truly appreciate your work on this!!


  4. ManicHedgehog’s avatar

    Same as JoshuaCaleb and Mamimi.
    But, just a little piece of information, on the psn version, I’ve noticed that the hbl only freezes at certain points, and I will attempt to list them here.
    1. freezes at Freeing Memory
    does: Just stops, must manually power down psp and retry
    2. freezes at Testing ScIoDOpen (I think thats what it says, its the one right after Loading Menu)
    does: powers down psp after a considerable amount of time.
    3. I don’t remember what this one is, and I can’t convince hbl to crash for me while loading
    does: Returns to XMB.


  5. JoshuaCaleb’s avatar

    @manichedgehog tried the dev version with same problem. can’t even get the dbglog file(whatever that is) Tried looking for some CFW to run(to see if I need something for HBL to run), but they all require lower OFW or extra add-ins that don’t work with my psp. So I loaded a snes emulator in and it still doesn’t work:(


  6. cameraguy256’s avatar

    yah i have the old one and there is no update option and the newer ones do…so i reccomend buying the game at a used game store and buy the old with the black case not the red, then hope for the best……


  7. Roxas6662’s avatar

    My results:

    PSP Model: 3000 Kingdom Hearts Edition (JP)
    Game: Hot Shots Golf UMD Greatest Hits (No update)
    Firmware: Version 6.31
    Works?: Yes, loads and runs homebrew. Perfect.

    In my opinion, you need the greatest hits version for it to work correctly. But that’s just what I think.


  8. Noobie’s avatar

    Please describe the UMD you own. Is it the “greatest hits” version (yes/no) ?

    Hot Shots Golf Open Tee –

    Not Greatest Hits

    If not, does the UMD have a “update firmware” feature (yes/no), and if so, what firmware does it ship with?

    No Updated firmware

    Does the hello world work for you (yes/no)?

    Hellow World works intermittently.

    I get similar problems as Manic Hedgehog

    Also the only emulators that work are Duke Nuke em and Mame4All


  9. Yosafat’s avatar

    wololo a question
    hbl you leave or just take a break?
    I never tire of thanking you have done by the users of PSP 3000
    thank you very much
    sorry for my bad English
    fuck free translator


  10. wololo’s avatar

    @Yosafat : neither of those, I’m still actively working on HBL.


  11. Yosafat’s avatar

    Ok thank you very much for responding
    excellent work guys
    I thank you smile again


  12. Brian’s avatar

    If the hbl does not load iso does it load cso?


  13. w7y7a7t7t’s avatar

    i just thought i should mention this little glitch with hbl i found, i’m not sure if its just me or what, but sometimes when hbl crashes on start up when it returns to xmb the battery will show 1 bar even though im sure it is fully charged. a simple soft reset of the psp fixes this, just thought i should say something.


  14. Vandurol’s avatar


    CSO is just a Compressed ISO. So if it doesn’t load normal ISOs, common sense will say that it won’t load a compressed one either.


  15. sandesh’s avatar

    ThANKS!! wololo for making hbl..
    its just what i’d been waiting for since i stupidly updated my firmware.
    umm.. is hbl a lot of work? do u work on hbl all day? how do u manage the time, and why are u making hbl?


  16. wololo’s avatar

    @sandesh : yes, HBL is a lot of work, but no, I don’t work on it all day (I also have a job and a real life, lol). Basically for the past 6 months all my free time has been spent on HBL. That’s how I (don’t) manage my time :P

    My initial goal for HBL was to enable people to play my game Wagic on as much devices as possible. Now, I feel like I have a responsibility to all the people who rely on this project.

    I am of course not the only one working on HBL (it wasn’t even my project initially, it’s m0skit0′s baby), and each dev have their own goals :)


  17. citmrocks’s avatar

    HBL rocks!!!

    thnx wololo..:-)


  18. Mamimi’s avatar

    I forgot to mention: Hello World does NOT work for me.


  19. sandesh’s avatar

    @wololo, thanks 4 replying..


  20. Trysen’s avatar

    I can confirm the fact that original hsgot dosnt work. I have both the greatest hits and the original. and the greatest hits does work but not the original.


  21. clockdryve’s avatar

    K, I have a couple PSP Go’s (6.10-6.31) running the HBL rev101 (thanks much)…Now I have a Fat PSP 1001 running 5.00 M33-6 with 1.50 kernel and Prometheus-2 (for 6.xx game access) and a UMD copy of Greatest Hits HSGOT WITHOUT an “Update”. When I try to run this I get the UMD icon on the PSP lower left screen, after awhile my PSP shuts down. NO GO….but maybe cause is running all the other lower STUFF?? I will update the fat to 6.31 tomorrow to see if I can get it to CRACK. Then I will post here and Slip that phattie a “Mickey” :) when I sneak up on it with a Pandora. LOL


  22. clockdryve’s avatar

    PSP 1001 Running 5.00 M33-1.50k-Prometheus-2 HSGOT Greatest Hits (no update)…..Using Dev Ver 101 Goes to Firmware 5.xx detected – Building NIBs table – then says – Using offset for custom Firmware….resolving own missing stubs (light gets dimmer now) then “clearing memory” and after long while it shuts down. *most of the time now it goes down to bunch of different lines with some lines showing GREEN words, then shuts off. AFTER checking again….running the NON-Dev version I ONLY get to “cleaning memory” then shuts off (the non-dev version does all this pretty quickly) within a minute. **So I DO get past the UMD Icon. Sorry….I had to recheck as it was early this morning. I should have been more up to date with my facts. Tired…..I UPDATE PSP (fat) to 6.31 tomorrow and try again.


  23. clockdryve’s avatar

    UPDATE: I installed OFW 6.31 on my phat PSP 1001 I have a UMD of HSGOT (greatest hits) Has NO-UPDATE. All goes well…. my emulators work EXCEPT for the snes9xTYL (from 15 choice homebrews) “white screen” of death….but link provided by “Alec” should work. *I have NOT tried but I assume is as posted. **I also tried 6.20 with Patapon2 exploit (works fine) **ONE of these stopped at “freeing memory” for awhile (on the FIRST try only) then I eventually “HARD SHUT DOWN” the system (hold UP on power button for 10 seconds) and restarted……then all was well. Maybe was some old junk left over from UPDATING the PSP. Sorry….but can’t remember if it was Patapon2 or HSGOT that got stuck the FIRST run. Should of wrote it down. I am 47 after all “slipping” but still know how to get back up ;) But just to VERIFY…HSGOT (greatest hits)-no updater version WORKS every time.


  24. clockdryve’s avatar

    Forgot to mention….above post I used rev 101 (stable) not Dev. Now I just try DEV rev 101 and it WORKS also. First run it stayed on “freeing up memory” for like 3 minutes….then finished and went to the HBL (I tried ther snes9xTYL) again and it didn’t work……white screen”. IF you plan on using the DEV version-better give yourself about 4 minutes for all to load. But DOES work on my phat 1001 with HSGOT-GH W/O-UPDATER (but always slow to load). I can VERIFY that the above link for a WORKING snes9xTYL is correct……BUT you must advance frameskip (I used 7) and increase cpu speed to 266mhz….is still NOT quite right (on super mario world) *is only ROM I have on this temperary installed version, but i’m sure most all roms will need some touch of the throttle. Use the analog stick to enable SETTINGS menu (full screen-frameskip-cpu speed) or to set the frameskip on the fly….NOTE: this snes9xTYL has no folders. Just delete the EBOOT.PBP from your other “super nintendo” emulator and install this one (only thing in the download) to replace.


  25. Forseti’s avatar

    Is it the “greatest hits” version (yes/no) ? I got a pre-owned UMD, so I think it isn’t greatest hits.

    If not, does the UMD have a “update firmware” feature (yes/no) No

    and if so, what firmware does it ship with? I don’t know

    Does the hello world work for you (yes/no)? The link doesn’t work, so I can’t check.

    By the way, I have OFW 6.31 on a PSP 3001 and whenever I try loading up hbl after placing everything in the correct place it always crashes for the recommended one and the dev one of r101. Please help :(


  26. Forseti’s avatar

    Oh, sorry, I tried using Hello World for the UMD of HSGOT (not greatest hits) and it didn’t work…


  27. clockdryve’s avatar

    @Forseti, you can tell if it’s a “greatest hits” version on the UMD label….bottom grafics will have a RED border….and the words “Greatest Hits”. Did you get the “Hellow World” exploit to work before? The downloads here should work (is the actual page you need) you will need 2 downloads from BELOW the Picture of the HSGOT game (kid swinging golf club)…. you will need one of the HBL downloads (not Dev is faster) and of course you need the EXPLOIT also (do not open the folder UCUS98614) drag that into SAVEDATA folder that is inside PSP folder. The “h.bin” and “hbl” file and folder get dropped on the ROOT of memory location (first location that pops up) when you connect PSP to PC. Then ad all your Homebrew to the GAME folder… can find compatible emulators to run Old School games at the 15 suggested homebrew at this website.


  28. clockdryve’s avatar

    @Forseti, to run the exploit just disconnect PSP and push O button to go back to XMB (main PSP Desktop) and run the UMD like any other game. You might need to wait 3 or 4 minutes the first time (should get faster to load later) then find your homebrew in the top left list on your HBL page. that is link to some homebrew on this website. IF you get this far and can’t get snes9xTYL (super nintendo) to work…there is another that works “but” has issues….I’m sure a better compatibility with SNES will come up as that is one of the FAVORITES :) **IF your PSP should ever get STUCK on any screen (or white screen-black screen) just HOLD UP on the power button for 10 seconds. That will FORCE it to shut down….then just restart it as normal.


  29. Forseti’s avatar

    @clockdryve, I know how to do all of that, but for the first thing you said: I don’t have the greatest hits version, after looking on the UMD, so I guess that’s the problem…I hope there can be hbl for the non-greatest hits version since I usually can’t buy things off of the Internet. D:


  30. clockdryve’s avatar

    K, not a problem. I kinda figured you knew what was up (cept to determine if you had the greatest hits) would be hard to tell know doubt…since you had the “opposite” of –something written on the actual item–and as for the other information….I really don’t feel like I wasted my time as there are many that reads these…and will FIX a possible problem they could be having. Right :) Hope you get it worked out. Maybe you can post on craigslist in your local area and get someone that has the correct UMD (or laundry mat post it board) and share the information AND their UMD…maybe. Check at school if you still in, and i’m sure plenty that have the PSP that DON’T know about hack…and CAN get purchase on eBay of used title greatest hits. I got my copy at Gamers for about $5 with tax. Good Luck.


  31. clockdryve’s avatar

    Hmmmm, well my “thoughts” on getting a SHARED copy ain’t going to do much :) I forgot for a minute that it needs to be USED everytime. Woops!! Well Craigslist is a good place to post a WTB—Hot Shots Golf Open Tee….Greatest Hits” PSP UMD.


  32. Forseti’s avatar

    @clockdryve, I can’t do anything to get a Greatest Hits version, so I’ll just wait for wololo to fix it for the non-Greatest Hits.

    @wololo, speaking of non-Greatest Hits, did you ever receive a UMD for that to fix it? D:


  33. clockdryve’s avatar

    IF you CAN’T get the HELLO WORLD to work on the NON “Greatest Hits” version…..I DON’T think there is anything to FIX. It would NOT be compatible I am assuming.


  34. Matt’s avatar

    Mine freezes after the black screen once the UMD load in the corner goes away, it is not the greatest huts, no firmware update option, and the hello world does not work. I got the game at a local pawn shop and found that it didn’t work so I started playing the game and it isn’t that bad, not as good as homebrew ability but not bad.
    I also tried it on a friends with my UMD and his 6.31 updated psp and it does the exact same thing mine does.


  35. clockdryve’s avatar

    @matt, what are the PSP’s that you are using (your and friends)? PSP Slim…..3001′s?? Can tell inside battery compartment–behind the battery.


  36. Funy’s avatar

    I have a 3001 firmware 6.31 with a HS Golf Greatest Hits UMD. No chance, nothing on screen except the loading logo on the bottom left of the screen. After 1 min, the PSP shutdown by itself.


  37. Matt’s avatar

    Mine is a 3001 I think his is as well, will double check next time I see him.


  38. mistersaidso’s avatar

    i can’t get the umd version to run at all! all it does is crash! i have a psp 3000 with 6.31 firmware and I think a newer version of the umd that doesn’t come with a firmware. please reply thx.


  39. moonbite’s avatar

    i have umd version of hsgot (non greatest hits)
    no update
    hello world dosnt work
    freezes after umd disk load in lower left corner
    (im using 3000 6.31)
    i had the psn version and hbl worked fine but i 4got my old email psn password so i can’t acess psn on media go and due to 6.35 i cant get in on my psp where the account info is saved ..
    T_T i accidently deleted the psn version and bought the umd…. hbl dosnt work on umd


  40. moonbite’s avatar

    hey moonbite again, i final got onto hbl… no wallpaper menu nor hello world… now i used the umd w/ the development version so that might work… also if not ,i have other files on my psp from xmb hotshots kinda mixed with the dev… maybe thats y it works idk… i’l do somemore testing and give an update

    @ woolo, is there a way i can email u the files i have??? i want to help a.m.a.p w/ my fellow hakerz


  41. andy’s avatar

    psp 3003 eu 6.31, hsgot greatest hits US umd, i get nothing, 5 second load then crashes, no hello world


  42. java2010’s avatar

    PSP Go 6.31
    HotShots (non greatest hits) from PSN
    HelloWorld works
    HBL 109 freezes and reboot PSP Go



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